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Coconut Fruit Smoothie Video

Ok so after several requests I decided to shoot a quick video on the raw vegan coconut fruit smoothie I drank everyday as part of my anti-cancer diet.  Shot on the iPhone 4 by my lovely wife Micah.

Read my original smoothie post HERE.


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  • Alyssa Ivey

    Love it! Thanks for posting.

  • Lysle

    Needs a little apple cider vinegar and honey! Just kidding.

  • shanna

    Ok, after watching this I may brave opening a real coconut again. I do see the error we made before, buying the brown fuzzy ones, which are ridiculous to open. Great video, thanks!

  • David

    Chris…you mentioned protein supplement in the video. Did you take protein supplements while you had cancer?

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Hi David Not initially, but my doctor of natural medicine added whey protein to my diet to help boost my glutathione levels.
      Biotics Research and Defense Nutrition are the two brands I recommend.

  • Penny

    Hi Chris,
    I have been making this smoothie now about 5 times a week, my kids also love it but I have a question. WhAt makes his smoothie a cancer fighting smoothie? And why was it important for you to eat this everyday ? I’m new to all this and am trying to get an understanding on it all cause sime things are conflicting with what we are ‘force fed’ our lives that are suppose to be good for us. I want my faimly to be heAlthy and know why we are eating what we are eating. Thnaks so much

    • chrisbeatcancer

      HI Penny
      Berries are high in cancer-fighting compounds: phytonutrients and anti-oxidants.
      Coconuts are the best source of lauric acid on the planet besides human breast milk.
      Read my post on coconuts for more info on them.

      • Penny


      • Marcos Lopez-Iglesias

        Are coconuts and berries high in sugar, my concern is that Cancer feeds of sugar, also carrots are high in sugar, any thoughts?

  • Stephanie Moore

    Love your site, so glad I found it in the Memphis magazine! What about using canned coconut milk? I usually get the 365 from Whole Foods. I’m sure fresh is better but is canned still an ok alternative?

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Yep we buy it canned as well to use when we run out of freshies.
      Just be aware that a can of coconut milk has 720 calories.
      (6 servings) Some folks reading this might want to dilute it.

      • Stephanie Moore

        Awesome thanks so much!!! I would love for you to do a future post about your kids diets and what they eat. My kids would never eat all the salads and veggies so I would love some ideas. And to hear how you incorporate this into their diet!
        Thanks again!

      • Jeffrey

        Hi Chris,

        What about almond milk?

        • chrisbeatcancer

          Almond milk is ok and definitely nutritious, but it really doesn’t compare to coconut milk.

  • Wes Haddaway

    Hi Chris
    Thanks for taking the time to do that video and share your experience! If people would only do some research when they find out they have cancer instead of just listening to the doctor! Cancer is a 200 billion dollar business in this country. I have cancer and am trying to cure it myself. I am 65 – much older than you – but if I die, I want to die of cancer, not chemo or radiation! Thanks again. Carrot juice is also VERY GOOD for cancer.

  • Gina

    I do not have cancer, but I have been battling immune issues since I was a kid. If you know about ESR / Inflammation readings, they go up down a lot, but it has been the only test tracker for me to see whats happening in my body as I am constantly sick. I started making this smoothie 6/26, and my ESR was +55, (norm suppose to be 0-20) after 10 days, I retested +27. My overall pain level has decreased almost 50% and I almost got sick twice and my body fought it off, which is a first.

    I can’t thank you enough for the info on the Coconuts, and everything else you share. You are helping so many people with this website, thank you so much!


  • Alicia

    Hi Chris,
    Any chance of posting a written description of the coconut smoothie recipe so I can get it translated for my friend who speaks only French?

  • Robin

    Just back from the hospital. May daughter has ewings sarcoma which has now spread to the chest. Anyone got any juicer ideas for lung cancer?

  • Terica

    Do you buy the coconut looking that way, all i have seen are brown on the outside.. Love you blog buy the way I follow you on just about every social site you have LOL.. Your really awesome!

  • Ian

    Hi Chris
    This was a quick and easy win for me. Cant find raw coconuts locally at the moment so used tinned coconut milk, frozen mixed berries and a banana (and some strawberries) I have esophageal cancer and found it rather thick and cold to swallow (big problem for me) so thinned it with cranberry juice and let it warn up a little
    Tastes great and quick and easy to prepare – I shall continue to search your great website for more inspiration until the juicer arrives – and then watch me go!

  • roy

    ty chris, i believe in alternative medicine
    and foods to cure. im glad i got a chance to see your vodeo, was wondering , dont you have to buy the coconut and crack the brown shell?
    i also drink green fresh smooties every day with fruit and a frozen banana,mmmmm.
    just got my blood tests and they are all in perfect range. not bad for 64:). thanks again

  • Kate

    Hi Chris,
    Thank you for your suggestions.
    What can you suggest as an alternative when you do not have the opportunity to buy fresh coconut?
    Thanks again.

  • Kyla

    I made this smoothie today…it is so delicious!

  • Mary

    Can you eat chicken or fish with your salads

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