Shad Berry on healing broken relationships, setting boundaries and turning pain into purpose

Shad Berry is a dear friend and the founder and CEO of Kardia Collective, an organization that provides a broad range of professional counseling and life coaching services. Shad is certified in Emotional Intelligence assessments and Spiritual Root Systems. His passion for service through counseling therapy came as a result of his own personal healing and growth journey.

In 2022, Shad co-authored the book Next Level Leadership – Navigating the Dramatic Changes Coming in the 2020s. Shad is also the director of the Next Level Leadership Program, which empowers executives with business and leadership insights as well as emotional and relational intelligence tools to get exceptional results from their team as well as fulfillment and joy from their work.

Shad’s mission and ministry is to help others grow in emotional intelligence in order to to resolve conflict, lead a more integrated, balanced and grounded life, and no longer be ruled by anxiety, insecurity, people-pleasing, image management, and shame.

As you know, stress is a root cause of chronic disease. And a root cause of stress is emotional pain. Many of us continue to suffer from pain caused by people in our past, from broken and dysfunctional relationships, abuse, neglect, betrayal… as well as the pain of our own mistakes, which cause guilt, shame and regret.

In this deeply personal interview, Shad and I talk about the harmful effects of unresolved emotional pain and powerful tools to help you improve your relationships, increase your self confidence, stop self-abuse and self-medication, and cultivate sustainable habits that increase peace and joy in your life. Enjoy!

Watch our interview below, or listen to it on the Chris Beat Cancer podcast on iTunes or Spotify.

Show Notes
-The importance of having a Moai [0:54]
-Shad’s journey to counseling [4:49]
-My pre-cancer persona [14:48]
-Loneliness on the holistic path [19:20]
-Legitimate ways to meet relational needs [25:47]
-Performance-based vs purpose-based identity [27:07]
-Accepting dysfunction in your family [32:30]
-The harms of “shading the truth” [35:35]
-Resolving resentment [42:33]
-Self-medication leads to disease [45:27]
-How codependency changes your behavior [50:12]
-The #1 human need [56:47]
-How to be attractional, not promotional [01:06:59]
-Setting healthy boundaries [01:08:22]
-Identifying toxic relationships [01:19:05]
-Turning pain into purpose [01:22:32]

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