Glyphosate Girl, Kelly Ryerson – How to protect yourself from agrotoxins in food

“Glyphosate does not wash off of food. It is a systemic herbicide absorbed and transported through the plant. Then we eat it.” -Kelly Ryerson

Kelly Ryerson is an environmental health writer, filmmaker, public health advocate, and founder of

After healing her own chronic health issues with a gluten-free and organic diet, Kelly discovered that toxins and chemicals like glyphosate in Roundup are contributors to many chronic diseases in the U.S.

Kelly’s mission is to educate the public on how our food system, soil, and the health of millions of humans have been affected by the use of toxic pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides.

In this interview, we discuss the harms of glyphosate, atrazine, GMOs, and more. How they damage our bodies and simple ways you can reduce your exposure and minimize the harmful effects.

I’m thankful for the work that Kelly is doing to bring awareness of the harms of agrotoxins to the public and her mission to influence farmers, food producers, and policy-makers in our country. Enjoy!

Watch our interview below, or listen to it on the Chris Beat Cancer podcast on iTunes or Spotify.

Kelly Ryerson unedited transcript

Show Notes
-Kelly’s glyphosate awakening [1:13]
-Why gluten is a problem for so many [3:30]
-Glyphosate’s impact on our health [6:45]
-Government agencies take millions of dollars from giant corporations [12:03]
-Is atrazine causing health issues in humans? [15:26]
-Simple ways to reduce glyphosate exposure [19:01]
-Avoid skin exposure to glyphosate [23:15]
-Are non-GMO foods healthy? [25:28]
-Foods with the highest levels of glyphosate [29:25]
-Support small food brands [35:47]
-Corporations that are moving in the right direction [38:05]
-How to reduce your agro-toxin exposure [40:27]
-The organic candy trend [45:00]
-Chronic conditions potentially caused by glyphosate [46:33]
-The broken medical system [49:13]
-EPA approves fuel ingredient with sky-high cancer risk [54:34]

Connect with Kelly:
Instagram: @glyphosategirl
Sign the Regenerative Agriculture Petition here.

Resources mentioned in this interview:
Dr. Stephanie Seneff on the toxic legacy of glyphosate and concerns with MRNA technology
Organic diet significantly reduces urinary pesticide levels in U.S. children and adults
EWG’s Dirty Dozen
EWG’s Clean Fifteen
My article Super Healthy Food We Buy at Costco
EPA-approved fuel ingredient with sky-high lifetime cancer risk

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