The Sleep Doctor Michael Breus on how to get the best sleep ever

Dr. Michael Breus @thesleepdoctor is a Clinical Psychologist and specialist in sleep disorders. He is on the clinical advisory board of the Dr. Oz Show and has been on the show 39 times to date.

He’s also authored several best-selling books including The Power of When, which is all about working with your body’s inner clock for maximum health, happiness, and productivity.

This interview with Dr. Breus is chock full of strategies that you can implement in your life now to get optimal healing sleep. Enjoy!

(It’s also on the Chris Beat Cancer podcast in iTunes and Spotify)

Download the transcript here

Show Notes:
-The problem with naps [04:28]
-The problem with “sleep tracking” devices [06:10]
-Three sleep destroying habits [10:53]
-The best way to increase the quality of your sleep [16:46]
-What’s your Sleep Animal: Lion, Bear, Wolf, or Dolphin? [17:44]
-Do men or women need more sleep? [22:20]
-How sunshine and fresh air improve your sleep [25:07]
-Is blue light at night really a problem?[26:52]
-Is watching television in bed okay? [31:08]
-How beneficial are sound machines? [33:20]
-A cool tool for travelers who want to eliminate jet lag [35:52]
-What about sleep masks? [37:35]
-Better Sleep with Magnesium and Banana Tea [42:07]
-Better Sleep with Omegas and Vitamin D [44:53]
-Melatonin supplementation essentials [45:41]
-Lack of sleep and cancer [50:48]

Take Dr Breus’ Sleep Chronotype Quiz and learn your sleep animal

Dr. Breus’ Banana Tea Recipe:
-Take a regular-sized banana, wash it off and cut off the ends
-Cut the banana in half, and leave the peal on it
-Put halves in 4 cups of boiling water, and boil for about 3 to 4 minutes
-Pull it off the stove, steep, then drink the water
-Add honey and cinnamon to taste!

Books by Michael J. Breus, PhD, The Sleep Doctor:
The Power of When
Good Night: The Sleep Doctor’s 4-Week Program to Better Sleep and Better Health

Connect with The Sleep Doctor:

Sleep improving devices recommended by Dr. Breus:
Swanwick – Blue Light Blocking Glasses
GOODNIGHT® Sleep Promoting Light Bulb
The iHome Zenergy Sleep System
SleepScore Max (for sleep tracking)
The Rohm Travel Sound Machine
Dream Essentials Sleep Masks

Apps recommended in the interview:
F.lux – eliminates blue light from computer screens at night
Timeshifter – jet lag smart phone app

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