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Watch my talk from the 2013 Hungry 4 Health Festival

Here are four video clips of my talk at the Hungry 4 Health Organic Festival organized by my friend
Lynette Pate in Branson, MO back in April 2013.

This was a terrific event and I’m hoping to be able to speak there again in 2014…

Incidentally this is also the event where I met Dr. Patrick Vickers of Northern Baja Healing Center.

Ok so I’m sure I’ll get some questions about the background noise in the videos, so here’s the deal with it.

The seated audience listening to me was quiet and respectful, but around the perimeter of the room were booths and vendors, and lots of people flowing through, walking, talking, etc.

It was a large room and I really didn’t notice the noise while I was speaking, but the omnidirectional condenser mic on my Canon T3i picked it up a little too well. So yeah, it’s kinda loud in the video.
And yes I tried noise reduction software, it didn’t help much.

And yes, now I know that a shotgun mic would have cut out the background noise completely.

Lesson learned. Next time gadget.



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  • Linda Burk

    Lots of good information Chris. Always enjoy hearing you speak. God bless you.

  • Tom

    Good video’s but to many people talking in the back ground. Very distracting.

  • chandrika purohit

    Chris, I recently moved from NJ to Memphis, TN. Is there any chance I can meet you in person since you reside in Memphis? Kindly let me know.

  • John Bender

    Chris, I have an very similar story to yours, except I was 49 (2 weeks from 50) when I was diagnosed. I went for my “routine” exam and because I was almost 50, it was suggested that I have a colonoscopy. My father died in 2006 from chemotherapy poisoning; it caused all of his organs to shut down. I agreed. Bloodwork caused a sense of urgency when we found I was anemic with a hematocrit of 30! Long story shorter, I had an egg-sized tumor just above my cecum. I agreed to have it removed, but like you had strong reservations about doing chemo, even though one lymph node tested positived (stage 3A). I had sort of researched a little about alternative treatments since my father’s episode, and knew enough to know where to start looking. Diet changes, weight loss, exercise, the Budwig concoction, and now CBD oil, I just passed my one year mark. I have a colonoscopy in 3 days, but blood work and CT scan were both “perfect”. Thanks for your voice and I enjoy reading and hearing what you have to say. It confirms to me that all the stuff I am doing is going to work.

    • Bas

      Hi John,

      Thanks for your message. I’m wondering for weeks about the CBD oil. Where can we find this? Or do you make it by your own?

  • Thank you so much for this incredible information! I will be sharing with my followers and friends! I love everything you are doing for the cancer community! Keep it up!!

  • William Wightman


    In your second video you mentioned that natural selection would have us “give up and die”. No. Those persons with no perseverence, no willpower, no faith may choose to give up. But it is not because of natural selection. Natural selection is physics (like gravity and aerodynamics), not philosophy. Please don’t confuse the two. Seemingly random processes are also at work. Some bodies are born ugly, tired, poor, beaten, strong, beautiful, intelligent. The soul has to make it work,like playing a hand of cards. The soul or Self is the player, the real entity. It was never born and cannot die. My two pesos.

    Stay strong, be good.


  • Larry Winfield

    Hi Chris
    I’ve been reading your site for days…
    Great information…
    I have my own story with Doctors…
    Keep up your good work to educate.


  • Naomiy Yisrael

    Thank you so much for this valuable informtion.


    Thank you Chis for doing all this amazing work. I was diagnosed with Breast cancer and went though chemo. During treatment I came across with your blog and I’ve been following you ever since. I changed my diet and changed my lifestyle as well. I feel great and I hope with the grace of God I’ll be ok. God bless

  • Paige

    WOW…… much GREAT information. I have lost many loved ones. Your information is Lifesaving. LOVE to hear your stories and hear you speak. So glad you are doing well now. Keep up the great work and thanks so much for sharing. Best wishes to you and your family.

  • Elise

    Great videos Chris. In the part where you talk about the studies on garlic, leeks and onions. Do you have to eat them raw to get all the benefits. Did they use raw garlic juice in the studies? Thanks! It’s easier to get the garlic, leeks and onions in soups, that is why i ask..

  • Elise

    Great videos Chris. In the part where you talk about the studies on garlic, leeks and onions. Do you have to eat them raw to get all the benefits? Did they use raw garlic juice in the studies? Thanks! It’s easier to get the garlic, leeks and onions in soups, that is why i ask..

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