Stacy Jett: Late Stage Melanoma Survivor Since 2003

Hi Chris, I Love your info/blog- regarding cancer and  still need/want to browse through more of it- but so far, everything you have done, I did as well.

On April 1, 2003 I was diagnosed w/ a late stage 3b, malignant melanoma that had ulcerated and after a sentinal node biopsy they discovered that the cancer was in my lymph nodes.

The doctor, Dr. Chen, after telling me i had 2 years to live- asked if i wanted to join a study for Interleukin-2. I honestly felt like he had just written me off- and now was just trying to make his commission on sending another patient to do a study.

Two months after the initial diagnoses, the oncologists and surgical oncologist and radiologist told me I needed to have a “lymphnode dissection” to see if the cancer was in more of my lymphnodes. The cancer was on my inner thigh, right above my right knee- so they took 16 lymphnodes from the inquinal node area- only to find  the margins were “clear”.

Had I known then what I know now, I probably would have first opted to take the AMAS test (Anti Malignin Antigen Screening), just to get a less invasive reading- but nobody told me about this.

In the mean time, I was researching and studying anything I could do naturally, as I didn’t want to do the chemo route which my doctors suggested.  Three months after I had the node dissection which was “clear”  (also which left me w/out feeling in my right leg)  a “significant metastasis to the lower illium” was discovered.  My radiologist who was sitting with me as we reveiwed the scans insisted that I have a third surgery.  Earlier, I had already declined surgery to cut open my lungs to get out “mets” which I knew weren’t mets, but just scar tissue from bouts of bronchitis I had from being a competitive runner. The surgical oncologist told me “You have mets in your lungs” and insisted in cutting them out- He then told me that if i didn’t do the surgery, he’d dumped me as a patient- so I got dumped.

I am so glad I followed my intuition, listened to my body, and didn’t go through with that surgery.

But with the newly discovered “significant metastasis”, and the radiologist literally screaming at me to schedule surgery ASAP, as he followed me out the door, I found it much more peaceful and calming to never return.

I never went back to see a doctor- only 1 time to get a scan 3 months later to see where my progress had taken me (I turned completely to natural therapies- on my own and was very committed). When the scans showed 100% clear, followed by an AMAS test which backed that up- i have never returned- this will be 9 years ago April 2012. My oncologist (the 2nd one- Dr. Galani), didn’t even know sugar was bad for you- as he served suckers in his waiting room to his cancer patients!

I had already began growing all my own vegetables (organic non-gmo), juicing, sprouting and having a whole different veiw point on life and what was truly important.  I loved my new perspective, my new found knowledge and my new confidence in my body and how it could heal. I grew herbs and made tinctures and teas out of them.

I learned to follow my intuition, I learned that fear had no place (except to motivate) in cancer recovery. Too many patients put their life into the hands who have no true interest in your survival. Why do we do this? “Bad” patients i think have higher survivor rates because they are willing to actually think outside the box and don’t fold under “an authority figure”.

Raymond Francis, author of the books Never Be Sick Again and Never Fear Cancer Again, interveiwed me and stated that I “had covered almost every aspect of healing I could have”.  Yep, I did a little bit of everything.  But one of my biggest and boldest moves perhaps was that I drank DMSO with powdered Vitamin C (found in the book Politics in Healing by Daniel Haley).  A sciatica that I had had since giving birth to my children went away and any pain I was feeling was gone. A very natural pleasant feeling of euphoria came over me and I felt the most healthy I had in my entire life.

Three months after being told I had the “significant metastasis” I only returned to get another scan to see how i was progressing.  I insisted on the PET scan as I felt it was safer than the CT and x-rays.   The same radiologist who had insisted I schedule  surgery called me two weeks later to tell me “there is no sign of any cancer.”

I was very relieved and excited and I found it strange how the doctor wasn’t even curious as to what I did to get rid of it.

My experience with the medical community was partly what turned me against conventional medicine. Although, I do feel emergency services are incredible – but as far as a chronic condition or helping somebody heal from a disease, conventional medicine is not to be relied on, as they miss the entire point of what it takes for the body to heal and cure itself.  And they should focus on the reason WHY behind our diseases instead of  just focusing on the symptoms.

Cancer is merely a symptom that is telling us something is going wrong in our body.  We are not getting enough of the nutrients we need, and there’s to much toxicity. Both nutrition and our thoughts direct us towards health or illness.

I attached a video I made to share my experience and to help others discover the many things we can use to give our bodynutrients it needs to be healthy.

I’m so glad you have put the energy and passion into your blog- one day i’d love to do the same.

-Stacy Kneeshaw Jett

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