John Robbins Left Baskin-Robbins Fortune to Save Lives with Plant-Based Nutrition

“If you wanna have cancer, ice cream is a good food to eat.” -John Robbins

John Robbins knows a little bit about ice cream. He is the son of Irv Robbins, co-founder of Baskin-Robbins, and the other guy, Burt Baskin, was his uncle. John was the sole heir of his fathers share of the company, but he walked away from a multi-million dollar ice cream empire because he did not want to make money “selling a product that provides momentary pleasure at the expense of people’s long term health.” And not only did he not take over the business, but he also insisted that his father not give him a trust fund or an inheritance.

In the years that followed, John followed his passion and authored numerous bestselling books on health and nutrition including Diet For A New America, The Food Revolution, and Healthy at 100.

He Is Legend.

So of course, it was an absolute thrill to interview him.  Enjoy!

-Why John walked away from the Baskin Robbins Fortune [1:30]
-Burt Baskin died of a heartattack at age 54 [3:00]
-John’s connection to MLK [6:30]
-What John realized when he visited the dairy farm that supplied the milk for Baskin Robbins ice cream [8:00]
-How John’s decision affected his relationship with his father [10:00]
-The incredible thing that a cardiologist said to John’s father and how John helped his father reverse advanced heart disease and diabetes [11:00]
-The Diet For A New America [13:40]
-His opinion on fruit and carbs [16:15]
-Why healthy diet changes can be difficult and make you feel bad at first [20:00]
-Food science: How “cravability experts” make food addictive [21:00]
-Healthy at 100: The diets of the healthiest, longest-living people around the world [23:30]
-Why “cancer rates are high because we’re living longer” is false [28:15]
-Animal consumption in the Western Diet vs. healthy cutures. [29:30]
-The mission and goals of the Food Revolution Network [33:00]
-Two reasons antibiotics need to be taken out of meat production. [34:30]
-80% of the antibiotics produced in the U.S. are used on animals in factory farms [34:55]
-What everyone needs to know about Roundup [38:25]
-Why Self Care isn’t selfish [43:30]
-Physicians as a profession are less healthy than us  [45:30]



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  1. krocklin

    There are so many contradictions in the recommendations of naturopaths. Chris lumps oils in with dairy and sugar, but Dr. Hyman recommends GOOD oils. McDougall, who Chris has interviewed is dead set against oils except in their natural forms e.g. seeds, avocados, nuts etc. Me I combine the McDougall and Hyman diets. I.e. French Fries!!!! Cooked in coconut oil of course.

    1. Wilma Laura Wiggins

      I have been following Dr. McDougall for forty years and have never seen him be wrong. New research always seems to authenticate what he says. I would trust him (and do) over any other unless there is a whole bunch of really quality research proving otherwise.

  2. Starr Brigante

    Chris… did I hear you say that a person with a good immune system that has cancer and gets chemo therapy treatments they are more likely to recover if they have a good nutritional program & keeps their immune system in check, they will have less pain and more love in their life????????? That’s a rhetorical question because I listened to your statement over and over again. I couldn’t believe my ears!!!!! Are you now advocating chemotherapy if one is healthy to begin with?

    1. Chris Wark

      Definitely not advocating for chemotherapy. For cancer patients who choose chemotherapy, those who combine it with a whole food plant based diet tend to do better than those who take chemo and eat whatever they want i.e. burgers and ice cream. That’s what I meant.

      1. Starr Brigante

        Whew! Thank you for clarifying :)

      2. Valorie E Thomas

        Hi Chris
        I sent email two days ago. I am so happy that I saw your eye opening video Sunday. I was diagnosed with stage 2A breast cancer.
        And I have put chemo on hold. I was amaised I had the same though you did about poision chemo. I wanted to know the smoothie and cancer salad did you drink smoothie and salad daily. Did you detox first?
        It is so much on internet and other natural healing from other people. I do not want to get confused.
        All of the alkaline foods are the same.
        I just need a little direction. I want to live I am 50yrs old and I want to beat this.
        Thx Val

        1. TheHulk

          Valorie, no one can advice you on this because if tomorrow something happens to you, Chris or whoever advises you may be in trouble. The decision is in your hands. Only you can take decision. In my personal opinion you can go ahead with Chemo because triple -ve breast cancers are very high risks. Chemo may be troublesome for 6 months or so, after that you won’t even remember it (hair regrowth may take 6-9 months post chemo). After chemo you can go ahead with aggressive diet/lifestyle changes to keep dreaded cancer at bay. Chemo is toxic but at least you will be sure in your mind that you did what you could to prolong life.

      3. Valorie E Thomas

        Hi Chris
        I posted a question to you a few days ago. I know you are busy but I have stage 2A tripple neg bc. I have had the lump removed and I do not want chemo. I have started a raw diet. The oncologist told me I needed chemo because the type of cancer I have is very agessive.

        Can you tell me if the raw diet will help. I am trying to make the decision to have a mastec. Continue the raw diet after surgery get my labs done and pray the nutrients are working.
        What are your thoughts?

  3. krocklin

    A recent study by the Danish Medical Association shows a strong correlation in America in the rise of Dementia and Alzheimers with “psychiatric” drugs like anti-anxiety drugs (e.g. Benzos) and anti-depressants.

    1. Chil

      Where can I find that study? :-)

      1. krocklin

        Google it. I saw it this year in an interview with the chief Medical official in Denmark who oversaw the study on cable TV. It might have been RT TV I can’t recall exactly.

  4. Christie G. Bullard

    All of this is great and I pay attention to it all . The problem I have is this..I’m a “house wife” and my husbands income is all we have with the exception of my small online business that doesn’t generate much. We stay behind on the monthly bills because it takes everything he has. I by groceries that I can afford. Unfortunately that does not include whole foods, grass fed meats, organic produce etc. So how am I supposed to get healthy, cure the ailments that I have and keep my family healthy? People “poor mouth” all the time while eating out several times a week, driving nice cars and stocking the fridge with beer. This, however, is not my life. There is no beer here. We do not eat out at all. Both of our cars are run down and old. I literally can’t afford any of these types of foods. So again, how do I get healthy?

    1. Christian Elkjær

      I actually spent quite some time writing a response to Christie yesterday but Disqus mistakenly thinks my response is spam. Even though I have notified Disqus about the issue they probably will never fix it like I have tried a number of times before. Frustrating. :(

      1. Christie G. Bullard

        You can reply to my email if you’d like Christian. I am truly interested and very frustrated with how things are. So much so, that I bought a Cupanion fruit infusing water bottle today, brought it home and it broke when I laid it in the sink to wash it :(

        1. Christian Elkjær

          Hi Christie. I will just tell you the essence of my message. I suggest that you have a look at the starch-based diet that Dr. McDougall prescribes.

          The diet may be bit of a change but it seems to have brought health to many many people now and in the past. It can be quite simple but most importantly it is inexpensive. I was diagnosed with IBD last year and it certainly has helped me.

          Thank you Chris for another great interview!

          1. Christie G. Bullard

            Thanks Christian. I’ll check that out. I have Esophageal Disphasia and have to eat soft foods a lot. Maybe the starch-based diet will be different from the starches that I’ve been eating. I’ve gained weight from all the noodles.

          2. Christian Elkjær

            Hi again Christie

            My starch stars: Potatoes, rice, oat/barley/spelt porridge and homemade sourdough wholegrain bread (especially rye)

            I love potatoes (cut and lightly cooled) and eat them daily with cooked carrots with salt, pepper and a teaspoon of ghee or olive oil. I also like to add a little cooked cauliflower, broccoli or peas etc.

            When you cook the veggies they will be easy to swallow I assume but I am no expert on your condition though.

            You can make many simple and delicious dishes with brown rice if you can handle them. I love rice with spicy lentil soup. Every night I eat porridge with banana, raisins and cinnamon.

            The fiber in these unrefined foods will make you feel energetic and full and will prevent that you overeat and gain weight.

            My advice to you. Best of luck whatever diet you choose. :)

          3. Christie G. Bullard

            Thanks Christian! I’ve been looking over the starch diet you mentioned. Some is not within my budget, but I think I can change it a bit to suit the wallet. Thanks for the advice and time! :)

          4. Wilma Laura Wiggins

            I follow this way of eating, Christie and can assure you that it is the cheapest possible way to eat. You can save a lot of money not buying cold cereals (eat oats), meats, cheeses, milk and milk products such as yogurt, prepared foods and even oil. There is no changing needed nor recommended to eat the McDougall way. What is cheaper than potatoes, rice, pasta, oatmeal and this calls for eating 60% starch such as that and whole grains, corn, and beans.

  5. Dave Alessio

    Hey Chris, I had a sarcoma on my left thigh. Unfortunately before I did
    my research I had six weeks of chemo, followed by surgery to remove it
    which they say was removed with negative margins and 98% dead followed
    by a week of brachytherapy radiation. Six months later I had a tiny 6mm
    nodule on my lug which was removed on January 29th of this year with
    again negative margins. Ever since then I have been on a organic raw
    foods diet and juice 3 to 4 16oz glasses a day. I take B17, vitamin D3
    & C and CoQ10. I also drink a half of teaspoon of water and baking
    soda in the morning and at night. My body is at a 7.5 alkaline level
    most of the time. I know the chemo really damaged my immune system but
    was wondering if I’m on the right path and will my immune system ever
    return to a strong immune system. Any suggestions. I am now 51.

  6. jkelvin

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  7. Francine Marsh

    I have breast cancer. I haven’t talked to my Oncologist yet, my appointment is 9/26. My cancer was found using a mammogram and then a needle biopsy. They are of course talking about surgery. The radiologist who found it said that more than likely it is a stage 1. It’s on the wall of my pectoral muscle. I had already changed my diet about a month before being diagnosed because I have mile artieriosclerotic heart disease and I wanted to prevent it going further. Heart disease runs in my family, as does high cholesterol. I just recently heard Dr. McDougal speak on “No Oil” so I will also be removing that from my diet. I currently eat no meat, only fruits, veggies, oatmeal, chia, pumpkin, flax, and a few other seeds. Yesterday I went to “Natural foods” and purchased greens, fruit, lentils, and 9 different supplements that were mentioned by Chris and other survivors. I spent $298!!! And I didn’t get that much to eat either. I can’t imagine how people are suppose to eat healthy on a fixed income. I wanted to buy the tortillas that Chris uses and they were $51 for 12!!! All organic veggies are so high in price. Our store prices prevent most people from eating what they should. Any answers???

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