Billboard reveals how the cancer industry really sees you

So a few months ago (in the dead of winter) I saw a cancer clinic billboard that was so ridiculous and offensive that I had to pull over, climb a bridge, and fire some rockets at it.

Crazy right?

Now let me expound. In the video I said, “the death rate is the most definitive proof that the are not saving lives”. What I meant by that is that the overall cancer death rate has only come down about 5% in the last 60 years since the advent of chemo.

To give credit where it’s due, the cancers that have seen the best improvement in survival are childhood leukemia, testicular cancer and lymphoma, especially Hodgkins disease. But the vast majority of epithelial cancers, aka carcinomas like lung, breast, colon, pancreatic, uterine, ovarian, etc. have made little to no progress in survival due to chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Another clarification, when I use the word “survival” I mean a person is cured i.e. total restoration of health, but to the cancer industry, the word “survival” means something very different. See my video How the American Cancer Society spins survival data for illumination.

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