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The Waterwise Countertop Water Distiller

The Waterwise 8800 Distiller

I bought a Waterwise 8800 Countertop Water Distiller in 2004 because steam distillation removes more contaminants than any other method. 

We fill up our distiller every night before bed and the next morning we have a gallon of pure, clean H20 ready to drink. It’s especially gratifying to look in the boiler and see all the crud it has removed from our drinking water like fluoride, chorine, lead, and bacteria.

The 8800 distills a gallon of water every 4 hours. If you have a large family, you should order an extra carafe. That way you can always have one in the fridge and one filling up in the distiller. They have several different size models and even one that distills without electricity!

Here’s a picture of ours

And here’s a picture of the inside of the boiler.  Check out the crud it has removed from our water after just a couple months!

More about out Waterwise Distillers at

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  • KathyRobinson

    I’ve read that a water that is distilled also got stripped away from its minerals. So when you drink it , like a sponge it pulls out the minerals from you. Draws out toxic from your body as well so it’s good for detoxification. Good for detox, bad to use as your permanent source of water. Is this true?

    • Great question Kathy!
      Yes minerals are removed from distilled water, but it’s very easy to remineralize with a dash of Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt if you want.
      The best source of minerals for your body is from raw food. Plants pull minerals from the soil and convert them into a chelated form that our bodies can absorb and use.
      Another great practice is to squeeze a lemon or add a tsp/tbsp of apple cider vinegar into your water before drinking. This will add vitamins, minerals and enzymes to your water.

      Something else worth mentioning is that distilled water is slightly acidic.
      Some people assume this is bad, but distilled water is almost the exact pH as fresh rainwater.


  • KathyRobinson

    Thank you for the info. Makes sense :)

  • Christina James

    Hello.. do you know if the distiller removes Iron? I cannot have iron and unfortunately we are on a well that has tons of iron in the water.. thank you so much for your feedback.

  • Zoe

    Love the blog! You are preaching to the choir. I am always trying to tell people this stuff and here you have it all in one place. Bravo!

    Is the carafe plastic? Because distilled water is very absorbent. It’s like buying oil or tomato in plastic or plastic lined cans. not a good idea. The reason I am asking is that I was considering purchasing one, I borrowed the travel model from someone a while back. However, I will not purchase a $300 product with a plastic carafe. BPA’s or not, I can get a glass carafe at Wal-mart for $4.00, if Waterwise wants to market healthy water, they shouldn’t sell a plastic carafe. Okay, end of rant. LOL

    One more questions. Have you actually used the Big Berkey? Because I have seen it advertised on several websites of which I respect the content, but the owners of the site never seem to discuss the Berkey. So it seems like people just advertise it, but no one actually uses it. Oh, and hey, at least Berkey has a metal tank and not just plastic! ;D

  • Lana

    I use vinegar and water to wash out my distiller each morning after use. I wouldn’t think of letting the junk accumulate for more difficult removal later. Do you have a secret for cleaning the distilling chamber after you have allowed so much junk to become encrusted?

  • Leslie A. Riley

    I have the Big Berkey and love it. Friends around here are using the Kangan water (Enagic) – both of whom have cancer. So I was looking around for info on whether that (alkaline water) was good or not. Questions: do you know anything/recommend Kangan water? And why would you use BOTH the Berkey and a water distiller? Do you distill after it goes through the Berkey? Thanks Chris!

    • Hi Leslie I used a distiller for 8 years. Noemi just use the Berkey. :)

  • The key in choosing the right kind of water filter for you is to evaluate your water system first. Find out which contaminants are present in your tap water then do a thorough research about it. Then, select the water filter that is most effective in removing all the unwanted elements in your water system. With a lot of water treatment companies out there, it’s best that you have knowledge about the water treatment process so that you wouldn’t be stuck with a product that isn’t worth your money.

  • Aja MItchell

    Chris, I have been reading a lot about Alkaline and ionized water and it’s benefit. I have heard that distilled water has an acidic pH which helps cancers cells thrive in the body but on the other hand I have heard that your body manages to keep your blood at a neutral pH no matter what you drink or eat. What are your thoughts on Alkaline and ionized water and is bottled distilled water the same as distiller water (machine)?

  • Bernhard S

    Hi Chris, just found your page. My wife died from cancer last year. Too bad I found your site not earlier. Anyhow I am wondering. I just tested the waterwise water and the normal tab water with a ph strip, which I enclosed the picture. The both green blue stripe is the normal tab water with all the nasty ingredients and the other one is the waterwise water which has around 5,0 ph. It doesn´t change if I give salt in there. Thanks for you comments. How do I get the “normal” ph back into the water.

  • Bernhard S

    I wonder if it is OK to bring the ph back to 7 again with baking soda. Thanks for your comment.