Study attacking alternative medicine proves little more than industry bias

This week, a new study was published comparing the survival of cancer patients who underwent conventional treatment verses those who chose only alternative treatments. And the media had a field day with headlines like these:

“Alternative cancer therapy linked to earlier death”

“Alternative medicine for cancer more than doubles death risk”

“Cancer is way more likely to kill you if you rely on alternative therapies”

And my personal favorite…

“Alternative medicine’s toll on cancer patients: Death rate up to 5X higher”

I’m sure that last one got boatloads of clicks.

On the surface, these headlines may be concerning if you are in the natural/alternative health world, but rest assured, I read the entire study and the results are not at all what they claim.

I actually LOVE this study. Because it gives me a beautiful opportunity to show you how agenda-biased science works.

Science is fun. And funny. Because the conclusion of a study is really all about how the authors choose to interpret the results.

For example, here’s an “alternative” title for the study based on the exact same data:

“Conventional treatment of prostate cancer no better than alternative medicine”

I’ll get to that conclusion in a minute, but first let’s set the stage:

The cancer industry has a real PR problem.

The overall death rate for cancer has only improved 5% in the last 60 years.

And while most people don’t know that shocking statistic exists (you’re welcome), what they do know (including you, dear reader) is that cancer treatments have failed to save the lives of people they love.

This is why, today, doctors are bombarded with questions from new patients about alternative therapies. I even asked my doctor about alternative options in 2004, to which he said,

“There are none. If you don’t do chemotherapy, you’re INSANE.” 

While that was a highly effective, fear-inducing sales tactic that almost worked on me, that type of approach also tends to run patients off. Doctors needed a friendlier, more science-y comeback.

They need a headline and talking point that can be quickly disseminated throughout all of Cancerdom; a quick response to shoot down patients who may be skeptical of the effectiveness and wary of the risks of conventional treatment, and who may be looking into alternatives.

And now they’ve got one. That’s the intention of this study.

Here’s what the study concluded:

“Patients who initially chose AM for treatment of curable cancer in lieu of CCT were rare and had statistically significantly worse survival. After controlling for sociodemographic and clinical factors, the magnitude of difference was largest for breast cancer because women who used AM as initial treatment without CCT had more than a fivefold increased risk of death. Patients with colorectal and lung cancer had a more than fourfold and twofold increase in risk of death, respectively. Notably, there was no statistically significant association between AM use and survival for patients with prostate cancer.”

Major media outlets summarized the findings like this:

If you chose alternative medicine instead of conventional treatment for breast cancer, you are over 5 times more likely to die, for lung cancer you are twice as likely to die, and for colorectal cancer you are over 4 times more likely to die. And that’s what they want you to take away. But we’re just getting started…

Enter the Straw Man.

In the world of ideas and debate, a “straw man” is a logical fallacy in which you intentionally misrepresent someone’s position to make it easier to attack and defeat them.

And what we have here is essentially a “straw man study.”

The study authors identified (possibly cherry-picked) 281 patients from the National Cancer Database between 2003-2014, who were coded as undergoing “other-unproven: cancer treatments administered by non-medical personnel.”

Not only have the researchers NEVER MET these patients, they have NO IDEA what alternative treatments they did, if any! And they admit it right in the conclusion of the study:

“We lack information regarding the type of alternative therapies delivered…”

This makes for an arguably worthless statistical pool.

Conventional medicine rarely cures cancer and the same goes for alternative medicine.

I’ve never been an advocate for “alternative medicine” because the term is far too broad. It means everything and nothing.

According to the study authors, “alternative medicine” includes anything that isn’t surgery, chemo, radiation, or hormone therapy.

It includes the things I did: whole food plant-based nutrition, juicing, fasting, exercise, optimal sleep, stress reduction, vitamin C IV therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and loads of herbal and nutraceutical supplements.

But it also includes things I didn’t do, like crystals, alkaline water, ayahuasca, witchcraft, drinking camel urine, drinking your own urine, the raw meat diet, the ketogenic diet, “miracle cure” concoctions, etc.

When someone tells me they are doing alternative therapies I have no idea what that means. And I often encounter people looking for a quick fix and chasing after an alternative cure without addressing the many obvious problems and cancer-causers in their life.

So defending the vast world of alternative medicine is pointless.

Here’s the simple truth…

Cancer is a disease that needs to be healed. And people ARE healing cancer.

Healing cancer isn’t about treatments or therapies – although they may be involved – it’s about a total life change. Removing everything in your life that may be contributing to your disease and replacing those harmful things with an evidence-based (plant-based) anti-cancer diet, exercise and lifestyle habits that promote health and healing, stress reduction… It’s about healing your life.

I’ve interviewed over 50 people who’ve healed all types and stages of cancer (real names and faces and everything!) right here.

Some of them healed without any conventional treatment. Others healed even after conventional therapy failed them.

There are common threads in their “alternative” approaches to healing, but none of them did the same thing. So you can’t lump them all together as if they are all the same.

But that’s exactly what the study authors did.

They propped up a straw man study group that was easy to knock over.

Let’s take a closer look at the Alternative Medicine group in the study

Compared to the Conventional Medicine group, the 281 patients in the Alternative Medicine group were more likely to be younger and female, living on the Pacific side of the US, with a higher eduction and income, AND a higher cancer stage (stage II or III), stage IV patients were excluded.

Wait a second. So they’re comparing the survival of a group with higher stage cancers to a group with lower stage cancers? Yes they are.

And the study authors have no idea what alternative therapies any of these patients did? That is correct.

It’s worth mentioning that sometimes patients tell their doctors they are doing “alternative therapies” just so the doctors will leave them alone.

And others choose alternative options because conventional treatment is ridiculously expensive and they can’t afford it.

CTL019, the latest CAR T-cell leukemia treatment from Novartis is expected to cost $649,000 for ONE treatment. “Honey, I guess we’re gonna have to sell the Lamborghini…”

But I digress.

Even though this study is a sloppy mess and the Alternative Medicine pool is nearly statistically worthless, let’s look at the 5-year survival numbers anyway. 

For breast cancer, about 86% of CCT patients were alive at 5 years versus 58% of AM patients.

For lung cancer, about 51% of CCT patients were alive at 5 years versus 20% of AM patients.

For colorectal cancer, about 79% of CCT patients were alive at 5 years versus 32% of AM patients.

Based on these numbers, yes, it appears that conventional medicine worked better than alternative medicine in keeping breast, colorectal, and lung cancer patients alive for at least 5 years. Keep in mind, the study makes no distinction as to whether or not these patients were disease free or still had cancer.  

And again, the alternative medicine patients were more likely to have higher stage cancer and we have no idea what alternative therapies any of them did. So this really proves nothing.

Except for the Prostate Cancer results

94% of CCT patients were alive at 5 years versus 86% of AM patients. This difference is not considered statistically significant.

So according to this study, for prostate cancer, apparently anything you do is as good as conventional treatment. This brings me to my alternate study headline:

“Conventional therapy is no better than alternative therapy for prostate cancer survival.”

Maybe those crystals worked after all!

But seriously, in 2005, Dr. Dean Ornish MD conducted an interventional study with 93 patients PROVING that you can reverse the progression of early stage prostate cancer with a plant-based diet, exercise, and stress reduction. That’s the kind of study that matters and that everyone should be talking about. 

Dr. Michael Greger MD has done a great job summarizing studies showing prostate cancer can be slowed down or reversed (healed) with diet here and here.

It’s a sad state of affairs when clinical nutrition and lifestyle interventions are considered “alternative medicine” while surgery, radiation and toxic drug therapies are the conventional standard of care. You can thank the pharmaceutical industry for that. 

And another thing, many of the alternative medicine patients in the conventional vs alternative study lived. Why isn’t anyone in the medical establishment interested in finding out what they did? 

“There’s no point in investigating them. They were just lucky.”

But wait, it gets better (and worse)…

This study was not conducted by unbiased researchers, like Cochrane, for example. The authors are all cancer industry professionals.

Two of the study authors have received funding from 21st Century Oncology, a company that is now in bankruptcy, which may have something to due with having to pay $54 million to settle two federal lawsuits for Medicare billing fraud. 21st Century Oncology has also been accused of gender bias and unsafe practices.

According to a 50-page federal whistleblower lawsuit filed in 2016, Florida Cancer Specialists and 21st Century Oncology paid “millions of dollars to each other in the form of exclusive patient referrals in order to secure their individual monopolies in Southwest Florida of medical oncology (Florida Cancer Specialists) and radiation oncology (21st Century Oncology).”

Or course that doesn’t mean the study authors are corrupt, but it’s pretty hard to stay clean when you’re swimming in a swamp.

Speaking of, if you still think this study is worth the paper it’s printed on, I’ve got some swamp land in Florida I think you’ll be very interested in…


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  • BChristine

    Interesting article, but I did not see sources or references for the information, as well as the stats for Conventional vs. Alternative. Thank you :-)

    • crystal A

      There is a link in the first sentence of Chris’ article. The word “study” in blue. However, the link takes you to an article that if you want to read more, it looks like you have to pay, basically.

      • Chris Wark

        Thanks Crystal. That’s correct. I linked to the study summary at the top of the post. I got access to the full study, but it is not available to the public unless you pay for it.

        • James Peters

          You can install Unpaywall on Chrome and Firefox or go to sci-hub[DOT]io. Both these bypass publisher paywalls.

    • 376NYC

      You can link to the study and you get the Abstract of the Study for free.

  • charley

    How can the traditional cancer statistics be accurate when the death certificate for my wife that was clearly due to the toxins of 4 separate chemo drugs said death by natural causes. No faith in the stats at all, I think it is much worse then they report.

    • signalfire1

      Yup. If the chemo and radiation after effects kill you, your death certificate will still list ‘cancer’ as cause of death. Medical examiners are lazy and they will NEVER list treatment as the cause. Looks in this study that no allowance was made for other causes of death either over the years. How many died on both sides from other issues?

    • Diane

      I’m so sorry about your wife. These are anecdotal examples, but I only know one person who was “cured” with radiation and chemo for early cancer (we’ll see where she is in 5 years), and at least a dozen who weren’t, who looked to me like the treatment killed them before the cancer could. One of the saddest was a friend’s boyfriend who died from the treatment because there were still “2 more rounds to do” in his treatment plan–despite being told that his cancer markers were now clear. Why didn’t he say thanks, get up and walk out before that? Too much trust.

      • Debbie Patterson

        yes, it is because the MDs scare the crap out of you…and if you try to opt out they tell you your crazy….death sentence…I have heard it too many times…as I am sure most of us have….when facing a deadly disease we are frightened and want direction….if you listen to people who have actually beat cancer 100% it is through alternative measures…but many of the stories are that they did traditional therapy and only after they were sent home to die, were they brave enough to try ANYTHING and went Alternative….and surprisingly….they were cured. Those stories are what we need to get out there! Chris’ has done amazing work in spreading the word and shariing these real stories of HOPE from real people. Thank you Chris, and May God continue to bless you and your family.

    • Debbie Patterson

      Thank you for sharing, and I am so sorry for about your loss…I have lost 2 sisters, loss is hard…but thank you for sharing your information….I am so frightened of traditional therapies and I have hope in alternative and natural treatments…but the doctors and medical field just scare you to death and about force you to do traditional therapy….it takes someone with a lot of courage and knowledge to go against the system…but when people share their own little piece of the puzzle, such as you did about your wife’s DC, it is one more piece, helps me keep the faith in where NOT to place your hope…at least we should be able to make a decision based on honest findings…and not to support big pharma and the bottom line…$$$. thank you. God bless.

      • Save the dolphins

        i agree with you Debbie, the doctors will push for their treatments but you as the patient are allowed to make your own decisions

        Albeit , listen to the doctors if they’re right

        I truly believe surgery can help

  • mike L

    Thank you for the breakdown of the article. Will need to see the source article. The prostate cancer patients must have had very aggressive disease as 40% survival with treatment is abysmal by any standards

    • signalfire1

      Prostate patients are often very elderly. No mention made of what exactly they died from, or the state of their prostate cancer if they died of heart disease, stroke, or something else. And quality of life (incontinence and impotence) from prostate tx is never discussed.

      • mike L

        True, I did not see the article so I don’t know if it mentioned it was cancer specific mortality or all cause mortality. However, diagnosis of prostate cancer, done via biopsy, is usually only performed if a patient has greater than 10 year life expectancy. So to say prostate cancer patients are usually elderly is not very factual. If they lumped all prostate cancer patients together then even if majority were high-risk patients shouldn’t be 40% mortality at 10 years. A seminal study showed that from diagnosis to metastases and metastases to death is 13 years, so something not adding up.

  • betsy

    Interesting article Chris! The first part caused a surge of fear but that is exactly what it is supposed to do! Isn’t it?
    Also interesting that you bring up 21st CO and FCS.
    I have been in contact with the lawyer here in SW FL representing the whistle-blowers. I have told him my pathetic story as a patient with these groups and we continue discussion. Don’t know where it will lead but my hope is that they pay dearly for the abuse they inflict.

  • McPherson James

    (I am not James, but Michelle. I am using his FB account to comment.) First, thanks forever, Chris, for all the work you are doing! I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of endometrial cancer (stage IIIc) in the fall of 2014. My cancer story is similar to yours. Indeed, your blog was one of the early supports that I found for my decision not to undergo conventional adjuvant treatment, despite the dire warnings from two oncologists. My point: I told my Johns Hopkins surgeon that I would not be undergoing conventional adjuvant therapy and asked her about her experiences with other patients who had refused that approach. She told me that while she had encountered such patients, because she did not follow them, she could not provide even anecdotal evidence re how they had fared. I promised to reach out to her to let her know of my progress. I tried to do so earlier this year, but learned that she is no longer at Hopkins. I wanted her to know that I was cancer free after almost three years and enjoying better health than I had since my thirties. I would gladly take part in a study of cancer survivors who healed her body rather than destroying it in the effort to save it.

    • Susie Mann

      I’d like to know how long it took for you to stop bleeding altogether and aside from nutritional changes, etc did you use any known cancer cures like Essiac, Pau d arco, herb Robert or other such things? If so what did you choose. I’d live to hear what you did as I have endometrial cancer and not had any conventional treatments. I’m still fighting it and because I’m still bleeding somewhat a little I have become anemic which could kill me with heart failure before the cancer could. With cancer I can’t take iron supplements and with bleeding any iron I can eat from plants goes right out of me keeping me anemic. Can you help with more about your experience of not having your uterus removed to stop bleeding.

      • Rhonda Devine

        Susie Mann, have you looked into Rife treatments? I have dealt with ovarian cancer since 2012 and it is at the heart of my treatment plan along with diet, rest, stress reduction, and a boat load of supplements. Frequency Technologies out of Alabama is where I bought mine–it has truly been a God-sent blessing.

    • Susie Mann

      I’m trying to reach Michelle about her cancer experience. How can I do that?

    • Debbie Patterson

      What a story of hope, would you share your therapy? others are reaching out to you , they are interested, as am I. Thank you and I hope you reach that doctor.

    • McPherson James

      Michelle McPherson speaking: I used many means of supporting my immune system, so that it could do its God-designed work. The main components of my protocol were: Intravenous Vit C for a year, i.e., three times a week for 3 months, then once weekly for the next 9 months; modified versions of the Gerson and Budwig therapies (e.g., 8 glasses of fresh carrot/apple juice daily vs 13); a raw, organic plant-based diet, consisting mainly of raw vegetable combinations, vegetable juices, and berry smoothies; Essiac tea 3x daily for 3 months, then one month off, for 18 mos. I also employed techniques to change my response to stressful stimuli, including exercise and prayer. I worked with a D.O., who specializes in functional medicine and had helped me to overcome a disabling chronic condition the year before the cancer manifested. (We were still in the process of rebuilding my health when I was diagnosed with cancer.) She helped me to design a supplementation protocol that addressed documented deficiencies in my nutritional profile, enhanced my gut flora (e.g., probiotic enemas), etc. Finally, my faith has played the most important role in my walk, beginning with the strong impression that I should have my uterus removed but that I should not undergo conventional adjuvant therapy. Once I began investigating my options, I understood why I had been impressed to take a different path, despite the doctors’ urging and the example of friends and acquaintances. I hope this encourages those who wanted more information about what I did. Blessings.

      • Roy Taylor

        Did you do the coffee enemas or for some reason decide against them? They seem to be such a big part of healing the body from everything I’ve read. Thanks in advance for any advice or words of wisdom! : ) – Roy

        • bachcole

          Roy, if you have that stage 3 cancer, if I were you, I would do the coffee enemas. I have done them, but my health state was much better than yours and I didn’t notice any big change.

        • McPherson James

          Still Michelle speaking. I did not do coffee enemas at the time, although I considered them. I was doing so many things that I decided to postpone coffee enemas to a future date. However, I recently purchased the equipment with a mind to undergoing a general detoxification process.

  • Crystal A

    In my opinion, the reason most people who employ AM methods are not “administering” the methods properly. And most people cannot make the lifestyle and dietary changes that really make the difference. Any study criticizing AM should acknowledge the responsibility of the person with cancer… and it’s not very scientific to compare one very specific treatment plan to unknown plans that are all over the board and who even knows if the plans were actually implemented. I could not agree with your conclusions more.

    But, the thing the cancer industry has on it’s side, is the fact that they hold the cancer patient harmless and free of responsibility and people much rather prefer that, than having to take all the responsibility for making serious lifestyle changes. Most people simply won’t make the changes. They won’t give up meat, or even cut back or look for “healthier” kinds of meat… and are totally against eating anything green. I cannot tell you how many people I’ve told, that to reverse whatever horrible, chronic problem they have, usually a horrible skin condition (not necessarily cancer), that they should START by adopting a produce dominant diet and eat a bunch of fresh fruit, a big green leafy salad and a big sauteed vege dish in every day… and simply cut back on sugar and junk, but dont stress about eating junk or meat or dairy… just get the produce in… and they look at me with this mortified look on their face. Most people tell me, they just can’t eat vegetables and leafy greens. These people are the best customers of the cancer & allopathic industry. They have no interest in taking responsibility for their health. And they are plentiful.

    • Alina Zagitova

      These people should go to slaughterhouse and see how meat is made.

  • Marguerite Bouchard

    I love you, Chris Wark, and all the work you do!!!!!
    (“…sell the Lamborghini…” Hahaha!!)
    What a gift you give to us that you interpret and make this available to us! You’re on it! THANK YOU!!!

  • Laura

    Thank you Chris for sharing this! I agree with your perspective on everything I’ve heard you talk about to date. And guess what, I am a “clinical professional”!! haha. I have worked for 15 years in the pharma/biotech industry in clinical operations. I will say that while there are good people in the industry with good intentions (even statisticians) and ethical companies (with good leaders) will publish true findings with negative results as they happen, the game of politics and money making is certainly the bottom line…always. I’ve been “done” with it for a number of years – totally out of alignment there – and on a journey to transition out and become a cancer coach like you. You’re a mentor for me! Thanks for inspiring. See you in October in Florida :)

  • Bill

    great article. “Healing” or “to heal” is a much better word to use rather than “cure”. So many people get caught up wanting a magic “cure’ without realizing they need to change their life to “heal”. Just the word “cancer” is so scary when it shouldn’t be. It’s a matter of empowering yourself and getting informed and educated so you can reverse the sickness and get well. That’s really all it is. Once you’re informed, it’s common sense. Chemo and drugs poison and weaken the immune system while natural healthy foods make you healthy and strengthen the immune system – the very thing you need to get rid of cancer.

  • pat gray

    Chris. I’ve been following you for years and always appreciate your perspective and awesome humor… To piggy back on what Crystal A was saying…. Back in the day, my gastroenterologist in Orlando (where there is now one on every corner) wanted to introduce me to my new oncologist in 2004 when i was diagnosed with rectal cancer (III). He wanted me to do both Chemo and Rad prior to surgery. When I showed him the herbs and diet and shared details of the natural / organic protocol I was going to embark on (instead of chemo /rad), he was beside himself – so angry. I thought he was going to call the police or have me arrested – lol. Really, back then I think it was alot harder to go all natural. But what really tipped me off was this – and I just could not get past it. 1. Even when I was at my sickest and couldn’t hold anything down, he said “No restrictions” on my food” for the weekend prior to meeting my oncologist. I was like what? So shouldn’t i at least have chicken soup with some veggies?? He said, “nope, you will meet your oncologist on Monday and we will go from there.” That was a huge red flag for me and was never able to get past it. I know today that the biggest part of going all natural is diet related, period.

    Anyway, my natural team told me back then that I had to completely change my lifestyle or don’t even bother – spirit, mind, and body, and they said to love my cancer – yes – own it since I created it. This is huge also.

    Anyway, I remember after months of no sugar or meat which they said “feeds the cancer”, my ND said that 95+ percent of her patients that want to go AM, just can’t do the change of diet – yes, they would rather die than give up their Mc’D’s. It’s so sad but true. My prayer today and always is that those who want to heal the way God and nature intended, have more willpower to make the right changes. Anyway, I’m going on 13 years and feeling better than ever… Thanks for all you do Chris Wark!
    Pat G.

    • Debbie Patterson

      Wow, thank you for sharing….just another reason for hope.
      Means so much, it takes a lot of courage and knowledge and support to go against the traditional advice of most MDs. God bless and thank you, keep sharing.

    • MeTimesThree

      Thank you for sharing. I look forward to have that many years in my rear-view mirror like you, Chris and others…. I had stage 3 colon cancer in January 2015. I had surgery and one round of chemo and then wised up, researched and bailed from the standard care. High plant based diet and other supplements and protocols and I’m doing well.

    • Roy Taylor

      Hey Pat,
      I was recently diagnosed with exactly the same thing and was told that I would go through the exact same regimen (chemo and radiation first, followed by surgery, where I may get a colostomy bag, and then more chemo) Would you be so kind as to share your thoughts, advice and holistic protocols that you followed to get well? Also, I’m curious as to whether you finished your medical treatments or stopped short?
      Thank you in advance. – Roy

    • Jennifer

      I was recently diagnosed with anal cancer,which I am assuming is the same as rectal cancer ?
      My doctors are also in the process of trying to scare me into chemo and radiation . Telling me it is my only option
      I would love more information on what you did and how you’re doing now

      • bachcole

        “Telling me it is my only option”. This is exactly why I hate their guts. As a profession/echo chamber, they lie. And almost all of them toe the party line.

      • Save the dolphins

        dear Jennifer

        i am just someone who does lots of research ( natural medicine and cancer)

        there are probably lots of things you could take naturally for your colon cancer but one of the best is wheatgrass

        you can get it in powder form or in a drink mix powder
        with like other powders like alfafa powder

        mine is called green superfood, it is a drink powder
        which you can mix with juices and water

        beet juice and beetroot powder could also help you

  • LinL

    Great article. Treating cancer with real food has been proven to work, but to me changing your lifestyle BEFORE we get cancer is the better solution. Our bodies have been designed to fight foreign matter as viruses, toxins and carcinogens, but we have to do this for a lifetime, not a moment in time. People have to learn that what works for me might not work for them. Research, research and then research again.

  • bachcole

    I didn’t get to alternative healing and a contempt for maimstream medicine by following the science. I followed my intuition, personal experience, a little advice from a spiritual friend, anecdotal evidence, and following higher principles and traditional wisdom. If science supported a holistic perspective, good. Otherwise, I didn’t care what they had to say. So I don’t give a rat’s rear end what conventional maimstream medicine has to say about alternative healing.

  • Richard

    Chris! Please make a YouTube video on this topic, it would be extremely helpful! Thank you soooooo much!! Love, Richard

  • rodan47

    Great article Chris, keep up the good work. I have a horror story of my own that really proves conventional treatments are pushed on us (in my case forced on me) when in fact it was not needed at all but instead has left me with lasting life changing damage.

  • Sarah Battaglia

    This is sooooo informative and interesting! You are wonderful to share these studies as well as the manipulation that is done to have people believe falsehoods. I appreciate each and every email I receive from you. Thank you for saving lives! :)

  • David McClure

    I agree Chris. In Jan, 2015 I was diagnosed with Throat Cancer, Stage-4; told it was “one of the fastest growing, most aggressive cancers in existence” – and that I would likely die within 6-12 months without Strip-surgery of all lymph nodes in my neck, 7 weeks of intense, debilitating radiation combined w-weekly chemo. I was already a mega-exercise person. Instead, I stepped exercise up even more, eliminated most carbs, increased the raw veggie and fruits in salads to nearly every meal, lowered my internal pH, juiced and prayed a LOT (commanding, authoritative prayer, not begging God to do what HE already wants to do in me! – then Thankful prayer before I even saw the result). 6-month PetScan showed no change (no growth but not gone), but on Dec 28, 2015 the 3rd PetScan showed COMPLETELY GONE. I praise our Lord Jesus!! HE built our bodies to heal themselves if we give them what they need. Blessings to you! Dave McClure in Bama

    • bachcole

      I am dying to hear what your doctor said.

    • Alina Zagitova

      “commanding prayer”!!!)))) Sounds so cool) Glad for you!

    • Debbie Patterson

      Thank you for sharing

  • Kent

    One of the most useful studies nobody has ever done, would be to interview the 5-year survivors who were classified as “spontaneous remission” cases, and ask them what they did. Then publish results per category. Of course Big Pharma won’t ever fund such a study, nor will the FDA or mainstream medicine show any interest if somebody else does it.

    • bachcole

      Frankly I didn’t read Chris’ article because I knew that I would agree with him 100%. Did he mention that most people who turn to alternative medicine under such circumstances usually do so when they are at death’s door. So the whole study is incredibly biased against alternative medicine.

      Also, Alternative Medicine is not just one thing. It is many things, and some of those things don’t work and are even stupid. Didn’t Steve Jobs do an entirely fruit diet, which would be stupid in my eyes.

    • James Peters

      Spontaneous regression is a phenomenon that has been observed for hundreds if not thousands of years. Although the term spontaneous means ”occurring without apparent external cause,” a review of reports demonstrates that tumour regression generally coincides with acute infections.

      In 1891, a young bone surgeon at New York Memorial Hospital began his search for a new approach to cancer treatment, after the loss of his very first patient to cancer. Serendipitously, he discovered the record of an immigrant patient who presented with an egg-size sarcoma on his left cheek (PMCID: PMC1742910). The sarcoma was operated on twice and still recurred as a 4.5-inch grape-like cluster below his left ear. The extensive wound after surgery could not be closed and skin grafts were unsuccessful. Ironically, this failure to close the wound would play a key part in the patient’s eventual remission. The tumour progressed and a final operation only partially removed it. Then the wound became severely infected with erysipelas caused by streptococcus pyogenes and the patient developed a high fever. Little could be done to stop the infection, yet surprisingly, after each attack of fever the ulcer improved, the tumour shrank, and finally disappeared completely. On a subsequent review, the patient, still bearing a large scar from his previous operations, had no trace of cancer and claimed excellent health since his discharge which was 7 years previously (PMID: 1984929).

      The identification of the receptor that contributed to the immunostimulatory capacity of Coley’s Toxins, however, wasn’t discovered until one century later, when Dr Beutler and colleagues identified TLR4 as the receptor for lipopolysaccharide (PMID: 2993897). It is now widely accepted that the proinflammatory activity of Coley’s Toxins, which contains various bacterial components, including highly immunostimulatory LPS, is, in part, mediated by the engagement of toll-like receptors (TLRs) on innate immune cells.

      Now we have a number of synthetic TLR and STING agonists (a chemical that binds to a receptor and activates the receptor to produce a biological response) in trials for a number of different types of cancer.

      • bachcole

        “Spontaneous regression’ is a label that medical deities use hide the fact that they didn’t know what the F just happened. Or else they actually do believe in events that have no causes. If they were keen on these healing, they would try to figure out what was missing in their beloved theories. But they don’t. Rather they use that label to bash all non-medical deities over the head and discourage them from hurting the medical echo chamber and monopoly.

    • sam harris

      Actually someone did do that study & Chris was interviewed. Her name is Kelly A Turner and the book is called “Radical Remission”. She categorizes all methods self healers used and then talks about the 9 things they all have in common. I think she is working on another book. Chris, any news on this? Want to put a link to your video interview with her?

    • Debbie Patterson

      all of your posts are right on….sad but true…I have not been diagnosed with any diseases but was pre diabetic, I knew it was reversable and controllable, but it was up to me…it took a while and some ups an downs, bu tI have managed some major lifestyle changes, in its been about 10 months and I have lost 35 pounds I feel great…dont miss anything…I avoid all sugars including fructose, but when I am craving something sweet, I eat some blackberries. I occasionally eat something with poison in it such as a traditional cookie, but I do not make those poisonous foods part of my daily diet…they are very few and far between, eating whole foods is not hard…I actually started to crave things like salads and various veggies like my body desired to be fed nutrients…as opposed to just my taste buds being satisfied….I want to avoid disease, and live a healthy life…not one filled with feeling sick and tired and needing a pill to feel better, then needing another bill to deal with side effects of fthe first pill etc. I’m just saying that implement major changes isnt really major…it can be done, the thing that I am still struggling with changing is moving more….I tend to be a couch potato, I am trying…but it is a struggle, I guess we all have our struggles, I get so much hope and encouragement from reading all of these posts, so I am just sharing this…to maybe offer hope in my own small way….God Ble

  • Catherine Mactaggart

    I’m a bit confused by the point about excluding stage IV from one group. I think I’m understanding that stage IV patients were not included in the AM group, I quote:

    “the 281 patients in the Alternative Medicine group were more likely to be younger and female, living on the Pacific side of the US, with a higher eduction and income, AND a higher cancer stage (stage II or III), stage IV patients were excluded.”

    In which case, firstly, wouldn’t this likely RAISE the survival rate of that group? and secondly, why do you, later, say:

    ‘…the alternative medicine patients were more likely to have higher stage cancer and we have no idea what alternative therapies any of them did.’

  • Madeleine Innocent

    Great article. Thanks Chris. It’s also worth noting that some people try to heal their chronic disease on their own. That’s not necessarily a good idea. Yes, it can help, but not if you are using a particular therapy like homeopathy. You need professional help with these, not just any remedy that looks good.

  • Deborah Lee

    +Here are the real statistics – 100% of conventionally treated patients die. 100% of alternatively treated patients die; We all die. That said, the question my hubs and I faced last year was “if you only have so much time left, what kind of life do you want?” Our choice was to have the best quality life we could have even if it shortened his physical existence. We nixed the surgery and chemo and went with all kinds of different alternative treatments keeping the ones that seemed to be helping us, and we continue to look for more ways to strengthen his mind, body and spirit. According to the MDs, he is supposed to be dead by now. Instead he is thriving. I don’t think it was just luck!!

    Chris – keep educating people. More power to you!!

    • bachcole

      This is the key, the key that conventional medical deities don’t seem to get: “and we continue to look for more ways to strengthen his mind, body and spirit.”

      Have you checked out EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Training). I am not selling anything. But I do it just about every day with a system that costs me about $300 up front and $zero per usage, for the rest of my life. I built it, and I am no handy man and I have no work space or man cave.

      Also, I think the diet needs to be some form of ketogenic with plenty of greens and fasting, or at least that is what works for me.

      • Roy Taylor

        Hey brother, I’d love to know how you built your system, and also if you did any research into Longevity Resources, the company that sells EWOT packages built on the exact specifications that the Germans originally created. I’d love to do this, but I’m on a budget, so just trying to see what my options are. (PS – recently diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer) Thanks in advance for any advice or info!!

        • bachcole

          Roy, I am talking to people about my EWOT station and oxygen therapies mostly over at Reddit at the subreddit called “OxygenTherapies”. reddit dot com f-slash r f-slash OxygenTherapies f-slash Meet me there. I am the moderator and my handle is birdyroger, a term of endearment that my family gave me when I was a little boy.

          I just did my HIIT EWOT this morning and am very happy that I did. I also did rebounding EWOT, which turns out of be surprisingly effective.

  • Rhonda Devine

    Thanks Chris for putting this out there. I am currently finishing an e-book on alternative therapies I chose for treating chronic ovarian cancer which first surfaced in 2012 where I underwent surgery and followed up with all natural protocol. The beginning of 2016, residue from the surgery(yes, my oncologist confirmed this)began to re-grow. I started on a more rigorous program in the fall of 2016. God has been so good to lead me to people who could help me navigate through this. I am feeling great and am now experiencing remission. You do make me wonder though if I should make some changes to the book as alternative therapies is part of the title….but in the book, I do spell out the specifics of what I’m doing and yes, it covers multiple facets of treatment. Your site has been a tremendous blessing to me and I list you as one of the resources for people to go to. Many blessings!

    • Nancy

      Ronda, you might share this theory in your book which makes so much sense to me in treating cancer. After having lost several family members to cancer I began doing research for many years. This is one of the most interesting treatments I uncovered in my search. Normal immune cells have a negative electrical charge. Cancer cells enclose themselves in a protein coating which has a “positive” charge thereby repelling each other and protecting themselves from the immune system which otherwise would destroy them. Taking ENZYMES will literally melt the protein coating allowing the immune system to attack the cancer cell and destroy it. The issue here is to take them on an empty stomach to avoid them being used for digestion instead of melting the coating on the cancer cells. So keeping the immune system healthy and strong while taking enzymes seems to me to be the perfect solution… What do you think?

      • James Peters

        CD47 is cell surface protein that regulates the innate immune system by serving as an inhibitory signal for phagocytosis (ingestion) by macrophages, dendritic cells, and neutrophils. Research has demonstrated overexpression of CD47 in nearly all types of cancer. It’s implicated in invasion and metastasis (PMCID: PMC4944213). Also, CD47 expression on cancer stem cells (CSCs) implies it may have a role in cancer recurrence. Particularly, a study has shown that CSCs have increased CD47 expression to protect themselves from immune-mediated elimination during conventional anti-tumour therapies. This could increase the chances that CSC survive, which in turn could repopulate a new tumour mass and cause a tumour relapse (PMID: 21318290).

        Anti-CD47-blocking monoclonal antibodies has demonstrated superb efficacy (PMCID: PMC2775564, PMID: 18497546, PMCID: PMC2943345, PMID: 14871834, PMCID: PMC2720852 and PMCID: PMC4345016). Adaptive immune response, particularly those mediated by T-cells, play an important role in anti-CD47 blockade-induced tumour control. In preclinical studies CD47 blockade shows impressive anti-tumour effect especially upon intratumoral delivery (PMCID: PMC4598283 & PMCID: PMC4253868). Thus, CD47 is a checkpoint molecule for both innate and adaptive immunity for tumour evasion (PMCID: PMC4868409).

        Now clinical trials (NCT02890368 & NCT02663518) are recruiting participants.

        • Nancy

          Hi James, thanks for your scientific description of this issue. I am surprised that there has been such a delay in starting clinical trials on such an obvious analysis of these cells since I discovered this many months ago! Oh well, the pharmaceutical companies will probably formulate a new “drug” to achieve this result instead of using natural substance like an enzyme…:-(

          • James Peters

            Monoclonal antibodies (mAb) work by targeting one specific protein on cancer cells.

            One trial (NCT02663518) by Trillium Therapeutics Inc has reported some early results. To date, 33 evaluable patients have been enrolled into the expansion phase of the trial, with several patients demonstrating preliminary evidence of anti-tumour activity. In the acute myeloid leukaemia cohort, one patient with minimal residual disease (consisting of 0.7% abnormal blasts at the first scan after completing standard of care treatment) obtained a complete molecular remission after 4 infusions. A second marrow analysis at week 8 confirmed this and the patient continues to tolerate weekly infusions of the treatment and remains in continued remission for 15+ weeks.

            In the Rituximab (anti-CD20 mAb) combination cohort, 3 of 6 patients who have had at least one interval PET/CT scan have obtained a partial metabolic response, as demonstrated by decreased tumour activity on this type of scan. Manageable infusion reactions occurred in most patients after the first infusion and the combination has been associated with acceptable outpatient tolerability. These responding patients remain on treatment and remain progression-free for 19+ (diffuse large B-cell lymphoma), 18+ (transformed lymphoma) and 8+ weeks (follicular lymphoma) and continue follow-up.

        • Roy Taylor

          a bit technical for me…so enzymes would be good, or bad??

          • bachcole

            Don’t be fooled by James Peters. Unlike Dr. Rhonda Patrick and Dr. Dom D’Agostino and a handful of other real scientists, James Peters is a hardcore enemy of holistic healing. He may dazzle you with scientific facts, but he will do everything possible to dissuade you from taking responsibility for your own health and for thinking for yourself.

          • James Peters

            They wouldn’t be able to target this or other proteins on cancer cells.

          • bachcole

            Roy, notice how James Peters just tried to discourage you from taking responsibility for your health and think that you could help yourself in any way.

          • James Peters

            If you have any good evidence which shows enzymes can target proteins on cancer cells then please cite it.

          • bachcole

            Your call for good evidence is your insisting that everyone stay inside of the box. The enzymes don’t need to target anything. More enzymes mean more of everything gets more enzymes, targeted or not. This why is it call holistic health, and this is why since you deliberately don’t get it your old age is going to be painful, which will be perfect justice for you efforts to keep everyone inside of the box.

  • Jeff Witzeman

    Thank you Chris! Another great find. Putting all treatments into the alt. med. category is so evil. That’s not even scientific. And let’s talk about CAR-T Cell therapy for a second. $649,000 is a lot of money and they will do anything to preserve that INCLUDING making false claims about anyone who challenges it. In my film Cancer Can Be Killed, now on Amazon Prime Videos, City of Hope medical center granted me an interview with their researcher about CAR T Cell therapy, then when I asked what the drawback was, the researcher said it could harm other organs in the body (to the point of shutting them down). When that interview was presented with natural treatments that did not harm the body, they freaked out and made false claims to Amazon that I infringed on their property rights. So they will do anything necessary to preserve that $649,000. I had to edit out that interview just to get the film back on Amazon. :(

  • sam harris

    According to Dr Nick Gonzalez, who cured many cancers, (including prostate cancer) with diet, enzymes, detox & coffee enemas, when they ran a trial of his therapy, they required all his patients to exhaust standard medicine first. Once it failed, he got them. He said many of them died from chemo before they even started treatment yet they were still included in the study as HIS failures. That is how bias & corrupt the science can be.

    • Mike Allan

      If you read the paper (PMCID: PMC2860407) they state: ”No prior treatment was allowed, except surgery with noncurative intent, and patients had to begin therapy within 8 weeks of diagnosis.

      Patients who had undergone a prior Whipple procedure, who smoked during the previous year, who had daily alcohol consumption during the past year, who had prior illicit drug addiction, or who had allergy or intolerance to pork were ineligible. Pregnant or lactating women were excluded. Enrollment restrictions for the study also recognized the rigor of proteolytic enzyme therapy; patients and their families had to be willing to undertake and be able to administer the treatment at home, and to be able to eat solid food.”

  • signalfire1

    Slightly off topic, but to the expense of standard treatment – I just underwent somewhat elective double mastectomy (recurrent small tumors, tired of the threat and q 6 month followup routine); the surgeon blithely offered me reconstruction or reduction/lumpectomy (which would have left more tissue to get cancer and have to be removed later anyways) as if she was offering me an upgrade on a base-package sedan. No mention was ever made of the often multiple ‘revisions’ that reconstruction entails, the threats of more surgery, infection, graft death (!!) lifestyle upheaval and expense. In fact, I was assured that ‘the insurance pays for it if there’s been cancer’ and I should consider what recon would do for my mental health and self image (!) as if tits are the be-all and end-all…do these people get kickbacks from the plastic surgeons??? I spent 48 hours total in hospital, the bill came to $80K. Just think what more operations, more days in hospital, and constant outpatient followup visits cost. Went yesterday to have the last drains removed, 2.5 weeks after surgery. Spent two and a half hours in heavy traffic to have them take the drains out (two minutes) and then the nurse and surgeon looked at the drain holes (30 seconds). No inspection whatsoever of the (admittedly ugly) looking full chest incision. I’m sure they billed the insurance company a couple hundred bucks for their bother. She wanted me to come back in a month – I said ‘what for?’ – am healing well – and suddenly ‘in six months’ was good enough. Fuggit, I’m done. Not going to see the ‘clinical oncologist’ either. For what? I’m not going to take chemo or radiation for a Stage I, 2 mm tumor with clear LNs on one side, and a 2 cm in situ tumor on the other side THAT THE RADIOLOGIST NEVER SAW… another odd part of this story. You can’t trust the scans, people… they gave me a false negative. How many false positives go on to be full blown treatment plans? The path report detailing that an unseen 3 cm tumor was on the right side was present was glossed over by the surgeon -lucky you had both sides off-, (instead of lumpectomy on left that was recommended) or it wouldn’t have been caught for months/years, and then repeat surgery with more chance of spread would have happened. This at the ‘best hospital in the country’ no less. Feels more like incompetence and ‘me against them’ as far as making decisions goes. Oh, and one more thing – I refused to consider Tamoxifen. Surgeon’s response was ‘well, my mother took it’ as if that has f*ck all to do with anything…

  • HB Clear

    Where can we see the entire article on alternative cancer treatment vs conventional, without paying for it?? Can you post the whole article?

  • Bonnie Cameron

    Thank you so much for keeping us abreast of the lengths medical systems will go to. It will be five years in December since my mastectomy and I changed my life before the surgery, (I kicked out my stressor). I had a water system put in just after my second last chemo and my hemoglobin went from 102 back up to 114, all because of cleaner water! The chemo oncologist wanted me to take pills for five years, but after trying a couple and not liking the side effects, I went my own path.
    All produce I buy is organic, or as much as possible up here in Ontario. I decided to become vegetarian and feel amazing, going gluten-free after a dentist had me on three rounds on antibiotic in six months messing my digestive system.
    I did yoga throughout the treatments as that was about the only exercise I could muster the strength to perform. Meditation is very helpful.
    Chris, thank you for mentioning Dr. James Kelly! I downloaded the Kindle version of his book, Stop Feeding Your Cancer, this morning and love what I read so far. I have read The China Study and have the cookbook, great vegetarian recipes!

    Keep up the good work, you inspire so many.

  • Michael Saidi

    The main cause of diseases is evil taking over the world. Evil is manifesting itself into big corporations and law makers, controlling the economy, poisoning our minds and bodies, forcing us to work for long hours just to pay our debt to him (the new slavery)… according to the Bible “Satan was thrown on the Earth, woe to the inhabitants of the earth …”. You have two choices, either to be in favor of evil and support his plans, or to oppose him and join the fight against him. Also according to the Bible things will get worst, very worst, before it get better … In this life let your faith be strong in our God the creator of everything and in his messiah our savior and the rest is nothing but details …

    • bachcole

      That is a great perspective for improvement in your inner life, but how does a doctor apply that to his practice or some random dude in his kitchen apply that to choosing whether to eat coconut oil or canola oil?

      • Michael Saidi

        Good question, rule number one is : One should first have faith and love others (Jesus said love others like yourself). In a sample words, when a doctor or anyone else apply this rule to his practice, he or she will be serving others like if he is serving himself. take as an example Chris, thanks to him, he is spreading knowledge and awareness to others like if he is doing it for himself… Of course if someone do not know how to take care of himself do not expect him to do better to others. In this case you cannot blame him as he is not doing it on purpose… Also Jesus said: If you lit a candle, you do not hide it, but you hang it in a high place to light up the darkness…

        • bachcole

          I just encountered a good example of what I am trying to say. I heard very long report about Betsy DeVoss, the current SecEd, by an honest liberal (difficult to find, I know). It would appear that Ms. DeVoss is positively angelic in her personal life, but clueless when it comes to the big picture. There is no surprise there because you can’t generalize to millions of people many of whom don’t follow the Golden Rule and some few of whom may actually be bad people.

  • Rjack58

    Hi everyone, hope all are well. In late March 2017 my bi-yearly physical detected high PSA’s:16+, biopsy found 1 section out of 12 with cancer of the prostrate, stage II. Gleason score a 3+4=7. My wife was more scared then me. 6 treatment options were offered all of which aren’t appetizing. Researching prostate cancer via the internet led us to Chris Wark’s site and others that offered explanations and alternative treatments. I’ve changed my diet to vegan, exercise hard and consistently, take supplements, juice, and look at EVERYTHING positively, especially the treatment option I chose. I keep a journal and record my day-to-day living and have embraced my cancer rather than fighting it. My life in many respects has changed for the better, and I expect heal 100% no matter what any of the naysayers or so-called experts say, this is a personal quest and I’m in this for the long haul! To make a long story short I advocate 3 strategies: 1) whatever path you take BELIEVE in it 100% and visualize yourself healing, 2) eliminate fear and the fear mongers, whether they be alternative advocates or conventional supporters letting them know that they can be in charge when it’s their cancer, 3) eliminate ALL negative situations (job, living arrangements) and negative people from your life – these will undermine your healing. I feel very good in my mind, body and spirit and expect to heal 100% and I’m not letting anybody convince/tell me of anything different, nor should you! Everybody wants to be in-charge and guilt/strongarm you into doing what they want you to do – don’t let them!

  • Save the dolphins

    i do agree with your approach to healing Chris,

    cancer is very complex but chemotherapy and radiation are in my opinion toxic

    and most cancer patients have adverse reactions to chemo and radiation

    like reocurrence of cancer

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