The weirdest cancer stories of 2013

As you can imagine, I’m constantly keeping an eye on cancer-related news, mostly related to the latest anti-cancer nutrition research as well as the failings of conventional cancer treatment, but in the midst of sifting through these stories all year, I also see some pretty strange stuff.

As much as I want to post all the strange headlines I come across, which would certainly get me more web traffic, it’s more important to me to not clutter up the blog with a bunch of stories that may be interesting but really aren’t helpful.

So instead of doing that, I’ve collected the weirdest cancer stories that came across my screen in 2013 and put them together in a year-end wrap up for you.

Attempted murder, theft, fraud, espionage, embezzlement… and that’s just the doctors.




Breast cancer doctor tries to poison her co-worker/lover
Or my alternate title “While trying to save lives, Oncologist also tries to end one”.
Or “Oncologist routinely poisons cancer patients, then another doctor”.
High drama unfolded in January at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas when prominent oncologist Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo was charged with aggravated assault against her co-worker and lover Dr. George Blumenstein. She is accused of putting ethylene glycol in two cups of his coffee and passing it off as Splenda while they were chilling at her crib. FYI: Ethylene glycol is a sweet tasting but deadly toxic antifreeze used in medical research. Sixteen hours later Blumenstein was taken to the emergency room with central nervous system depression, heart problems and kidney failure. The poison reportedly destroyed his kidneys, requiring dialysis. Dr. Gonzalez-Angulo was indicted in September. The trial is pending. Can you imagine being one of her patients when this story broke?

Sources: Medscape, The Daily Mail



Cancer doctor deliberately misdiagnoses patients, making millions
Get a load of this guy. “Wonderful” Detroit oncologist Dr. Farid Fata was arrested in February accused of falsely diagnosing patients with cancer so he treat them, and then bill medicare for all the expensive testing and treatment including CT scans, PET scans and chemotherapy. It was reported that he made a cool $35 million in two years with his fraudulent medicare billing scheme. That’s some “Fata cash”. The feds have also accused him of causing the death of a patient by giving them chemo for a head injury. Yeah. He’s facing 20 years in prison.

Here’s one of his beautiful cancer centers

Crittendon Cancer Center

And here’s his big beautiful mansion, being raided.


Sources: Fox News, Business Insider



San Jose doctor charged with embezzling cancer research funds
Dr. Tri Minh Do, a 46 year old Santa Clara Valley Medical Center radiologist making a measly $293,000 per year, was charged with stealing prostate cancer research money from the hospital.

He allegedly cashed $46,000 in checks made out to the hospital, using the money to pay off his credit card and to help his parents pay off their mortgage. Perhaps if they paid him a fair wage he wouldn’t have had to steal… He’s facing four years in prison.

Sources: and NBC



Doctors resign after infecting cancer patients’ brains with fecal bacteria
On purpose. And yes, fecal, as in feces. Two California neurosurgeons at UC Davis, Dr. J. Paul Muizelaar and Dr. Rudolph J. Schrot, infected three glioblastoma (brain cancer) patients with bowel bacteria as a last ditch effort to stimulate their immune systems “in an effort to save their lives.”  One patient developed sepsis and died within two weeks. The second died in less than a month. The third lived over a year.

The surgeons did have the patients permission, but when the story broke in the news, the fecal bacteria hit the fan. Several investigations were launched by the university after patients died, which eventually resulted in the two surgeons resigning, and was soon followed by the resignation of Dr. Claire Pomeroy, dean of the university’s school of medicine who said, “I would do this for myself.”  For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t call this bad behavior, but it’s definitely a weird story. Ultimately, it’s just sad to see well meaning doctors experimenting on patients with this kind of stuff without ever trying nutrition and non-toxic therapies.

Sources: Sacramento Bee, Natural News



Med student busted stealing research to take to China
42 year old medical student Hua Jun Zhao was caught attempting to steal cancer research and ship it to China, where he allegedly intended to take the compound to a Chinese university to develop further. He stole a cancer drug compound called C-25 and then tried to delete several years of research off of his supervisors computer. Zhao plead guilty to computer fraud and was sentenced to two years of supervised release. Nice one Zhao.

Source: Fox News


Every year people get busted faking cancer to raise donation money, here are my faves.


Utah mom lies about her daughters cancer
Mother of the year candidate Abreail “Abby” Winkler, 30, lied about her 4-year-old daughter having cancer — including to the girl and the girl’s father — to scam donations in her community. Winkler “told the girl she had cancer and that she would be treated. When she was around her dad, the little girl would talk about having cancer,” said Keith Campbell, assistant chief of the Vernal Police. Winkler’s scheme raised about $3,000 before she got caught. She is awaiting sentencing.

Source: WTKR


Lori Stilley   lori-stilley3

This lady faked cancer to pay for her dream wedding
Lori Stilley, 40, raised nearly $12,000 from friends and family after telling them she had bladder cancer. She created a facebook page, sold t-shirts that said “Team Lori Rocks”, and even sold an e-book about her “cancer battle”. And yes, it was all just a scam to pay for her dream wedding. Stilley was convicted with theft by deception and sentenced to 4 years probation, 500 hours of community service, and ordered to pay restitution to the people she scammed. Team Lori Rocks should be breaking some rocks.

Sources: Medical DailyVillage Voice



This chick faked cancer for heroin money
Brittany Ozarowski, 21, was convicted of pretending to have bone and brain cancer for two years while scamming people for money to support her smack habit. She created a fake website, put on several fundraisers, and even placed donation jars in businesses all over Nassau and Suffolk County New York. Her father drained his retirement account and her grandmother sold her house, reportedly giving Brittany over $100,000. And apparently she looked the part because no one could tell the difference between a heroin junkie and a cancer patient. “This was a despicable scam,” District Attorney Thomas Spota said. “There was no cancer. .. The only thing that there was, was heroin, and more heroin.” Brittany plead guilty to 24 counts.

Sources: Huffington Post, PIX11

So there you go. The weirdest cancer stories of 2013. And the most common denominator… money.
Although faking cancer is especially despicable, people behaving badly is really not that surprising,
unless of course it’s a doctor, because we’ve been conditioned to worship doctors. Especially cancer doctors.
We put our full faith and trust in them, and blindly follow their directions. Why?

Because they are doctors. And doctors are good people.

Despite public perception, earning a medical degree does not make you a good person.
The world is full of bad people, and guess what, some of them are doctors.
Don’t assume anything about anybody.

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  1. Sabrina

    Its horribly sad when people lose their lives to the incompetence and greed of others – there is way to much of that going on!

    Regarding “Abby”; I sincerely pray that her daughter never bear the fruit of her mother speaking ‘cancer’ over her daughter. I always speak life and health over my children!

  2. Louisa

    What is surprising me the most is how innocent they can looked but in real they are true demons …
    Be carefull people when there’s big money around ! In the cancer industrie , there’s is A LOT !!

  3. A

    What in the world! I have a few choice words, but will refrain from using them.

    1. Monica

      That is precisely what I was about to say!

  4. Mike McKenna

    Boy oh boy. Too think of the ones who’ve not been caught, yet…. Be well, Happy n Healthy 2014!

  5. K

    I wish we’d see more articles published about “bad” doctors, because there are plenty of them. The arrogance in the medical profession is absolutely staggering, and may God help you if you question or challenge some of the worst.

    Don’t get me wrong; there are good doctors out there as well, but determining the good from the bad is not always easy, and the damage done in the process can be significant.

  6. miles


    On the two doctors who tried to stimulate their patient’s immune system with feces, I have heard of an alternative therapy which does use feces [bowels]. That is a bit much for me.

    I have also read several books on Urine Therapy including one by a medical doctor named Duncan entitled “Autotherapy” written in 1918.

    So perhaps all these doctors had to do was what Dr. Duncan did with his patients and have them drink their own urine once they stopped using pharmaceuticals.

    For a laugh click on

  7. john carter

    Makes me think about trusting doctors not all a bad though.

  8. Larry Winfield

    Those criminals are in every
    community…from what I have
    personally experienced…when
    my sister was poisoned by one
    of such like criminals…and
    they get away with it for the
    most part.

  9. Michelle

    What makes me sad & mad is all the poor people out there really fighting cancer & trying to survive each day & then to see these fakes saying they have it just tobget money!!! Absolutely disgusting! Thx for all your hard work Chris!

  10. Marc Authier

    I used to think that these things were all, well on the side, of the crazies. Unfortunately the crazies were not the crazy ones !!!!! The crazies and there a lot them people in USA and the rest of the world, are the ones that still blindly trust the pharma medical mafia with their lives. Its changing but not quick enough. Just look what Obamacare finances for treatment.

  11. Marc Authier

    You forgot the story about Glaxo Smirh Klein Wellcome that got away with a ridiculous fine of 3 billion dollars for corrupting more that 50,000 doctors in USA and the story of the amish girl successfully treated for cancer with natural protocols abroad and that cant come back because the Nazis running US want to force her once back to continue chemo and put in prison her loving parents. This srory opened my eyes about these bastard oncologs and this US government of mass murdering bastards, specially when it comes to children and cancer. Today I have a total hatred for the FDA and this bloody US government of mass murderers.

  12. Isabel María Rodríguez

    Suffering, ignorance and fear are what these people feed on. . . So let’s continue telling the truth, giving good and correct information and the power of this obsolete paradigm around cancer will vanish. . . little by little. I never believed in conspirations. It is more simple, it is love of money and no morals that has fed the ground for all this.

    1. Monica

      I agree with your take on conspiracy hysteria. However, when you see more than one entity in the healthcare system display these negative characteristics and they are affiliated. The inertia of it becomes a protocol of treatment and makes it a bit of a conspiratorial control. I agree with you that we need to keep telling the truth and giving the correct information; but, getting the correct information is still a fight because those less concerned with the true health of cancer patients aren’t opposed to suppressing this information.

  13. Pat

    Medicine is an industry, never loose that perspective. It is also not user friendly, avoid it at all costs if possible, your better off.

    1. Monica

      Pat, well said. I am post op from cancer surgery and can attest to this finally. I think that God has saved me from so much in this industry. It is a hard pill to swallow that people are benefitting from our sickness; but alas, they are. The truth in this case indeed is a bitter herb that burns when digested; but, does the better good in the end.

  14. Di

    I went to Cancer Treatmens Center in Zion,IL.(I live 10 minutes away)
    I walked in the door and it felt like death all around me.
    I had an appointment but I never signed in. I was sitting there and they came and found me. I said I’m sorry I can’t stay here. I asked for my medical records I had sent them. They tried talking me into to staying but I got my records and left. One week later I got a bill from The Waukegan Clinic for an EKG I never had at CTCA.
    I called my insurance and filed a claim. Also called CTCA and the Waukegan Clinic no one could answer why I got this bill. So how many others are they ripping off at CTCA that don’t check their bills because the insurance pays them? I have adeno carcinoma in my chest cavity. Had breast cancer. Lumpectomy and 16 positive lymph nodes removed 6 yrs ago. Now it’s back had 8 lymph nodes removed in November all cancer truple negative. i never did or will do chemo or radiation. Juicing and eating healthy. All suggestions welcome…..
    Happy and HEALTHY New Year to all.
    Google Lady Di’s Cancer Fund that’s my story.
    Thank you.

  15. Lady Di

    Thank you for the great info.

  16. G. Liz

    Dear Chris:
    What do you make of the recent study about vitamins? It’s a big leap from saying it prevents cancer to saying that it actually CAUSES cancer. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I changed my diet, started big doses of vitamin C, etc. to begin with, I cured my allergic rhinitis and asthma of 20 years. GONE. As for the cancer I’m now in remission. I did surgery and chemo but refused radiation and tamoxifen. I still take about 15 supplements a day. Again, what do you make of this study?

  17. Jean

    Well the first story was something I thought might be on one of those ‘ID’ programs on TV and seemed rather humorous in a sick kind of way.

    But after reading through the site I remembered actually being ‘threatened’ (over 2 years ago) with job security if I didn’t follow through and have surgery for a breast cancer diagnosis. This surgeon was/is prominent in the work arena, and I realized there was a whole lot more going on than just my own little journey with a cancer diagnosis.

    It may or may not be relevant that I am planning this to be my ‘last’ year at where I am working and planning/hoping to move out of state.

    Thanks Chris for reminding me of the weird but truthful realities of the serious business of cancer treatment!!!

    1. Monica

      Threatened?!@#***What!!! Some doctors are such silly rabbits. I mean who would threaten someone who might die. If you put us in jail; we wouldn’t have much time in there. Ok, so I have had thoughts of doing things to some member’s of the healthcare society. Pray for me. I am sorry you had to go through that.

  18. Pam

    This is totally off topic. But all the evil we see is b/c we are Babylon the Great. The Harlot of Revelation 17 & 18 and Jeremiah 50 and 51. Please read it for yourselves. Everything will only get increasingly worse here in America. “The beast” is at the helm and more legislation will come down demanding we get “treatment” and soon the “mark”. I know it sounds crazy, but God knew this since the foundation of time. On the journey seeking help for my mom’s cancer diagnosis, God brought me full circle to the evil’s of Monsanto, immunizations, and the mafia pharma industry. All if that was a tinsy particle of a larger, diabolical picture. This Mystery Babylon (government and sold out pions) are bankrupt of anything good. All at once I went from thinking I lived in the most blessed nation in the world to eventually learning it was the most evil on the globe. Please don’t disregard this message. I’m not a kook and there’s a lot going on…on down to the next “super bowl” demonic ritual the whole world will see. We saw one ( a ritual) last year in Beyoncé’s half time show last year. Madonna also gave a shout out to her pagan gods. All this death the medical industry is causing is on purpose. Money and death is what they think gives them earthly power. Spiritual wickedness is getting bolder. “the beast” that runs our country (as prophesied) will further help it prosper…as in Daniel 7. America is evil and God WILL judge her. Crazy as it sounds it’s true. I pray you look into this yourselves to further open your eyes. Cancer is just one piece of a monstrous puzzle! Be blessed everyone. Christ’s return is soon!!!

  19. Spicewood

    This is depressing. With the new year here why don’t we focus on the positive – we should not even give time to the negative things that people do that get published such as this. We have so many good things that we can convey to others in God’s world…it makes no sense to spend time reading this stuff – it will bring you down. yes knowledge is power – but let’s get some power going in the positive direction and think of things we can do to better the world. go say a prayer of thanks to the Lord that you are alive – doctors are strange and evil – keep your eyes to the good and not the bad.

  20. Liz

    I went through Glioblastoma Multiforme IV in 2012. Two surgeries, radiation, chemo and lots of meds. I am now in remission thanks to a strong faith in God and His natural treatments. Vitamin supplements, maitake ext. capsules, and most importantly tumeric one quarter teaspoon in water once a day and I’m still taking it. I stopped chemo for three months and only took the above listed items and then had an MRI. That’s when I was told I was in remission and the fluid in my brain had gone down too. I have a lot of fibromyalgia pain but refuse pain meds.
    Pam – praise God for what you wrote. Our Lord and Savior is coming back soon and all this evil will be taken care of by Him.

  21. Ed

    Well, I’m completely freaked out. Thanks. :)

    1. Pam

      Ed. If it was my msg please forgive me. The part I left out of my post is…there is HOPE in Jesus Christ alone. We are in this sorry state(not cancer, but gloom) because we have turned away from God. Even still on the other hand, what good is it to be healthy, but lost for all eternity? His word is true…God is real and that’s why Jesus is mocked so much in America today. Still, He loves us all and died for our sins. This world, and America in particular may be a depressing place, but God is our refuge and our only hope. Call on His name and believe in Him. He’s all we have and He promises not to leave us nor forsake us.

  22. Linda

    These people are so despicable I am speechless. May God have mercy on their souls.

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