Ron Hunninghake, MD on the Anticancer Power of IV Vitamin C

Ron Hunninghake, MD is a world-renowned expert on the use of vitamin C for cancer and other ailments. He has overseen over 75,000 administrations of IV vitamin C and has served as Medical Director at the Riordan Clinic in Wichita, Kansas since 1989.

IV vitamin C was part of my healing protocol in 2004-2005.

I know you will enjoy this informative interview in which Dr. Ron and I discuss the amazing anticancer power of vitamin C!

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Show Notes:
-Dr. Ron’s interest in health and “nutrition training” at med school [1:00]
-The history of Medical Maverick Hugh Riordan M.D.  [03:00]
-How a unique molecule plays a vital role in humanity [07:55]
-The dosing variances of vitamin C [12:14]
-The perfect adjunctive therapy [19:00]
-How vitamin C kills cancer cells [22:00]
-The Trojan Horse cancer theory [26:33]
-The medicine of the future [31:05]
-Comparing types of vitamin C: liposomal/crystals/buffered [36:30]
-Targeting nutrient deficiencies in cancer patients [43:45]
-The importance of having a reason to live [51:35]
-The alienation accompanying a cancer diagnosis [56:12]
-Other recommended IV therapies [59:04]
-The rise of IV vitamin C in conventional medicine [1:02:40]
-How certain deficiencies might lead to mental illness [1:06:38]
-The importance of becoming a co-learner [1:12:30]

Connect with Dr. Ron Hunninghake:
Riordan Clinic

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Supplement brands mentioned:
Liv-On Labs Lypo-Spheric vitamin C
Sufficient-C non-GMO vitamin C powder
Vitality C powder

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