Gerson Therapy Q&A with Dr. Patrick Vickers

Today I’m unveiling the follow up Q&A video with Dr. Patrick Vickers of Nothern Baja Healing Center.

It took a little longer for us to get back together to do this than we planned, but we made it happen!

If you haven’t yet, definitely watch our first interview in which he explains the history of Dr. Max Gerson and the Gerson therapy for healing cancer with nutrition. It’s awesome.

Dr. Vickers answers questions about the importance of sugar and cooked food in the Gerson therapy for cancer, brilliantly explains cancer cell biology, and much more.

Do not skip this one!

More info about Dr. Vickers and the Northern Baja Healing Center here.

Northern Baja Healing Center is not affiliated with the Gerson Institute because the Gerson Institute will not certify any practitioner who incorporates additional protocols like Vitamin C IVs, PNC-27, Coley’s etc.

Dr. Vickers did not pay me to make this video, or for any other video interview I have done with him. I have never asked him for any compensation whatsoever, but like many other generous people, he has made several donations to support my site and my mission. And for that I am grateful.

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  1. Hi Chris, Happy Birthday! That’s was an awesome interview! I can’t thank you enough! I’m feeling better and better eating clean healthy
    foods. My biggest problem is social events. They don’t serve the food I need to eat to save my life.
    Again, thank you! Pat Tighe

    1. Chris Wark

      You are welcome Pat! So glad you are feeling better!

    2. Elise

      Wow, I really enjoyed that. Dr. Vickers is extremely knowledgeable. I know where I will go if I do get cancer. Maybe if I adopt some of the Gerson protocol now I will have no need to visit any cancer clinic. I’m gettin the juicer out now!

  2. Bruce


  3. Amy

    Fascinating information on cell biology as it relates to nutrition. My mind is reeling from all of the different foods, supplements and protocols to use. If I can just remember to eat organically, juice, and maintain a mostly vegan diet, I will still be ahead of the game. Dr. Vickers worked so hard to get all of the important information conveyed to us airheads, and he did an awesome job!

  4. Rebecca

    This is great Chris. Thank you!

  5. Misti

    Love this information…it answered some questions I hadn’t answered yet.

    One question I have it though is how they juiced vegetables 100 years ago.

    Another one that is bothering me is that there are no probiotic foods…milk I get it is more acidic..? But Water Kefir and Kombucha could be used to help improve digestion and assimilate nutrients better. What scientifically is the reasons these aren’t included. Sauerkraut? Kimchi?

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      there are probiotics and probiotic foods….three-six weeks into the therapy we give non-fat organic yogurt….and the patients get copious amounts of probiotics and enzymes which are better than the probiotics for digestion

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      My response to this is, ” Who is doing the studies?” Simple fact remains excess animal protein is responsible for a myriad of health problems…most notably heart disease and stroke. These are the more obvious diseases. One thing is for certain. These foods cause acidity and acidity causes the uptake of sodium from the kidneys and inability of the body to utilize oxygen leading to very severe problems down the road. You cannot heal on a high protein diet—plain and simple. We feed our patients meat, dairy, etc….in any significant amounts(especially meat) we cannot cure them. We do not care what the “studies” say. We live it out clinically every day.

      1. Lee

        I would keep dairy and grains out of any diet personally due to inflammatory response.

        Interestingly there are those who have also recovered using Ketogenic diets, given that our mithochondria uses fat as fuel and ketones seem to fuel the body perfectly fine while depriving cancer cells of any fuel.

        Based on the studies I have seen, our body does regulate the blood PH level tightly as we would die if it did go beyond those levels. So it comes back to me about the debate between acidity and alkalinity of things, can we become less acidic when we are biologically controlled within a fixed range?

        I think the main thing would be the nutrient density that the body receives, which includes all phytonutrients as such that it helps the body heal naturally.

        This is based on my observation and research and yes, I was just recently diagnosed with cancer and will be embarking on an intensive detox to kick start things soon.

        1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

          Show me long term(5 year) survival rates for people with termnal cancer on the ketogenic diet…you will be hard-pressed to find them….it is a temporary fix that has become another recent fad. That fad will die off as quickly as the atkins diet died off as it became CLEARLY destructive. As for the body regulating acidity and alkalinity therefore not needing to worry. Do you know how the body regulates acidity? It is called the calcium buffering system(as well as magnesium)…..the body robs the bone/bone marrow of vital alkalinizing minerals to “rebalance” the PH…deadly over time….ketones do not fuel the body “perfectly fine”…fats and ketones also rob the body of reserve nutrients for their utilization….the last thing a cancer patient, who is severely depleted already, needs…the ketogenic diet is faulty science as best. You follow such a regime and over time not only will it destroy your kidneys but in a matter of a few years you will likely be staring cancer in the face again….you can quote me on that:-)

          1. Lee


            Do you think Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a key component to it?

            Based on the calcium buffering and magnesium buffering system as you mentioned, wouldn’t proper nutrition cover the bases on any leeching involved or are Stage 4 patients unable to process and absorb dietary calcium + magnesium?

            I am not suggesting the idea of ketogenic with low nutrition or talking about them as separate individual components in terms of effectiveness but rather a combination of ketogenic diet with dense nutritional intake (including the juicing of vegetables).

            But my take on ketogenic diet, is that it should be done without any dairy or grain intake, closer towards Paleo guidelines, very high vegetable intake with quality protein and enough fat (Saturated, Mono-saturated and Omega 3).

            Thanks for discussing this :)

          2. Chris Wark

            Hi Lee. A keto diet done properly is high fat, moderate protein and very low carbs.
            You can’t juice vegetables or have a high vegetable intake on the ketogenic diet.
            The carbohydrates will knock your body out of ketosis.

        2. Dr. Patrick Vickers

          Lee… will decrease your chances of survival greatly….another thing that acidity creates is the body’s preferential uptake of sodium to dump the acidity…then you deal with cellular edema issues….the strategy you are suggesting simply wont work over time…temporarily? Maybe…but we are into complete restoration of the human body. These theories wont do it. Sorry. They are diametrically opposed to what we do and what we do is complete restoration. You would be robbing Peter to pay Paul so to speak

          1. Lee

            Hi Chris,

            Thanks for pointing that out. I was exploring on juice cruciferous vegetables but keeping it under 50g of carbs a day.

            I am not sure if that would work.

          2. Lee

            Thanks for sharing your knowledge Dr. Patrick Vickers :)

            It was great discussing with you!

  6. Carol Joan

    Excellent! Dr. Vickers explained everything so well and I learned a lot ..I would like to know about similar clinics in Europe.

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      one clinic in Hungary but cannot be trusted…heard the access to organic produce is questionable at best and experience of the doctors is also questionable as it is a new clinic

  7. Wanda

    He says don’t cook w/oil. Any oil ? I’ve been cooking w/coconut oil ? Not a good idea ? Had Stage 2 B/C a year ago.

    Thx Chris !

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      coconut oil is a highly saturated fat…shouldnt be consumed raw let alone cooked with. when you cook with ANY oil you alter the chemical structure and the body cannot handle it correctly…causes hormonal issues down the road….do not do it. You will regret it

      1. Sundaram

        Studies show that coconut oil raw added to smoothies, etc. really help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s and help the body get the needed middle chain fatty acids.

        I am healthy and have felt so much better after adding a Tablespoon of coconut oil each day to my smoothie. I also believe it has helped my intestinal health and skin as well.

        When one is healthy, is this small amount not a good idea?

        Also, I have tried removing SALT (Himalyan salt) from my diet, but find a sort of dizziness coming. I live in a hot, tropical environment of South India, where we are sweating almost on a daily basis. Is it truly a good idea to not eat any healthy salt at all in such an environment? I feel I become out of balance without it. I am normal weight for my height, and I eat raw smoothies for breakfast and salads with lunch and steamed veggies, fruit or nuts as snacks and juice at night. I seem to be in good health. So my concern is just about these two details for a healthy body.
        Thanks for the fantastic interview and information. I found it MOST INFORMATIVE. Do you know if we can get Kangen water in India? Thanks and bless you!

        1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

          great questions! Yes….for you that much coconut oil per day can be healthy and salt too! That kind of environment requires a little more sodium…but do this…1/2 teaspoon dissolved in 32 ounces of water and drink that throughout the day…the perfect combination

  8. Adam G

    Chris, just want to say Thank You for your blog, and for all of your efforts. This was a great interview, and it just makes me really happy to have access to this information, and to be able to share it freely with others. Dr. Vickers – Thank You for all you do! You’ve got great energy, and you are making a difference in the world. Both of you guys are awesome!


    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      Thank you very much Adam…we love what we do…it is not even work for us…we are equally grateful for people like you

  9. Sheila

    Awesome interview, Chris with Dr. Vickers!!!

    EVERYONE would benefit from this much needed info……I look forward to hearing future interviews with Dr. Vickers.

    Take care!

  10. Ashely


    Please let Dr. Vickers know that he is so awesome in explaining how the biology and chemistry work in the body. I have been educated so much through the two videos you have interviewed him so far. Look forward to next video interviewing with him.

    In his next interview, can you ask him if organic fruits and vegetables can not be found for juicing, how harmful (what possibility) is it to use non-organic juicing to shrink a golf-ball-sized non-cancerous tumor on the shoulder blade?

    I live in Memphis. I went to Whole Food on Poplar/Mendhall yesterday. They didn’t have organic oranges and red cabbages at the store. Where else can you get organic produce if Whole Food do not have them at the store?

    Thank you very much for arranging the interview and sharing with us.


    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      Ashley…benign tumors are absorbed/destroyed more slowly than cancerous tumors because the body does not recognize it as an imminent danger. As for produce…you can go to any grocery store and tell the produce manager you want any organic fruit and vegetable and he/she can get it for you. They dont stock it cuz they cant sell it. But if you ask they will get it for you…get carrots, apples, onions, oatmeal and potatoes in 50lb bags

  11. Connie

    Can you please explain more about why Baking soda would not penetrate the cell to alkalize the body?

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      connie…only the hydroxyl molecule can neutralize H+ acidic ions…nothing else….sodium bicarbonate CANNOT do that…it is not a OH- molecule….it is NA+CO3???…..totally different

  12. Rebecca

    Great interview and explanations! What he said is what my understanding is about sugar from the researches I found. I eat fresh fruits (up to 5 kinds) every morning with an empty stomach. The purpose of it is to make sure that my body absorbs all the vitamins and minerals in the fruits. Eating fruits after meals isn’t a good idea. It’s better to eat fruits when your stomach is empty!!

    >> Colon cancer Stage 4A (in remission)

  13. Debra

    Hi Chris, brilliant video and information I dont know how to put in a question to Patrick Vickers, I have this one asked of me a lot what would he recommend as a cookbook for people that want to learn and do a perventive cancer, disease, diet most people brought up on the SAD which is also the Standard New Zealand diet would like a recipe book that can help them change the way they cook and eat, you cant just put a box full of vegs and fruit in front of people when they dont know what to do with them, can you please help, Kind Regards Debra

  14. Cindy

    Dr Vickers,
    I am doing the Gerson therapy by distance. Been very tired especially since traveling out of state last week. Found out through a blood test that my DHEA level is very low. My thyroid also tested “hyperthyroid.” Dr Shandl of American Metabolic Labs did the test. Dr Shandl said I should supplement the DHEA and lay off the thyroid I am taking. I read in Dr Gerson’s speech that he did not use the “sex hormones” in his healing protocol. What is your opinion regarding adrenal fatigue?

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      Cindy, The adrenale glands should have no problem rebalancing themselves on the Gerson Therapy. Like every other organ, the adrenal glands require pure nutrition to maintain their integrity. I quite often get people trying to do the Gerson Therapy at home only to find out they are not doing anything remotely similar. Before I can give you a fair assessment please give me details of what you are doing. Where are you getting your coffee from? Your thyroid and how much were you taking? what are you juicing? etc……

  15. Deborah

    There is the Hippocrates Clinic in Queensland Australia. – for the person wanting to know about people who use this protocol in Australia.

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      Hippocrates does not use the same principles of Gerson….not a bad place if you do not have cancer but it/they cannot reverse cancer with any kind of consistency. We have one here in West Palm Beach….they use oils, salt i believe and other things a cancer patient simply cannot handle

  16. Susan

    This was a great presentation. Thank you so much for sharing this positive and helpful video. really enjoyed it!!!!

  17. Elizabeth

    Fantastic interview Chris!! Thank you for all that you do.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  18. Terry

    Max Gerson’s therapy has been ignored because there is no money in the cure, there is only money in the medicine. VERY unfortunate, but true.

  19. Ik

    Hi Dr Vickers,
    Thank you for your great interview and information, I wanted to ask about potassium powder which you have mentioned in your interview,can I give it to my brother who have Lung cancer stage 4,he has started juicing and he had 4 cycles of chemo as well, he is eating organic and health wise he is stable, we would love to come to your clinic but can’t travel because of visa issues from Pak, my brother is having cottage chees and flax oil plus paw paw,mushrooms, vit B12, Vit D, Folic acid, Melatonin, And raw plus cooked vegetables, do you suggest hum your potassium powder and any thing else important so I can order it online for him? Thank you again for grt interview, and thank you Chris for helping everyone.

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      Read one of the last lectures given by Dr. Gerson….No Mushrooms….NO FOLIC ACID….you get that from your deep leafy greens….yes you can order the potassium but not sure how it will get to pakistan…are you sure you cannot come to the clinic….a visa to mexico is quite easy to get…what is paw paw??? and is the cottage cheese you are making salt and fat free??? that is crucial

    2. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      you must be careful with a chemo patient…if you detox them too heavily and incorrectly you can cause serious liver damage….1 enema for every THREE juices is imperative….and he should not be doing more than 9 juices and three enemas…do you have all the other supplements???

  20. Renee

    Hi Dr. Vickers,

    Thank you for the very informative interview. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer about a year and a half ago. I had surgery (complete hysterectomy, my spleen removed, and a small resection of my large intestines. I had 6 months of chemo before the surgery, and 3 months after surgery which i just finished. My cat scan didn’t show any cancer at my check up, and now I go back for another check up in 3 months. What would you suggest I do so that my cancer does not return? Also do I need to take any vitamins or supplements. I have already started to eat healthy by eliminating refined sugars (as much as I can) and processed foods. Do I need to detox from the chemo? I have drank coffee for years. Can I have at least one or two cups in the morning?

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      Renee….Drinking coffee is destructive to the body and depletes it severely….we give coffee enemas with specifically roasted organic coffee that does not have the same detrimental effects on the body as drinking deeply raosted coffee does so the answer is no—absolutely not can you drink coffee if you do not want cancer to return. Also, chemo and surgery almost NEVER reverse disease. It simply is buying time for you until, inevitably, cancer will show up in other organs. We see this religiously. If you want true healing you must do something in line with the principles of the Gerson Therapy. 9 months of chemo is pure destruction to the body so you must definitely detox from that alone and then start to rebuild the body with the therapy. A visit to our clinic for two-three weeks would be optimal but if you want to try to educate yourself(and i will tell you that people invariably always overlook something when they try to educate themselves) we have educational materials for people on our website You would want to order DOING THE GERSON THERAPY AT HOME package. We will get that out to you as soon as possible. Let me know if I can assist you with anything. You can write us on our website if you want more information on a stay at our clinic.

  21. Ik

    Hi Dr Vickers,
    Thank you so much for your time, he is having milk Thistle, instead of coffee enemas, he shouldn’t take mushrooms? Paw paw . Cottage cheese without salt and no fat, we would love to travel to Mexico, I think it is very hard and lengthy procedure to get visa from here but I will double check with the embassy here.

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers


      Milk Thistle has silymarin in it which helps to rebuild the liver but it does not remotely do what the coffee enema does…it is valuable but it cannot detox the body anywhere close to the coffee enema. Studies on coffee enemas has shown that the production of glutathione transferase(the most potent detox enzyme in the body) goes up 700% greater than normal with just ONE enema…that is because of the properties of the coffee….milk thistle does nothing for that detox pathway. He must do coffee enemas. Where are you located?

      1. jackie

        hi dr. vickers,

        i don’t have cancer, but i don’t have the glutathione s-transferase enzyme. is it ok for me to do daily coffee enemas? i’ve been doing one almost everyday for the past few years. can one do too many coffee enemas for too long? btw, i get the organic special roasted coffee from sa wilson. thanks!

        1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

          then i dont see the purpose of doing the enema if you cannot produce the enzyme…i have never heard of that being the case….how did you find that out

          1. jackie

            Smart DNA testing – genetic testing.
            my body lacks the enzyme to produce it.
            i think many people lack that enzyme, which is why they have a hard time detoxing toxins. (like alcohol – you’ve heard of that, haven’t you?) i have other bad detox genes too.
            i found out all kinds of stuff about my genes that’s very interesting. i think everyone should do genetic testing to see what supplements to take and foods to eat.

          2. jackie

            oh, so anyway, since my body can’t produce glutathione endogenously, that is why i have to take things like NAC and other supplements/foods that help with glutathione production. i thought coffee enemas might do the same thing.

  22. Marilyn

    Thanks so much Chris and Dr Vickers for this valuable info. I had a dx of breast ca IDC one yr ago, didn’t do all the testing for staging but had the tumor removed and it was in the lymph nodes and vascular system (late st 2, my guess). I had surgery and standard tmt stopped there once I learned better, thanks to Chris and others. I just recently started reading about Gerson and how timely was Dr Vickers interview! I’ve been following a very regimented strict diet with several striking differences to Gerson’s, for eg, eating only berries and gr apples, lots of nuts, seeds, avocado, olive and coconut oil. A couple of questions for Dr Vickers: 1) is it ok to use coconut oil on the skin? 2) would it be advisable to follow strictly the Gerson way at this point or come to your clinic? I have also been seeing a naturopath and on numerous supplements and now homeopathy for stress. Thanks again for sharing this info!

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      mam….if you use coconut oil, olive oil, avocadoes, nuts and/or seeds you will likely not heal….this is through nearly one hundred years of experience(yes I am 144 years old:-))))…you must cut all that out immediately. Secondly, and I regret having to say this but more and more the BASIC Gerson protocol is not having great success with breast cancers. However, the great news is that the Basic Protocol with our advanced protocols like coleys, urea, etc…is phenomenal. I am not saying that the strict basic therapy cannot cure you but the percentages are not great compared to other cancers…they have decreased in recent years. If you are eating and juicing properly you need not put anything on your skin as it will be naturally sleek. No strawberries or pineapple at all….blue and raspberries sparingly…

      1. Marilyn

        Thanks for your reply Dr Vickers. I was following dr Bernard Majalca’s diet, but will be cutting all those ‘undesirables’ out immediately. Can you tell me what you mean by coleys and urea, etc. I looked on your website but could not find a description. I assume that it is necessary to come to the clinic? Any idea why success rates for breast ca are decreasing with Basic Gerson?

        1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

          Marilyn, I am not sure why but people are just becoming more and more toxic and depleted in general…gerson used to cure in 12-18 months…now it takes us 24-30 because the human body has degenerated universally over the last two generations…scary stuff….also….the amount of estrogens floating around in our environment are so much greater than before…making breast issues more difficult to tackle…yes one has to come to the clinic for coleys and urea…google coleys toxins and danopoulos urea….email me at in**@ge*************.com and i will send you a little info

  23. Mike

    Chris thanks so much for getting this done and on your site! Dr Vickers, it’s so obvious you know what you are talking about I cannot thank you enough for sharing this information with us!

    I noticed you said no sodium or fats in the Gerson diet. How do you feel about the Budwig diet? One of the core meals on the Budwig protocol is a 2:1 mixture of organic cottage cheese to cold-pressed flax oil (blended with an immersion blender on low speed). This is supposed to help get energy (and oxygen) back into your cells. You can also throw in a couple tablespoons of ground up flax seeds. Budwig also allows healthy fats from cashews, walnuts, etc with some large raw salads, and a dinner with some steamed food. There are also about 24oz of vegetable juice per day in the Budwig protocol.

    I understand why oils are not good for the body, but what about healthy fats? Why are those bad if you have cancer? Have you heard of the Budwig diet? What are your thoughts?

    Thanks again!

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      Mike….Dr. Gerson integrated Budwigs protocol into the Gerson Diet!!!…They knew each other! We give ONLY 2 tablespoons of flax oil each day with a NON-FAT cottage cheese that is made at home and cultured…not just any store bought cott cheese which is salted and not always fat free and definitely not cultured….it must be made at home and cultured. Tumors are hormonal monstors and hormones are derived from cholesterol…oils like olive, sesame, grapeseed, coconut, are highly saturated….Gerson was once forced to give egg yolk to a patient(as he was vehemently opposed to steroids) and the tumors grew out of control because of it. Why? because it is high in saturated fats as are these oils….they also prevent oxygen from crossing the cell membrane as they are saturated with hydrogen. Flax oil was the only oil gerson found did not cause tumors to regrow…it also, as an oil, specifically draws oxygen into the mitochondria because of its special double bond structure….hope this helps

    2. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      BTW Mike….Joanna Budwig did not have remotely the success that Dr. Gerson had in reversing advanced cancer…not even close. In fact, quite often, once you come off the Budwig protocol tumors often return. It still has iits obvious value however which is why Gerson added it to the protocol. Part of Gerson’s genius was his humility and trust in the empirical data. He rarely relied on dogma

  24. great interview. Thank you so much for posting this. Cancer runs in my family, i’ve had a gastric bypass to get the weight off. Now I need to give my body nutrients to heal and stave off malnutrition.I do have inflammation in my body due to my immune system, can you help me heal my body with this therapy?

  25. Kathy

    Thank you, Dr. Vicker! This’s great information! I wonder if your clicnic sees any pediatric patient. It’s so hard to push a child to follow a diet. I wonder if Gerson diet works the same with a child. Children are growing and need protein, fat, etc. What are some alteration with pediatric cancer patients?


    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      protein ? fat? where does a cow or horse get their protein from? potatoes, carrots, greens, loaded with protein…fats? flax oil…that is fat…children respond great to the protocol and they like the food after a few weeks

  26. Debra

    Hi Dr Vickers,when I talked about a cookbook for a perventive diet you recommend the gerson workbook, DVD, so you are saying that the gerson cancer diet is the only diet to be on full stop, not a vegan, or vegeterian diet, so why did god or our maker put pineapples strawberrys, all the other apples, and all the other food here for us? if its not to eat just trying to get my head around this, I know if you are really sick you would need to aheard to this diet and I cant deny at all the success rate but what if you are not really sick, would a vegan or vegaterian diet be good to go with?

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      of course that would be fine…..and the gerson diet is a vegetarian diet barring the nonfat yogurt so the gerson workbooks are loaded with recipes

  27. Ik

    Dr Patrick Vickers,
    Thank you for your reply, we are living in Lahore and I am going tomorrow to Islamabad and all embassy’s are in Islamabad so will find out the procedure of getting visa for Mexico. Dr Vickers you are doing great favour to all of us . Thankkkkk youuuu so muchhhh God bless you.

  28. Rimi

    Hi Dr Patrick! Firstly thank you for all this information. Secondly I wanted to ask about coffee enemas because I have seen on the Internet about the procedure of taking them and can’t digest it?kind of quiet odd. Can we eat coffee enema for doing the same job or any other easy way?

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      no you cannot drink the coffee…if you drank one gallon of coffee every day your body would be screwed up in a matter of months…when it is taken rectally it is immediately absorbed and the caffeine is used and neutralized by the liver without acting on the digestive tract and adrenal glands like drinking…also…the coffee we used is specifically roasted not for drinking to maintain the healing properties…also, when you drink it, the digestive system burns up the palmitic acid which is very important for healing…also…when drunk coffee produces cortisoal and adrenaline which are toxic….finally, yes the coffee is absorbed immediately into the liver when taken rectally…it enters the hemorrhoidal veins which dumps into the portal system and the portal system dumps directly into the liver…it is perfect.

  29. Elisabeth

    Good info. could have done without the rant at the end.

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      no you cannot drink the coffee…if you drank one gallon of coffee every day your body would be screwed up in a matter of months…when it is taken rectally it is immediately absorbed and the caffeine is used and neutralized by the liver without acting on the digestive tract and adrenal glands like drinking…also…the coffee we used is specifically roasted not for drinking to maintain the healing properties…also, when you drink it, the digestive system burns up the palmitic acid which is very important for healing…also…when drunk coffee produces cortisoal and adrenaline which are toxic….finally, yes the coffee is absorbed immediately into the liver when taken rectally…it enters the hemorrhoidal veins which dumps into the portal system and the portal system dumps directly into the liver…it is perfect.

      1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

        this was not a rant…it was necessary to distinguish why we are not affiliated with the Gerson Institute because plain and simple we are saving more lives because of the break from them. People always want to hear kind words, have their ears tickled and be politically correct…I do not operate that way. Truth must be exposed and that is what I did. Sorry you did not like it

  30. Mish

    Love you’re site Chris, very inspiring! I really loved this interview with Dr Vickers, so much passion and knowledge!
    I would absolutely love to come to the clinic and commence Gerson treatment, however this is simply not possible at this stage in my life. I’m 32, have a 1 and 3 year old and was on maternity leave when I discovered i have breast cancer. Had the lump removed and it’s spread to a couple of lymph nodes so currently having chemo. I also have SLE (dx ’94) which is ok at the moment. I don’t eat dairy, wheat, grains, beans/legumes, very small amounts of meat… but was told (by naturopath) to have coconut oil and cook with it or water. Also having nuts and nut milks along with green smoothies (kale,chard,kiwi,tumeric, gs apple) But now i’m very concerned after reading the comments.
    What can I do in the meantime to help heal? Once my children are a little older Gerson treatment is something I could do… it’s just impossible now….
    Thank you

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      Mish….I have watched 3 naturopaths in the last ten years die of cancer because they simply do not know what a cancer patient needs. You eat nuts seeds and coconut oil and the tumors will grow. I can nearly guarantee that. As for coming to the clinic. If you did want to come to the clinic I would allow you to bring your family and we will give you your own private condominium next to the clinic. Honestly…you must come to the clinic because there are advanced therapies that we apply that are absolutely vital to your survival. Particularly Coley’s and urea which, when injected right into the breast achieve phenomenal results! I will be honest with you…now that it has spread to the nodes(and even beofre actually) breast cancer with the Gerson Therapy is getting worst and worst results as we go forward. The percentages are decreasing. I think it is thta the body is degenerating universally each generation but the amount of estrogens in our environment today are horrific. So, even doing the strict Gerson Therapy is not a locked in cure. However, the therapy, when done in conjunction with coleys and urea/creatine, is unbelieveably powerful. do not reason with the fact that you have two young children and thats why you cannot come. I cannot tell you how many times we have seen people in your situation come in 5-7 years later with severe metastasis to bones, brain, etc….at that point it will be nearly impossible to cure. Based on what you are telling me right now as to your diagnosis you have a 6-12 month window before the disease really starts to take hold. Please trust me on that. If there is ANY way you can come for two weeks please try to do so.

      1. Mish

        Dr Vickers,
        Thank you very much for your reply. Can I ask why the nuts and coconut oil tend to make the tumors grow?
        Also I have read on your site though that you don’t recommend Gerson during chemo? Would it be best to come once I have finished treatment (I know you will probably say to just stop the treatment now and come in a couple of weeks!) Also will the therapy be different because of my Lupus and do you believe that the Lupus could go into remission too. Would I need to be on Gerson therapy for longer than 2 years do you think? One last question. I understand that patients have regular contact with Drs once they leave, what’s bloods are done to check progress??
        Thank you again so much

        1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

          Mish…nuts and oil are loaded with fats…tumors are hormonal monsters and will use fats for their growth….especially saturated fats like coconut oil!….this is why the ketogenic diet is totally ridiculous. The former head of the Gerson Institute and his wife BOTH had advanced Lupus…they were totally cured on the therapy…of course i am going to tell you to be here in two weeks…:-)…why on earth would you poison your body more…especially when it does not even work! I have no clue how long you will be on it…probably two years. We need a week or two for the body to dump the chemo though it gets stored in cells for months and years without detox…we do follow up…you get two free consults after leavinig….after that it is like $30/consult…we will have you do regular blood tests to mark progress…please do not wait…this situation often does not end well if you think you are really not in that bad of a situation…you are. I do not like to speak in such a manner because i do not want to be the one trying to put fear into people but reality is reality and i must be the bearer of that news. The oncologists impart fear on people to coax them into their deadly poisons….we have to impart fear because we see the reality of the progress that cancers almost always take…If you attack this appropriately right now your permanent survival rate increases dramatically….you continue on the path you are on(even with your diet changes) and in 5-7 years you will find yourself in a very precarious position. Just my two cents. Just want to see you get what you really need

        2. Dr. Patrick Vickers

          Mish…where are you located by the way? Are you in the U.S.

          1. Mish

            In Australia

  31. Rajesh Tripathi

    Thank you Dr. Vickers and Chris for most informative interview I’ve even seen.
    What are next best options other than Kangen water? Reverse Osmosis water or distilled water with some sodium free electrolyte?

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      no…in japan they call reverse osmosis dead water…same with distilled…spring water is your best option…

      1. Rajesh Tripathi

        Thank you Dr. Vickers. Any recommended Spring Water brand? I’m from SF Bay Area, CA. I’m also seriously thinking about Kangen water machine although it’s very expensive.

        One more question. The green juices and steamed vegetable seem too much for my digestive system and I get diarrhea. What to do?

        1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

          Rajesh….Yes…Kangen is expensive but it is SO worth it….also you do not have to buy it upfront…you can put around 800 down and pay it off interest free for 16 months…if that interests you let me know

  32. Steven

    Dr. Vickers,

    Thank you for a very informative interview and follow-up responses. I have been reading about h2o2 therapy. Is this therapy incorporated into the Gerson therapy and if so how?

    Thank you again

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      Steven, you’re welcome….its my pleasure to share the knowledge I have been given thanks to Dr. Gerson’s life and legacy. We use Ozone rectally as opposed to H2O2….they serve the same purpose. We will allow people to put some H2O2 in their enemas if they want as we provide them with it to clean their enema buckets. Hope this helps.

      1. Steven

        Dr. Vickers,

        Thank you very much for your reply. One more question if I may. When doing the preventive diet is there a benefit of using a juicer compared to the nutri-bullet which liquifies everything instead of squeezing out the juices?

        1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

          if you are just doing prevention that is fine….cancer patients cannot use the nutri-bullet

  33. Pat

    Hi Dr. Vickers – Love your video! Very, very informative. I have been following Chris’s site for 3 months now. I have a question for you though. My 23 year old daughter is ready to come off of opiate addition. We want to do this without more durgs. Can I use the Gerson Therapy to help her and where should we start? She has been on this for about 4 years now but holds down a very good job without any missed time. Thank You!

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      Pat….yes the Gerson Treatment is renowned for its ability to reverse advanced terminal cancer but where it really shines is in other diseases including addictions….and especially addictions. Typically, even the worst addicts, no longer have a desire for their drug of choice(juices and supps) AND they do not have withdrawl symptoms(coffee enemas). Where do you start? Good question. Is a three week stay at our facility a possibility….If not you could try to do it at home but we would have no idea how to begin with her without seeing her and observing her as she responds to the therapy

  34. Pat

    Hi Dr. Vickers! Thank you for answering me so promptly! I would love to bring my daughter out there but unfortunately we can not afford the trip. We live in Delaware on a modest income. My husband passed away 1 year ago, so money very tight now. My daughter is now taking 500 mg. of good brand Vit. C every hour. (I read about this on google) I have started juicing veggies and fruits for her as well. She is a supervisor for lifeguards at a very large resort here in Bethany Beach, DE so this time of year, she is working 12-15 hrs./day. She says that she has extreme flu-like withdrawl symptoms. She is drinking mega amounts of water/gatorade as well. Can you suggest other supplements that will help her as well as Vit. C? She is slowly trying to wean herself off of this. We will start coffee enemas as soon as I “Youtube” the proceedure. Thank you so much for your response and advice. We truly wish that we could make the trip out there….


    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      pat…if you go to our website you can buy an instructional package called DOING THE GERSON THERAPY AT HOME….it includes a workbook, dvds etc….that teach you what you need to know. In your daughters situation it should suffice…in a cancer patient I would not advise it….be careful of who is teaching the enema procedure…

  35. Rajesh Tripathi

    Dr. Vickers,

    The green juices and steamed vegetables seem too much for my digestive system and I get diarrhea. What to do?

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      where are you located Rajesh…and you are not to steam vegetables…you are to cook them thoroughly

      1. Rajesh Tripathi

        I’m located in SFO Bay Area. Will switch to cooked vegetables. What is best home remedy for diarrhea? Already taking 2 tea spoons Apple Cider Vinegar 3 times, 1/2 cup yogurt, 1 TBSP bentonite clay every day for last couple of days.

        1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

          rajesh…responded to question few threads up you wrote about kangen

  36. phil

    How lucky I was to come across this interview.

    Many people do research to inform themselves of the basics for living healthily in our (sick) profiteering toxic world. Much of the information out there however, is for people with disease. I’m one of many who are taking steps to hopefully not get such a disease in the first place. We will typically understand that eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, and avoiding meats, dairy, processed and refined foods are important when it comes to dietary measures. I can’t tell you how often I come across conflicting information on this matter!

    Due to the excellence of the interview I’ve just seen Patrick and Chris conduct, may I ask you two questions: For a person who is living without disease, and wishes to continue that way, should they avoid properly made coconut oil, avocados, almonds, pumpkin seeds, eggs, wholewheat bread? If one eats vegs and fruits grown with pesticides, what is the best way to wash them, and what is the damage/health ratio to the body from eating such produce?

    Oh, to heck with it, can I sneak in a third? You have said no to reverse osmosis and distilled water, drink spring water; a very trusted source in my research says the exact opposite. What is a poor citizen to do?!

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      Phil…of course it is ok to eat those things you list with the exception of eggs and easy on the wholewheat bread….eggs are nothing but pure hormones and it is common knowledge in ancient/primitive cultures that no more than one or two eggs per week should be eaten. Think about it…it is a fetus…do you like eating fetuses???…furthermore the protein in eggs is not complete…as for washing pesticide ridden produce…the only thing i know of is 11.5ph kangen water. Go to my website and read an expose i wrote called WHY KANGEN WATER…i explain in there. As for distilled and RO water…the Japanese call RO water dead water….Dasani, heavily RO water, is banned in Europe…Do not know who your sources are but RO and distilled water are not any different than white processed sugar….they have been stripped of everythng good and bad. To cook with them is a different issue…to drink them straight is not healthy

      1. phil

        Thank you for your reply Patrick. I don’t like eating fetuses, no! I eat almost no meat for similar psychological reasons, but i’ve never viewed eggs this way before. But are you saying they’re bad to eat for health reasons or ethical ones?

        As for water, i had already read your interesting piece on kangen water on your website, but that price is way out of my range for the moment. I live and work in Thailand. Besides, I’m keen on trying to do healthy things that the average person can do on their budgets. I seek a healthy world as well as a healthy me. I can afford more than most people around me, but not a kangen water machine! I had been drinking bottled mineral water which may or may not have had the minerals added. I thought such minerals were inorganic and therefore not good for the body. Robert Morse was one source, another was Batmanghelidj. However, i cannot see how RO water, dead as it may be, can be compared to white sugar. White sugar is most assuredly a poison, whereas RO water is neutral at worst, no? RO water is the most common drinking water in Thailand. Tap water with minerals, but also fluoride and chlorine must be worse than RO water?

        So i’m still left unresolved with the water issue which is so important. What water to drink, and how to wash vegetables that have been grown with chemicals. Most people around the world have to eat such vegetables since the american and european corporations keep exporting their poison and ‘persuading’ farmers to use it.

  37. I have breast cancer and have done most things suggested on this web site with good results(my cancer is shrinking and my health vastly improved) my question is how important is it to eat according to your metabolic type? ,as the Gerson diet doesn’t take this into account and if you have a gene mutation that effects your livers ability to detox how can the Gerson deal with this?I really want to get things right and continue to heal.I would love an explanation as I love the Gerson method and know for me to get completely well again I need to commit 100% to the gerson protocol,so I need confidence that I am doing whats right for my individual needs.

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Antoinette, there is some merit to eating for your metabolic type, but having said that, if what you are doing is working, and the cancer is shrinking, keep doing it! If it isn’t working that’s when you need to try new things.

      1. Thanks Chris,i appreciate your reply,your website has been a literal lifeline.It has been 6 months and a very bumpy ride,I have had an excellent scan result 3 months ago but my lump has since grown and I am awaiting results from a thermal scan. I have had problems with resistant microscopic parasites that feed on long chain carbs and even on most of the good bacteria and so there is also 3 superbugs thriving in my gut,I had to stop the parasite cleansing program as it was making me so ill,Thats how I discovered the MTHFR gene mutation that basically prevents my liver from detoxifying ,I am looking and feeling much better but it is sometimes confusing and scary doing it on your own and I am at a crossroads and need to make adjustments,I have researched so much and love learning how amazing are bodys are “in a fear inspiring way i am wonderfully made” and I am confident that natural is best,i just want to get it right. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

        1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

          I just do not buy these “genetic” mutations prohibiting livers from detoxifying. Who is coming up with this stuff? It just doesnt make sense to me. The liver has 5 detox pathways that can overlap and pick up slack when one is working properly. Parasites, Superbugs, etc…all are dealt with on the Gerson Therapy. Antoinette, if you have breast cancer and the tumor is palpable then you are a perfect candidate for Urea and Coleys straight into the tumor. The success rates with that and Gerson are phenomenal. Within days the evidence is clear. Those therapies must be done at the clinic however.

          1. jackie


            i have an MTHFR mutation too, and i have a hard time detoxing. i have other bad or absent detox genes, as i mentioned above, and i’m super sensitive to detox programs and have to take them very slowly. many doctors don’t know about this gene stuff, which is very important to take into account when trying to decide what kind of diets/therapies/supplements to do and take. and there are only a handful of practitioners in the country that i’m aware of who have any clue about this, and the one i consulted with is very knowledgeable about the genetic variants, which totally affect one’s health and susceptability to conditions and diseases. dr. vickers, with all due respect, this is not made up stuff. i would encourage you to look into it, especially the MTHFR mutation, since many people have it.

          2. Thanks for your reply,the genetic mutation prevents methylation of b12 and b9 which when converted as they should be it produces molecules that are designed to attach to toxic waste in order to remove from body ,without these the waste keeps recycling back into the body.thats my understanding of it,I do believe genes can be rebooted into working again with diet and lifestyle and I am waiting for my results before making my next move ,but the clinic is definitely an option.Thanks again for getting back to me and like i said to Chris keep up the amazing work!

          3. Dr. Patrick Vickers

            Jackie…I do not doubt the concepts of “genetic” mutations and conditions. We know they exist. The problem is genetics has become misconstrued with the idea that if you have a genetic issue there is nothing you can do about it…it cannot be reversed. Nothing could be further from the truth. We know that it is diet and environment that alters these genetics and when we revert back to a proper lifestyle these “genetic” issues miraculously disappear. Take the BRCA genes in women who are at risk for, or have, reproductive cancers. The countless women who have this mutation and never develop the disease or those who get the disease and we can totally cure them in spite of the mutations just seems ridiculous to us. Just because they find a “gene” means nothing to us clinically….as we are defying those findings daily. Because of these horrible misconceptions about “genes” women are going and getting their bodies mutilated by surgeons more than willing to cut off their breasts, yank out their ovaries and uteruses all for the sake and hope of preventing the “gene” from taking over. Makes no sense whatsoever.

          4. jackie

            hi again dr. vickers,
            i completely agree with you that our genes are not our destiny. that’s what the whole “new” concept of epigenetics addresses – that we can turn on and off genes by our lifestyles – nutrition, supplements, exercise, emotions, thoughts, etc. i think it’s crazy and ridiculous that people are chopping off their breasts just because they have the BRCA gene. i am APO E 3/4, but i’m not going to take out my brain. however, that was not my point. my point is that some people genetically have certain methylation or detox defects that make it difficult for their bodies to detoxify. the MTHFR mutation is more common than people realize, so much so that there are whole websites dedicated to it, because it is complex, and there are many different variants of it. i really think that these genetic variants are the reason why gerson doesn’t work for everyone. or why the ketogenic diet doesn’t work for everyone. nothing works for everyone. we’re all different, and genetic testing can help people with what will or will not work for them. i think this is a very important piece of the puzzle that is missing in any kind of treatment, whether it be for cancer or anything else.

          5. jackie

            antionette, i am in the US. where are you? this is an awesome website for info and protocols for the MTHFR gene – you may want to check it out. this doctor is on the cutting edge about this. however, i don’t think he takes patients anymore. he mostly teaches doctors about it. however, if you give me your email, i can tell you who i worked with for the testing and interpretation. blessings to you.

        2. Dr. Patrick Vickers

          I will do more research into this but antoinette you are right…genes can be rebooted to function properly…we know that environment alters genetics…not that poeople are, just by nature, genetically predisposed to disease therefore you are doomed. Genetics get altered by the constant assaults from our environment….if these genetic problems of detoxifying are as common as they appear to be there is no way we would be able to cure people at the rates we are curing them….I hope you will look into our advanced protocols of Coley’s especially, urea as a secondary option not nearly as powerful as Coleys. As I have said…Gerson closes the door….Coleys locks it.

          1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

            i will look more into it….with that said… the ketogenic diet doesnt work for everyone because it is a dangerous protocol period….you break it down to its core and it is faulty science at best. Secondly, the ketogenic diet is a new fad that has no long term success rates to prove any clinical significance whatsoever and i have no doubt 5 years later(the five year survival rate time frame) the ketogenic diet will be looked back at as a dismal failure in doing anything to permanently reverse terminal/advanced cancer just like the atkins diet did little to permanently achieve weight loss.

        3. jackie

          antionette, (and dr. vickers, if you’re interested) –

          i just got this email from the doc who runs the MTHFR website. he’s doing a free webinar, which looks amazing. here it is:

          Today, Wednesday, July 10th, I am presenting via webinar on “Folate and Methylation Defects: Clinical Breakthroughs and Updates”

          For one hour, I will be discussing some of my latest findings which include:
          Clinical significance of nutrigenomics, introducing methylation and the importance of healthy diet, lifestyle and environment
          Pathways of folate metabolism, B12, transmethylation, transsulfuration, SAMe, mitochondrial function, detoxification pathways and cell membrane functions
          Common genetic polymorphisms along with their effects and interactions with diet, xenobiotics, nutrients and medications
          ​I am presenting some critical information which I’ve never presented before.

          ​The main webinar will be 45 minutes long followed by 15 minutes of Q and A.

          if you want to sign up, here is the place to do it.

          if you can’t watch live, sign up anyway, because it will be recorded and available later.

          1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

            hi jackie…so i listened last night…it is interesting…but all throughout it i kept saying to myself, what would i do differently with this information and the simple answer was…nothing…in fact he summed it up best when on his first slide he jokingly said he could end his lecture right there with “diet” correcting all those defects….thats about right….the gerson therapy meets all those dietary needs and then some…we overcome those “genetic” defects as this man theorizes diet does…unless i missed something…but thank you..i enjoyed it

  38. Nam

    Hi Chris,
    Congratulation to you and your family as well. Your blog inspired me a lot. My dad had diagnosed with stage 3C colon cancer a year ago. He did do surgery and then chemotherapy but the cancer came back six months ago. He later used chemotherapy but this time it did not help. A month ago, my dad started working on Gerson therapy, and he used the Champion juicer and supplements recommended in your blog. However, his carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) blood test indicator keep increasing, which implies that this diet method might not be working well with him. In particular, his CEA was going from 97 to 115 in less than two weeks. We are really worry and do not know what we should do next.

    Have you ever experienced this type of problem when you started the Gerson program? It would be great if you can give some suggestions and experiences? Thank you very much.

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      Nam….a couple of things….first….did your father go to the Gerson Clinic and learn how to do the therapy exactly or did he just buy the book and try to decipher it from there? If he did the latter we, invariably, see people make mistake after mistake by overlooking foundational things that usually make the difference between life and death. Secondly, is your father doing the entire Gerson protocol including all the Gerson supplements, flax oil, B12/crude liver injections? Finally, one month does not a clear indication to how the therapy is working make. In fact, tumor markers fluctuate throughout the therapy as the body destroys the cancer…and quite often can go up in the beginning of therapy. This is why it takes a minimum of 24 months to cure advanced cancer

      1. Nam

        Hi Dr. Vickers,
        Thank you very much for your prompt answer. Since we could not have enough money to go to the clinic, we are only able to buy books and follow the instruction. My dad followed quite precisely what the book suggested. The only difference might be the supplements. He did not take potassium, lugol solution, and B12/crude liver injections.

        If you don’t mind, I would like to ask a few questions:
        – what is benefit of using castol oil and how to use it with chemo patients?
        – How many coffee enema should be used per day?
        – What is substitute for b12/crude liver injections?
        – He takes steam bath everyday for half an hour. Does he expose more with toxic chemicals by this way?

        1. Nam

          Thank you very much in advance.

          1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

            this is why we ask people to please not say they are doing the gerson therapy and it is not working because it is not being done correctly…it is very misleading and can lead people astray…

        2. Dr. Patrick Vickers

          i will write you later but it is clear you are not doing the gerson therapy…those are all vital supps and you are not taking thyroid either probably…invariably we always see people overlook things they need to be doing when they try to educate themselves…if you are thoroughly following the therapy you should know that there is 5 coffee enemas per day no ifs ands or buts….there is no substitute really for injections…chemo patients dont get castor oil at all….and potass lugols and thyroid are the crux of the therapy

  39. Zoey

    Thanks Dr Vickers and Chris for very informative and useful discussion. I would like to have a question: should cancer patient be in the steam room everyday, 20 minute? I learn that cancer cells can not live in high temperature. So, is it a good way to weaken cancer cells? Thanks.

  40. michele

    great interview! I have watched both interviews with Dr Vickers, but I dont understand why the coffee enemas are not touched on at all. Isnt that a big part of the gerson therapy? Can you please have Dr Vickers go into great detail about how exactly coffee enemas work, all their benefits, how to do them and how often to do them? I would appreciate it. Thanks!

  41. michele

    also I should add Dr Vickers that I am an IACT certified colon hydrotherapist. A few of my clients have been asking me about coffee enemas and i want to find out all the info i can on their benefits and how to do them. I bought some organic coffee and have done it on myself twice so far using the dotolo closed system colon hydrotherapy machine. I did 20 minutes of a straight colonic followed by the coffee enema.

  42. Khumbulani

    The non mention of the coffee enemas is definitely a massive blunder. Dr Gerson’s program was all about a comprehensive alteration of the internal bio-chemistry and coffee enemas were crucial in the detoxification process.

    Infact, his patients had to undergo an enema every 4 hours both day and night! That’s how important it was

    1. Chris Wark

      Enemas are a big part of Gerson. We’ve been planning to do a video exclusively about enemas since the beginning. Coming soon…

      1. michele

        YAY!!! Thank you Chris! I cant wait for the video. Would it be possible for me to be alerted via email when the video is up? Thank you so much!

  43. Christian

    Hi Dr.Vickers and Chris, awesome interview, i like how towards the end you explained how important it is for Dr.Gerson and yourself to be open to knew ideas and information in order to progress and evolve the therapy. Dr. Vickers, you mentioned Charlotte Gerson defines the therapy as how Dr. Gerson left it in 1959, so is the updated and revised book “The Gerson Therapy” by Charlotte Gerson recommendable, or is it to outdated. I am not a victim of cancer or any type of disease, im just looking to bring my health to optimum level.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      Christian….the only thing different in Charlotte’s protocol is the adaptation for lack of Liver juice…the co q 10, liver caps and B12/crude liver injections….other than that the rest is a la 1959….we still use the same protocol as that but, as I said in the interview there is a lot of things/therapies we have added…not so much in the supplement realm but adjunctive therapies….interview coming soon

      1. Christian

        Beautiful, thank you so much. Also, are the sugars in the fruits and vegetables-that are part of the protocol-safe for diabetics in the dose that they are given?

  44. Jenny Q

    Thank you so much for answering my question about Crohn’s disease. I am wondering what kind of meals I should be having since you said I can still have 3 meals a day. Since I can not handle large amounts of fiber I am not sure what I should be eating.

  45. Kristi

    Hi Chris and Dr. Vickers. Thank you so much for these powerful and highly informative interviews. I am 43 yrs old and dealing with endomitriosis. I will be having golf ball size endometriomas taken out soon as well as any endometrial lesions and adhesions taken out at that time. I wanted to get the at home protocols and really start taking care of myself but I do not have a champion juicer. I have a Jack Lalane juicer and a Vitamix. Will these work for my situation or must I buy a different juicer? And for curiosity sake, will the Jack Lalane juicer help should they biopsy and find any cancer?

  46. F.P

    Hello Chris!I love all about alternative treatments. I don’t like the way medicine are conducted, and for that reason, I always look for new ways for not spending fortunes with health… Cheers Chris. I will continue to follow your blog.

  47. beth

    I am trying to heal early stage uterine cancer by natural means without having hysterectomy surgery. I have eliminated sugar in all forms (except for a couple pieces of fruit per day), all starches/grains/legumes, and dairy. I tried to go vegetarian, but after about 3 weeks, my body started breaking down and I became covered in bruises. My naturopath said I need meat for my body type. That is fine with me because I like meat- I try to eat only grass fed, organic meat. I am now doing the Paleo diet- which is pretty high in fat, but I feel great with lots of energy. How would it be possible for me to do a vegetarian diet protocol because of my problem with bruising and body breaking down?

  48. Catherine

    Great stuff!! I can’t wait to hear the NEXT VIDEO on the protocols you have added to the basic Gerson therapy, Dr Vickers. I’m wondering about fructose allergy and the Gerson therapy?? Also, what do you think about these foods: wood alcohols (e.g xylitol), gelatin, agar, lucuma, yacon, inulin powder and using bupleurum? Having studied Chinese medicine (TCM) and naturopathy, Gerson is a different approach to what is recommended (such as mushrooms and seaweeds). One of the things that they share in common, however, is that the person has an excess (the tumor) while also being deficient at the same time.

  49. Theresa

    That was sooo awesome!!!!! I was clapping my hands I was so excited when it finished! Chris, you are doing great work spreading this message! Too many people are suffering and dying from diseases that can be prevented and cured from God’s food!! Thank you for creating this website. I can’t wait to share it with everyone I know!

  50. Andriana lam

    I’m so excited to find both u Chris and you dr. Vickers- I do not have cancer but I have Lyme disease and have been very ill-I have been doing all sorts of research to see if certain alternative cancer treatments could possibly heal my Lyme disease- dr. Vickers I know ur clinic treats cancer patients but have u ever used ur protocol on lyme patients or have any thoughts like this?

    I have had the gerson books for years but have always had that very question re the sugar because I’m prone to candida and am very sensitive to sugar and have always felt like my body was very empowered by grassfed red meat etc- but I have an open mind since obviously I’m sick- ur explanation of the sugar on the gerson protocol was SO fantastic to hear and really helped me.

    My one thing that makes me so nervous to try a diet without meat is that I’m a crossfitter and do heavy weightlifting and intense interval training- do have any input on this? I’m so nervous that I will lose my strength or not be able To recover and rebuild my muscle from my workouts.

    Thank u so much for helping things be more clear.

    Once someone is cancer free are they still supposed to avoid fats and oils or are things like olive oil form salad dressing etc. okay/good for a healthy person?
    Thank u!

    1. Andriana lam

      Of gosh I’m sorry I just read on your gersontreatment site about different other conditions that can be cured with gerson. Sorry about that- I hate when people ask me questions they can easily find the Answers to on my site and I just did it myself!

      I will try to see if u have more info about experiences treating lyme patients in your site-thx!!

  51. Bibingski

    Hi Chris and Dr. Vickers. I have a few questions. Can raw, organic coconut oil be used for the enema instead of vaseline? Can one eat quinoa on the therapy. Also, is it okay to eat steamed vegetables and potatoes? I am still struggling with anemia even after being on the therapy for over 3 months now. I do 0.5cc liver injections everyday and a B12/liver once a week. Believe it or not I went to the Gerson clinic in Tijuana and had a bad experience (lazy nurses, unprofessional doctors, undertrained staff). As you can see, I have a lot of unanswered questions. I wish I went to Dr. Vickers’ clinic instead but I found out about his clinic after I got back. I noticed that my uterine fibroid got so big (almost double the size) on this therapy. Lastly, for anyone considering going to the clinic, please do yourself a favor and go to Dr. Vickers ONLY. You will regret going to the one in Tijuana. They do not know how to communicate. In fact, we were never given the shots there. It was never even discussed nor addressed. Only after one of the patients asked about it that the clinic said that “they ran out”

  52. Rob Zielke

    Chris and Dr. Vickers
    I think as the first UNcertified lay Gerson Therapis that you both are doing a wonderful job of popularizing and spreading the unique lesson of Gerson Therapy!
    I began my studies in metabolism with Dr W D Kelley’s organization in 1972 and was added to the 2nd Official board of Governors by the originator of the Gerson Institute NORMAN FRITZ in 1974. I was learning to utilize all the tests available for our tasks when I discovered the reason I could gain no “training effect” from our family bicycle rides in 1977 when I finally was diagnosed with “markedly positive” cancer markers in a Beard Anthrone test at a Mexican treatment center in that year and was instructed out of my spread cancer state by Charlotte Gerson and Norman Fritz during the following 6 years.
    Sadly the Institute had begun to do illegal things relative to its non-profit charter in those years and when I attempted to change these practices Through and with the help Norman Fritz the Executive Vice President I was improperly removed from the board by a non-quorum vote of Charlotte and Howard Straus.
    My efforts to study metabolism only grew and served to aquaint me with other integrative therapy methods which can add and expand Gerson Therapy. Many are alive today through my efforts in these fields in the past 39 years, But if you seek to locate me Through Gerson Institute channels or Gerson Hospital channels you will find NOTHING!——– Yet I have facts about Gerson Methods that No other Practitioner knows, yet I have been “ERASED”——even when one of my “recovered Students” brought me to Dr. Vickers attention I went uncontacted and remained invisible!
    I predict that you will do the same and it will be a loss to all except me.

    Regards from the only Free Gerson Therapist on the planet
    Rob Zielke: Gerson Methods Teacher and
    developer of Kriegs AB therap
    contacts available 10am to 10pm E 7days
    no charge call 941-426-1818

  53. Jennifer

    Dr. Vickers, I understand that for a body harboring cancer, a raw vegan type diet with lots of juicing and detox assistance is necessary. I’ve also read about Weston A. Prices research in regards to traditional cultures and diet….lack of sugar (separated from its natural source), moderate amounts of animal proteins, lot of fermented vegetables and beverages and how these cultures were free of all of our modern ailments. Their teeth and facial structure was phenomenal, and they had little to no mental dz or psychoses. The women (and men) were actually put on diets rich in probiotics/ferments, saturated fats, animal organ meats, broth, and eggs during preconception and pregnancy. My question is do you feel that a Gerson type diet is the ideal diet for a healthy person as a lifestyle diet? It seems that you are not in support of animal product consumption at all, even from pastured animals that are proven to be drastically different nutritionally than conventionally raised ones? I’m asking this out of curiosity and am not intending to offend or question your knowledge of nutrition. I often find myself drawn to simple explanations for what is best, which to me seems to be eating foods in season, local, in their natural forms. I believe food grows seasonally/regionally because our bodies can best utilize it at that time, in that environment (eg. living in the tropics will require different things from your body than living in different regions of the US or the Arctic, etc- so naturally the food that is found there is the best to support your body as it navigates a specific climate/region…) After all, you can’t find a Norwalk growing on the trees. (unfortunately)

    Chris, I’m interested in your post-cancer diet. Do you have a post talking about this?

  54. Lisa

    If you cannot get granny smith apples, is there another apple that can be substituted?

  55. Lisa

    Such great information from Chris and Dr. Vickers. Almost overwhelming to read about all the do’s and dont’s! I was diagnosed with cll 3 years ago at the ago of 42. I’ve been on a watch and wait and within the past few months my white count is very high and red slowly down and the only symptoms are occasional night sweats and enlarged lymph nodes. My oncologist wants to start treatment- I want to try the natural route. I’ve been juicing , drinking green smoothies, taking a list of supplements recommened to me by a naturopath doctor. I’m determined to return for my blood work in a few weeks to good news!! Dr Vickers, Have you had success with treating cll patients? Any thoughts on LDN and alpha lipoic acid?

  56. Tina

    Hi Chris, LOVE your website. Very inspirational!

    Dr Vickers-
    I have Stage 2 BC; HER2+ ER-/PR-. I’ve had a 4.4cm tumor removed w/ clean margins and refused rads/chemo. I’ve been on the gerson therapy at home for nearly 3 months, I noticed you posted in the comments here that you haven’t been as successful with breast cancer as you had in the past, without urea and coleys, that is very frustrating news to me as I have FULL faith in this therapy. Are there any other supplements or things I can be doing at home to help stop a recurrence or mestastis???

  57. Jeff Maupin in Barrow, Alaska

    I appreciate Dr. Vickers teaching style and information shared. Thank-you Chris for creating the website and God bless you.

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