Products I Love, The Vitamix Blender

The Vitamix 5200 Blender

Ever find a product that is so awesome that you just can’t stop talking about it?
The Vitamix 5200 is one of those products.

Everyone I’ve ever met who owns a Vitamix is a rabid fan, kind of like Apple users…

The Vitamix is the legendary commercial grade blender that most smoothie bars use
and its 2HP motor will make your blender at home look like a toy.

The Vitamix is the single most versatile kitchen appliance on the planet and it is the Number One Investment you should make in your kitchen. It will rock your world. I’m serious!

It comes with 400 whole food recipes for smoothies, blended veggie juice,
nut butters, soups, salsa, guacamole, healthy ice cream, even how to churn fresh butter and mill whole grains.

Consumer Reports gave the Vitamix 5200 an 89 out of 100.
It is their highest rated blender!

Unlike most cheap low-quality products imported from China, the Vitamix is made in the USA, built to last, and comes with a 7 year warranty.

I’ve destroyed several cheap blenders over the years and if my Vitamix ever dies, I’ll buy another one. :)

The Vitamix 5200 comes in red, white, black, and stainless steel finsh. I have the red one and I love it in a way that is probably not healthy. LOL!  I even take it on vacation with me!

Also give you a 30-day free trial and free shipping:

Price Vitamix models at

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  • Jon

    I have owned my Vitamix for over 6 years and have never had it break down on me. . . I love it! A cheap blender from Target or Wal-Mart will always fail to keep the enthusiast happy. In the end those blenders can only really do the total basics.

  • Lolol
    LCO is an everyday 3 plus time a day user!
    I guess I need serious help. I even take my Vita on Vacation. For me its like the AMEX commercial, I never leave home without it!!!

  • Cynthia Clingan

    I love my Vitamix! I purchased mine at Costco. I wasted my money on a Ninja from Target first. Go ahead & buy the Vitamix. I have even tried a juicer but hate to throw away all the fiber.

  • Niki

    Was just given your site tonight — I’m hooked! In a previous post you talked about a Juicer (brand Champion?) what is the difference between a juicer and the vitamix? Or is there a difference?

  • Candy

    If you can prove to Vita-Mix that you have cancer with a letterhead or prescription from your doctor, they will give you 25% off a reconstructed 5200! I know, I just ordered one and I am so grateful to them, free shipping too! They want to help! Great company. I cannot wait to get it!

  • Louise

    Thank you Candy for the info. I have a refurbished Vita Mix. After using it every day for 8 years, sometimes more than once a day, it is finally on its last leg. At the same time, I’ve been diagnosed with uterine cancer, found this site, and decided to go the natural way to beat this thing. Needless to say I couldn’t live without my Vita Mix so I will be contacting the co. pronto!