Carl Helvie refused chemo for lung cancer in 1975 and is now the longest living lung cancer survivor!

Diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given 6 months to live, Carl Helvie refused chemo and used natural methods to heal himself in 1975.


That’s two years before I was born.

Today, over 40 years later, he is believed to be the longest-living lung cancer survivor.


I think not.

Can we learn something from Carl?

I think so!

Seriously. What an awesome testimony to the power of nutrition and natural therapies for long term healing!

Why is this not a national news story?  (I have no idea)

Carl Helvie is a wealth of information. Enjoy!

Carl is also the author of a book called
You Can Beat Lung Cancer: Using Alternative/Integrative Interventions

Get Carl’s book!

You Can Beat Lung Cancer: Using Alternative/Integrative Interventions

by Carl O. Helvie RN, DrPH


Supplements Carl mentioned in the interview:

Host Defense                                     Colostrum Powder                Poly-MVA



Laetrile B-17                            Organic Aloe Vera Juice          CranMax

Pumpkin Seed Extract           Nature’s Way Nettle Herb


Carl is also the host of the Holistic Health Show on BBS Radio
Listen to it here



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  1. Pam

    Hi Chris, Great interview. Just wondering if you prefer the apricot kernels or the powdered B-17? Thanks! Pam

  2. Pam

    Hi Chris, Great interview. Just wondering if you prefer the apricot kernels or the powdered B-17? What do you think the difference is? Thanks! Pam

  3. Eric

    What an incredible and inspiring story! Thanks Chris for providing one place to find great news and stories. Do know if Dr. Carl has a list of his 8 items, dosage, brands, etc that he mentioned in the interview?

  4. John Tod

    A very inspiring interview indeed! Way back in 1975! Wow! Back then there wasn’t the ground swell of alternative treatment there is now.

  5. John Tod

    I am on the ketogenic diet and he mentioned the diet is 80% fat. Its not nearly that high. The diet is fairly simple. Its easier to say what you can eat rather than what you can’t but basically its lots of raw veggies, some chicken or fresh fish, NO processed foods of any kind, no carbs and no sugars from any sources. Eggs are fine. I eat three a day at breakfast. Bacon is good because of the fat content but you have to find some that does not have nitrates. You can use organic coconut oil for extra ft intake. The idea of the diet is the liver does not create glucose but creates ketones that regular cells can use but cancer cells have a hard time using. I fry eggs, chicken and tomatoes in olive oil and eat a huge salad (yours) for supper using olive oil and Bragg’s organic cider vinegar as a dressing. One side benefit is it is also a great diet for weight loss because of the restricted carbs and sugars. I now weigh less than 180 pounds and went from a size 42 in pants down to a size 34! I feel the best I have felt in years!!

  6. Siri

    Did he took Laetrile oral ?

  7. Scarlett

    Oral or iv laetrile?

  8. John H-B

    Such an inspiring interview. I have recently been diagnosed with lung cancer, my specialist wanted to remove the complete top lobe of my left lung along with a portion of my chest wall followed up by chemotherapy and possibly radiation. I was admitted to hospital after a number of delays and scheduled for surgery the next day only to be told on the morning of the surgery they would have to reschedule my operation for the following week and I could go home. I saw these delays as A divine message so I started to look at alternative methods……boy what a learning curve and I’m still reeling from the mountain of evidence supporting the disgraceful conspiracy between drug companies the medical establishment and politics.

    I have now embarked on the Cellex / Budwig diet and along with a positive attitude, affirmations, prayer and meditation I am convinced that my body will heal itself as nature and God intended. Thank you Chris and Carl for such a positive and uplifting talk. God bless you all afflicted with this terrible affliction.

  9. Mike

    Always great to hear a story like this, thanks for sharing.


  10. Janet

    This is so good, thank you Chris.

  11. Janet

    Suzanne Somers has also talked about a cancer doctor who was ostracized for offering alternative treatments and cures for cancer. I don’t think he was disbarred, but was given a very had time. I would have to research it to give you the name because I can’t remember it. I have read her book about cancer, and it’s very good. She has access to and interviews lots of doctors and shares that information in her book.

  12. Randy McFarland

    Enjoyed this very much! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Ken


    If you are only interested in stories that suit your predetermined view and cannot countenance failues, you have little credibility. I am sorry, as I was a big fan of yours and my wife and I used your information/ recepies.

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Ken, I’n not sure what “countenance failues” means…
      But yes the purpose of this blog is to share success stories;
      people who have used nutrition and natural therapies to heal.

  14. marie

    it doesnt surprise me one bit, what l dont understand is why it isnt global news?

  15. Pam

    Chris, I have some of the aloe that you recommended. I haven’t used it yet. Noticed today that it has carrageenan in it, which I have read it cancer causing. Do you have any thoughts on this? Carrageenan is a thickening agent often used in plant milks, etc. Thanks! Pam

  16. Marga

    Hi Chris,

    Interesting interview and great site. I am glad I found you. Would you be interested in a guest blog? I’d like to share my son’s story who experimented with alternative therapies for his cancer. Laetrile was somewhat successful and so was ozone therapy. But, in the end regretfully he did die. Mainly because, I believe he choose death.. Four years before he died and before he was diagnosed with cancer, he had a dialog with death…
    Anyway, if you are interested in his story let me know.

  17. outsmart your cancer

    We’re a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your website offered us with valuable information to work on. You have done a formidable job and our whole community will be grateful to you.

  18. Ok

    John -HB, Wish you best of luck for your fight!i m wondering how is your fight with this Monster R u beating this? My prayers are with you.

  19. Romy Macias

    Chris and Dr. Carl,

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring story.
    I lost my Dad to lung cancer, so this is wonderful to hear.

    Many blessing to you both,

    -Romy Macias

  20. Curtis Kaban


    I believe that I might be the oldest lung cancer survivor. I was treated at the crosscancer intstitution in Edmonton Alberta Canada on August on 1973. I had a milgment tumour removed and received chemo therapy. I was a baby of 13 months old when this happened. Now I am 41 years of age and still cancer free with a beautiful family.

  21. Megan

    What type of lung cancer did Dr Carl have?

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