How Veronique healed breast cancer in 2005

Here’s yet another fantastic interview from the Cure to Cancer Conference…

It’s my friend Dr. Veronique Desaulniers!

aka Dr. V

She’s the author of a brand new book out this week called Heal Breast Cancer Naturally: 7 Essential Steps to Beating Breast Cancer

We discuss these 7 Essentials in our interview as well as a controversial alternative cancer therapy that she used. The infamous Black Salve.


Here’s her book. Read it.

Heal Breast Cancer Naturally: 7 Essential Steps to Beating Breast Cancer

Connect with Dr. V:

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  1. The Savvy Sister

    Great piece Chris! Dr Veronique went to school in my backyard (figuratively of course) Her book looks like a wonderful resource!

  2. Shannon

    There is something wrong with the audio.

  3. Chris Pedersen

    I use a similar product called Vitae Elixxir—blood root is one of ten herbs in the extract. I take it everyday internally and have applied it to precancerous and cancerous skin spots with amazing results. Together with my vegan diet, positive attitude, good sleep and exercise I’ve kept cancer-free following discovery of cancer in my colon over 5 years ago. I have the MYH defective gene for colon cancer.

  4. Dr Judy Seeger

    Excellent interview! Nice to see Dr. V sharing her story to the world. She is a good friend and wonderful practioner who truly cares about helping people on their healing journey. I highly recommend reading her new book.

  5. If you’re tackling breast cancer with black salve or using Dr Desaulniers’ book, please consider starting a CHART Medical Log, online community-based medical research into natural and alternative cancer therapies. You’ll be helping other patients to choose the most effective therapies.

    1. Antoinette

      my husband told me to watch this and I am so pleased he did,I am successfully treating breast cancer naturally,its been a very bumpy ride as the cancer was just the tip of the ice burg and I have had many underlying health issues to overcome,I am still on my journey and blogs like yours Chris and Dr v’s story remind me to forget the destination and enjoy the journey.Its not an easy path but a very rewarding one and worth all the effort,the alternative ( I was stage 4 so surgery and chemo would have just bought me some time all be it not quality time) doesn’t bear thinking about ,18 months on my cancer is now stage 1 and compared to many I have a fit and active life. Good to refocus my attention and watching this today helped me do this,i have lots to be very thankful for!

      1. Rita

        Hi Antoinette, I am on a journey similar to yours. Would like to compare some notes and share stories. Are you opposed to sharing emails or phone numbers so we can communicate? thank you and hoping to hear from you

  6. FullyPresent

    I was wondering – if the black salve does not harm healthy cells, how does it destroy the top layers of the skin before it gets to the tumor? It seems contradictory. Thank you for your answer.

    1. holiness

      The salve has to make contact with the cancer in order to form an eschar. This question was not addressed by Dr. V. Some people prick the skin surface with a needle. Others apply repeatedly in an effort to irritate and abrade the surface. It is also possible to do injections/subcutaneous infusions with hydrogen peroxide amongst other things to provoke an ulceration which then makes eschar formation easy.

  7. JACK

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  8. Caren W

    I am wondering if anyone can tell me exactly which black salve Dr V used. She stated in her Heal Breast Cancer Naturally presentation which I purchased the other day, that she used the wrong one the first time. The same thing happened to me and I would like to know which one she used and where she got it. Please help.

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