Study: Chemo is pointless for stage II colon cancer

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Here’s more confirmation I made the right decision back in 2004. (And I was Stage IIIC)

A new study of 453 stage II colon cancer patients found that the patients who were treated with chemotherapy had worse quality of life (no surprise there), and were on average nearly three times more likely to have a cancer recurrence, and two times more likely to die within two years of their diagnosis than those who did not have chemo.

From Oncology Nurse Advisor:

Recurrence, survival, and quality of life (QOL) is not improved with adjuvant chemotherapy in most patients with stage II colon cancer, according to the results of a study published in Supportive Care in Cancer.

This cohort study recruited 453 patients from North Carolina and interviewed them using a closed-end survey at diagnosis, and at 12- and 24-months postdiagnosis; 265 of the patients had received chemotherapy. The survey detailed quality of life, health behaviors, treatment, and cancer recurrence at each of the time points. Mortality was obtained from the National Death Index.

In this study, an inverse association was seen with chemotherapy and total Functional Assessment of Cancer Treatment (FACT)-General, FACT-Colorectal, physical, emotional, and functional well-being among patients with stage II colon cancer. The inverse association between emotional well-being and receiving chemotherapy persisted for whites but not for African Americans. In addition, significantly higher odds of cancer recurrence were seen among those patients who received chemotherapy.

Study conclusion
In this study, stage II colon cancer patients who received chemotherapy treatment were more likely to have poor quality of life, recurrence, and all-cause mortality after 24 months compared to those who did not receive chemotherapy. Future research focusing on subtypes of chemotherapy treatment, as well as a longer follow-up period, is needed.

And there you have it folks. For stage II colon cancer, here’s what chemo does:
-Makes your quality of life worse (Except for African Americans, who reported that it didn’t…???)
-Increases your risk of recurrence within two years somewhere between 18% and 635% (Odds ratio is 2.74)
-Increases your risk of death within two years between 5% and 362% (Odds ratio is 1.95)


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  1. Scooter Tramp

    My wife was diagnosed stage 3-B colon cancer and is just finishing up her chemo at Roswell Cancer Institute. I pray we made the right choice.

    1. Sid Aust

      I had stage 111 colon cancer 8 yrs ago and did do chemo…never got sick, upset stomach,no loss of hair..not that I support doing chemo…once every three weeks but did change a few things…

      1. steve e

        Hi i also just found out stage 3 colon just had tumor removed in 3 weeks suppose too start chemo and radiation ,I have alot of different thoughts about it!!!! On top of that i feel great .Doc said my nodes are infected, What did you change thanks!!!!

    2. SpaceFromGreece!

      add to that organic plant based foods only
      curcuma broccoli green tea coffee

  2. sylvie menier

    YES this is definitely a great day :) Thank you Chris for sharing!

  3. MeTimesThree

    Thank you, Chris. I was diagnosed with stage 3 (wasn’t given a letter after the 3) colon cancer in January. I had surgery (1 of 16 lymph nodes affected). I was supposed to have 8 rounds of chemo over six months. Your website gave me the courage to walk away after one round and make huge changes in my life. I have already lost 20 pounds on a high plant based organic diet along with supplements and other protocols.

    1. Chris Wark


  4. Prudence15

    Saying no to traditional medicine and following your wise wisdom within takes courage and belief in yourself. I know, I said no to chemo 28 years ago after being told I had 6 months to live. Get educated and do what feels right for you.
    You rock Chris…way to go.

  5. Suzanne

    Chris, everything you have ever said has been helpful, thoughtful and correct! I had colon cancer surgery in 2012. My Oncologist badgered me to have chemo, ordered the chemo, and I said throughout that I would not take chemo. I believe to this day that I would now be dead if I had agreed to the chemo. Instead so far in tests I have shown no sign of the cancer and no sign of the return in another area. I’m not going to say this won’t happen, but I am so happy I did not take chemo, which would have killed me. It also kills all good cells with the bad cells. My cousin took chemo, her cancer returned, she took chemo again, and now the cancer has appeared in her lungs. I’m not saying that there are not times when chemo is required, and I am not telling anybody what they should do, but for me my life was saved by not taking chemo.

    1. Chris Wark

      Sounds like you made the right choice!

  6. Cathryn

    Thanks Chris for your commitment to passing on important information! I’ve found affirmation for taking ‘the road less travelled’ in cancer treatment comes from some unexpected places: like from the American radiologist and nurses who were fellow patients with me at Hope4Cancer in Tijuana. When I asked the radiologist if he was the kind of radiologist that gives radiation treatments to cancer patients, he answered “Yes”. With tongue in cheek, I responded that he wasn’t a very good advertisement for his profession – he agreed and added: I have been in my profession long enough to know that if I ever got cancer, I would not get radiation treatments. I couldn’t resist asking if the hospital where he worked knew where he was. You can guess his reply.

    1. Chris Wark

      Haha. Yeah totally. Shhh don’t tell. :)

  7. Vickie

    Thank you Chris for staying on top of this. For a long time, I said I would never do chemo–and then found myself I. The hospital with stage four colon cancer. You helped me choose what felt right. No chemo. I’m feeling great. Bloodwork looks great. Thank you for your inspiration. Keep it up.

    1. Chris Wark

      Terrific Vickie!

  8. Chris, great blog. Unfortunately I can’t relate since I did have chemo for my breast cancer, but our cancers are different. I’m glad you are healthy, I will follow to learn what foods you are and aren’t eating.

  9. Not sure what to do?

    My mom was diagnosed with stage IV Colin cancer 4 months ago, did 2 rounds of chemo in August and then had a mild stroke followed by a small brain bleed, then a block bowel 3 weeks ago at which time they put on an ostomy bag and sent her home on hospice. Her vitals are good, and she’s able to eat small portions and is drinking fine. I ordered B17 500mg capsules, pancreatic enzymes 500mg, zinc, and DMG B15 plus. Just received them all in the mail, then read that if you have any blockages not to use B17 because it temporarily causes the tumors to grow up to 50% larger and can cause more problems. Is this still the case with the ostomy bag? Should I still give her the B17 and other supplements or is it to late?

  10. Alan Davidson

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Alan Davidson, My WIFE Stage IV breast cancer and MS has just been cured with the cannabis oil gotten from DR. Henry Zimmerman (, cannabis oil is great medication. To hell with the government and their insane policy, we have a medication that is hundred percent assured to cure cancer and you don’t need to spend so much money on anymore on chemo, radiation or surgeries that wouldn’t work. Where to purchase, contact via: ( My family is now a brand new one, so stop your worries and go get your medication and set the family free of the deadly disease that hold no respect to family harmony. Make your health a better one by using cannabis oil in your everyday life. contact Dr. Zimmerman on: ( for all type of cancer cure.

    Thank you.

  11. Marsha Rucker

    Chris, in Aug. 2011, my husband at age 51 was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. The doctors told us to go home and get our affairs in order. He had no family history, ate healthy, exercised regularly, etc. We did our research and ended up at UPMC in Pitts. where he underwent HIPEC surgery to remove half his body and debulk his paretenial area then ran heated chemo through his body. He almost died from surgery. He has also undergone lots of chemo, radiation, and a liver resection. It has returned on the liver and the fatigue and pain is overwhelming him. We have done infared treatments, juicing, and other things. We follow your website. Desperately looking for suggestions.

  12. Mark Finch

    Do you have an opinion on Rick Simpson and the success shown to kill cancer with hemp oil?

  13. Michele West Ceron

    this is exactly what happened to my friend’s husband. Stage 2 colon cancer, did chemo, his quality of life went drastically downhill had constant opportunistic infections, not only did it not shrink his tumors, it spread to his lungs and liver and he died 2-3 years after initial diagnosis. He was only 38. What a shame.

  14. Michele West Ceron

    the newest treatments are immunotherapy drugs, but they are still DRUGS so they are not the right way to boost the immune system. I dont think they will be any better than chemo, they will still damage and kill people, I believe. The answer for cancer is and always will be in nature, whole plant foods. Real vitamins and minerals, quality micronutrients and an oxygen rich environment in your body is what you need to boost your immune system and beat cancer. the pharm companies will never have the answer, no matter what they try to come up with next.

  15. Organiclifegh

    Cannabis oil really do work in curing cancer. Ive produced and given to a lot of people and it has about 90% success rate. The only people it didnt work for were those who didnt want to make lifestyle changes. You cant be treating cancer and still be eating meat and animal based products.

  16. Knut Heidelberg

    Sorry, Chris. I simply do not believe you or anything of what you say other places. I am a real colon cancer stage 3C.

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