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Tropical Fruit Tasting with Robby Barbaro of Mastering Diabetes

Everyone recognizes an apple, banana, or orange when they spot them in the grocery store… but what about a tamarillo, mamey sapote, or a caimito!?

I caught up with Robby Barbaro recently at the Balance for Life Florida Retreat, and he had an entire hotel room full of exotic fruits – many I had never tasted before. And they were amazingly delicious…

Robby was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 12 years old, and today at 31, he helps people all over the world manage and reverse insulin sensitivity and diabetes with a plant-based program called Mastering Diabetes.

Here’s where it gets really interesting… Robby’s diet is predominantly fruit!

So how does a guy with type 1 diabetes eat so much fruit?

Hint: Everything you thought you knew about diabetes is wrong. Robby explains the real cause of diabetes and insulin resistance in our interview (it’s not sugar). Prepare to have your mind blown. :)

This tropical fruit tasting I did with Robby was so much fun. Enjoy!

Show Notes:
-Robby’s hotel room is full of fruit [00:30]
-Varieties of bananas [01:15]
-Mamey sapote [03:11]
-Cacao fruit [04:06]
-Passion fruit [05:21]-tree tomato/tamarillo [06:24]
-Yellow dragon fruit [07:11]
-Star apple/cainito [08:29]
-Guava [09:26]
-sprouted coconut [09:49]
-Francis mango [11:43]
-Traveling with fruit [12:43]
-Fruit preservation techniques [13:55]
-Chris tastes a bunch of rare fruit for the first time [14:53]
-Robby explains the cause of insulin resistance and diabetes [23:55]
-Fighting fruit fear [24:39]
-Whole food carbohydrates are wonderful [28:02]

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