Tea Up! My Favorite Healthy Teas

Another key component in my cancer fight was drinking copious amounts of herbal teas.  Specifically the ones with high anti-oxidant and immune boosting properties.
Most days I would have a hot cup in the morning, iced herbal tea with meals, and a hot cup before bed.  I highly recommend you get these super healthy teas into your body, pronto!

Jason Winters Tea
In 1977, a terminal cancer patient given three months to live, refused major surgery and traveled the world in search of an herbal remedy. He discovered herbs on three different continents used for centuries to combat cancer:  Red Clover, Indian Sage, Oolong, and Herbalene.

The individual herbs had little effect, but when he combined them together in a tea, the massive tumor on his neck began to shrink and eventually disappeared.  After his amazing recovery he began selling this blend now known as Jason Winters Tea.
That’s him smiling in a tuxedo right there on the canister!

In the last 30 years, scientific research has discovered that the herbs in Jason Winters Tea herbs do in fact have anti-cancer, blood purification, and immune boosting properties.

Jason Winters wrote a book about his experience called Killing Cancer documenting his story and how he traveled the world in search of a cure.   He dedicated the rest his life to health education and won numerous awards around the world, including being knighted “Sir Jason Winters”.

Jason Winters Tea has a delicious mild flavor and is caffeine free.
Our kids call it “Jason Tea” and we love to drink it iced at our house.
Get Jason Winters Tea

Red Tea (African Rooibos or “RedBush”)
This highly potent anti-oxidant tea is harvested in the Western Cape province of South Africa.  Red tea was pretty hard to find when I started drinking it in 2004.   Now nearly every tea brand sells it, even Nestea and Crystal Light (I’m not recommending those).
Anyway, in addition to containing unique anti-oxidants Aspalathin and Nothofagin, (and no I didn’t just make those words up) Red Tea also contains copper, iron, potassium, calcium, fluoride, zinc, manganese, alpha-hydroxy, and magnesium.  It is an amazing little shrub!
Get Certified Organic Red Tea

Tulsi Tea (Indian Holy Basil)

Tulsi is a naturally caffeine-free herbal tea known for its rich anti-oxidant and adaptogenic properties.  Tulsi also contains hundreds of phytochemical compounds with strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and immune-enhancing properties.

It’s been a staple in Indian culture for over 5000 years.
They all drink it!
We drink it hot and iced.
Organic India is the best source for organic tulsi tea.
They have 18 different flavor blends like Honey Chamomile, Red Mango, and Pomegranate Green Tea.
I recommend starting with the Original Blend and branching out from there.

Organic India Tulsi Tea, 18 Teabags (Pack of 6)

Matcha Green Tea
I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that Matcha is the best green tea you can drink.    Green tea has powerful anti-cancer phytonutrients like catechins.  The matcha process involves grinding up the tea leaves in to a fine powder that dissolves in water.  (You don’t have to grind it up, it comes that way.)  And unlike steeping, you’re conusming the entire tea leaf so you get all the nutrients.
And this green tea is actually green!

Organic Matcha Green Tea, 4 oz box


Trash that Metal Tea Kettle!

Metal tea kettles can leach heavy metals and metallic taste into your tea when they’re exposed to high heat.  A few years ago I went in search of a ceramic kettle we could brew tea in and found an awesome one.  You should know that there is a difference between a tea pot and a tea kettle. A tea pot should never be used on a stove, it is merely a serving piece.
A kettle, on the other hand, is designed for brewing.
Joyce Chen Ceramic Tea Kettle is fired at 2700 degrees which makes it tough enough to use on an open flame gas cook top.  We love this kettle!
Note: It doesn’t whistle, so you need to keep your eye on it, or set a timer.
It comes in black or white, with a bamboo handle and it rocks!
Buy it here.

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  1. shanna

    I drink a lot of red tea, especially in the winter. I also drink Essiac Tea. Good tip with the kettle, will have to look into that!

  2. Jeanne

    Interested to know if the tea when it is steeped, looses its effectiveness after a while. I’m asking because I would want to use the leftover tea for iced tea.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your whole blog. Amazing what God has done through your hard work of research. I admire your desire to eat this way. But I’m also wondering how expensive it is.

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Jeanne! Some teas can be steeped several times. I say go for it. You’ll should know by the taste and color if it has lost potency.
      Thanks for the kinds words, adn yes He has. Organic produce is more expensive to harvest, so it is more expensive in stores. However, it is cheap when you buy direct from local farmers at farmers markets. That’s the way to go if you have one near you. Just gotta change your routine and get in the habit of going. Memphis has several: Shelby Farms, Botanic Gardens, Cooper Young and Downtown. They’re fun!

  3. ahealthierme

    Awesome site! What an amazing story and pretty awesome that you’re talking about herbal tea the same time I was thinking about blogging about it. Thanks for the tea suggestions. I haven’t tried any of them I don’t think. Thanks for following and I returned the favor so look forward to reading more!

  4. yoda

    Just to mention something you seldom see, green tea can promote pancreatic cancer but the other teas, especially Jason Winters are good choices.
    As for Himalayan salt, avoid it as it contains very high levels of fluoride which impairs the thyroid and that interferes with your ability to fight cancer, and other heavy metals.

  5. Chris

    I enjoy my Paud’Arco with a stick of cinnamon.

  6. Francine

    I really enjoyed reading his article on tea. I have recently started going to a homeopathic doctor as my immune system was totally down and doctors don’t treat the cause.
    I want to drink tea and have tried several brands but don’t care for them. Maybe this one will be different. I wonder if they are sold in stores?
    Keep healthy…

  7. GorillaFit

    I watched some of the Michael Gregor Studies DVD. He mentions that last year they found that cold steeped tea actually has twice the antioxidants than hot. I guess it is good to mix it up.

  8. Elizabeth

    Hi Chris,
    My mom has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer which as spread to the outside of her intestines. I love all the info here, and I’m going to start her on this diet. I have a question about Essiac Tea. Have you ever used it? Do you know if it’s effective?

    1. lmechis

      Hi, yes, try it. twice a day. email me if you need more info.
      My email is porras.leda@yahoo.com. My mom takes it.

      1. Kim

        Hi Chris, I find the best contact for the Essiac Tea http://www.herbsforlife.biz Lots of information about these healing herbs there. It saved my life 14 years ago and still going strong!

  9. Jeremy

    Chris, I hear that chaga mushroom tea works really well. Are you knowledgable about this supplement/tea and what are your thoughts?

  10. Ellen

    Hi Chris….I was diagnosed with breast cancer and your site is absolutely wonderful!!! I have been reading up on all of your cancer fighting ideals and I am so ready to fight this!!! I have a question for you? Is there any type of sugar or sweetener you use for your teas or do you just drink them as is?

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Raw honey is my favorite natural sweetener,
      But I didn’t consume it much.
      Cancer feeds on sugar so it’s eat to avoid any concentrated forms of it.

  11. Michele

    Hi Chris,

    Just wanted to share a great herb store, which happens to be in TN, with you and your readers:


  12. D. Liz

    Thank You Chris: Just ordered the kettle you recommended.

  13. Pamela

    Hi Chris,

    I have highly estrogen receptor positive breast cancer. I am wondering if you have any information regarding the use of Jason winter’s tea with this type of cancer. I know red clover is estogenic so that concerns me. I ordered a box and had my first cup, which was delicious, then remembered about this property of red clover. I thought I would ask to see if you know, I hope so. Would love to add this tea to the rest of things I am doing.

    By the way I love your site. It has such a wealth of knowledge and helps with wading through the process of what are best protocols for me. Thank you.

  14. Anne

    I also hear Chaga tea is huge for healing cancers. I’ve also heard cancer is an overgrowth of candida, and that baking soda can help with it.>> Many people don’t seem to know about Chaga tea.

  15. alan

    chris is it true about green tea promoting pancreatic cancer? and would that also apply to chai.

    1. Chris Wark

      I’ve never seen that, please share your source. Thanks!

  16. Jenikins83

    I’m wondering what herbals teas (if any) you recommend? Thanks!

  17. Lani

    What are your thoughts about dandelion root tea which is starting to make some grounds in small trials as a strong support in the fight against cancer. As with your Jason Winter’s, there have been a few people who have used dandelion root daily to reverse cancer with terrific results so I was surprised to not find this listed

  18. Cindy

    I have been diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma..very rare-4 out of 1 million people-I have to have 5 weeks of radiation. Antioxidants are not recommended while having radiation treatments. Does anyone have any experience with eating/taking/drinking antioxidants while having radiation treatment?

    1. Kim Drew

      Hi Cindy,

      I have a form of Sarcoma as well. I would love to hear from Chris if he has heard from anyone doing the raw diet and getting help with our type of Cancer.

  19. Amy

    Chris, have you heard of the fruit Soursop? Also known as Guanabana or Graviola. It’s found in the Caribbean islands. It is said that it has cancer fighting properties, particularly the leaves. You boil the leaves in water and drink it as a tea. I found some videos online about it when I was researching for some type of miracle foods for my brother who was diagnosed with colon cancer this October. We live in Florida and it is pretty easy to come by down here. My uncle has a tree in his back yard and I pick the leaves and make a tea with it. I was recently at a local nursery looking for a tree to plant in my own back yard and out of the blue the owner began telling me about the healing properties of this fruit tree. He began telling me about a woman from his church who had pancreatic cancer. She began drinking two cups of the tea and within a couple of months the tumors began to shrink, eventually disappeared and did not return. He said that was about over a year and a half ago and she is doing well. I was curious if you ever came across it in your research and what you think. Thanks!

    1. Kim Drew

      Hi Amy,

      I also live in Florida, and would like to find out more about making the tea. I have heard several stories about soursop fruit as well as Graviola.

      How do you make the tea?

  20. Kjigs Marcelino Tionko

    hi Chris!

    check out #Saladmaster kettle! This is made of titanium, the cleanest metal that will not leach into whatever you are cooking ;)

  21. Kjigs Marcelino Tionko

    Hi Chis,

    and to that effect, what kind of cookwares do you use? Cookwares also poses dangers to our health…

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