How Linda healed breast cancer naturally in 2005

Linda Christina Beauregard was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in 2005 at age 50. She refused conventional therapies and chose nutrition and natural therapies to heal her breast cancer. Check out this interview we shot at the 2014 Hungry 4 Heath Festival in Branson, MO.

I picked a spot with a really comfy couch and a most unflattering light situation.


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  1. Dawn Juds

    Hi Chris, Dawn here from Australia, just want to say thanks for the great work you are doing getting the word out there that we do not have to be victims but over-comers, it is in our hands to turn things around. I bought Bill Henderson’s book to add to my collection of knowledge.
    Cheers, Dawn

    1. Chris Wark

      You are so welcome Dawn! And you are absolutely right. You can heal cancer! Glad you got Bill’s book. It’s a good one.

  2. Ralph

    Linda had surgery and chemo. That’s the takeaway from this interview. I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer with mets to the liver and peritoneum. The worst pain I’ve endured since this journey began was from the cancer tumors. Not the surgery. Not the chemo. The tumors grow, they multiply, they spread, and they kill. The best way to fight and beat the cancer is through the combination of surgery, chemo, and radiation that is recommended by board certified oncologists and surgeons. For those of you diagnosed with cancer please don’t turn away from your best option.

    1. Chris Wark

      Not sure which interview you watched… Linda had a biopsy, not surgery. And she did not have chemo either. Surgery, chemo and radiation do not cure cancer. If they did, cancer would not be the #1 cause of death worldwide and #2 in the U.S. (soon to be #1) Wake up brother!

      1. Lilian Wilhelmina Chapman

        Are you a specialist in CANCER? Have you had cancer? I have! and my husband died of glioblastoma multiform….you tell me how we were supposed to cure my husband of the FASTEST-GROWING cancer there is? This article is a load of BOLLOCKS! If it was as easy as this woman says don’t you think.the British FREE..National Health Service would want to SAVE MILLIONS OF £ s and use this” SO called cure”! Just to turn on a radiotherapy machine costs hundreds of £`s GET REAL!! NO one is saying that Chemo or Radiotherapy CURE CANCER….it is used to inhibit the growth!!

      2. Lilian Wilhelmina Chapman

        She says she had a biopsy..and surgery!!

        1. Lilian Wilhelmina Chapman

          Surgery to remove the area of cancer is called lumpectomy or wide local excision. The surgeon takes away just the cancer and a border of healthy tissue all around it. They leave behind as much healthy breast tissue as possible. They send the tissue that they remove to a pathologist for examination under a microscope. The pathologist checks for cancer cells in the border around the lump. If that border does not contain cancer cells, your report will say there is a healthy margin or clear margin.

          It is very important to have clear margins with any surgery to remove a cancer. It means that you can be reasonably sure that all the cancer cells have been taken away. So the risk of the cancer coming back in the future is lower.

          You may need more surgery after a lumpectomy if there was no clear margin of tissue around the lump or area of cancer.

      3. Lilian Wilhelmina Chapman

        NO ONE says CHEMO or RADIOTHERAPY KILLS Cancer!!

    2. Lilian Wilhelmina Chapman

      Well said!

    1. Lilian Wilhelmina Chapman

      Thanks fir sending me the SAME LINK I sent!! DOH!!!!!

  3. Lilian Wilhelmina Chapman

    I’ve noticed that all people mention that some surgery,chemo,or radiotherapy had been done….anyone HAD A MIRACLE happen that had NO SURGERY,chemo or Radiotherapy,WHATSOEVER?????

  4. Ralph

    I’m not an oncologist or a surgeon, I don’t have a website, a book to sell, products, services, or consultations to hawk. I have stage 4 colon cancer. I’m alive today because of my surgeon and oncologist. It has been a hard road but the pain from the surgery and chemo is nothing compared to the tumors. If you have cancer you know there is no easy cure but your oncologist and surgeon are your best hope in this battle.

    1. Chris Wark

      Ralph, they are not your best hope. Those treatments are only a temporary fix to a long-term problem. Right now you are hoping for a medical miracle that is statistically unlikely. There’s no cure for stage 4 cancer. Ask your doctors! Your BEST HOPE is taking control of your life and health, and HEALING your body with a radical change of diet and lifestyle. You must assume that the way you are living is killing you, and you have to change your entire life. An unhealthy diet and lifestyle, environmental toxins and stress are the primary causes of cancer, and all can be changed. All the information on how to do this is available on this site FOR FREE. Use it!

  5. Ralph

    There are a small but significant number of stage 4 colon cancer survivors. Many get Cyto-reductive/HIPEC surgery as I did. To be eligible for the surgery the total number of cancer tumors must be small, you must respond to chemo, and you must be strong enough for the surgery. I had 8 cancer tumors removed during my October surgery, one in my liver, the rest in my peritoneum. A tumor the size of a tennis ball was removed from my colon in an earlier surgery. I’m now getting ADJUVENT chemo treatments, one cycle every three weeks, 12 in all. My scans and blood work are normal. There are no guarantees but I like my chances. True, every diagnosis is different and the total number of cancer survivors diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer is small but today’s cancer treatments do provide the best chance of fighting and beating ALL cancers. Please take advantage of it.

  6. Grace W

    I am in full support of your passion. I am so intrigued by this website and the videos. Thank you for sharing all these resources.

  7. G Johnson

    Is there anyone out there with triple positive breast cancer who has turned to alternative therapies for cancer treatment? I had a bi-lateral lumpectomy and I am triple positive (which means ER/PR/HER2 positive). I’m only 25 years old. My oncologist wants to go ahead with chemotherapy because it’s the only way to administer Herceptin (a HER2 targeted therapy). I would love some encouragement, advice or direction. I’m struggling with my decision although I’ve canvassed this site thoroughly and read a lot of alternative approaches I’m looking for long-term health and vitality.

  8. Amy

    Has anyone heard of Dr. Jennifer Daniels in Panama? I have watched many of her you tube interviews and really like her but can’t find anyone that has worked with her. I would love to know what people think of her? She talks about a pure pine gum turpentine cleanse.

    I just found out that I have breast cancer and the doctors are pressuring me to have a lumpectomy and take out lymph nodes. I’ve had a biopsy. They sent away my blood for a Braca test to see if I have the mutation gene since I am Jewish and so many of my aunts had breast cancer and 2 cousins had the gene. I just don’t know what to do right now and I’m panicking.

    I have been a relatively good eater….exercise, don’t smoke, drink. Was a vegetarian for many years but I do eat processed foods and some organic meat, chicken and dairy.

    I really want to go the natural healthy route. I just don’t feel good about all this radiation, chemo etc. I feel like our Health Care is such a system and that’s all they know.

    Thanks Chris for this great support system and information. I am so overwhelmed right now and feel pressured to make a decision from the doctors.

    I am headed to the store to buy oooodles of organic veggies and really start juicing.

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