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Interview: Filmmaker Ian Jacklin of icurecancer

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Here’s a new interview I did with documentary filmmaker, actor and kickboxing champion Ian Jacklin about his film, icurecancer,  This a must see documentary about people who cured themselves of cancer after their doctors were unable to help them. It also features interviews with some of the top alternative doctors and experts like Dr. Bernardo, Dr. James Forsythe, Charlotte Gerson, Burton Goldberg, and more.

Ian is a fearless, passionate, no-holds-barred kind of guy.
Like me, he’s a man on a mission to share life saving information.
Needless to say, this was a really fun interview.

People like Ian are the reason that I was able to heal myself. It takes a tremendous amount of time, energy and money to do what he’s doing and there is very little prospect of financial reward at the end.

Please go to to buy a copy of his first movie and consider joining me in donating to fund part two.

Here’s the trailer




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  • Kashia

    So, this kind of scares me. 3 1/2 years ago, I fell into the medical scare-trap and did chemo and radiation for stage 4 breast cancer. I’m cancer free, and am doing my best to stay that way. alkaline diet, supplements, rebounding, exercising, meditating . . doing all I can to stay healthy. Ian said that people that have been basically sent home to die, have gone the alternative route, but then die anyway, because the did chemo etc. Am I screwed anyway, because I did the did chemo?

    • Chris Wark

      Absolutely not Kashia!
      It can be more difficult to heal after destructive therapies like chemo and radiation,
      but do not be afraid, the fact that you are cancer free now
      and doing what you’re doing is a very encouraging.
      Just keep it up.
      You are absolutely doing the right things!

      • Kashia

        I realized shortly after I posted this that I had fallen right back into the Cancer-FEAR trap! Just a brief relapse in my belief system! Forgiving myself, loving life and moving on! ;o)
        Good luck with the movie and your future interviews! I’m excited to hear more!

        • Peggy


          I had breast ca in 1998, had full mastectomy and the harshest chemo available. I was 42 and have had no recurrence at all.

          I do believe the chemo damaged my thyroid, as I now need synthroid and I went into early menopause. I even took the tamoxifen for almost 5 years, then threw it away because the hot flashes were so unbearable.

          I’ve heard that chemo patients could have damaged organs, so I cleaned up my eating habits drastically and am trying to stay in an alkaline state.

          I’m on this website a lot because now my husband has been diagnosed with liver ca and we’re dealing with that.

          The medical establishment was snide and arrogant when my husband said he didn’t intend to take chemo. The first question the liason nurse asked me was “So, are you guys doing something else?” I said “Nutrition. But we’ve always done that.” I wouldn’t tell her anything else because I considered it none of her business.

          They didn’t tell us ANYTHING about the statistics of the TACE procedure they wanted to do to my husband. I had to research it – 1 in 100 do not survive the procedure, others die afterward from liver failure, and the survival rate for 1 year is 55%. WTH? Right now he feels great and has no symptoms. What’s the problem with trying a natural cure? The answer: $$$

          • Stephanie

            Kashia I am so glad you posted this question- I was thinking the same thing! I too had surgeries, chemo and radiation because I was rushed so much and didn’t know anything about cancer. I was told by 2 oncologists I didn”t have a lot of time to consider my options. If I were dx today I would follow an alternative path to healing but I was also wondering if I was screwed having originally gone the conventional route! Thank you Chris for confirming that those of us who are on the right track now have a good chance of never getting a 2nd cancer dx. And thank you so much for sharing your story and for providing this info!

  • Jennifer

    Thanks, again, Chris for more amazing information. The interview was informative and entertaining :) I now, routinely, give your website, as well as others, to any of my patients who are diagnosed with cancer. Please don’t ever stop what you are doing…you are helping me to overcome my cancer and I could never thank you enough.I hope to someday meet you to thank you in person.

  • Wendy


    Thanks for sharing this important interview. People really need to know they have the power to take control of their lives and health. I passed this on to a family member who has stage 4 lung cancer

    Ian hit on all the right points of healing naturally 1) make body alkaline 2) let go of and heal emotional issues 3) strong desire to live. I recently read that scientists show that 80% of illness is brought on due to emotional issues. I know this for a fact with myself. Thankfully there are many ways to help a person heal their emotional pain – not just mask it with big pharma.

    To Kashia: Chris is right. You are NOT screwed because you had chemo. Be gentle with yourself and proud of yourself for coming as far as you have. Love yourself deeply. Acknowledge that you are a beautiful person inside and out. Be willing to let go of any fear. Fear is a mighty strong poison.

    As Ian brings up, meditation is powerful. A simple 5 minutes a day, brining love into your heart and sending it to those who have “wronged” you is a powerful place to start. After you let go of the hatred/rage/anger you make room for forgiveness. Love and forgiveness heals the body and soul.

  • Mary Jean

    I loved this interview! Ian is very passionate about this and what a great guy to be so involved in helping to save people from the dangers of conventional treatment for cancer – especially considering he doesn’t even have it himself. I was very impressed with his warrior/fighter style and the way he spelled out the basics for remaining and/or curing cancer. You two together are a great team in fighting for the truth to be told – and showing people like me that you don’t have to get incredibly sick and possibly die to beat cancer. Thank you both – I just had colon cancer surgery 8 weeks ago w/stage 3 and have decided to refuse chemo & go the natural healing route. I thank God for this site and all others that show us that there are other healthy ways to go about healing.

    • Kt

      Hi Mary Jean, I just want to encourage you with your plan to treat your cancer naturally. I was also diagnosed stage 3 colon cancer one year ago, had the surgery and have been treating naturally. I basically have done what you are doing and also go to a great doc in So Cal at Oasis of Hope. Dr C specializes in alternative/integrative cancer treatment. I have done all the research and is my favorite source. His website “found”me and I was amazed that he talks about the same books, experts and heroes that I had. We are definitely a growing community. I am doing great a year later and have never felt sick, not one day. We have to take charge of our own health. What Ian said about the emotional is key. You have to do the work. Best of luck to you.

  • Eileen

    Thank you for sharing this, Chris. I am excited to explore Ian’s site, and I will buy the movie. I started learning about natural health a couple of years ago when my mother-in-law got colon cancer. I do my best to share what I know with others. If a had a child I suspected might have cancer, I would not even bring them in to be diagnosed. I would start building up their immune system immediately and get them to a place where they could have expert alternative care. The sad thing is how few realize that once the system knows a child has cancer, they are locked in to what the system says they must do. I applaud you guys getting this information out there. It is so important and may save innocent lives. Thanks again! Love, Eileen

  • Judy

    Grade 3 ‘Terminal and Agressive Fast Moving’ Brain Cancer Diagnosis. I had a craniotomy in 06/2012. They identified the remaining 5% of the tumorthey could not remove as Anaplastic Astrocytoma/Grade 3 Brain Cancer. They used FEAR as a tactic to try to convince me to undergo chemo (Temador) and radiation. I DECLINED! They expressed deep concern. I was told I have 1 1/2 yrs to live if I don’t take the ‘treatment’ or 2 yrs to live if I do the ‘treatment.’ It was a no-brainer for me to not take the treatment after I had already undergone ridiculous radiation for Stage ZERO breast cancer in 2007 which I later regretted and MAY be the cause of my brain cancer!!!! I had also declined Tamoxafin that they tried pushing on me back in 2007 (pill for 5 yrs that would’ve most likely given me uterin or ovarian cancer). So, here I am, 9 years later w/a brain cancer diagnosis. I have a time bomb in my head and I am doing this alone. ALL of the natural cures in the world are ones I am grateful for. I just started a group on facebook: curecancerkindly, but I really can’t put a ton of time into it, as I need to cure quickly. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! Judy

    • Peggy


      Hang in there. I DID take tamoxifen. I would bet you’re right about the radiation causing the brain cancer.

      I’ve improved my diet drastically but I did not know the risks of tamoxifen. I need to be juicing and eating more raw things. I’m doing some because I’m actually here for my husband who has liver ca.

      Holy cow, I did not know the risks. That damn doctor! I could beat the bejezuz out of her right now! She DID NOT TELL ME! I’m starting to get mad now, but I’m eternally grateful that you posted and I saw your post.

      Again, $$$$$

      If you need someone to vent to, or if you just need to talk, my e-mail is

      Be sure to put “ChrisBeatCancer” in the message title so I won’t think it’s junk and delete it.

  • awotanmi olatunji

    guys,i really want to know about this.can someone out there help me

  • dyannne

    I have loved all your other interviews. Not this one. This man is a real turnoff. Talking about going around shooting people, the illuminati! Omigawd. What a nut case. Sorry, but any information he has that is good is ruined by his crass buffoonery.

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