Watch how “serial killer” T-cells destroy cancer cells

Here’s a beautiful and fascinating video published by U.S. and British researchers in the journal Immunity which shows how cytotoxic T-cells, relentlessly hunt down and destroy cancer cells in your body.

Watch how the T-cells, which appear as roaming orange or green blobs, ruthlessly stalk and attack cancer cells (blue) by blasting them with cytotoxins (red).

“Inside all of us lurks an army of serial killers whose primary function is to kill again and again,” Gillian Griffiths, director of the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, said in a release detailing the study. “These cells patrol our bodies, identifying and destroying virally infected and cancer cells, and they do so with remarkable precision and efficiency.”

Just another reminder that your immune system is designed to eliminate cancer.

If you have cancerous tumors in your body, this means your immune system is weak, overloaded or suppressed. Healing cancer requires a radical change of diet and lifestyle with nutrition and therapies that build up your body and your immune system.

Any therapy that shrinks tumors in the short term but destroys your immune system will only make matters worse in the long term. For more on this see my posts on chemo and radiation.

Article Source: The Washington Post

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  1. John Choi

    Hi Chris. Love your work. Someone I know, has just been diagnosed with cancer. And because it has not progressed too much the doctors keep telling her the standard care has an extremely high rate of success. And also the people talking to her, including her doctor, are her old friends. I have not had much faith in most of western/modern medicine for quite some time and am having little luck trying to convince her that their “high success rate” is flawed at best and very deceptive at worst.

    She is leaning heavily toward taking all three main therapies. For me I feel like that’s sealing her death certificate for at least the future. Maybe not in five years but I just don’t see that it will help her.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Jim

      My friend….my sister is in the same situation; stage 2 breast cancer (so they say) and is not informed of alternatives. She is just retired and has a nice pension so she can afford the alternatives. She’s had surgery and is doing radiation now. Nothing I’ve told her or given her, links to this site, my own anti-cancer – organic health regimen outline I gave her, Gerson links……nothing is sinking in. All you can do is hope your loved one will have that epiphany when they find that they are on a death march with conventional “treatment”. What’s maddening to me is that my sister, a old non-conformist 60’s child, can’t see her face in spite of her nose in this situation. I like you have given her the information she needs….it’s her choice. Just Zen out and know you’ve done what you can. ooo’s

      1. John Choi

        Hi Jim. Thank you. I’ll keep trying

        1. Yeme

          My sister who is pregnant six months and two weeks is told to have stage II breast cancer, does any one has any experience using natural therapies when pregnant? do you know any one who could do that kind of therapies in Washington dc area? she is advised by her doctor to immediately do chemo and surgery and radiation after delivery. we are very scared.

      2. vegan31

        Jim and John,
        I am treating breast cancer with alternatives methods. No chemo, surgery or radiation. Everyone has urged me strongly to at least have surgery to remove the tumor. I have yet to meet someone who has been successful in doing this. I have almost depleted my life’s savings in searching for a ‘cure’. I am wondering if I can heal without having surgery to remove the tumor.

        1. Shalena

          I am also doing the same vegan31. I have met several people who have been successful without the big 3. I have heard ty Bollinger say that the immune system is the only cure. There is no magic bullet but multiple things we can do to nurse ourselves back to full health. Follow your intuition not your fear. Radical remission is a real possibility for everyone. Think about the time it could potentially take to develop a tumor, so how can we expect healing to be rushed? I’m 8 months from a diagnosis, going strong, kicking ass, healthiest I’ve felt ever. I want healing to happen yesterday but I know it will in time. Working to see and feel myself already there. Hope that helps. You are not alone.

          1. Vegan31

            So pleased to hear from you regarding this quest for curing cancer! I was diagnosed in September, 2013. Innately, I chose to forego conventional treatment. I am confident I made the right decision. I am in the Boston area. Wondering if you are close by or if you would like to communicate via email to share more and to compare notes. I think we belong to a rare and exclusive club. I have met only two other women who are living and treating breast cancer without removing the tumor. Those two women, by the way, recently had emergency laser surgery , radical mastectomies, because the natural remedies were not keeping the tumors from spreading and erupting, causing pleural effusion of the lungs, etcetera. This is why for the first time I am feeling a tad anxious regarding the question of surgery. My hope is to heal naturally and not introduce the trauma of surgery to my body. There has to be a way to heal in harmony.
            Keep the faith! Continue to thrive!

          2. Immanuel Christian

            I’ve been self-treating a big sarcoma in my left arm for 5 years. Done lots of botanical surgery with black salve which breast cancer patients can also do. There is no risk of growth or spreading with black salve as there is with knifing. Have also done much injecting/sub-cutaneous infusion with hydrogen peroxide, copper sulphate, 12% iodine, and sanguinaria injection fluid. Breast cancer is, as a rule much easier than a 25cm sarcoma to treat. I read about women with a pea sized tumor who throw their lives away on allopathic voodoo treatment and think how lucky they are. If that was me, I would have killed that tumor, which in the end is probably no bigger than a golf ball, long ago. It is not sufficient as a rule, to simply change diet. You have to have an effective treatment to attack the tumor: 6g/day potassium iodide crystals (ebay), 5000mcg/day sodium selenite (Life Extension), 3g/day niacin (Look up the great Abram Hoffer),
            40g/day ascorbate.

          3. Vegan31

            Hi Immanuel,
            -Sounds like you should open your own natural cancer clinic. It is so helpful to see what you have done to stay well and to heal from the sarcoma in your left arm over the last five years. Wishing you continued success!
            -I am taking iodine, orally and by application on the breast. I will research the other items you mentioned. I am rather afraid of using black salve at this time. I think Dr. Veronique D. had help when she used black salve to remove her tumor. Plus she is a doctor and probably knew other doctors who were able to assist.
            I don’t quite have the courage to use black salve at this time.
            Thanks for this great info. Love getting this feedback! You are added proof there is hope in alternative treatments.

          4. Chris Pedersen

            You can use Vitae Elixxir (contains blood root the main herb in Black Salve) taken orally to attack tumor from within. Check it out.

          5. Vegan31

            Hi Chris,
            Thanks. I will research the Vital Elixxir. This is a new one for me. The bloodroot is intriguing but scares me. However, who knows? It could be the answer. I tend to think I would definitely need the assistance of a knowledgeable person to use bloodroot-which could cause the tumor to extrude and pop out through the skin. Just the thought of it makes me feel faint.

          6. Chris Pedersen

            I have been taking the Vitae Elixxir internally on a daily basis for 6 years and have used it on my skin for skin cancer and suspicious areas on the surface. It is very powerful and amazing to see it work. My condition is hereditary colon cancer and VE is part of my daily regimen to keep cancer from returning instead of having my colon removed as conventional doctors recommended. Taking VE orally attacks the tumor from the inside—no popping out through the skin. Are you also taking B17 (aka amygdalyn or laetrile)?

          7. vegan31

            Chris P., I try to eat the bitter apricot seeds. i do this for a while until the taste of them is intolerable-then I restart them after taking a break. I have not bothered taking actual B17 supplements or laetril. Have you had success with them? Congratulations on treating the colon cancer alternatively! Have you done any special cleanses and detoxifying?

          8. Frances

            hello Vegan 31,
            I have resisted conventional treatment for the moment. I too am anxious as I’ve been told my “type” is very aggressive etc… I would love to correspond with you by email!

          9. Vegan31

            Hi Frances,
            Being anxious is a natural emotion when dealing with this diagnosis. I have Triple Negative Breast Cancer which is touted as being highly aggressive and without a standard treatment. Feeling confident of your choice to take responsibility of your health at this time can be nerve wracking. I try to live in the present as much as possible. I have to constantly remind myself that everything will be alright. Our bodies want to heal naturally. There are so many cures out there. I would love to communicate with you by email.

          10. vegan31

            I just finished reading about Abram Hoffer. Wow! Incredible info and superior data on vitamin c, selenium etc. Thanks so much!

            I am so curious about how you go about doing self- injections of various remedies. Makes me wonder if I need to investigate and possibly add this to my protocol.

          11. Shalena

            Hi vegan31, I’m in Austin, TX. I would love to be in contact and support each other. I agree it’s a scary situation and it can be overwhelming sometimes when we hear the stories of others when they don’t fully succeed in natural means. The reason I haven’t chosen surgery is that I’m not confident it will fix anything. The tumor is like a check engine light, signaling a systemic issue. We are rare I believe in choosing natural routes only and we could always use the support. Here is my email:

  2. Bill

    Great video. Just a good ole’ tale of good vs evil which is parallel to what’s going on in the world today. That’s for sure.

  3. Ariel Gail MacLean

    Hi Chris: you are so right. What I have discovered is that the sophisticated, accurate, well executed “phytochemotherapy” self-treatment and diet I have designed which did eliminate the tumor on my liver and likely inside my liver (did not got in more debt for the further harmful tests which medicare only partially covers), and which seem to be reversing the screaming breast/lymph cancer symptoms, could only go so far without addressing the longstanding co-infections and heavy metal toxicity issue. One treatment for candida and no/low carb diet with a slew of targeted roots/berries/flowers/barks/leaves/mushrooms thrown in wasn’t enough. So almost 5 months ago, I switched my efforts (and cash flow – remember, I am the poverty-level Cancer Self-Treater living in a barn on SS check) and I have been focusing on eliminating the infections and heavy metals. I am about 85% through the infection elimination process but still do not know where I stand on the heavy metals. I have put so much into this but still have heavy metal symptoms – lab testing is high on my agenda, awaiting cash flow. Meanwhile, you are so right that if one’s immune system is working overtime to stay alive through co-infections – which BTW, is estimated to be the #1 unrecognized underlying problem with most cancer patients, then the absolute necessity of freeing up one’s immune function becomes paramount. A story for another day is this: I used HIGH DOSE RAW GARLIC couple with HIGH DOSE LIPOSOMAL C as my primary method to get rid of a decades-long dental cavitation (very old root canal “extractions”) which had progressed into a whole jaw infection, then head infection, then eye socket “probable cancerous tumor,” then neck infection, strokes/seizure activity, then lymph infection (and probably cancerous nodes), then this multiple-drug resistant nearly lifelong infection began to trigger cancer throughout my body. At that point I began figuring out how to consume Garlic all day every day to recapture my immune function so the cancer treatment could work. It is the kitchen food and medicine “products” I have created which are the interesting part of this, but Raw Garlic + 18-25,000 mg/day C does the trick. Update later on. Have about burned my kidneys out and trying to turn this around. Energy is MUCH better.

    1. Patricia McMahon

      Hi have you tried Bicarb of soda? It’s a very cheap and thorough body alkalizer. You may need to use this as well as the garlic. It will help your kidneys. Cancer can’t exist in a more alkaline environment. Take a teaspoon with a teaspoon of honey in a warm glass of water every day even twice a day. Look up Dr. Mark Sircus, brilliant guy and he also works with magnesium.

    2. Ariel Gail MacLean

      To Patricia McMahon – can’t seem to find your email to me. Thank you for the suggestion of Bicarb soda, and I realize this is another alkaline-inducing method. However, I am far too salt-sensitive and cannot consume anything close to what is needed, and have instead, made an art and science out of developing and managing an alkaline food-consumption pattern. Thanks.

  4. Patricia P. Tursi

    Just too cool…going to show it to fellow residents at my “elderly home where I share powerpoint presentations on health

  5. Allison Woyiwada

    Anyone know how I can find an oncologist in eastern Canada who will work with me on improving my immune system? Mine just wants to dose me with toxic chemo.

  6. vegan31

    Chris and others,
    It seems to me that the people who have cured themselves of cancer using alternatives only did so AFTER first having surgery to remove the tumor. Therefore, must one assume that surgery is needed in order to have a successful outcome? Am I being naive to believe I can rid myself of breast cancer without first having a lumpectomy?
    Shrinking or getting rid of the tumor thus far is proving such a daunting task. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

      1. vegan31

        Thanks, Chris.
        Looks like most of the survivors of breast cancer went ahead and had a lumpectomy. I am always interested in hearing about and from those who elected to not have surgery. Most of the women I know who had the surgery are seemingly doing well after many years. The two who were living with the lump have not faired very well.
        The tumors erupted and metastasized. Both needed to finally have emergency laser surgery. They are hanging in there but have unfortunately suffered much pain and are struggling. However, no chemo or radiation.
        I remain confident that there is hope and alternative treatment can be successful without the big 3. Every person has to experience his or her own individual journey.

  7. Melody Davis

    Wow, our bodies really are amazing. Watching this video reminded me of traffic police pulling over a suspicious looking lorry and having a look inside. Those cancer cells are wolves in sheeps clothing. I don’t think that we have 10 miles of bad road ahead of us if we feed our bodies to such a level that our immune systems are able to do the job required of them. I can’t imagine those traffic police being able to go out on a Monday morning having had no rest, no hydration, no nutrition. Now comes the hard part, what is the right nutrition?

  8. Vegan31

    This is such a good link on helpful foods. The other links within are also interesting. Thanks.

  9. sonu

    amazing video!!! Didn’t knew human bodies have that amazing healing mechanisms!!
    i always tell people about this cool website and recommend to all my friends and others suffering from this cancer battle!!!

  10. changqing li

    Hi all, my best friend is diagnosed with the breast cancer 6-month ago. It was at the stage I. She tried B-17 combining with Vitamin C, not going through the surgery. She could feel that taking B-17 help her to lessen the pain and reduce the size of tumor a little bit , but taking B-17 makes her defecate 3-4 time per day that really depleted her energy. She stops taking B-17 right now. Did anyone have the same experience while taking B-17?

  11. Leah

    Hi Chris, did you know if the cancer was gone after you had the surgery to remove the tumor/tumors? Sorry if you answered this question already i was just wondering.

  12. Rusty in Burlington

    Rusty in Burlington

  13. Anna

    Hi Chris, in one of your previous posts you described the benefits of amygdalin in fighting cancer. I have had slightly elevated levels of ca125 for a couple of years now, I have ovarian cysts which do not cause me any discomfort and last scan the doctor recommended that I only remove them after my first pregnancy as laparoscopy may damage my ovaries. I have been taking vit b17 tablets religiously over the last couple of years combined with apricot kernels and healthy diet. I am now trying to get pregnant so stopped taking amygdalin and the kernels as I worry it may be bad for the featus especially in the early months. I was unable to find anything on the web regarding taking amygdalin while pregnant or trying for a baby and I wondered if you heard anything at all on this subject. Thanking you in advance for your help. Anna, UK

  14. Al McCraw

    I’m glad you happened to be at Jason’s Deli tonight. I was there on a fluke. You reinforced what I believed about garlic and you were very informative on everything you talked about. Thank you

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