Study: Chemo Is Only 2.1% Effective Toward 5 Year Survival [8 Min.]

How effective is chemotherapy, really?

How Effective Is Chemotherapy? Survival Rates Q & A

I received an email yesterday regarding chemotherapy and radiation treatments that I decided to answer on the blog. Here it is.


My wife found your blog and I find it very inspirational and resourceful.
I’ve been diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer just like yours, but unlike your tumor, mine is located in the lower part of the rectal area.

I have visited the oncologists and surgeons, they said the best way is to go through Chemo and Radiation in order to shrink the tumor size small enough to remove it during surgery.

I will begin my treatment next week, the chemo I’ll be taking is the pill that I’ll have to consume twice a day for 6 weeks with radiation.

The doctors said I will be required to go through another chemo therapy after surgery, which would be different chemo treatment (through IV). That’s where my wife feel most uncomfortable and began researching different options such as alternative therapy. And she found your blog with some insightful information.

I changed my diet to raw organic vegetables the day I was informed that I had cancer. It was a life changing moment and left me a little confused what’s on the horizon for me.  I began to eat more raw organic food and exercise more than I have done before (I have been eating organic food and exercising moderately for years).

While I have read through some of your blogs and stories, I know you mentioned that you had surgery to remove part of the large intestine and forego chemo and radiation with alternative therapy. I am still confused about the part when you had surgery…Did you have any treatment before your surgery? I understand your blog and stories mostly mention after surgery treatment but maybe I overlooked somewhere that says anything about before surgery?

I am curious to know because my age is slightly older than your age right now, and I have two young daughters, too.

Do hope that everything posted on your website is true. I am not doubting anything, but I do praise your recovery and living cancer free. That’s my goal too.



Hi Tris

Yes it’s all true! Here’s what I did.

I first had surgery to remove the tumor.

I did not have chemo or radiation before the surgery.

During the surgery the doctor discovered that the cancer had spread to my lymphnodes (Stage 3C).

After surgery the doctors recommended 9-12 months of chemotherapy.

I declined, which was not a popular decision.

Most of my family thought I was crazy and it took several years and multiple cancer free reports before they came around.

I believe that in some cases, surgery makes sense; to get as much cancer out as possible and to give your body a jump start in dealing with whatever cancerous cells are left.

In other cases, surgery can cause the cancer to spread. It’s a bit of a gamble…

Knowing what I know now, I probably would have postponed surgery, pursued hardcore natural methods first for 90 days, and along the way, would have had the doctors monitor my progress.

If you’ve read my posts on chemotherapy then you know that my reasons to reject chemotherapy were:

– Chemo causes permanent damage throughout the body.

– It destroys your immune system, which is the most critical component in getting well.

– Many chemo drugs are a carcinogenic and can cause secondary cancers.

– The reports of its effectiveness are grossly exaggerated.

A groundbreaking 14-year study was published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology in December 2004 called “The Contribution of Cytotoxic Chemotherapy to 5-year Survival in Adult Malignancies”.

Researchers at the Department of Radiation Oncology at the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre studied the 5-year survival rates of chemotherapy on 22 types of cancers in the US and Australia.

They studied 154,971 Americans and Australians with cancer, age 20 and older, that were treated with conventional treatments, including chemotherapy.

Only 3,306 had survival that could be credited to chemotherapy.

Study Results:
“The overall contribution of curative and adjuvant cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adults was estimated to be 2.3% in Australia and 2.1 % in The USA”

Study Conclusion:
“As the 5-year survival rate in Australia is now over 60%, it is clear that cytotoxic chemotherapy only makes a minor contribution to cancer survival.  To justify the continued funding and availability of drugs used in cytotoxic chemotherapy, a rigorous evaluation of the cost-effectiveness and impact on quality of life is urgently required.”

Chemo Only Contributes About 2% to overall 5-year survival!

This is probably also something that your doctors didn’t mention.

It is important to remember that the “2.1% average” can be deceptive. Some cancers do respond better to chemo than others.

According to this research, the best results from chemotherapy are in treating testicular cancer.

In testicular cancer, chemo is 41.8% effective toward 5-year survival.

In Hodgkins Disease, chemo is 35.8% effective toward 5-year survival.

Still not great. Would you hire an auto mechanic who had a 42% success rate at fixing cars?

You can read and download the entire study HERE.

Make sure you look at the tables on page 3 and 4. These tables show the survival rate in the US and Australia, with chemo treatments, for each type of cancer.

You will notice that the survival rate for some cancers after chemo treatment has a dash (-). That means ZERO effectiveness of chemotherapy toward 5-year survival. This includes pancreatic cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, melanoma, kidney, bladder, and uterine cancers.

And yet chemotherapy is still prescribed to treat many these cancers today, over a decade after this study was published.

And although not included in this research, chemo does have a better success rate on leukemia and some childhood cancers.

How Effective Is Chemotherapy for Colon and Rectal Cancer?

As for mine and yours, chemotherapy was shown to be 1.8% effective toward 5-year survival for colon cancer and 5.4% effective for rectal cancer.

As bad as all this sounds, the reality is actually worse.

Nowhere in the study does it say that the 3,306 patients (2.1%) who made it to the five year mark were actually cancer free.

The only thing we know is that they were “still alive” at the five year mark.

It is safe to assume that some of them still had cancer and may have died of cancer later.

I would love to see a follow up on how many of the 5-year survivors actually lived to the 10 year mark. I imagine the results would be even more brutal.

As far as I know that study hasn’t happened.

Why is Chemotherapy still the Go-To Solution?

So why in the world are doctors continuing to prescribe a treatment that doesn’t work on most cancers?

Read my post on The Business of Chemo.

When I was where you are, back in 2004, I also knew chemo was a toxic poison, which is why I didn’t want to do it.

It didn’t make sense to me that I could poison my body back to health.

Nevertheless, in the back of my mind it was my last resort if nothing else worked.

Today, as I’m writing this post, I know many people (personal friends, as well as folks I’ve met online), whose bodies have been wrecked by chemotherapy.

They’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on these “treatments” and they still have cancer.

That is why I do what I do here on this site.

I am not a doctor and cannot give cancer treatment advice, but as a friend I can certainly share what I did.

There’s no law against that! (yet)

What Else Can Be Done Instead of Chemo?

One very powerful approach is converting to the Raw Plant-Based Diet to flood your body with the nutrients it needs to heal itself.

This consists of:
Giant Salads
Green Smoothies (giant salad blended up in a powerful blender like a Vita-Mix)
Coconut Berry Smoothies

Read the books on my Resources page.

I also highly recommend Dr. Richard Schultze’s Incurables Program.  It is hardcore, but it ain’t chemo!  Get it at
(I don’t receive any compensation for recommending his program)

I know this is probably going to cause a lot of doubt and confusion as to your treatment plan.  But you asked and so I answered.

My wife and I will be praying for your healing and that God leads you in the path you should go.

Please keep us posted on your progress.

Additional note:

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  1. shanna

    Tris, I too am healing holistically from cancer.. I agree with everything Chris says regarding chemo. One thing about surgery, is sometimes it can actually cause the cancer to spread. What most people don’t realize is that your tumor is not made up of cancer cells. The process your body uses to create new cells is off balance, so your body stops eliminating the dead cells, which build up forming tumors. Cancer cells hide inside these dead cells, so in surgery, if they break open the tumor, it can allow the cancer cells to spill out and spread. I would recommend reading a book called “Cancer Step Outside the Box” by Ty Bollinger. You can also check out my tips for the newly diagnosed here:

    There are thousands of people who heal themselves from cancer holistically. Don’t be afraid to look at your options before rushing to anything. I would also check out for all the latest in holistic treatments. They even break things down by success rates for various types of cancers.

    Good luck and get healthy!

    1. Teresa

      I agree with you Shanna !!

  2. Jeanne

    Thank you Chris for your time and care in explainig this. I’m so sorry Tris that you are having to walk this road. The incredible power of prayer will also give you the strength you will need. I know Chris and he truly lives this. He’s a walking miracle. It’s a tremendous decision you have to make. I just can’t imagine taking poison to get well. It just doesn’t make sense to me but I’m not a medical professional either. Pray for guidance and you have to make the decision. To me, giving what Chris has suggested it well worth a try and then be checked out again. Once more Chris, thank you. I plan to integrate this into Phil’s diet while he recovers.

  3. Melissa

    Tris – for your comment “I just do hope that everything posted on your website is true.” – I have known Chris since high school and I can back his character. He is just the type that wants to spread the information he has gathered to as many people as possible. He has done a lot of research. Please take some time to read it all and make an informed decision. I have not had cancer, but I have implemented a lot of what he says to prevent cancer and I can’t believe how much healthier I am and feel.

  4. Teresa


    Great post !!! I am so thankful for your frank and straight answers. It is so true. I am still doing all the things you recommend and my cancer is still gone !!!! Thank you for the encouragement and support. Thank you for sharing it with us, may God continue to bless you and your precious family.

    T. Haley

  5. Cortney Campbell

    Woo wee! Tris-I love how you just put it out there! Those were such similar emotions to how I felt when my husband first brought up holistic cancer treatments when I was diagnosed in 2008. I decided that a 3 month trial of it was what I was comfortable with, then got clearance from my oncologist that it wouldn’t kill me to try an alternative method during that time (although even if he would have said “no” we probably still would have gone for it.) I know how concerned you are and where you are coming from. My husband was the one who wanted me to pursue holistic methods and I wanted to do chemo (mainly out of fear) and “just get it out of me.” I am SO INCREDIBLY THANKFUL and HAPPY that I gave in and listened to him. It saved my health and my life.

    Now the challenge, almost 3 years later and cancer-free for 2 years 3 months is to try to stay as raw and vegan as possible and away from meat. Staying away from sugar for me is not a problem, but cooked food has been my latest temptation. Holistic methods do work. There are books out devoted to only holistic cancer survivors. Here’s one:
    I Beat Cancer: 50 People Tell You How They Did It

    I found it to be comforting in times of doubt.

    I will also be praying for you and your wife. She seems like an amazing advocate! It has to be a prayerful decision since holistic cancer treatment has so many elements to it. Not only does your whole diet and lifestyle change, but your mindset must also. You also have to block the naysayers out because there will be many who tell you you’re wrong- including your doctors and family.


    1. Tris

      Thanks for everyone who replied and offered insights and support.
      What I failed to understand a couple of things. I noticed that those who chose the holistic method are eating raw organics (I am, too), juicing (I have not yet), and avoid meat. Any meat or particular meat? Why avoid meat that have protein and iron that the body needs? I can understand that protein and iron can be obtained from raw vegetables and nuts. Why not meat? I haven’t read any of the suggested books yet.

      Also Chris said he had surgery to remove the cancerous tumor, but I read from other blogs and sources that having surgery can spread the cancer cells through the blood stream to any part of the body. Well I supposed that there are pros and cons for having surgery? Well, I’m told that I need surgery else my tumor may block the pathway for my bowel movements.

      This whole thing about cancer and health is one giant headach and wished it’s just simple.

      Again thanks for your comments.

      – Tris

      1. chrisbeatcancer

        There are a lot of different opinions on meat and cancer.
        There is a very interesting connection between cancer and iron. Namely that excessive iron can feed it.
        Dr. Russell Blaylock talks about this often.
        I was 100% raw vegan for 3 months until my Naturopath added clean meat back to my diet a couple times per week.
        There are some that say “Never disturb a tumor. It can cause the cancer to spread.” While others say, “Get the tumor out”.
        I had my tumor removed, but having said that, the tumor was not the problem. It was a symptom of a sick body.
        Removing the tumor did not make me better. The radical dietary and lifestyle changes gave my body the nutrients it needed to heal itself.
        Fasting allows your body to focus on detoxing and healing.
        You might just find, as many have, that after an extended period of juicing and fasting
        that your body begins to break down the tumor on it’s own.

      2. justin

        Dr. Max Gerson. Gersons Therapy– 13 fresh juices a day (organic fruits and veggies) with plant heavy veg diet(no meat), and coffee enemas daily to detox the liver and to help with pain and fatigue. (the coffee activating the liver and gall bladder to release bile which contain toxins, then expelling by means of elimination.) He explains how the pancreas spends all its time trying to break down animal proteins. The pancreas needs to be devoted to its wonderful job of cleansing the blood and toxins we consume daily. By eliminating animal proteins and replacing them with plant based proteins, your body can process and absorb them much more efficiently. This in turn leaves your vital organs a better opportunity to eradicate foreign or irregular cells.

        “Help your body heal itself”

        ….making it work harder to process meat with negative consequences out weighing positive, doesn’t align with this credo.

  6. Barry Gourmet & Raw

    Dear Chris,

    Excellent advise on Cancer and Natural Health and Wellness. I look forward to many visits to your blog.

    Thank You

    I found you through Dr. Judy Seeger and I am on her mailing list. Her information is also Excellent.

    “Love your Living Foods”

    Barry Gourmet & Raw

  7. MelissaB

    I’ve been trying to heal my Stage IV breast cancer, with bone, liver, and peritoneal mets, for almost 5 years now. Should’ve been dead, according to the docs, 4 years ago. Had been doing it all naturally. Was feeling good, but progression continued. This past April, my small intestine was completely blocked and I had a belly chock full of inoperable cancer, so they took pictures, closed me up, and recommended hospice. Unless I would consider treating the cancer. And, by now, we’re not talking a slow treatment. I was being massively pummeled in the face … this big monster had me pressed into the ropes and there was no getting out of that corner. As my entire family sadly exited my room for their “OMG, Mom’s gonna die now” cigarettes, my survival instinct was kicking in in a way I didn’t expect. That chemo was looking good to me. I trusted my onc when he said that, since I hadn’t used conventional drugs in over a decade, he could give me very small doses to make me better. So I bought it. That conversation was 7 months ago. I would not still be here if I hadn’t agreed to it. And not only am I still here, but I feel better than I have felt in years. That being said, chemo is not the only trick up my sleeve. I have energy healers, cannabis oil, oleander, iscador … I believe in hitting this beast from all angles.

    But I have learned a lesson I thought I would NEVER learn. I said all the same things you’re saying too … slash, poison, burn. Imagine my surprise. I know that chemo rarely increases survival. But in my case, I wouldn’t be surviving right now, or typing this response, if I hadn’t said yes for a few dates with taxotere.

    Best of luck to all of you … keep hitting it from multiple angles. You’ve GOT to keep it guessing or it gets resistant. Never depend on one modality alone! :)


    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Melissa thank you for sharing your story. Glad you’re still here! Please keep us posted on your progress and discoveries i.e. therapies that work for you.

    2. Ronald

      Strangely as it sounds, any positive believe will benefit you (read ‘The Biology of Belief’, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and search for information – google is a good start – about placebo/nocebo effect).
      You said: “(…) this big monster had me pressed into the ropes and there was no getting out of that corner.” and “my survival instinct was kicking in in a way I didn’t expect. That chemo was looking good to me. I trusted my onc when he said that, since I hadn’t used conventional drugs in over a decade, he could give me very small doses to make me better. So I bought it.”

      So even chemo-poison can do the trick (placebo effect is known to be responsible for atleast 33% of all healing processes, be it alternative or conventional based – nocebo effect will do the opposite, I guess). When my (ex)girlfriend got breast cancer we stumbled into ‘German New Medicine’ (GNM), a theory linking psychological trauma’s and cancer, and later ‘B17’ (apricot kernels/Laetrile/Amygdaline, just look it up if you wonna know more about it), which, I still believe, kills, specifically, cancer cells.

      Two years and eight months later she’s still fine… (read about it at, ‘Hamer house of horrors’, I posted under my real name ‘Ronald’).

      If people just realized how bad prolonged stress, fear, anger, sorrow, hatred, rage, and all other negative feelings are for your health…

      During the last couple of years I’ve been studying ‘illness’ and from my own expieriance I can say that it really matters how you feel and what you think.

      Best of luck!

  8. Kathy

    This is Tris’ wife. Here’s the latest report about Tris. He’ll begin his surgery this Friday on the 18th. Clearly, we are not looking forward to it. On a slightest bright side is Tris has been taking supplements from Life Extension [LE], see the link I provided:

    I’m crossed my fingers that his oncologist will not recommend him taking a chemo after surgery. I feel like “Cancer Surgery” supplements from LE and plus, eating most alkaline diet will do their job to prevent from allowing cancer cells grow. Why bother necessary take chemo to destroy all of Tris’ immune systems and many side effects in long run?

    All I hoped that we did at the right track so far. Do you have any advise and/or tips after surgery and for the next 1-2 months?

  9. chandrika purohit

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2010. My surgeon immediately wanted me to have either mastectomy or lumpectomy with radiation done. I refused surgery and radiation. Since I am a strong believer in natural healing – I started juicing, eating raw, started taking cancer fighting herbs and supplements, jump on trampoline three times a day, drink fresh two ounces of wheatgrass juice every morning, exercise and study the Bible and prayed deligently. After eight months of doing therapies on my own – my last mammogram and two thermogramms showed no evidence of cancer. Since I did not have contacts of any naturophathic doctors in my area- I healed myself praying to GOD and using GOD’s natural products. However, I have a question for you. Other than mammograms and thermogramms – what other tests I may do to ensure I am cancer free? I would like your suggestions.

    1. Sumeet Singh

      Hi Chandrika,
      My mother is diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer stage 4. I too want to have natural therapy and have refused for chemotherapy. Can you give some time and mail me the diet plan you followed mentioning all you had and what you did. Please I will be very greatful to you. Would wait for your reply soon.

      1. Shami

        Hi sumeet, I don’t know if this reply is too late for you. But if you are in India, please meet Dr. Vijaya Venkat or her daughter, Anju Venkat. They are well-known nutritionists who use nutritional therapy to help people reverse all kinds of conditions. You can check this report for one of the trials they conducted on cancer patients and all of them reversed it in a month. (please check the Apr-Jun 2012 newsletter and read pages 2 and 3).

        They are the best in India. All the best to you and your family.

  10. Eleni

    Of course you would delete my comments.
    They were negative, they were meant to warn people about the dangers of attempting the holistic approach to cure cancer. I hope some people got the chance to read them.

  11. gee64

    my husbank 68 had his prostate removed in 2011, no radiation, no chemo. His PSA reading in March was 22 and CTscan showed tumor in the pelvic area. clearly, a prostate cancer recurrence. He is considering radiation or whatever his doctor will recommend. I am more inclined to the holistic approach to cancer than the checo and radiation. how can I convince my husband to try this way? what do you regimen can you recommend if ever he will agree?

  12. george

    Hello Chris…hope this reaches you…I was trying to find what your symptoms were. You know, maybe some recommendation from you on what to look for or when to go to the doctor if we notice something. Also, where was the tumor (exactly) and did the surgery get all of it. Do you think the cancer was cause by any one thing…how much was related to genetics? I read where you would have waited to have the operation knowing what you know now….why? also, if someone its to opt for chemo, can they also go with the raw/vegan diet..sorry for all the questions…thanks! Congrats!

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi George. My symptoms were low energy, slightly low red blood cell count, abdominal pain, and some rectal bleeding.
      The gold ball size tumor was in my ascending colon. The surgeon removed 1/3 of my colon including the entire tumor and 59 lymph nodes, 5 of which were positive for cancer; stage 3.

      If you have family history the doctors tell you “it’s genetic”. I had no family history and the doctors said “it’s genetic”. Apparently that’s their answer for everything. Even if genetics load the gun, diet and lifestyle pull the trigger.

      There are thousands of people that have healed themselves of cancer without surgery, but in some cases surgery can give your body a jump start.

      Chemo and the raw vegan diet cannot be combined. I explain this in detail one of the videos on my vlog page, there’s slink at the top of the screen.


  13. Lizzy

    Hey Chris!

    I did a speech in Memphis about “curing” Crohn’s “disease” through a local raw (raw milk and cheese and stuff like that, not vegan) diet…I too suffered greatly and had my large intestine removed do to Crohn’s disease and now talk about it to some groups…Anyway…a bunch of people came up afterwards and several mentioned your blog…SO I knew I had to check it out. I’m so glad there is a little health army starting out there with people our age..We are seeing past the bullshit lies the medical community have shoved down our throat and saying NO!

    Diet and lifestyle has EVERYTHING to do with disease and although I am not vegan (I follow the Paleo diet..With pasture fed local beef and chicken, local fruits and veggies and of course all those extremely healthy fats) I know that it is so important to put major thought into each food choice.

    Keep up the good work and I’m SOOO glad there are others like myself who have the courage to stand up and speak truth. There are not many who can or will.

  14. Dan

    Hi iwas diagnosed will colon cancer in sept 2011 i have had surgery nand 6 sessions of chemo i have just been told it is still in two lmph nodes and may require more chemo i am going to see my oncologist on monday 9 jul 2012 i will not be having chemo i have been doing a lot of research into holitic remedies and i have been very confused by it all i have found a treatment by a dr.simoncini that seems to be very contraversial with bicarbonate of soda but again i am sceptical i just wanted to say i find your information very encouraging and i will keep trying to find something

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Dan. I did not use Sodium BiCarb protocol, but it has worked for some people.
      There are a lot of alternative therapies out there, which can be confusing…
      Remember there is no magic bullet.
      A radical change of diet and lifestyle is critical to healing cancer.
      Raw foods, juicing, fasting, etc. all of which are detailed on this site.
      You have to give your body the raw materials it needs to heal itself.

      1. justin

        these methods are closely related to the Gerson Therapy, by Dr. Max Gerson. 13 fresh juices a day with plant heavy veg diet, and coffee enemas to detox the liver. (the coffee activating the gall bladder to release bile which contain toxins, then expelling by means of elimination.) Are you familiar with his work?

  15. Kate

    Hi –

    For people who have already had chemo and radiation (like myself), is the damage irreversible? I was 25 when diagnosed with breast cancer. I’m now 26 and very worried that my body won’t be able to recover from my treatment. It it possible to alter my lifestyle (which I’ve begun) and heal it – so that it can go on to protect itself in the future?

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Kate. Yes it is possible to repair the damage done by chemo and radiation.
      This is a critical high-risk time for you.
      I strongly recommend you pull out all the stops make radical health changes immediately.
      Water fasting and juice fasting are some of the most powerful healing and detoxification protocols you can do.
      Overdose on nutrition!
      I sincerely believe that your actions now can make all the difference in restoring your health.

      1. Kate

        Thank you for responding so quickly, Chris. Do you happen to know of any doctors in the Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland area that you would recommend to speak to?

  16. Ellen

    Thanks for this post, Chris. The research on chemo’s effectivenes is especially eye opening!I wanted to add something to the discussion. For people w/brain cancer the current “gold standard” is a chemotherapy drug, Temodar. The Australian study did not single this out, so I looked it up elsewhere. It is used for glioblatomas

  17. Ellen

    Correction: glioblastomas, the most aggressive type of brain tumor, and for slower growing tumors like oligodendroglioma.

    For the latter, a chromosomal test can be done to see if you have 1p/19q chromosome deletions. If so, Temodar is more effective. 53% have some response- 15% have partial response and 38% a minor response. That being said there are still short term side effects: fatigue and low platelets. The fatigue can continue well past the end of treatment and for women it is common to go into early menopause. I didn’t know most of this when I chose to undergo this treatment. At the same time I changed my diet to very low sugar, more greens, anti-cancer (see Dr. Servan-Schreiber’s book).

    I also consulted a nutritionist specializing in brain tumor patients and began taking supplements she recommended. Fortunately my tumor has regressed both during AND AFTER a year of Temodar. And I feel much more energetic!

  18. brenda

    I have a question what can save my 14 year old son with Hodgkin b3.

    1. Shami

      Brenda, please contact Dr. Anju Venkat. She is a renowned nutritionist who can help your son reverse his condition. You can write to them and they’ll guide you. Their email id is th**********@gm***.com. All the best!

  19. TKaren

    Hello Chris,

    Could you please list the “hardcore natural methods” which you mentioned in the text?

  20. Lori

    I counseled a friend of mine with breast cancer using natural therapies and a year later she is cancer free. She did Shultz’s Incurables Program, 30 day veggie juice fast,papaya leaf tea, baking soda/maple syrup for 3 weeks, greens drinks, Promeva, Camu Camu, NAC, mushrooms, and she ate mostly raw or vegetarian the whole time. I have been researching alternative therapies for almost 10 years now. She did no chemo, surgery or radiation. She watched her father die of after doing the allopathic route and didn’t want to go that way. She also did some emotional healing meditations. Another great therapy is Johanna Budwig’s flax oil/ cottage cheese diet. She had a 90% plus cure rate with her diet. See her book The Oil Protein Diet & Cookbook her more information.

  21. barry waterfield

    I myself am a little worried. After many negative colonoscopies ( I really don’t know how to spell that word ) I had a CT scan for ease of preparation and it showed an abnormality. I go on Thursday 10th April for a sigmoid. I took a home kit test and passed that. Just what I have if anything I don’t know but following your video I wont be having Chemotherapy whatever happens.

  22. Coralie

    Hi Chris, I am relatively new to your blog an love all the health related info. I’m 38 and dealing with metastatic breast cancer. I had chemo back in 2010 which obviously did not work for me, after finding out the cancer was back in the bones I swore I would never do chemo again – and changed my lifestyle according to the majority of what you advocate, now when it went to the liver a year or so later I essentially had what felt like the hardest decision of my life to make. I appreciate and completely understand you saying you would never go near chemo – but you have not faced (and hope you never do) cancer coming back and spreading while treating holistically. You had your cancer surgically removed which could have essentially removed all traces of cancer or changing your life could have dealt with rouge cells – no one will ever know. We concentrate on people who have changed their life around to prevent cancer coming back but the reality is there are hundreds and thousands of people who have surgery and carry on as normal and remain cancer free. I have spent hours and hours on Doctor Google looking for complimentary/alternative treatments and not get sucked into scams, we have to understand that every cancer is different because everyone’s body is so different that what helps one person may not help another. Yes I’m on chemo and yes it sucks but my liver mets have reduced but I call my chemo my complimentary medicine while doing all my common sense healthy things to support my immune system. Our body has to fail on so many levels before cancer occurs so to think we can all regress it naturally I feel could be detrimental. I am all for what you recommend but I would urge everyone to look at all options with your head and not just your heart.

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