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40 Years Against Oils – Q&A with Dr. John McDougall MD

Today’s episode is a follow up Q&A to my previous conversation with Dr. John McDougall MD, a physician with four decades of plant-based nutrition experience. Note: Dr. McDougall’s practice and dietary advice is controversial in the conventional medical community and in the alternative community, but he’s gotten great results in his career, and testimonials abound from people he’s helped get well. While I don’t follow Dr. McDougall’s dietary advice 100%, I agree with many things he says, and I hope his statements compel you to read and research further.

As I write this, I have two family members suffering from advanced heart disease. One had a quadruple bypass this week. The other is in hospice, dying of congestive heart failure (she died the day after I posted this).

A low-fat, whole food plant-based diet like the one that Dr. McDougall recommends is the only diet proven to reverse heart disease. And people have also healed advanced cancer with this diet, like my friend Dr. Ruth Heidrich. For book recommendations, see the links below the show notes.

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-Dr. McDougall reflects on 40 years of observing the cancer industry
-“Oil is not a food”
-Fats that promote the growth of cancer
-How the medical profession is changing toward nutrition
-The financial challenge of being a nutritional MD
-How can you be sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need?
-How deficiency diseases came about
-“You can’t cure diseases of excess by treating deficiency problems”
-The one supplements he recommends
-Why he is against vitamin D supplementation
-His favorite grains
-His opinion on “sugar feeds cancer”
-Why a potato is not sugar
-Restoring the digestive tract after surgery or chemo
-Why doctors are completely ignorant of human nutrition
-The maximum amount of meat he lets his patients eat

Book Recommendations:
The Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall MD
Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn MD
How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger



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  • MT295

    If sugar does not feed cancer why then is radioactive glucose given to cancer patients for scans to see their tumors, which i heard by another physician. Sugar is consumed by cancer cells first regarding scans and that is why they show up on scans. Now this doctor says sugar does not feed cancer cells? Confusing to me.

  • Edie Henderson

    he started off well but toward the end he sounded – stuck in the past.

  • kat

    amazing Thank You so much! by the way hehe I only have 2-3 cigarettes a day;)hehe Ill stop soon.

  • Amy Doucette

    present research (last 10 yrs) does not support his comments on vit D.
    and what real scientist/doctor trusts the World Health Organization for their info?
    other drs are “completely ignorant of human nutrition,” yet he sees nothing wrong with consuming sugar — and for a cancer patient??

  • Debbie Hernandez

    Well either every other functional medicine Doctor is wrong about sugar/cancer or his data is not current. He quotes WHO report on meat causing cancer but they make no distinction between commercially raised meats and clean meat. Also he completely ignores all other blue zone long living groups who eat a lot of animal protein and high fat diet such as olive oil. Cherry picking data to support your view is intellectually dishonest. Sorry I am not impressed. No doubt we need more vegetables and fruit in our diet and our proteins need to be organic. Table sugar is known to cause inflammation, so for him not to know what is bad about it is baffling.

  • Kim March

    WOW stuck in the past alright ! hard now though after 40 years to come out and stay he was wrong

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