My Anti-Cancer Coconut Fruit Smoothie

That’s the abbreviated title.  The full name is:

The Raw Vegan, Anti-Cancer, Super Anti-Oxidant Coconut Fruit Smoothie!

This recipe was given to me as part of my
Anti-Cancer Diet by my nutritionist and I’ve been drinking it nearly everyday since 2004, either as a meal or a snack.

Surgeon Generals Warning:
Highly Addictive Deliciousness.


Here is the recipe:

1 Young Coconut
I buy a case of nine for around $12 at a local Asian market. Make sure you ask for “Young Coconuts”, they are much softer and easier to cut than fully mature coconuts.

I love Asian markets. It’s like stepping into a strange exotic world. The shelves are filled with weird products and food you will never see anywhere else; all written in a language you can’t read.  So be prepared. Also the employees may not speak English very well, if at all. Lots of nods and smiles.  And there will be some strange odors.

The Chinese market I frequent keeps cases of coconuts in the back freezer. I always ask someone to fetch me a case from the back because it’s easier than trying to carry nine coconuts in those little hand baskets.  A case of 9 coconuts costs me $14-18. Some grocery stores sell them individually for around $2-3 each.

I love the instructions on the case:
1) Hold knife in one hand and coconut in the other hand
2) Insert straw and flower

Here’s the recipe:

1-2 cups of Frozen Organic Berries
I buy them prepackaged in the frozen section of my local Whole Foods Market, and you may find them at conventional supermarkets as well.  They usually cost around $3.99 for a 1 lb bag.
They usually contain blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries; and a package should have about three servings.  I recently discovered that Costco also sells huge bags of Organic Berries.  Score!

Some of the known anti-cancer nutrients in these fruits:
Blueberries contain ellagic acid, anthocyanins, OPC, and caffeic acid.
Raspberries and Strawberries contain ellagic acid, and laetrile.
Blackberries also contain ellagic acid and have anti-mutagenic effects as they protect cell dna from damage

1 Frozen Organic Banana
The frozen banana makes it sweet, thick, and frosty like adding ice cream would.  Ice is optional, if you like it icey.

Next the fun part: Getting the coconut open.  The goal is to cut the top off the coconut without 1) injuring yourself or 2) spilling the juice everywhere.  You will need a strong and sharp serrated knife.  A bendy blade ginsu knife is not going to get it. I’m partial to Cutco Cutlery.

Here’s how you do it:

CAREFULLY insert the blade straight down with a stabbing motion into the top of the coconut (Hi-ya!), then make a sideways cut about 2-3 inches long. Repeat this 4 to 6 times, working your way around the top of the coconut connecting the cuts until you can easily remove the octagon-shaped top.
-Pour the coconut juice into a blender.
-Scoop out the white coconut meat with a spoon and put it in the blender.
-Blend the juice and meat together to make coconut milk.
(I use and highly recommend the Vita-Mix 5200 Blender.)

In most blenders you’ll need to blend up the juice and meat before adding other ingredients. It will be lumpy if you don’t.
-Blend in 1 cup of frozen organic berries
-Blend in 1 banana (frozen is best, if your blender can handle it)

Of course there are lots more ingredients you could add to jazz it up, but that’s the basic simple smoothie I drink nearly everyday.
So prepare to enjoy a delicious, super healthy, high anti-oxidant, cancer-fighting smoothie!

Note:  If you can’t get young coconuts locally, you should be able to find canned organic coconut milk at the grocery store. It’s more economical as each can contains 7 servings for around $2.00. We keep a few cans of it handy to use when I run out of fresh ones.

The total cost of ingredients is about $3.50 and it makes 32-40 oz of smoothie, depending on the size of the coconut.  That’s less than a dollar per 8 oz. serving!

The best way to freeze bananas:
Peel a bunch of ripe bananas and put them all in a freezer bag.  Ripe means they have what my mother-in-law calls “sugar kisses” on them.  We just call them brown spots.
Some people individually wrap them in cellophane. I think it’s too much trouble.
You can also put a kabob stick in them and eat them like a popsicle once they’re frozen.  This is a great healthy alternative to popsicles.   Hey parents!   Kids love frozen bananas.  Another cool thing you can do is run a frozen banana through a Champion Juicer and make banana “ice cream”.

Vita-Mix 5200 Blender

Some blenders just can’t handle frozen bananas.

The Vita-Mix 5200 is a commercial blender that will destroy anything in it’s path.

It’s the one most smoothie places use and its 2HP motor will make your blender at home look like a toy.

It comes with 400 recipes for smoothies, blended veggie juice, nut butters, soups, salsa, guacamole, healthy ice cream, even how to churn fresh butter, and mill whole grains.

This is the single most versatile kitchen appliance on the planet!  They give you a 30 day free trial and a 7 year warranty.   And it comes in red, white, and black. We got the red one and we love it!!!

This link will get you free shipping when you checkout:

Buy the Vita-Mix 5200 Blender here


If you’d like to see my coconut smoothie skills in action,
I made a how-to video you can watch here.

You also might like my related posts on Juicing and The Giant Cancer Fighting Salad.


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This Post Has 63 Comments

  1. Leslie

    I think we need to see a video of you butchering your coconut :)

  2. Cherlyn Florenz

    I saw your web site via msn the other day and absolutely love it. Keep up this fantastic work.

  3. MissAngee

    As for juicing can I use a blender until I get a juicer?

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Angee
      Yes you can use a blender, the difference is that a juicer separates the juice from the pulp which makes it easier for your body to absorb. With a blender you’re basically going to make smoothies.

      1. cpmt

        I have a question: I have a juicer, can I use the frozen fruit? I’m also diabetic (and have C.)… so I can’t eat too many smoothies or foods with lots of sugar …AND I LOVE FRUIT and I LOVE SMOOTHIES!!!… it is going to be a difficult for me. My 2nd. question is I heard that sugar it really bad for people with cancer, so I am a little confuse because all the places i’ve check they say fruits are ok to eat, but several books a read said the contrary. I will everyone get their ideas together.

        1. JMD

          Hi cpmt,
          I am both a cancer survivor and a person recently re-diagnosed with cancer, and I have insulin-resistance issues, too. I understand the confusion. I have found similar concerns and conflicting data.

          Here is what I have broken down from reputable data. Cancer does ‘feed’ on sugar, or more accurately the blood glucose that are excessive, and that all comes down to insulin that is not regulated, out of control. Eating a balanced diet and minimizing starchy/fast carb foods from all sources and processed food are key to regulation. Also key to regulate the insulin levels is enough high quality protein and healthy/right fats. Coconut fat (non-hydrogenated) actually help regulate blood sugar production and levels, so it is a wonderful thing to eat.

          There is some data out there that corrects some of the confusion and misquotes that have been ‘piggy-back referenced’ for years.

          The thing is, EVERY cell in our body requires blood glucose to function. So, we cannot do without it.

          So, if we try to cut out every ounce of carbs, we would starve and kill all our healthy cells, too, not just the cancer cells. The answer is: balance. Cancer is not CAUSED by blood sugar in and of itself. However, cancer that IS active in the body already USES ‘excess’ blood glucose to feed on to stay alive. It feeds on the blood glucose to live just as the healthy cells do.

          However, as you have said, many fruits have important antioxidants, especially particular ones.

          So, some fruits are good and are complex carbs. The key for us with insulin issues and/or with cancer active and so on…is having healthy/right fats and/or protein and/or fiber with our fruits. If we can have ALL 3, that is best because it will slow down the absorption rate so insulin will not ‘spike’ and ‘crash’, etc cycle. That keeps things balanced so long as we are not eating too much. A normal daily serving amount is balanced.

          Here is some great news! Blackberries, Raspberries, and Strawberries have lots of fiber and lower ‘fast carbs’! Blueberries have less fiber, thereby makes it absorb faster.

          However, having the healthy/right fat from the coconut DOES indeed slow the absorption, AND if you can add some protein to this smoothie, it will help even more. Maybe add some raw organic goat milk powder or another healthy high protein item (be sure to READ the label of anything, because oftentimes I find ‘protein’ powders are actually higher in carbs than protein and messes up the whole intention, and stay away from those that use sweeteners which is why I like raw organic goat milk protein; nothing at all is added and it is great!)

          I hope this helps.

          1. EVIEGB

            Please remember that everyone’s body is different and people react differently to carbs/sugars. Fat might slow the absorption but I wouldn’t recommend using fat for that reason. It doesn’t work well on everyone, some people not at all. The best thing is to find your limit of carbs and do not go above that. Do not try adding fats or protein thinking that will help with slowing absorption.

  4. Stephanie

    Hi Chris,
    We live in the same city…which grocery store do you purchase your young coconuts at? Can you say on here? Maybe you can message me if not? Thanks! Loving your blog!

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hey Stephanie!
      Thanks so much
      Flattery will get you everywhere.
      You might want to check at the grocery store you frequent first. But I know that Whole Foods, Great China Food Market, and some Krogers carry them.
      They seem to be picking up some popularity!


  5. Chris

    Try adding a bit of raw cocoa, macca and kale.

  6. Nosheen Iryan

    hi all,

    i m writing all of it in a desperate mode to learn a lot. My mom has a lump (axillary lump) to be precise which doc has asked to check thru mammogram and ultrasounds. After that a biopsy might also be conducted. As a preemptive measure i want to cure her lump without anything injurious like readiation or surgery, any suggestions please.

    PS : I reside in Pakistan

    1. cpmt

      I heard that TURERIC / CURCUMA it’s very good to shrink tumors. you probably can find it there.

  7. Paulomi Hoffman


    I read your website and gave me great inspiration. I have Intraductal Carcinoma INSITU in my right breast. I have been vegetarian all my life but I have become vegan, have started taking Quercetin and Curcuminoids as well drinking Green smoothie with kale and collard and berry smoothie. We do not get green coconuts but recently Costco near my place has started selling coconut water and I have started drinking that at least 11 oz per day. Have not gone through surgery yet its been 3 weeks, since I found out and change my diet. Any suggestions for me? I hate to go through radiation but I guess I have to.

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Paulomi
      I would definitely have another progress test before surgery to see if what you are doing is working.
      Many vegetarians eat way too much sugar, carbs, and soy. These are not health promoting foods.

      I would buy cans of organic coconut milk. 1 can typically has 7 servings, just mix it with clean water.
      Coconut water does not have lauric acid. You need it.
      Read my post on coconuts for more info about.

      The raw vegan diet is powerful to detox and flood your body with nutrients,
      but you should definitely look into the Budwig Protocol, which is organic cottage cheese and flax seed oil.
      It is a very powerful anti-cancer concoction.
      Read all about it at

      1. Paulomi

        It worked!
        Unfortunately there was no way I could have other progress test, but I went for surgery and ( lumpectomy) and the results of pathology said no malignancy found. Doctors are saying that I should at least go for Radiation once my stitches are healed but I am leaning toward not going for radiation. There say is, might be the growth was so little that when they did steriotactic biopsy it came out with that but technically you had DCIS and the minimum you should do is the radiation!
        I am continuing with diet.
        In Budwig I am mixing oil with coconut and nuts to bind it, as I would never take milk or soy product.
        I read another website
        which says it is important not to take any milk product.
        Thank you so much for your support and input.

        1. Bik

          Hi Paulomi/Chris:

          My mother is diagnosed with Cervix Cancer and we family has refused to go with Orthodox treatment. I found this blog and got alot of motivation to go with Naturopathy treatment.

          Can you share some video or steps to mix flexseed oil with coconut and nuts. My mother can’t drink dairy products.

          Thanks for help

  8. Eva

    I am glad to know of your survival. I read some of your articles and I believe much of what you have said. I especially like your self talk about why you decided against chemo. My husband died 2009, after going through chemo 7 months. I tried to convince him to try alternative methods, but he decided against it and I had to go along with his choice.

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Eva.
      That must have been very difficult for you.
      There are people close to me that I would very much like to help, but they are not open to it either.
      I am so sorry for your loss.
      Thank you so much for sharing your experience here.


  9. ellen

    We have basically the same smoothie every day too but we also add a few tablespons of flax meal cold milled which we store in fridge. It is loaded with good lignans which is anti-cancer, as well as fiber

  10. Valerie

    Hi Chris, I was at your talk at Cosmic Coconut recently and found out shortly after that my dad had colon cancer. He had a little over half his colon removed this past Monday. The low residue diet after surgery is very unhealthy-no fresh fruits, veggies or whole grains that might rip out the stitches. Did you start juicing with the vita mixer as soon as you got home-since the vita mixer turns the whole foods into juice I would think it would be very safe on the colon. Please let me know what you did right after surgery.
    Thanks and God Bless,

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Valerie
      Thanks for coming out to my New Years Revolution Seminar!
      Sorry to hear about your Dad.

      I did not start juicing right after surgery as I did not have a juicer yet.
      and didn’t have my health strategy figured out yet.
      The first meal the hospital served me two days after my colon surgery was a sloppy joe,
      that didn’t strike me a very healthy first meal after having a third of my large intestine removed!

      I don’t remember what I ate in the few weeks that followed surgery,
      I was doped up. I’m sure it was whatever the doctors recommended…
      Soup, mashed potatoes, milkshakes… Not what I would eat now.

      The Vitamix does not turn foods into juice. Technically it’s more of a smoothie
      because all the pulp/fiber is still in there, it’s just blenderized and liquified.
      This might be ok… but I’m not an expert on post-surgery diets.
      Proceed with caution.

      Only a true juicer like the Champion Juicer separates the juice from the pulp. No pulp = no fiber.
      So vegetable juice is definitely ok post surgery.

      I recommend the Vitamix AND the Champion Juicer as they do very different things.

  11. Julie

    Can you tell me how much of the canned coconut you would put in? Is it just a few tablespoons worth? Thanks. Also, I see you were not concerned about the sugar from the fruit. Did you read something about it that allayed any concerns? Thanks. Julie

  12. Dawn

    Chris, you mention a Naturopath. I am curious. Did he help you with your nutrition during the first 90 days? Did your doctor recommend him? What was your doctors reaction when you said you weren’t going to do the chemo? Thanks for your website. Soaking up all your knowledge. Not diagnosed, getting my colonoscopy on Tuesday. Hoping for the best. I have already begun eating healthy. But I keep making mistakes like tomatoes on my salads. But now I know not to do that. I have my grocery list ready to go. Thanks so much, Dawn

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Dawn
      The naturopath I worked with definitely helped me with nutrition and natural therapies in the first 90 days and beyond.
      He was recommended to me by my mom, then by a random friend from church.
      The oncologist told me I was insane if I didn’t do chemo.

    2. cpmt

      I WILL like to know why you don’t eat not tomatoes? or what happen with tomatoes? I never heard anything any where can you give me an address or website where i can check things out about what I should eat or not? I am new on this … and learning by reading comments. Thank you.

  13. Zack

    Chris, I just stumbled across your website today, and I am trying to soak it all in. I have started to add a lot more nuts and whole grains to my diet, and I am definitely still a newbie or beginner to all of this. I am reading and it is hard not to get overwhelmed with “where do I start” to change my diet over, because I really want to. We have a Whole Foods store in our city, and I’m thinking that is where I need to start, but I am trying to figure out some easy recipes, that I can prepare for my wife and I that won’t turn her off to eating healthy.

  14. Suzanne

    I LOVE your recipes, your wonderful detailed food lists, and your demonstrations of the food and the Coconut Fruit Smoothie, which made it so easy for me to duplicate! You are so generous and considerate to donate your time for all of us who are so desperate for help.

    I have been told not to eat brocoli or lettuce, and other vegetables that are not okay after major surgery on the colon, so I cannot eat the salad or some vegetables whether cooked or raw. I don’t know when I can start eating those things that are so beneficial and which help fight my cancer.
    Right now I don’t know if the cancer has moved to another site, if cells are circulating in my blood stream, or whether when it was removed from the colon, by my small intestine, it is gone. However, the tumor did go through the wall, so it is scary. Thank you for all you do!

  15. wathsala

    Thank you so much for the information. Your efforts to educate the community and lead them in the correct path is much appreciated. I recently became a vegetarian. I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and treated with chemotherapy. i have read so much on alternative medications, new research and so on. However i find your blog so unique and important. i have practical experience in many things that you post and so happy to see that someone from the other side of the world have same ideas.i appreciate your straightforwardness in revealing the truth.I would like to contribute by telling my experiences. Keep posting. wish you success and good health.

  16. Sue

    Thank you for all the information, inspiring & encouraging. Fighting cancer myself with juice & raw foods, no thank you to chemotherapy (what a cheek to cal it therapy). Thanks again & abundant blessings to you xxx

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      You’re welcome! Great point about chemo “therapy”.

    2. Michelle

      I just made a video on making a coconut vanilla “milkshake” I also have recently made a video on how to open a fresh young coconut. Check it out if you want :)

  17. Tom

    Hey Chris

    Great site. Really.

    Quick Q: Could I use a can of coconut milk instead? Getting young coconuts is a non-starter here for me.



  18. Matthew Schwartz

    I am looking for one without sugar. I am making dinner for a neighbor with cancer undergoing kemo and his diet specifies no sugar.

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      All fruit has sugar. My opinion is that the nutrient benefits of fruit are more important than worrying about the sugar.

      Use a whole thai coconut with broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, and whatever other veggies you want to throw in there. That’s a green smoothie. It won’t taste good, but if he/she’s determined to live they should drink it everyday.
      Also trying to heal your body of cancer while taking chemo is like swimming up a waterfall.

  19. Michele

    Hi Chris,

    Just found your site and I love it! Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge & experience in order to help others:o)

    I have been looking into nutriton for health for several years, now, as 4 out of 5 of my immediate family (Mom, Brother, Sister, Dad) have all had cancer. Also, have known many others with cancer and none of them have taken the alternative route. I knew what the treatments did to my mother & others (currently to my sister w/stage 4 cervical cancer), and I knew there must be better answers to the cut, poison, burn methods.

    It was knowing my loving Creator/Father, my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ who led me to the understanding (I believe) that His ways are not to put something totally toxic into my body to destroy the good along with the bad and end up with horrible side-effects to boot. His ways must be better than what these doctors have come up with, so I asked him to lead me into knowledge and wisdom concerning health and those things that I should reject if I should ever end up with horrible dis-ease (already have some dis-ease as it is). Prescription drugs are another one I stay away from. Shoot, I just try to stay away from doctors as much as possible since they’ve never truly helped me to heal. They’ve only cut and prescribed all my life!

    Anyway, I have a question for you about the Vitamix: What are the reasons I should have a Vita-mix over just a regular blender? I also have a L’quip juicer and grain mill, so will the Vitamix replace all 3 of these appliances? I don’t think the Vitamix juices, does it? It’s just so expensive and I have 4 boys living at home, so budget is limited, therefore, I want to put a lot of thought into my purchases.

    Thank you! I’m sharing your site with my boys as an example, as they are young and resistent to health info.

    1. cpmt

      I think he said vitamix (much powerful and very expensive) will ‘grind/blend ‘ frozen foods but not a regular blenders. I have a juicer and use it for fruits and veggies and wheatgrass… so your juicer
      will be able to do it (but not smoothies). and for your father with colon surgery, juices are better than smoothies, & in my opinion (and I don’t know anything ), i think you can and should manage with what you have at home.

  20. Eric V

    Hey Chris why the young coconut that is the most highly toxic where they spray it with formaldehyde and irradiated. The mature ones are better. Where do you get your source for coconuts?

    God Bless

    Eric V

    1. Michelle

      Hey, LOVE the post. I am addicted to young coconut. I didn’t know how to open them at first (bought one just to see what it was) and butchered my first one. Not to mention that I thought you might be able to eat the outer soft white part so I sort of bit down on it to see. Then after watching a video on how to open one, found out about the toxins on the surface to keep them from browning during the 6 week transport to U.S. Oops!

      Now I’m very good about keeping the outer surface from contacting any of the inner water or flesh. I keep the plastic film on and just cut right through it. Also, to get the water out I put a cup of matching size to the hole over the top and quickly “flip” the coconut and cup over so no dripping out like it would if you poured it out of the coconut.

      Thanks for the great post!


  21. John

    I have tried with coconut milk, coconut juice and coconut oil is good for me especially against cancer

  22. Gretchen Rodriquez

    Hi Chris, 1st thanks so much for your blog! I’m having a hard time with the berry smoothie, it goes right through me even with the vita mix. Do you have an alternative cancer fighter smoothie? (colon cancer, stage 2 June 2012) Thanks in advance.

  23. Irina

    Hi Chris!
    Thank you for all the great info that you took the time to put out for us all to read and learn from!

    My husband and I have changed our diets after reading your blog and a few other books. I started making this smoothie but my husband is allergic to bananas and I’ve only been putting coconut and fruits for him. He drinks the smoothie as his breakfast on the way to work. He is pretty skinny as is so I would like to add something instead of a banana, what would you recommend?
    I looked into Garden of Life and thought maybe the RAW protein Organic or Perfect Food>

      1. cpmt

        how can I use flaxseeds? in a smoothie? will the grinder will do it? someone said that they have to be grinder to be able to be digested, true?

  24. Caroline

    Hi Chris,

    I just found your site yesterday and I am loving all the information you provide just one question about the coconuts I have read that formaldehyde is used in young coconuts to make them white and that this can leak into the water, any thoughts on this?

    1. Chris Wark

      I haven’t seen any conclusive proof that the coconut water is affected. If you find any, please let me know. :)

      1. Caroline

        I haven’t seen anything conclusive either :) but it’s rather annoying that they take something health and add chemicals to it to make it stay white, I would rather see it in it’s natural color than think of the chemicals sitting on it.

  25. Dave

    Curious if you purchase the young coconuts from the store on Winchester? Went there tonight after discovering your site and went to buy a case. Out of the cases out back so I had to case up the individuals on the shelves. My 15 year old told me that the two gents helping us said someting to the effect of a few others buying these by the case. Looking forward to making the first shake in the morning.

    Docs game me 6-12 last December…I’m all in! Thanks for the site…inspriation defined.

    1. Chris Wark

      Yep I sure do!
      Dave I am so excited for you and am looking forward to hearing your success story.
      You must absolutely reject that hex, that curse the doctor is trying to put on you.
      No man has the power to dictate the end of your life.
      That’s between you and your Creator. :)
      Keep me posted on your progress!

  26. Leisa

    Hi Chris, You don’t mention whether the coconuts are organic or not? I can get young coconuts at my local supermarket, but they are not sold as “organic”. Thanks for the great info supplied on your blog :)

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Leisa, we buy them conventional, I’ve never seen organic young coconuts

  27. Dr Mark D'Andrea

    What a great way to implement electrolytes and antioxidants will definitely share this with some patients. Dehydration and energy is a big concern for cancer patients

  28. Pat

    Chris: Instead of peeling bananas and putting them in a freezer bag (plastic can leach into foods, and is an environmental toxin):

    Do not peel the banana. Leave it in its skin, and put it directly in the freezer (Don’t put it in a freezer bag.) The skin will protect the banana. And the banana will freeze. (I am not sure exactly how long it takes for it to freeze. Probably several hours).

    When you are ready to use the frozen banana, take it out of the freezer. Put it on a cutting board, laying flat so it does not roll/move. Using a sharp paring knife, cut the banana in half — lengthwise. Then separate the skin from the fruit. Sometimes the skin comes off easily. Other times it may take a bit of work to separate the skin from the fruit. And voila!

    It works. I have done it. But give it a try and see what you think.

  29. KS

    I am really confused about the amount of fat and fruit that can be consumed when battling active cancer. Hallelujah acres which you do make reference to says
    “Fats: Cancer also feeds on fats (and oils) even those considered healthy, like olive oil. Therefore, The Hallelujah Recovery Diet suggests no fats from nuts, seeds, (except flax seed and up to 1/4 of one avocado per day), no oils of any kind except a very limited amount of flax seed oil (men with prostate issues may experience better results when getting their Omega 3 from ground flax seed instead of flax seed”
    And regarding fruits “– Small amounts of low-sugar fruit are acceptable. Fruit intake should not exceed 15% of your total diet. ” so how does use of coconut in smoothies and olive oil on sales twice a day work? So much conflicting information. Trying to help a family member with cancer healing diet….and struggling on knowing what is the best way. Thanks for input

  30. Mrs Biddle

    Hi Chris

    Love your stuff, thank you for everything.

    For a person fighting cancer who cannot access coconuts would you still recommend the berry smoothie? Perhaps berry, banana water, wheatgrass and spinach? Or do you think fruit is not good for a cancer patient without coconut?

  31. Sasha

    Hi Chris,
    I know you use young coconut, but does the hard coconut do the same job?

    1. Chris Wark

      Yes. It’s just harder to open

  32. Tom

    I don’t know what a “naturopath” is, but I assume he/she has a medical degree and is fully abreast of the latest medical research findings?

    My concern is that there is some evidence linking increased likelyhood of colorectal cancer to “drinking” fruit as opposed to eating it in the “normal” way. As I understand it, part of the problem is that people taking up juice, smoothies etc. do so as an alternative to eating fruit and so eliminate a great deal of essential roughage from their diet. Other undesirable consequences of taking fruit in liquid form are that it is easy to overdose on some of the “goodies”, making your body reject them all – also you tend not to “drink” the skin – which is where most nutrients and antioxidents are.

    The healthiest, easiest, most enjoyable, and cheapest way to achieve a balanced intake of antioxidents, vitamins, and essential trace elements is to eat lots of fruit, including the skin on things like kiwi fruit. With kiwi, you don’t usually even need to wash them since they grow only in places where it rains a lot!

  33. Tracey

    Hi I sent a post yesterday but it didnt go through? from this website – not sure if i am registered. My dad has a tumour in anal passgae which per the MRI scans is spread to pelvis and some nodes. He cant sit due to pain, I wanted know why he has pain, part of the tumour was cut out, but they couldnt get all of it out. He takes B17 and is on all natural diet. He stopped taking paracetomel due the salt content, but is in quite alot of pain, after he goes to toliet, which is very frequent. Can you suggest any pain killers or things whcih we can do to help him. He cant take too much vitain c as that makes him go to toliet again…. also I think with jucing it will cause same effect.. Any ideas please i hate to see him in pain… THanks so much. Tracey

  34. Andy


    1. Chris Wark

      One per day. 24-32oz is enough for most people :)

  35. stacy

    How do u store all those coconuts? In the fridge? I’d love to see a picture of how ur fridge looks… I’m sure it looks like a jungle with all the beautiful produce!

    What foods did u avoid, in terms of fruits and veggies? Also, for what reasons did u not use leafy greens in smoothies and juices???

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