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Interview with Raw Vegan Bodybuilder
Wade Lightheart!

In what I think is a perfect follow up to my Orthorexia post…

Here’s a video interview I did with raw vegan bodybuilder Wade Lightheart.

Wade is an excellent example of how to thrive on a raw diet.

We talk about nutrition, training, fasting, enzymes, and his A.W.E.S.O.M.E  Health System:

Mental: Beliefs and Attitudes
Education: Testing and Coaching

He’s an incredible resource of health knowledge so get your notepad ready!



More about Wade at www.wadelightheart.com


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  • bill grant

    hey guys.great video you got here with lots of great facts and i love your AWESOME order of necessities.love both of you and we’ll see each other again sometime like at a much bigger better new ALIVE/STAYING ALIVE EVENT.and thanks to you,ive been making and drinking my home made smoothie while watching and listening to these video’s.like i am right now.cheers and heres to your health !

  • Chris Biel

    It was great meeting you both at the Staying Alive in NYC event.

    Thank you Wade for imparting your knowledge of how to live an AWESOME life full of vitality – this information is great! Your book is excellent, I recommend it to everyone interested in improving their well being. The technical topics are easy to understand and prompted me to investigate further. Furthermore, thank you for taking control of the event when uncertainty arose and carrying it on your back. I truly appreciate it.

    Chris, thanks for taking the time to tell your story and experiences. The wisdom you’ve acquired while navigating through your adverse situation is extremely valuable. Your site is a great resource, and I recommend cancer patients to read, join, and believe.

    Thank you both, I will speak with you soon.

  • KT

    Has anyone had any experience with Salicinium or DE, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth? Thanks!

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