I created this site to share valuable information on healing cancer and other diseases with nutrition and natural therapies. The vast majority of this info is available for free.

Chris Beat Cancer is NOT a non-profit or not-for-profit.

For years I often jokingly referred to it as a “not profit” because of how little I made for the time spent creating and maintaining content on this site, plus what I do behind the scenes. I did that for 5 years while working a day job. Eventually the site grew large enough to support my family, and now I am a “full-time blogger”.

I see this as more of a ministry than anything else… At times it gets a bit overwhelming, but God has continued to bless me, meet all of our needs, and gives me the grace and energy to continue.

I am continually motivated by two things:
1) Seeing people suffer and die needlessly

2) Hearing the stories of people who used nutrition and natural therapies to heal themselves

Both remind me that I am doing the right thing!

I’m a big believer in rewarding people for good work.

After starting this blog, I was made aware that there are people who want to support me financially. So I created this donate page, and I’m so glad I did. Donations made a big difference in keeping this site going over the years.

So if this site has helped you, and you would like to say “Thanks!” with a one-time donation, or partner with me in this mission with an ongoing monthly donation, that would be AMAZING! :)

Thank you for supporting me!


If you don’t use paypal, my mailing address is:

Chris Wark
2095 Exeter Rd
Suite 80452
Germantown, TN 38138

(no mail bombs or anthrax please)

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