Penny Heals Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer Naturally!

Update: It is my understanding that Penny passed away sometime after March 2014, as that is the last time she posted on social media. I have not been able to gather any details as to the cause of her death. If she did in fact die of cancer, it is worth noting that the median survival rate of stage IV pancreatic cancer is 2-6 months with conventional treatment. Penny thrived for nearly 3 years after her stage IV pancreatic cancer diagnosis. That is incredible.

165887_10151076750039787_1685027894_nMy name is Penelope Villabert, I am happily married with three adorable kids.

On June 3, 2011 I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer progressing to stage 4 with metastasis in the liver which had multiple cysts ranging from 0.3 to 2.6 cm. I also had a 3 cm cyst in my left ovary and mild splenomegaly.

The tumor in my pancreas was as big as a fist and inoperable (821.7 cubic cm).

I was told I had only 3-6 months to live.

But by God’s grace and with my unwavering faith in Him, I was guided to see a bio-integrative doctor, Dr. Romy Paredes at Bio-integrative Healthlink Center in the Phillipines.

The doctor gave me different options which included conventional treatment. But since it is my own body I am dealing with, I listened to my body and I decided on Bio-integrative which is a holistic approach in healing from faith to food to lifestyle.

He taught me to do coffee enemas and to omit meat, dairy, and processed/canned foods from my diet. I am on a plant-based diet.

I do coffee enema 2 to 3 times a day, carrot juice at least 2 liters a day ( almost every hour of 250 ml each), immunotherapy or vitamin c therapy twice a month, and hydrogen peroxide or bio-oxidation two times a month (both through intravenous).

For supplements I take Dr. Rath’s Lysin C and EpiQuercican three times a day. 

And my natural chemo is Soursop (aka Guyabano, Graviola, Chirmoya). I eat the fruit or sometimes have it juiced.  Once in a while I boil 18 leaves with 7 cups of water. You start timing the moment you turn the stove on medium heat for 15 minutes. Then turn it off. You can take it purely as tea or let it cool in room temp and make it as additional liquid intake. Consume the same day.

I get lots of sunshine, exercise and have a positive attitude. It has been more than a year and five months. I continue to have the best and happy quality of life with my husband and kids.

No more metastasis. Pancreatic cancer test (CA 19-9) is very normal like someone who never had cancer!

What books, products, and supplements do you recommend?
The following helped me a lot: Gerson Therapy (lots of pure carrot juice and coffee enemas), eating and juicing Soursop (my natural chemo), a plant-based diet, a very happy and healthy attitude, and most of all, doing what I am supposed to do and letting God do the rest.

Are there any links you would like to share?:

 Here are some videos Penny shared


Comments from Chris:
A stage IV diagnosis can a blessing in disguise because doctors tend to be more honest about the ineffectiveness of surgery, chemo and radiation. And there isn’t as much pressure to do those destructive therapies as they are only palliative, not curative. This gives patients the freedom to take control of their health just like Penny did. What an amazing testimony… Thank you so much for sharing this Penny!

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  1. Julz

    I’m very happy for her. Please continue to inspire us with these kind of stories Chris.

  2. Sid Aust

    great healing…inspiring that other can do it too…educate yourself because doctors will not do it for you….

    1. Penelope Villabert

      True and we should talk, listen and connect with our bodies…

      1. Mary

        Penelope, your messages and video’s inspire me so much. I have stage 4 cancer from tumors in my bones. I started the Budwig Protocol about two weeks ago. Do you know if it is okay to take Soursop along with this protocol. and did you detox first or start taking coffee enema’s right away. God Bless You.

  3. Barry Gourmet & Raw

    Thank You for sharing this survival health story to beat Cancer which really is your immune system run a muck. Eat your Earth foods and pray to God that you are well.

  4. Priyanka

    Happy to read about your result, may God keep blessing you and your family

    1. Penelope Villabert

      Thank you so much. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.

  5. John Tod

    I just read Penny’s amazing story of overcoming Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer that had metastasized to the other organs. She is one more of the many thousands of people who have beaten cancer using alternative means. Lets hope the rest of the world wakes up and realizes that the cancer society and Big Pharma are only in it for the money. They don’t WANT to find a cure. They would lose their cash cow of the The Cancer Industry.

  6. Farrah Dearlove

    Chris that is unbelievable – that gives me do much hope. Like 80% more than I had before reading this. How great if God. He truly does know the best medicine!!!!!

  7. Jonathan

    Great share Chris. I was very surprised after I found Penny’s location is just near where I’m staying, Cebu. Soursop, Guyabano, Graviola, known for various names indeed really helps kill cancer cells. I for one, started endorsing the Soursop extract and actually created and website to be noticed worldwide, after 2 close friends of mine passed away last year and this year, because of this dreaded C. You can visit the site here.

    Keep this up Chris! Your blog is really helpful! God Bless!!

    1. Penelope Villabert

      Hi Jonathan..I live in Lilo-an, Cebu. Hope to meet you one of these days and share notes. God bless. AMDG!

  8. Maly Tran

    Chris, you did the carrot juicing too, but yet people say carrot and beets has too much sugar so no no no juicing. What are your thoughts about that? And then Soursop of all fruits has a lot of sugar too, I know because I love it when I use to eat unhealthy. Only if I can drink the juice again, I would. Very confuse about this sugar issue.

    1. Chris Wark

      Some people think it’s too much sugar, but I drank tons of carrot and beet juice every day.
      Many other cancer survivors have done the same thing.

      1. Penelope Villabert

        I agree…I just had my recent blood sugar was only 90.. :)

  9. Maly Tran

    Did you get the overdosing of carrot juice from the Gerson therapy too or from what source?

    1. Penelope Villabert

      Hello Mary. I can’t help but notice your comment. Same with Chris, I never had an overdose. And by God’s grace, I continue to survive…1 year and 6 months this coming December 3. I continue to enjoy life with my family and friends. AMDG!

  10. Vincent

    What a fantastic lady! Well done Penny and you are an inspiration to all of us! You also demonstrate what can be done when we bring that all-conquering healing trinity together, Mind, Body & Spirit. No disease can ever prevail when all three are working in unison. Thank you Penny for sharing your story, your enthusiasm and your gratitude to that higher force (whatever name you care to use) which emanates unconditional love for us all. Keep up the great work of sharing your story.

    1. Penelope Villabert

      Thank you and God bless you Vincent. AMDG!

  11. Dory

    So happy for Penny…and for the rest of us that need this kind of affirmation…
    Thanks again Chris!!

  12. Jacky

    As usual Chris, this is a wonderful testimony to the fact that God knows best. He made the food for our healing. There is a song, “open the eyes of my heart Lord, I want to see Jesus” and that is what we need. People who will open their eyes and see Jesus and His healing.. I am constantly told, such and such is incurable at stage 4, and they look at me askance, when I say NOT TRUE. What is true,God has to open their eyes to truth, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, said Jesus.

    1. Penelope Villabert

      AMEN to that Jacky and not a single day goes by without me thanking and asking God to bless all the food and vitamins I take every meal. God bless. AMDG!

  13. kjigs

    wow! a very inspiring story! and it’s from the Philippines =)

    1. Penelope Villabert

      Hello kjigs. Thank you. I know there are lots of successful and inspiring stories waiting to be shared and I thank God for Chris who took the time and effort to share his story and mine and others… God bless. AMDG!

  14. Amanda

    What an awesome story! God is so great for providing us with all we need to heal ourselves here on earth and I am such a believer in natural treatments. This story just reaffirms my belief! So happy for her!

    1. Penelope Villabert

      Thank you Amanda. We should all be happy for everyone who continues to beta cancer by God’s grace and changing diet and lifestyle. It is never easy esp in my case when the change comes with a great paradigm shift. But by the grace of God, here I am, More than one year and five months and counting. AMDG!

  15. Dmitry

    Hi everyone,
    This story is really amazing.
    I am very happy for Penny, great result.

    My mother has been recently passed away due to the Cancer. Believe me, hospitals are not the best places where you can cure it. They are not care about the people.

    Penny, may I ask you for a favour? Would you pls. be so kind to explain what kind of ingredients/plants were included in your diet?
    Chris, many thanks for your blog!!!!!

    1. Penelope Villabert

      HI Dmitry…This is the funny thing…I still have the same recipe except there is no more meat, oil and other seasoning except sea salt. I posted many recipes on my Facebook page “Pancreatic Wellness Club.” The important thing is to listen to your body. Pray for God’s gift of discernment to understand your body more. For example, I have my own muffin recipe. I use whole wheat(others do not recommend this), muscovado sugar water, baking soda and fresh fruits. No egg, butter or milk. Again, may I suggest, talk to your body and listen to it. Our body communicates with us. God bless.

  16. Penelope Villabert

    Thank you so much for sharing my story. I believe that God did not heal me to just sit down and be a couch potato. He healed me for others to know that the real cure for cancer comes from His bounty.. not in drugstores. I also thank God for people like you who take time to share stories like mine to inspire others. God bless you and your family always.

  17. Chelle

    that is awesome!!! I was disgosed with acc in my lung, had surgery and rad. I am on meds for back pain (from surgery and rad) for months! I am ready to beat the chance of recurrance and my fear with a hardcore diet and replace my nasty meds with alternatives! What do you people who have beat cancer do for diets when you are cancer-free? Do you continue to the same things or back off and whatnot?
    I just found this website and love love it. Penelope, your story is the first thing I have read on this site and you are amazing, God has blessed you and blessed me from your story and your strength!!
    I will start listening to my body and let Him be my doctor and less of the conventional methods… thank you and thank you to CHRIS-I am anxious to learn more and start tomorrow for sure!!

    1. Penelope Villabert

      Thank you Chelle. I am now cancer free and by God’s grace and following the diet He taught us, the malignant tumor is now benign. I indulge myself once in a while with my own muffin recipe-no egg, butter, milk very little vegetable oil, I use whole wheat flour, muscovado sugar and baking soda with a little of baking powder(which is actually a concoction of baking soda, cornstarch)and fresh fruits (mangoes, bananas- not too much bec this is acidic when baked or cooked,peaches) but I will never go back to my old diet of meat and dairy and canned/preserved foods. God bless! AMDG!

  18. Dmitry

    Hi Penelope,

    Thank you so much.


    1. Penelope Villabert

      All glory, praise and thanksgiving to our Almighty Father. AMDG!

  19. emie

    Hi Penny,
    that was very inspiring!I am from Philippines too and I message you on facebook ..I really need your help regarding my father.please reply to me.salamat!my email add:

    1. Penelope Villabert

      Hello Emie.. sorry just read your comment.. I am sending you an email now. God bless.

  20. Pauline

    Penelope, I am so inspired by your story and thank the Lord for your recovery. I have changed my diet and lifestyle to support my recovery and accessing websites like Chris’s and hearing such inspiring stories build my faith, confidence and knowledge. Is there a contact email where I can talk to you? God bless. Pauline xxxxx

  21. Tina Sison

    Hi Penelope!just read your testimony and it gave me encouragement more which I really need in these battling journey. I hope I could have a way to communicate with you. Please email me if its possible. Thank you so much and God bless you for being an inspiration to others like me. Tina

  22. Jon

    HI Penny,

    I am in a situation similar to your.. i am only 35 .. is there any chance you can send me your diet so i can start right away ? .. not interested in ruinning whats left of me with chemo o radiation …

    God Bless…

    1. Jacksaid

      No , no to chemo. Go on the Budwig diet. In between eat cooked tomatoes
      and broccoli. Cancer hate’s both, but by eating them together you get a
      more powerful killer of the cancer. Eat ,mostly, all whole raw fruits and
      vegestables.. Loads of Green Tea.. Some Coffee ,also, if you love
      coffee like I do. I’m significantly getting rid of my prostate cancer by
      practicing the Budwig Diet. and the other things I mention. Make every
      ounce of food you consume be food that will kill cancer. Eat any, of the cruciferous. Eat kraut or drink kraut juice..Educate yourselves.

  23. Ik

    Hi penny, Your story is very inspiring, it is kind of hope I m worried about my brother’s cancer if you could email me I really need your help, hope you will reply me soon.

  24. Ik

    My brother got diagnosed lung cancer stage 4 and I have put him on veg diet but the problem is he is cannot do exercise due to his severe cough if he moves a lit bit his cough get worst,I don’t know if some one got remedy for his cough?

  25. Melissa

    Hi Chris and Penny. What great stories. I cannot help but notice there is a lack of a response from Penny on the last two comments. I am sure she is busy enjoying her life. I would love to hear an update on how this new lifestyle is treating her!

    Much love to all.

  26. alexandra

    god bless, and i hope god give you a long long life with your family, now we have the same cancer in our family please if u can give us your diet for my stepfather who really needed right now, he is on stage 4 on he’s metastasis cancer in he’s prancreatic,thanks and one again i hope you have long long life with family and friends.

  27. sheila

    Hi penny,
    I am diagnosed with pancreatic cancer with mets to liver,they cannot say what stage because no one dares to open me because its too risk that’s why when i read about you i saw hope. I appreciate this much. We dont have much i am hoping you can tell me how much did it cost to have this treatment.please reply.

  28. Tricia

    Hi Penny,
    My name is Trish. My husband was just told he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer spread to liver. My sisters and I have been doing the coffee enemas but he can’t seem to hold much food or juice in his stomach. He has been drinking the sour sop tea and we have an appointment for him at the AIM CLINIC in paramours NJ. It is an alternative clinic. Do you have any advice on getting juice into him? he has lost so much weight. He is down to 118lbs. I am so happy for you and your family and you are truly an inspiration to many, many people. We also have three wonderful children and I hope and pray that my family will be blessed as yours has been. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

  29. Brandon E.(florida)

    Penelope. I am so happy to hear this story( as I am fighting testicular cancer naturally myself). How much was that therapy in The Philippines that you had? I may need to go there immediately.

  30. nick

    Hello Penny,
    how do you manage the pain from your pancreatic cancer. My dad is in so much pain as he is in stage 3.
    Many thanks,

  31. Marian Santos

    Ms. Penelope, your story is inspiring, my father is with a tumor, undiagnosed, but growing, pls correspond with me, your story will help him a lot. We are only pursuing natural efforts. pls email me, if you are willing to share your story with my dad :) God Bless you!

  32. Pedro Mosquera

    Dear Penny;
    It is great to read your story and the comments. My dad was diagnose with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in October/ 2013. The strength of prayer and faith my dad is in high spirits. We know with our faith , God above has the final say. We are also doing the Soursop tea, and also watching my dads diet. God bless and will like to know more how you at doing.

  33. Heather Bailes

    I’m 35 and was recently diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I began chemo the end of November but is also use integrative stuff too. High doses of curcumin and turmeric, I juice as well but still eat a little meat no red meat. I want to know how I can get the sour sop in the US that is safe, and also learn more about coffee enemas(what type of coffee and how to insert with what type of gadget?

  34. Karen

    Where can one buy the soursop here in America?

    1. Jess

      Asian food store.

  35. Danilo T. Ruperez

    Hi Penelope a pleasant good day to you, my mother just recently been diagnose with a pancreatic cancer, and she is having a yellowish skin and itching, is this also the same with your symptomps before?

  36. kay

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  37. neth parales lababit

    Thank u so mch for that very inspiring story. My mom is now dealing with her pancreatic mass and after 2 weeks of rest she will be examined for endosc
    opic biopsy. We give all our trust and hope to Jesus. I faithfully trust d LOrd for her fast recovery and healing

  38. Alexandra

    Thank you for sharing. It’s stories like these and my own health experiences that has led me to study to become a Naturopathic Physician here in the US. Keep spreading the word of healing truth of God’s beautiful creation.

  39. Martin Cabrera

    Hi Miss Penny my name is Martin Cabrera I live
    in Mandaluyong City Philippines. Today is Aug 19,2014 11:35pm just almost 30 hours ago
    I learned that my mom has stage 4 pancreatic cancer with metastasis in the liver which had multiple
    cysts. The news shocked all of us and all we could do is break down and cry…
    now the clock is ticking and the family is thinking about my mothers options to
    undergo kemo therapy or go to alternative methods such as Bio-integrative,.
    Miss Penny I really need your help, your story truly inspired us and
    mother to try alternative methods. My mother is the kindest person you’ll ever
    meet, with a big big heart and with a deep devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ
    and Mama Mary. Right now I’m hoping if I can contact you and maybe possibly
    meet with you with my mom and dad to know your story more and what to do.. My
    email is
    or you can add me up on facebook also. Pls help us Miss Penny we hope to hear
    your speedy reply and may the Lord God continue to Bless you always!

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