Sid: Stage 3 Colon Cancer Survivor Since 2007

Sid Sid Aust…I had colon cancer (stage 3) and was diagnosed Dec. 2007 and had surgery on New Years Eve of 2007.

I did have surgery and had about 10 inches taken off my colon. They recommended chemo. At that stage I did not know what to do except chemo. I think I had 7 or 8 treatments…But on the positive side I never got sick, never sick to my stomach, never lost my hair, never lost my desire to eat, but I must admit I felt terrible after the treatment. At that point I started to learn all I could to educate myself and boy I did. I do not want this stuff to make an appearance again. I purchased book after book, read, read and read some more and continue to apply as I see fit to do …We can learn an awful lot from other people.

What alternative therapies did you do and which ones helped you the most?
First off I started to research supplements and cancer. And almost the first one I focused on was Essential Fatty Acids.. From Brian Peskin The Hidden Story of Cancer and the recommended oils. I believe with all my heart this has what helped me the …Taking more omega 6/omega 3 in a ratio of 2-1.  More omega 6 than 3 and continue to the day taking them…as it help oxygenate the cells of the body. Research comes from Dr Otto Warburg. Lack of oxygen to the cells is the most basic cause of cancer.

I also have written a cancer resource if anyone would like it as I give it away for free. My email is sid_aust (at) if you want a copy.

What books, products, and supplements do you recommend?
At the top of my list is The Hidden Story of Cancer by Brian Peskin. I take the recommend oils and will not fail.

Also next most important book is Victory Over Cancer and Making the Unthinkable Possible by Dr. Rath Health Foundation

Are there any contact details or links you would like to share?:
My email is sid_aust (at)

Brian Peskin

World Health Alphabetazation

Dr. Matthias Rath

Every member on this site I can say for sure they either have had cancer, a loved one has cancer or know someone with cancer or someone who has died of cancer. I for one am thankful for much learned info from this site or books etc. I have posted info on Dr Rath and his peer reviewed research before. His research is awesome expecially on Cancer and Heart disease. Dr Rath worked with Dr Pauling with Vitamin C research until he went out on his and formed a research lab in CA on cell medicine. We must educate ourselves because our doctors will not tell you or spoon this info to. you have to dig it out yourself….I know my oncologist did not say a word on nutrition, I had to bring the subject up. I learn from every source I can and now want to inform anyone who is interested. They can now take a free online course on health from Dr Rath research organization…There is no financial gain for anyone…You just want to learn …I am taking it myself now. So here is the link if anyone want to have a basic understanding and that could potentially save your life…my email is sid_aust (at) ….Anyway here it is and know you will enjoy taking the course…And also you can share with others one person at a time…I don’t think any will regret it…

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  1. Sid Aust

    You will notice Brian Peskin book is extremely expensive.. He is coming out with his 6th edition this month I believe. He will have an online version also and will be about $25…Personally I like the book edition….Also you many want to take notice of maybe takes about
    1 1/2 hr to 2 hours to take.

    it is free to take and you will know more about this than your oncologist I promise
    If anyone wants my resourse it is free

  2. Terry

    I was 61 when a colonoscopy showed Stage II cancer at the ceco-illiac (sp?) about where the appendix is. I had surgery to remove it along with about 4″ of colon. Lab said no sign of cancer in lymph, margins were fine and veins were OK. Altho surgeons & lab said it was all gone, Oncologist said I should consider chemo. I declined.

    It is unclear if that was a good or bad decision, but another tumor sprouted about 8 months later. That was also removed – a miserable recovery followed and the Oncologist said chemo was a must, so I did 6 months of a strong cocktail. A month later CT showed a big recurrence in spite of chemo that gave me bad neuropathy.

    After that, they wanted to give up on me, but I found a surgeon and had a 3rd surgery. They took out 4-1/2 FEET of colon but lab said it looked good again. It’s 2 months later and CT looks good and no spreading yet. 2nd Chemo will almost certainly be recommended.

    I think many things went wrong here, some mine & some the Oncologist. After first surgery, I should have done an all-out search for Natural help, instead of being in denial. Doing chemo at that time might have helped – either to discover early that it didn’t work or maybe it would have.

    Another is the oncologist didn’t even look at me for 7 months after chemo started. That was inexcusable for a professional. I paid a high price for chemo failure.

    Now I am looking real hard at Natural or Homeopathic solutions. I’m thinking real hard of NOT doing chemo ever again. It is just poisons, when your body needs help instead. It is clear that to go Natural, I will have to make BIG changes in my habits. If you don’t, you should either trust chemo or plan to die from cancer. Colon cancer is unforgiving, and seems worse if you are older…..

    Good luck if you have it. I plan to fight it as much as I can. 3 surgeries and 6 months of chemo has almost ruined my health; another chemo will for sure. Choice seems to be either chemo or colon cancer kills you. But there must be another choice, and I intend to find it.

    1. Sid

      Could you tell me what else you are doing..?
      please check out Brian Peskin
      He wrote the book The Hidden Story Of Cancer.
      also please check this out
      If you have questions I will try to answer ..
      Also If you would like his book let me know and can send it to you on pdf…awesome research.
      my email is si******@ms*.com

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