How Fiona healed leukemia, sarcoma and stage 4 cervical cancer!

In 1976, Fiona Shakeela Burns was diagnosed with leukemia and sarcoma at 11 years old, and was cured with Gerson Therapy.

31 years later, in 2007, she was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer that had metastasized to her ovaries and brain. She refused conventional treatment and healed that too.

I broke our interview up for you into two sections to make them easier to watch and share:
her childhood cancer story (7 min) and her adult cancer story (36 min).

Scroll down for the full version with show notes.


Part 1: Curing leukemia and sarcoma with Gerson therapy at age 11 (7 min)

Part 2: How she healed stage 4 cervical cancer in 2010 (36 min)

Full version (43 min)

Full Version Show Notes
Fiona is diagnosed with sarcoma and plasma cell leukemia at 11 years old

The wise (and brave) advice that a naturopath gave her parents 2:55

How her parents got her to do the Gerson Therapy [4:40]

How long it took her to get well [5:26]

The circumstances surrounding her cervical cancer diagnosis in 2009 [7:07]

The healthy vs. unhealthy response to traumatic stressful events in life [8:21]

How Fiona essentially diagnosed herself [12:49]

Her CA 125 was over 9000! (Normal is under 35) [14:25]

Fiona refuses conventional treatment [15:49]

Her modified approach to Gerson Therapy [17:19]

Doctors refuse to monitor her [20:38]

Her experience at a German cancer clinic [21:10]

Insulin Potentiation Targeted Low Dose Chemotherapy (IPTLD) [23:48]

Her brain tumor causes a brain hemorrhage [25:00]

Doctors tell her she’s dying and recommend palliative chemo [26:13]

Fiona makes plans to commit suicide, then has an epiphany [27:34]

Her hardcore herbal protocol [30:59]

How long it took to get well [25:30]

The results of her scans [32:20]

The power of making a plan [34:40]

How cancer can change you for the better or for the worse depending on your perspective [36:25]

How she helps cancer patients now [38:43]

How opposition forced her to move a 3-day health conference to another city [40:58]

Selected links from the interview
Bruce Lipton

Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment by Ingrid Naiman

St. George Hospital in Germany (IPT, hyperthermia, ozone therapy, IV vitamin C, etc.)

Fiona’s websites

Cancer-U-Can blog

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  1. Tom Schell, D.V.M.

    Chris, this is a good video and I have been following your work for a short bit. I, myself, and a 9 yo stage II bladder cancer survivor, utilizing only partial surgical resection along with herbs and lifestyle changes to produce the optimal outcome. As a cancer survivor and veterinarian treating cancer patients for the past 20 years, I quickly became educated in the process, seeing new options of therapy. Essentially, my perspective was changed and I began to see the ‘big picture’. Much our current research revolves around the use of herbs to modify inflammation and in the end, the cancer process and immune response. Watching this video, I have sympathy and understanding. One downside to what we do, is that through education and working with patients, is that the empathy factor can become overwhelming for ourselves as caregivers. As a result, our own bodies can become fatigued, impacting the immune response and opening the door for health problems. We do need to keep in mind that cancer is a progressive process, developing over time. We should not focus directly on the tumor itself, but more so use it as an indicator of imbalance within the body. Keeping this in mind, once we are diagnosed with cancer or any health condition, it should signal a life style change for the long term, not just for that short term goal. If we make these changes, and keep them in force each day to the best of our abilities, then we can manage our body better and minimizing the impact of disease. My hat’s off to this woman for her courage. There is much ignorance regarding this disease and the percentage of the population that are aware, as this individual is, is very low unfortunately. You do a nice job of increasing that awareness.

  2. AF

    A VERy good video. The IPTLD is fascinating. As well as the foods, herbs, importance of handling stress in a healthy manner. I have Lupus and other autoimmune problems,which blew up when my father died (of cancer). My mother and favorite cousin both died young of cancer and it has left me almost on a mission to learn more. Especially in the case of my mother, the care she received was abysmal. Surely, she died of her treatments. Chris, I appreciate that you carefully, lovingly, kindly and gently share your spiritual side now and again as appropriate and are respectful of others who may have differing spiritual thoughts. No need to say more. I appreciate your warmth and stress free approach. As someone with health concerns and much cancer in my family tree, these informative, upbeat videos have been a blessing. As soon as I am able, a donation will be headed your way. So appreciative and happy for this brave woman who was so kind to share her magnificent story and for your vibrant good health and wonderful work!!!

  3. valentina sorzana

    Hi Chris! Thank you so much for the information, I follow you always and just love getting so much information on the subject. It caught my attention when Fiona talks about changing her core beliefs and her thoughts, and how this is related to cell membrane and DNA. There is a book that I have called The Healing Codes, and it is all about this, and it can help heal basically anything, by helping you reroute your thoughts and beliefs. I was wondering if you have come across the healing codes, and what do you think about it. Any info is always appreciated! Cheers, and thank you!

    1. Chris Wark

      I have read The Healing Codes. Great book!

  4. saschalawrence

    Hi Chris fantastic interview. I have secondary breast cancer that has also gone to my spine. I have so far refused surgery on my breast and radiotherapy. I am being treated with hormone therapy and last week my CT scans showed nothing. I have treated myself with so many alternative treatments and a positive attitude which I know is working, but I just can’t seem to take the leap of faith and get rid of the hormone injection and drugs. The oncologist wants me to have my ovaries removed as a precaution I just can’t seem to say no. Do you know anyone who has had hormonal breast cancer that has gone to the bone and successfully fought it without more surgery and hormone inhibitors? I am worried of turning my back on the doctors and then not being able to get scans and check ups.

    1. Chris Wark

      Search breast cancer in the search bar on this site. You’ll find some awesome survivor testimonials there

  5. Diana

    Hi Chris, You are such an inspiration! I have had cancer twice, The last time I didn’t do chemo and, that was five years ago, I also sustained a traumatic brain injury in 1995 that left me very poor after my savings ran out. I do my best with less than $100.00 a month. I was on an all raw diet since the 70’s until my TBI so, I was really healthy. I do stay away from the dirty dozen (or more) gmo’s but, it’s really challenging. I just don’t feel my body is clean inside since I have to eat cooked foods because, that’s the cheapest. I do have a question though. I did food combining when I did my raw diet and, I was wondering how important you think it is? And since water is so important how does one get around that? with water systems so expensive. Thanks. Diana

    1. Chris Wark

      Cooked food is healthy too. I don’t think food combining matters much. :)
      I recommend buying a cheap water filter until you can afford a Berkey.

  6. Silvi

    Great video! I am impressed with this lady.
    I just have a question- why couldn’t her mom and sister get cured? If her mom was treating her daughter with Gerson’s therapy, why didn’t she do it herself?

    1. Fiona Shakeela Burns

      Hi Silvi – my Mum died 15 years after her original diagnosis aged 79 and she was ready to die when she did. She juiced and took lots of supplements and herbs and although she had surgery, she refused chemo and radiotherapy. My sister took the chemo which killed her. She tried to drink juices at the same time, but it didn’t help as the chemo was so powerful and she died just 11 weeks after diagnosis.

  7. Edie Henderson

    thank you for the lovely video. OMG I can’t believe the trolls managed to stop your conference!! You are both glowing with health now. I love seeing how radiant everyone looks :)

    1. Fiona Shakeela Burns

      Thanks Edie! yes, but the universe wanted it to happen, so another venue quickly popped up!

  8. John

    Well done Fiona. You are an Inspiration to any one who is suffering from the Big ” C “

    1. Fiona Shakeela Burns

      Thanks John :-)

  9. ebony

    coffee enema, is that regular coffee that I can buy in supermarkets?

    1. Fiona Shakeela Burns

      Hi Ebony – you can buy special ‘Gerson Coffee’ which has only been very lightly roasted. However, it is absolutely fine to use regular filtered coffee, so long as it is organic.

  10. Christina Pace

    I just happened to click on a link from someone else’s FB page and wow are you helping me. I have not been grieving properly and this is helping me tremendously to see the value in allowing the emotions to flow and ebb as needed. Don’t pretend that they aren’t there embrace them all and allow it to move as needed. Blessings to Chris and Fiona for this interview. I know you have saved me from a slow destruction.

    1. Fiona Shakeela Burns

      Hi Christina thank you, your post makes me feel happy :-)
      Im glad you feel inspired to embrace all your emotions – its such a relief in my experience to be able to welcome all of them. We are raised to see certain emotions as good and certain ones as bad. Then there are all kinds of ideas about which emotions girls can and can’t have and the same for boys- crazy eh? Its only when we identify with or judge our emotions, that we get stuck!

  11. Ryan vdZ

    Hi Fiona, thank you for sharing your story. Your video has inspired me to try the herbs you mentioned. I read the Cancer Salves book and I appreciate why you chose the herbs mentioned in the video. I’m curious, because you didn’t follow a particular protocol, how did you know the dose for the herbs? You made teas, packs, politics and enemas with these herbs and I’m curious how you know what quantities and how often.

  12. Yvette

    I am wondering if her poor mom and sister also did Gerson. Also, did she change anything in her protocol after learning about the brain cancer?

  13. Az

    I have a difficult time believing these stories since j see no evidence. Is it possible to put up scans and lab markets of before and after? That would make the case so much better!

  14. Toads

    Steve Jobs tried a natural/herbal approach to his treatment. He could afford any expense, and had personalized DNA sequencing done, etc.

    He died. Plus he said he regretted not going for standard medical procedures….

    1. Brian Brah

      Steve jobs lived 7 years with the worst cancer possible. He died due to chemo idiot.

  15. Margaret Harmer

    WOW!!! This is a fantastic interview/talk! Fiona gives not only so much valuable information but with it some very powerful insights on healing holistically. I am very grateful to have found this video especially as I am about to go to the Gerson clinic in Hungary and feel very overwhelmed by the protocol. Thank you a lot to you both!!

  16. María Victoria Márquez

    I like this website, but i don’t like that everything is on videos, i have a slow connection and can’t see de vids… u should post transcriptions of the videos.

  17. Gloria Holloway

    Hi, My name’s Gloria, I’m 43 years old. In August 2013, I had a heart attack and subsequently had a double bypass. As a result of the heart surgery, for 4 year plus, I have been plagued with chronic debilitating pain from a maligned sternum and post sternotomy neuralgia/syndrome. I was ingesting copious amounts of various pain killers 24/7, They barely touched the pain.
    I spent my days in agony, waiting for evening so I could try to sleep. I took sleeping pills nightly in a futile attempt to escape the hell I was going through and failed miserably. Within 2 hours of taking the pills, I would be awake in agony.
    Fast forward to May 2017. Already coping with 2 spots of skin cancer on my collar bone, I was stunned when I was diagnosed with Anal Canal Cancer. (This is the same cancer that took Farrah Fawcett’s life.) Following 2 surgeries, the doctor told me they did not get all the cancer and I would have to endure a regime of radiation treatments. I started researching what this would entail, and attended an intake meeting at the Cancer Clinic. I was informed that “this is the worst area of the body to radiate”, the radiation beam would hit both my coccyx and pubic bone potentially causing permanent damage.” They would try not to hit my spine.
    Additionally, I would suffer 2nd and 3rd degree burns vaginally, rectally, across my buttocks, as well as my entire “nether regions”, and there was a “good possibility” both my vagina and rectum would fuse shut from the burns and subsequent scaring and long term side effects was endless and horrendous. I told the doctor, I needed time to think about it. His response was hostile, as he told me I had 4-6 months, possibly 8. He murmured something about a “death wish” and walked out. One day a friend sent me a
    Video, It took me days to get around to watching it, but when I did I was blown away.
    There was this man talking about Dr Musa and the amazing results he had seen with in himself and other people taking Dr Musa’s herbal medicine and Cannabis oil gotten from him and curing themselves of a myriad of diseases and viruses including end stage cancers.
    After watching the video and the testimonials, i was feeling some hope for the first time. For 2 weeks I did nothing but research cannabis oil as a medicine. I was stunned by the sheer number of studies on Pub Med indicating that cannabis oil indeed has the capacity to heal. I contacted Dr Musa using the email i got from the video and assured me that i am going to be healed of all my sickness, with the high hope of getting a cure and assurance given to me by Dr Musa, I got the medications and started using I had huge hopes to cure my cancer, and embarked on my fight to live.
    As i was ingesting the cannabis oil and taking the herbal medicine, I tipically applied the herbal medicine to the 2 spots of skin cancer on my collar bone. Within 48 hours, there were visible changes, In just a week, the 2 spots were completely gone. Elated, I continued ingesting the oil and using the herbal medicine in hopes it would work on the other cancer attacking my body. Nothing prepared me for what happened next. About 2 weeks of using Dr Musa herbal medicine, the pain in my sternum, as well as the nerve pain had become non existent.
    You have to understand, I had resigned myself to a life sentence of pain and agony. It had been 4 years of pain that was with me 24/7 and never, in my wildest dreams, did I imagine I would be pain free ever again. I was able to stand up straight, the jolting pain so intense that it would cause me to cry out, ceased completely. I started to sleep through the night and stopped taking sleeping pills.
    I saw one of my doctors a couple of weeks ago and was thrilled to hear he believes there is a decrease in both the size and number of tumors. I know in my heart it is only a matter of time before I will be completely cured.
    Before I started using Dr Musa’s herbal medicine, I typically took 10-15 Tylenol 3 a day, along with a smorgasbord of other drugs. Now, i have done away with them, Not only has Dr Musa herbal medicine changed my life, it is SAVING my life.
    On September 20, 2017, I saw my specialist/surgeon, whom I had not seen for a long time. He examined me once, then a second time, and then a third time. My heart was pounding so loudly I could hear the whooshing in my ears. And then the news I had only dared to hope for. “It’s gone! I can’t find anything at all. If it wasn’t for the scar tissue I would never have known you ever had cancer.” I was shaking, looking at him in disbelief. Tears streaming down my face, I hugged him mumbling, “thank you, thank you.” He looked at me, “No, Thank YOU! You’re the one that did this. You DID it Gloria! You pulled it off, you pulled it off! No doctor, Dr Musa herbal medicine and I pulled it off!.
    If you are in such a situation never loose hope and dont give up as it does no good to you, if you feel you have done all your best and there is nothing to relly on, Dr Musa is there to listen to your story and give a permanent solution to your problems.
    You can contact him on his email address at: dr.musatradomedicalcentre@ gmailcom

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