Sir Raymond Winters on the legacy of his father Sir Jason Winters and healing cancer with Jason Winters Tea

Sir Raymond Winters, son of holistic cancer survivor Sir Jason Winters, the formulator of Jason Winters Tea, has devoted his life to spreading a message of hope through his father’s inspirational cancer healing story.

Sir Jason Winters was diagnosed with terminal squamous infiltrating carcinoma diagnosis in 1977. With a giant tumor on his neck and given three months to live, he opted out of conventional treatment and traveled the world looking for a cure. Jason eventually discovered and combined several anticancer herbs (red clover, chaparral, Indian sage, oolong) into a tea, drank a gallon of tea per day, and in a short time his tumors started to shrink. Within 6 weeks, his cancer was gone and he remained cancer-free for the rest of his life.

His experience prompted Sir Jason Winters to dedicate his life to help others heal. He wrote about book about his experience called Killing Cancer and began producing and selling the Jason Winters tea blend worldwide. He was eventually knighted for his efforts.

Sir Raymond worked alongside his father for over 27 years and learned how to source the best herbal products. Sir Raymond has worked diligently to ensure that the Jason Winters Tea formulas are manufactured in the same manner as his father, providing maximum effectiveness.

Sir Raymond Winters has continued his fathers legacy and has dedicated his life helping others promote wellness and vitality through Jason Winters Tea. He was knighted as well!

Sir Raymond has generously offered my audience a free digital copy of his fathers book Killing Cancer: The Sir Jason Winters Story. Here’s a link to download your free copy:

We love Jason Winters Tea in our house and have enjoyed it for many years. When my kids were little they called it “Jason Tea.” Jason Winters Tea is a light and refreshing and delicious hot or iced. You can use the coupon code Wark15 to get 15% off your first order of Jason Winters Tea.

This was such fun interview. Watch below, or listen to it on the Chris Beat Cancer podcast on iTunes or Spotify.

Download the unedited interview transcript here

Show Notes
-Sir Jason Winters’ story [4:38]
-Fleeing for his life [12:06]
-Over 100,000 testimonials! [14:43]
-The benefits of the Jason Winters Tea [15:14]
-Push yourself to have a positive outlook [24:24]
-32-year old brain tumor testimonial [25:39]
-Recommended dosage of Jason Winters Tea [28:19]
-Smoking reduces vitamin C levels [32:12]
-How Jason received his Knighthood [35:13]
-If you give up, you won’t succeed [38:29]
-Sir Raymond’s work to honor his father’s legacy [40:59]
-Don’t go back to your old ways [47:52]
-The different blends of Jason Winters Tea [48:14]
-You’re in charge of your own health [51:59]
-The corruption of the medical and pharmaceutical industries [54:35]
-Keep an open mind to trying new things [56:54]

Use the coupon code Wark15 to get 15% off your first order of Jason Winters Tea.

Connect with Sir Raymond:
Facebook: Sir Raymond Winters
Instagram: @sirfrjw

Here’s a link to an interview I did for Raymond Winters a few months back:
From Denial to Thriving: Chris Beat Cancer’s Story of Hope and Healing

Killing Cancer: The Sire Jason Winters Story (free download) by Sir Jason Winters
What If: Reflections of My Father’s Life by Sir Raymond Winters

Anti-aging study on Jason Winters Tea

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