Q&A: Ask me anything – April 11, 2014

So last week I put out a request for questions on facebook …

I got 81 responses. (Yikes)

Here are my answers to the first 23 questions, divided up into three videos.
I plan to answer the rest very soon. :)

And just case you think this is medical advice, let me be clear, it is NOT.

In part one I answer these questions:
-Do you eat any sugar now?
-Should I remove a tumor or not? (see this video)
-What should someone who is newly diagnosed do? (see this video)
-What’s the best way to monitor cancer progress besides scans?
-Any thoughts about the ketogenic diet for brain cancer? (healing brain cancer with raw food)
-Any info on cannabis for cancer?(see these posts)
-How do you handle naysayers?
-How did you get your doctors to monitor you, when going against their advice?

In part two I answer these questions:
-Are chiropractic and acupuncture helpful?
-What veggies/ fruits are ok to eat if they are not organic? (more info here)
-What are your thoughts on bee pollen?
-Should you sprout apricot kernels?
-Did you have a before and after hair analysis for toxic metals?
-Will you be writing a book?
-What to do if doctors are pressuring you to do immediate treatment?

In part three I answer these questions:
-How do you approach family/friends about alternative options?
-Was there any part of your protocol that you found unpleasant, how did you adjust?
-Will you talk to my family member who thinks chemo will help?
-Please tell us ways to find cheap organic produce in bulk
-Are ground organic apricot kernels healthy?
-How long should one juice carrots?
-Any recommendations on how to detox, eat right, and live?
-How do you deal with peer pressure about what your kids eat?

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  • jana

    Awesome info Chris!!! Loved it!!!

  • Becca

    Great job Chris!! Thank you!

  • sisgp

    April 11 is the day my Dad died of Cancer, wish I knew then what I know now:
    Thanks Chris for all the info you put out.

  • Worriedmom

    Here is a tough question…My son was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer of the colon. He refused surgery but, took Chemo AND used naturopathic meals supplements and IV Vit C infusions . He has recently been told that no cancer shows up in his system. He even sent Bloodwork to a Germany company that does a comprehensive test for any cancer cells. It came back clear…none found. Upon sharing this with the Dr’s here he was told they still wanted to do surgery(Which would mean him wearing a colostomy bag permanently) just in case there were any residual cells that might flair up. They said if it comes back ..all they could do was sent him to Hospice because it would come back with a vengence. Now…if naturopathic things are supposed to get rid of Cancer…why will it not work if it comes back???

    • Mary

      Hi Worriedmom…please explain…what is naturopathic meals supplements? can you give some brands?. I had colon cancer removed…If i had to do it again I would never have the surgery. Also, I have a colostomy bag. It is reversal. Thank the Lord for i can’t imagine to have to love with it…is uncomfortable, painful messy and not easy to live with it at all and it has only been 5 months.

  • Dawn R. Mardis

    Hi Chris! My question is, If I don’t yet have a jucer, can I buy Organic juices at the grocerie store to drink in the meantime and will they be as benificial as the homemade juice?

    • hernan

      Hey Dawn,

      juices found in groceries stores have been sittingvon the shelves for an unknown amount of time… the benefits from juices are lost, depending on what type of juicer they used, within minutes of juicing… by the time they reach the grocery shelves all benefits are lost and your basically drinking sugar water.

      Get your juicer, preferably a masticating juicer since benefits of juices are maintained for a longer period of time, as soon add possible.

      Good luck and hope this helps!


      • Dawn R. Mardis

        Thanks Herman, it does help. I was also recently diagnosed a type 2 diabetic and whan I checked the juice bottles for carb content and sugars, I was shocked. The organic juices were unbelievably high in both. I will be buying my juicer as soon as possible!

        • hernan

          Dawn, due to the fact that you are a diabetic, I would strongly recommend you speak with your doctor about juicing as juices could spike your blog levels. If anything, I would begin just juicing greens with half a green apple to start. Still, speak with your doctor.

          • Dawn R. Mardis

            I will definately do that. Thanks!

          • Rosalynde

            For what it’s worth. I have heard that dates help regulate your blood sugar as well as cinnamon. You could look into it.

  • elle buchanan

    had non hodgkins lymphoma in late 2008, treated with Chemo and Radiation on my tonsil. New Pet/sc showed suspicious spot that biopsy determined was stage 1 Endometrial. refusing treatment this time. too hard at 84. I am deaf so how can I best utilize your web site. cannot hear the voice on the video.

  • Darcy

    Hi Chris. Thanks for sharing and promoting self-healing. You have inspired me as I recover from conventional cancer treatment and strive for a healthier lifestyle.

    I have a question: Do you have advice for someone who is obese and also striving to recover from cancer — how to incorporate exercise without undue stress, whether or not to track calories or other nutrients, etc.?

    • Rosalynde

      Hey Darcy! Check out ewot! Exercise with oxygen. Also I myself have a hard time sticking to counting calories and carbs and whatever else but I don’t eat processed foods refined sugars mostly live foods fruits vegetables nuts seeds free range eggs grass feed beef. The closer the food is to it’s natural stage the better in my opinion. I think eating right and deep breathing if you don’t have access to an ewot machine will kick start you into your new fit lifestyle. You can contact me through email if you’d like saladyne15@gmail.com

      Good luck!

  • Gino


  • Tina

    Hi Chris,
    Thank you again for all you do, you and your work are so very important.
    My question is regarding the Budwig Flax Oil and Cottage Cheese. I would like to have a morning serving of the disgusting mixture but not want do the whole rigid protocol. Would the CC/FO be alright to do with a high antioxidant, heavy greens no meat, sugar, dairy (except for the cottage cheese) diet? I ask this because while researching the Budwig diet online I read in 2 separate places that the diet may backfire if not followed closely. It had something to do with how our bodies use certain enzymes in digestion…. Can you please help me with this question?


  • Linda

    November 13, 2013 I was diagnosed with a 3.3 cm cancerous tumor on my right lung. I underwent surgery in which the lower and middle section of my lung was removed and one adrenal gland. In a whirl wind I was pushed by doctors into beginning chemo 7 days after surgery. Scare tactics used by the doctors worked. Chemo was an alternative I had always said I would not do as I had seen the wasting away of two very dear friends and had always believed was what cost them their lives. I wasn’t given a chance by the doctors to process that they had removed such a large portion of my lung nor was I in any state to make such a drastic decision as I was heavily sedated. Within 5 days I lost ALL my hair and by the week following my first “round” of chemo I had lost 35 POUNDS, my WBC count was 5!!!! In stupidity I did begin my scheduled second “round” of chemo. By day 2 of “round” 2 I was so weak I could not walk on my own. The doctor again tried his scare tactic when I voiced my concern over my drastic decline in health. In his exact words “Take your treatments or die”.
    With the help of my ex-husband I left the clinic. Six weeks have passed and I am slowly gaining my strength and weight back. I would like to know if you can guide me in finding healthy foods to eat and what type of supplements (if any) to re-build my WBC and fight off cancer.

    • Rosalynde

      I have several links that will show you many alternative options. Please contact me through email saladyne15@gmail.com You are not alone and will be amazed at the possibilities!

  • DrDennis77 .

    Great answers to good questions.

  • Tracy Stark

    I was just told today that I have CLL what’s the best way to get started on this journey?

    • Rosalynde

      I have some links I can send you if you email me at saladyne15@gmail.com
      I hope you’ve already ran across some good alternative therapies but would be happy to share what I’ve found. I was amazed!

  • BlogZilla

    Hard to believe that vegetables like celery and cabbage have sugar in them

  • Manuel

    Im taking two special supplements:1. Curcumin with reverasol and 2. Cumin or black seed oil which was found to boost immune system and particularly help with pancreatic cancer. Approved by FDA in 1996. I have colon cancer. Any thoughts on these?

    • Jackie

      Curcumin has been so beneficial to my health. I know my allergies have greatly improved with the change in season along with hives that suddenly appeared. They were gone in 3 day after using this wonderful supplement. This is a highly potent anti-inflammatory. Have read many articles on its effectiveness with also treating cancer. Many science backed studies have proven its powerful healing mechanisms!!!!

    • Rosalynde

      Yes curcumin has been tested in Germany on cancer cells and although each type of cancer is unique the tests I’ve seen have all shown to be effected by curcumin. Also high dose vit C as well as many other things. Your welcome to email me at saladyne15@gmail.com and I’ll send you some links!

      Hope to hear from you soon!
      Good luck on regaining your health!

  • Rock

    Christ, hello and I enjoy your website. I was diagnosed with”CML” on June 2013.
    Where can I find suggestions, information on your website.

  • Mary

    I hope I can add this question. For Is not clear to me. with Dr Vickers interview salt was discussed as a no no. But in your page is does say you use Celtic salt. with cancer, use or not use salt? Thank you!!! Chris for this awesome post on questions and answers!!


    Chris, you are awesome and thank you for sharing your story, thoughts and ideas. But I respectfully disagree with you about the ketogenic cancer diet. There are people who have beat cancer this way, Elaine Cantin is one of them. There are past and ongoing studies that have shown cancer to be “starved” with a ketogenic diet. Cancer is different for everyone, there doesn’t seem to be one cure. There is nothing wrong with trying different diets to see what works. I am obviously, taking this route and just so other readers know and are not confused with keto diet for weight loss and the keto diet for cancer, that I do not eat bacon, unhealthy fats, very little red meat, no dairy, no grains. I get my protein from mostly fish, and carbs from vegetables (organic), healthy fats from coconut oil and other MCT’s, I also use Ghee. I have a neuroendocrine cancer, which falls under the same “umbrella” as Steve Jobs. As we all know Steve Jobs tried to cure himself with diet. I use him as a case in point, that not one diet works for everyone. I follow you because all cancer survivor stories fascinate me. I read and keep an open mind about everything. I will go “raw” if this keto diet doesn’t work. My cancer is slow growing and I have the “freedom” right now to experiment with diet options. But this cancer has no known cure as yet. Please keep an open mind too!


      I would also like to add, while I followed a healthy eating plan before I decided in September 2013 to give up fruit (I love fruit btw), Not necessarily following a keto diet at that point, but still low carbs etc. My ct scan (the only way for my cancer to be followed, I can’t take MRI’s got very sick) showed in January that for the first time, some of my tumors had shrunk, the words said to me were “they shrunk like they have been treated with something”. I do take a once a month shot that is suppose to have that effect, but after 2+ years of taking the shot the tumors shrunk after I give up fruit (fructose)? Sure made me say, hmmm so full blown keto cancer diet for me. Next scan in July, I’m going to beat this!!! and one day will be enjoying my fruit again : )

      • Chris Wark

        I know Elaine Cantin, and I’m not against the keto diet completely. There just aren’t any long term survivors to give it credibility. Please keep me posted on your progress. :)

  • Trish

    Hi Chris,
    I absolutely love your blog and videos! Thanks so much for all you share.
    Have you heard of the RGCC Lab test that is a supersensitive test that isolates cancer cells in your blood (on the order of 5 cells in billions). I am a 5 year breast cancer survivor and have had several tests including the American Metabolic Labs profile that all showed negative. However the RGCC test shows positive. There is also further testing you can do with them that shows exactly which substances your personal cancer cells respond to (die from).

    Just wondering what you think of this test if you’ve heard of it.

  • Daisy

    Excellent and creative, thank you for all you do for us!

  • Melissa B

    Thank you for great information! I have a question I hope you can help me with! I am going to do the Gerson Therapy, but don’t want to have to buy a Norwalk! Is the Angel juicer sufficient for healing purposes?

  • Rachit Sharma

    Chris, do you know if jaggery can be used as a sweetner or even that should be avoided ?

  • Vicki

    Chris do you think frankincense oil helps with cancer? Do you use any oils?

  • Jerry Story

    Is there scientific evidence published in a peer reviewed journal that Gerson therapy works?

  • Estella

    Chris what do you know about the Sedona Wellness Retreat in Sedona AZ?

  • michelle

    Hi Chris, I understand that when we take apricot kernels, we ought to take pancreatic enzymes as well. Is there a reason for this? Also, from diagrams obtained online, the B17 has 2 molecules of glucose. Will this translate to an increased blood glucose level when the B17 comes in contact with cancer cells? Will the blood glucose level increase, with consumption of B17? TIA

  • Gina

    i have so much respect for you. Thank you for your work!

  • Kathy

    My husband was diagnosed with CMML in Feb 2014. Anyone out there have success with a particular diet plan for CMML?

  • Matt

    Chris . I am 53 years old and found out that i had Intrahepetic Cholangiacarcinoma. I had a successful surgery January 23 2014. It was in a good position in the liver and went to 1 lymph node. The scan after surgery was perfect. They advised because of the rare cancer that had should consider 6 months of chemo. I did my best and just finished 3 months but every bone in my body was telling me to stop so i am as of today. I have always taken ,many supplements and good care of my self and believe the cause was stress but it would take to much time to into that. My questions is what supplements such as maitake mushroom, astragalus, garlic, B-17 apricot seeds and even what is your take on medical marijuana for stopping cancer cells, I would love to talk to you if you can it would mean a lot to me but please give me your thoughts. I have had 6 root canals in my life but do not think that that was the cause in my case plus, what could i do now anyway about the root canals. My e-mail is mattgarbo@aol.com. e-mail me i will give you my number. Tnak you for your time

  • surobhi

    Chris my husband is suffering from advanced small cell lung cancer.I s there any cure for small cell lung cancer.please help me

  • Linda

    Chris, you mention how much you love your Champion juicer in one of your videos. Did you use this juicer alone to make juice while being healed of cancer, or did you also use a juice press with it? How many juices a day did you drink for the two year? How many do you drink now?

  • Debbie

    Hi Chris,
    I want to know how to manage pain from cancer. From what I have been learning, a lot of people affected by cancer don’t have pain. My husband was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is suffering from a lot with pain and indigestion problems.
    Amazing work! Thank God we found you!

  • Hanna

    Hi Chris! Do you know anyone cure GIST (GastroIntestinal Stromal Tumour) by using natural therapies? My sister is poisoned by Gleevec, I am afraid that she will be killed by the medicine so I would like her to use natural therapies after reading your homepage, it is very encouraging. Would you please help me to check if natural therapies can help her?

    Many thanks and I am looking forward to your reply.


  • Carmen

    Hi Chris
    thank you for sharing your experiences. I was looking for information on detox after radiation and chemo. I was diagnosed uterine cancer stage 2, endometrial, in late 2013, had a radical hysterectomy Jan 2014 then radiation/chemo combined and a second chemo treatment over 12 wks. Last chemo was on 4.7.14. Unfortunately the damage is done. I am suffering from numbness (possible nerve damage) in fingers and feet and some other eg fatigue. I was wanting to start with a detox but have not found anything on that topic on your website. I am grateful for your suggestions. Thank you

  • Rifat Hussain

    Hello Chris. I was diagnosed with breast cancer triple negative. Lumpectomy and lymph node dissection has been done. Chemo and radiotherapy is recommended by my doctors but I refused and started with your organic vegan diet. It’s been 2 months now but now I have pain in my breasts and a little fever so I was wondering if anything as such happened to you or anyone else here. Is it a process of healing or is it not supposed to be happening? Any answers are highly appreciated :)