Alternative Medical Miracles
The Ricki Lake Show April 16, 2013

Segment 1

Segment 2

Audience Q&A


Chris Beat Cancer
News Channel 3: Live at 9 January 20, 2014
Interview with Marybeth Conley and Alex Coleman

Beat Cancer by Jumping on a Trampoline Live 5 News Charleston, SC May 15, | Charleston, SC


How do you beat Cancer Without Chemo? Ask This Guy
Smart Life with Dr. Gina Loudon July 2014

Memphis Man Uses Natural Cancer Treatment
Fox 13 Memphis May 17, 2012
Story by Lauren Johnson

This news story about me was deleted two weeks after it aired.
More about that here.


Beating Cancer with Chris Wark
Barbell Shrugged Podcast March 31, 2012
90 minute interview with Mike Bledsoe, Doug Larson, and Chris Moore


Chris Wark Cures Colon Cancer with Surgery and Holistic Nutrition July 9, 2012
19 min interview highlights with Lisa Robbins
Questions edited out




How Chris Beat Cancer 
Natural Awakenings of Greater Memphis, January 2011
Feature article by Beth Davis

(Click image to enlarge)


Naturopathy Gains Popularity In Fighting Illness
The Memphis Daily News June 8, 2011
Article by Aisling Maki
Read it Here






Stupid Cancer Radio Show August 2014
Interview starts at 10:45

Unbound Radio: I Cure Cancer Radio Show May 3rd, 2013
Interview with Ian Jacklin
Show beings playing automatically. Interview starts at 6:30.


Chris Beat Cancer
The Cancer Truth Chronicles with Ty Bollinger August 24, 2012



Chemo-Free Cancer Survivor Chris Wark
The Cancer Winner Talk Show June 7, 2012
Interview with Dr. Judy Seeger

Chris Wark – Massive Action Plan To Beat Cancer
Doc Fermento Podcast April 11, 2012
Interviewwith Bryan Davis
Listen here

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