How Prudence healed stage 4 melanoma back in the 80’s!

In 1984, Prudence Sinclair was diagnosed with stage 4 malignant melanoma and given 6 months to live. She was 26.

Spoiler alert: She didn’t die! She transformed her life and health and healed her cancer.

And we actually did two interviews for you.
A quick 10 minute version and a more detailed 49 minute version.

They both rock. Just pick the size that fits you best. :)

Long Interview Show Notes
-Prudence considers suicide [3:13]
-Prudence discovers alternative therapies [4:53]
-Prudence defies her doctor [6:19]
-What her husband thought about her decision to go to Mexico [7:18]
-The unbelievable thing her Australian  oncologist did [8:01]
-Her experience at the Mexican clinic [8:23]
-The importance of loving your medicine [9:31]
-The tragic event that preceded her cancer [11:36]
-The alternative therapies she did in Mexico [12:42]
-The diet and lifestyle changes she adopted at home [13:09]
-The crucial point in the healing process when many people fail [14:15]
-The similarities between our protocols [15:14]
-Why she opposes the industries definitions of  cure and remission [17:19]
-The Australian Diet vs American Diet [20:03]
-What to expect from a trip to a cancer clinic. What they can and cannot do [20:51]
-What she believes clinics are really good at (besides the therapies) [22:26]
-What has to happen after the clinic [23:02]
-You can never go “back to normal” [27:28]
-Emotional health creates or destroys physical health [28:21]
-How to live a life of mindfulness. [28:53]
-What cancer patients need to know [33:33]
-Her major ‘Ah Ha’ moment [34:57]
-One of the most important tests for cancer patients [36:02]
-The three types of cancer patients, and which type can be helped [37:32]
-The natural healing movement is snowballing [41:33]
-Chris: One of the many things I’ve learned the hard way
-What healing cancer requires of you [43:53 ]
-How she helps cancer patients now [44:51]

Selected Links from the Interview
Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez International Bio Care Hospital & Wellnes Center
You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
Anything by Dr. Joe Dispenza
Love Medicine & Miracles by Bernie Seigel
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  1. Carol

    Brilliant video with great information. (Chris, you don’t have to defend the US. It’s a reality that their food system is pretty bad.)

  2. Sarah

    Hi Prudence, I loved hearing your story! Thanks Chris for bringing this to us.

    I am a stage 3 melanoma survivor now 3 years free of melanoma. I too had stress factors prior to being diagnosed (death of my father and moving house in same year). I don’t know alot about the treatments you had but I love your EMPOWERING attitude!!!! I think this is one of the really important messages you are sending.

    I now pay special attention to my immune system, exercise, sleep, juice daily, eat non-processed food. Stress definitely needs to be reduced in whatever way suits people!

    Great message, power to the people!! Look after yourselves everyone!

    Sarah Roosink

    1. Sarah

      I just love your message Prudence and your ‘love your medicine’ website. Very inspiring. Re ‘walks’, we now have over 16 in Australia for the Melanoma March. We are hoping to raise over 1 million this year through the Melanoma Institute Australia. The message is getting out!

      Last year I was lucky to be involved in ‘900km for a Cure’ through the MIA as their physiotherapist. We raised $160,000. I regularly speak to recently diagnosed melanoma patients and try to help them to feel empowered during their journey.

      If you are ever in Sydney please contact us at the MIA, North Sydney. We have a great support group and the leaps and bounds being made in treatment is truly amazing! Their is hope! Life is precious.

      Keep up your fantastic work, you are making a change.
      Sarah Roosink

  3. Jim

    Seriously, all the comments are missing? Wow, strange because I know there were comments here…and really good ones. Many with great links. Hmmm. Maybe it’s my device.?!?&%@#%

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