This cartoon brilliantly explains the truth about cancer research

This comic strip perfectly illustrates the fact that despite the industry propaganda claiming
“We’re one step closer to the cure”, many cancer researchers freely admit that there will never be a pharmaceutical cure for cancer. They aren’t even close.

But they’re getting paid to keep looking for one, so they keep looking.

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Study: 1/3 of chemo is used off-label without FDA approval

When a chemotherapy drug is approved for cancer treatment by the FDA, it is approved to treat a specific type of cancer. And some drugs are FDA approved for use on multiple types of cancer. That’s fairly easy to understand.

But here’s the bombshell…

Researchers have discovered that about one-third of chemotherapies are used to treat cancers that the FDA never approved them to treat…

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Cancer studies often downplay chemo side effects: Researchers spin their results

The results of breast cancer drug trials are routinely ‘spun’ to make the treatments appear more beneficial than they actually are, doctors claim today.

In two-thirds of the studies scrutinized, toxicity and serious side effects from chemotherapy, radiation or surgery were not even listed in many paper’s abstract summaries, which is usually the only part that practicing doctors read.

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Study: Are cancer patients’ hopes for chemo too high?

(Reuters) At least two thirds of people with advanced cancer believed the chemotherapy they were receiving might cure them, even though the treatment was only being given to buy some time or make them comfortable, according to a U.S. survey.

Researchers reported in the New England Journal of Medicine that 69 percent of patients who were terminally ill with lung cancer, and 81 percent with fatal colorectal cancer, did not understand that their chemotherapy was not at all likely to eliminate their tumors.

“Their expectations are way out of line with reality,” said lead researcher Deborah Schrag of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institution in Boston, speaking to Reuters Health…

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Study Shows How Chemotherapy Backfires and Boosts Cancer Growth

Chemotherapy can cause damage to healthy cells which triggers them to secrete a protein that sustains tumour growth and resistance to further treatment, from a study published in Nature Medicine.

Researchers in the United States made the “completely unexpected” finding while seeking to explain why cancer cells are so resilient inside the human body when they are easy to kill in the lab.

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Cut Poison Burn

If you have a child diagnosed with cancer the government can force you to subject your child to chemotherapy and radiation treatments. And if you don’t comply, Child Protective Services can take your child away.

Hard to believe, but it’s true.

Cut Poison Burn is a very powerful documentary about the Cancer Industry and the Navarro family’s fight with the government to get the cancer treatment of their choice for their little boy.
I watched an advance screening of this film and met the producer at the Cancer Control Convention in LA, Labor Day weekend 2011. Every American should watch this film.

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Study: Chemo Is Only 2.1% Effective Toward 5 Year Survival [8 Min.]

I received an email yesterday that I decided to answer on the blog.
Here it is:

“My wife found your blog and I find it very inspirational and resourceful.
I’ve been diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer just like yours, but unlike your tumor, mine is located in the lower part of the rectal area.

I have visited the oncologists and surgeons, they said the best way is to go through Chemo and Radiation in order to shrink the tumor size small enough to remove it during surgery.

I will begin my treatment next week, the Chemo I’ll be taking is the pill that I’ll have to consume twice a day for 6 weeks with radiation.

The doctors said I will be required to go through another chemo therapy after surgery, which would be different chemo treatment (through IV). That’s where my wife feel most uncomfortable and began researching different options such as alternative therapy. And she found your blog with some insightful information.

I changed my diet to raw organic vegetables the day I was informed that I had cancer. It was a life changing moment and left me a little confused what’s on the horizon for me. Instead I began to eat more raw organic food and exercise than I have done before (I have been eating organic food and exercising moderately for years).

While I have read through some of your blogs and stories, I know you mentioned that you had surgery to remove part of the large intestine and forego chemo and radiation with alternative therapy. I am still confused about the part when you had surgery…Did you have any treatment before your surgery? I understand your blog and stories mostly mention after surgery treatment but maybe I overlooked somewhere that says anything about before surgery?

I am curious to know because my age is slightly older than your age right now and I have two young daughters, too.

I just do hope that everything posted on your website is true. I am not doubting anything but I do praise your recovery and living cancer free. That’s my goal too.”


Continue reading for my answer and a surprising study about the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

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