How a high-fruit diet can reverse cancer: The science behind the NORI Protocol

In my last interview, I introduced you to Candice-Marie Fox, a woman who used the NORI Protocol to heal stage 4 thyroid cancer after surgery and radiation failed her.

In this interview you’ll meet Mark Simon, the man who helped her get well.

Mark’s background is in neuroscience and biomedical engineering, and he has been studying nutritional science for the last three decades. He is the founder of the Nutritional Oncology Research Institute, and developer of the NORI Protocol, a nutritional strategy centered around starving cancer cells with a methionine-restricted diet.

Fun Fact: Cancer cells are dependent on the amino acid methionine to survive.
Can you guess which foods don’t contain methionine?


Many cancer patients I encounter are afraid to eat fruit because they heard that “sugar feeds cancer”. This interview will provide you with clarity about that misunderstood idea, and details on this healing strategy (see the show notes).


To watch in HD, and/or speed it up, push play then click the gear symbol at the bottom.

Show Notes

– Mark discusses his background

– Mark discovers research on methionine restriction to starve cancer cells  [2:37]

– The two steps of methionine restriction to trigger cancer cell death [4:50]

– The food group lowest in methionine [6:37]

– The powerful anti-cancer enzymes in pineapples and papayas [9:21]

– How enzymes lower inflammation [11:00]

– When fruit can be a problem [13:01]

– Sugar doesn’t feed cancer or stimulate it to grow, something else does [13:36]

– Foods that are high in tumor growth hormone IGF-1 [14:21]

– Key anti-cancer supplements for this protocol [15:06]

– The best forms of selenium to take for prevention and therapeutically [17:00]

– How selenium affects cancer cell metabolism [18:36]

– The importance of Vitamin K3 in this protocol [20:14]

– Oxidative therapy vs anti-oxidant therapy [21:23]

– How certain supplements can cancel each other out  [22:16]

– The benefit of water fasting [23:45]

– How quickly does this protocol work? [24:43]

– The danger of rapid tumor die off [27:37]

– Important detoxification methods to include [28:01]

– Pain medications promote tumor growth [30:19]

– How constipation keeps your body toxic  [32:19]

– His advice for cancer patients [32:43]

If you are interested in finding out more about the NORI Protocol, visit the Nutritional Oncology Research Institute website

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  1. sarah

    You talk about blood tests so as to monitor progress. What exactly would you be looking to monitor? What can people do if on a low income and can not afford these tests?

    1. Becky

      Sarah, I have the same question. I have an oncologist who does a blood test but I don’t want to go back there…I’m one year out and clear…don’t want anymore mammogram’s…but, do I need this blood test, and what blood test is it? thanks!

      1. Chris Wark

        You need routine blood testing that shows your tumor marker levels. Just find a new oncologist and tell them what you need. :)

        1. Quack

          What a load of BS , Chris you are not qualified to give any health advice, just like your friend Candice you were successfully cured with conventional medicine.

  2. mondomara

    Thanks for this interview, Chris. I’m looking into different ways to fight my cancer, and with so many protocols, as you know it can be overwhelming. I like the simplicity of this and that six to eight weeks will tell if it’s working. I’ll check out their website. Thanks again.

  3. Stacey

    Thanks, Chris, for this interview. It’s a great follow-up to the one with Candice. I am now at a confusion place & would love your thoughts, (& maybe, hopefully, a video), on raising children in a cancer-preventing way. There is one group saying to feed your children plenty of organ meat/liver, butter, cod liver oil, eggs, bone broth, etc to insure healthy teeth & bones & such, & to cut back on fruits & grains & nuts & beans. And then there is the group that says a no meat diet with no fats from the meat or butter, etc is the best way to go. I am sooo confused. I want so much to give my children the healthiest & strongest foundation possible. I know you have children & I would just love to get your advice on raising children on the best diet for their growth & future that would be free of cancer & other dieases. Praying that I get a responce for you….I so appreciate all that you are doing & highly respect your opinion.
    Many blessings,

    1. Chris Wark

      I recommend you read a book called The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner

      1. Edie Henderson

        I have been reading about Steve Jobs and his battle with pancreatic cancer. Aston Kutcher is to play him in a new movie and went on a high fruit diet and said his pancreas played up v quickly. Both Weston Price and Mercola comment on Steve Jobs death from a high fruit diet. It is confusing. It’s not a criticism in any way, I think the site is amazing, but the different healing techniques are very confusing

      2. Stacey

        Thank you so much for your response! I will definitely check it out!

  4. Laurie

    Yikes, I am not sure I would suggest all fruit diet to heal cancer. I think so many varuables are at play as to this one. Were you live, the climate, ones antibiotic history , blood type, fungal exsposure in ones environment and food which high sugar including fruit sugar feeds, what types of fruits and how much of all of them as some have a higher content of sugar. Whether in tropical environment as many in damp enviroments eat fruit with hot sauces and not all hot sauces are the same, as well as they take other herbs, spices like cinnamon that regulate blood sugar. We are now discovering how they regulate blood sugar levels . Seems Apple founder founder tried this one and well as we can see it did not work. It is also misleading that meat causes tumor growth, was this proven with grassfed organic meats prepared and eaten correctly , as traditional cultures ate their meats either raw, raw cooked with enzymes like salmon with lemon juice, and or the meat slow cooked or sun dried which changes it completely as well as eating it with enzymes rich foods such as fermented sauces such as horseradish as it was traditionally made along time ago as well as sauerkrauts. Also this would not be good for someone that is naturally thin do to the weight lost. And someone that lives in the northern climates due to the need of animal fats that are much needed. I have also know people that have healed themselves on a properly prepared and eated meat in their diets. He does recommend Iodine which is of course anti fungal so that probably helps with helping with the high sugar content of the food. Selenium also is anti fungal and that would have to be taken, so this is very importan. It has many anti cancer andti fungal qualities. He also lives in a very sunny enviroment where much needed good fats of course are not needed. However if you look at cultures around the world historically those that lived in northern cold climates typically used and needed more animal fat.. Iv Vitamin C is also a regulator of blood sugar, and is anti fungal and anti cancer. So my question his protocol of vitamins in and of its self very anti cancer . Iodine, IV C, Seleium. He does have very good insite into takeing certain vitamins seperately or at different times due to the cancilling out. I just think its important to make clear how the all fruit diet is not just that, and it MUST be done with the suppliments that he recommends. And a complete history of antibiotic use and the state of his enviroment and whether they are working or living in a moldy enviroment. I would love for a independant acccounting of his patients and calling them up to see over a 2-5-6 10 year result and are they still cancer free. It sounds like as long as they are under his suppervision so he can monitor them and make sure all the suppliments are being taken.

    1. Babs Phillips

      Wow, you just do not want to give up meat, do you? You’re throwing out all kinds of arguments to keep meat in your diet. You’ve turned a clear, simple interview into a very confusing, complicated comment.

      1. Laurie

        Babs, I wasnt promoting meat eating. I went 17 years without eating meat, for my body type it did not work. My energy level was low, had to eat ALL the time , was told I had to eat lots of snacks, my teeth were rotting out as so many Vegans and V find as well,I was constantly getting sick and had brain fog and drops of energy all the time. Most V think we sit down with a steak daily. Eating meat does not mean just that. Weston Price traveled the world prior to his book and discovered different cultures around the world ate varying degrees of animal products depending on the climate. If my memory is correct most didn’t eat the meat but the bone broths organ meats and fermented milk and fed the meat to the Dogs! This is not about right and wrong but more we must keep in mind our enviroment, nutritional suppliments that are being added and feeling our bodies to see what works. Many have tried the all fruit diet and it has not worked, as well as I know many that have cured cancer and other serious illnesses by including good animal fats and properly raised and eaten meats. I am not saying this protocol doesn’t work, but since we all know sugar feeds cancer and fungus , please put alot of importance on his protocol of suppliments as well and consider enviroment and don’t jump fully into as you could fuel the cancer beyond a point of return! As steroids do as they increase the bodies blood sugar to that of a diabetic. Not promoting meat, but not all cultures eat the same, we tend to jump on a diet without feeling what our enviromnt provides us and how we feel from itt. If you travel the world to see what people do with the food, spices and all . they don’t do it for taste it was developed for survival!

        1. Edie Henderson

          Thank you Laurie, for writing this. I know chris healed himself this way, with high fruit and 2 others from the success stories. I was wondering whether it worked for them because they were all very young?? I have been looking on here because I have just had big problems with my liver and want to turn it all around before it gets any worse. I have read a lot of the weston price stuff as well and he can’t be dismissed because the alternative cancer protocols are following his advice about root canals and removing them. I hate the way that the vegan community and the paleo community are at war with one another, such a shame when valuable information can be taken from both ‘tribes’. It seems to me that what everyone who heals has in common is not what they are eating, but what they are NOT eating. Basically Junk. No crap sugars, no wheat/gluten, no alcohol, no rancid oils, no MSG, no processed foods, no artificial sweeteners, no alcohol.
          I go on yearly fasts in thailand (with colonics) – well I did, I missed the last 2 years, what a mistake. I had been very unwell with massive fibroids the size of melons and fasting helped to turn it all around. I think fasting is very important. But one year I had finished the fast and was flying back to the uk. I took boxes and boxes of papaya and pineapple with me and nibbled on it on the way back. WOW I was SO ill after a few days. Too much sugar. I got a kidney infection and was weeing blood. Now I always break the fast with vegetables.

          1. Edie Henderson

            oh, p.s
            I met a man many years ago (1986), an asian doctor who told me that as we have a certain percentage of incisor teeth, and a certain percent of molars it was his belief that we need to eat meat a certain percentage of the time which worked out at once a week. That makes sense to me. Meat or fish, once a week. Then you cook up the bones and make a broth to have with vegetables to make it last just like war time. Sunday dinner, then broth. And then salad and raw

    2. marilyn

      Laurie….i am personally doing this protocol….in my second week…i feel fantastic. I believe in Mark Simon…he is an honest man and is trying to help people with cancer. He only asks for a donation no funds go directly to him. If you are a scientist or have been studying cancer for as long as he has ..then you would know that the theory of not eating fruit is wrong. God put fruit on this planet for us to enjoy and eat in its whole form…Common sense… tells me that

  5. VB

    Hi Chris- I’m confused. I don’t know anyone that would recommend Sodium Selenite.
    Mercola, Dana Flavin and others all will tell you it is Toxic. I was told to use

  6. Lynda

    I had been suffering from severe pain- and had had nothing done about it as sciatica pain for two years. So now, two months ago,February 25, 2015 I finally had scans done and now my dr. says ” I’m so sorry”. I still have severe pain-but now “they” say it is metasitized to bones on my lower back right hip–right where the “sciatica pain” is and I have a fracture.They are not saying the word “cancer” but in the printed report are the words oncologist and radiation. I have been given morphine-actually, stronger than morphine, T3, and a few other pain killers. I have never had more than a tylenol or allegy med in my life. i heard the words “stage 4” and “palliative”. I have a 15 year old daughter to take care of!!! I am not going anywhere!!!!! But in your interview I thought I heard you say that if pain meds are given-it is at the very serious stage. Can I be healed or is this is for me?

  7. goginski

    what did he say about what foods NOT to eat whatsoever after you are diagnosed? Thank you.

    1. Chris Wark

      For this protocol, that would be foods that contain methionine: all animal products. Certain plant foods like nuts and beans have lower levels of methionine and should be cycled on and off.

      1. goginski

        Thank you so much Chris. I just now saw this.

    2. marilyn

      Hi goginski…no animal products ….meaning no dairy,meat,eggs,cheese,etc

      1. goginski

        thank you very much.

  8. Ilse

    Good interview. I had already googled him and checked out his website after watching your interview with the woman the other day. What bothers me about all these people, either doctors or otherwise, with their different protocols is that they give you no indication of COST on their websites. They always talk about how it is much cheaper than conventional treatment, except my insurance ($100 deductible, $2000 total out of pocket per year) pays for conventional, but not a cent for alternatives. I have to pay my monthly premiums for that, then out of pocket for massages, acupuncture, alternative doctors, tons of supplements, tests, and on and on. I am retired, but that does not mean I’m ready to check out. Would it be possible for you to ask about cost when you interview someone with such promising information. I’m sure a lot of us out here would appreciate it. If you have any info on this particular protocol’s cost, would you please share it. Thanks! And keep up your great work.

    1. mhopp

      I second that request lise….we never hear how much these protocols cost. Chris, please include that in future interviews.

    2. Chava

      Yes! Cost is the deciding factor for me when looking at treatment. For example, I learned, after purchasing the Norwalk juicer, that I couldn’t afford to do Gerson therapy– $2000 a month on food and their supplements is what they told me in the end.

      There are wolves on this side of the Treatment Fence just as there are on the allopathic side. Not inferring that MSimon is a wolf. Not at all. Just saying about many others. Chris, please include costs with your interviews!

  9. Betsy

    Hi Chris,

    Great interview! I love how concise, practical and to the point you always are in your videos. I have a few questions for you: I can definitely see how it could be the actual insulin spike feeding the cancer cells, not the sugar directly. But, my understanding is that a lot of the sweet fruits like pineapple spike insulin levels as well. Wondering what your thoughts are on that. Could it be that the fiber and enzyme contribution from the fruit counteracts some of this? Also, I am wondering about the candida issue because I know that can play a major roll in cancer as well. I have been confused researching different candida protocols as some recommend avoiding fruit altogether and some do not. Something I should probably dive into getting to the bottom of.

    Another question: If taking selenium and other supplements/diet changes to create oxidative stress for the cancer cell leading to apoptosis, does that also create oxidative stress for the healthy cells leading to cell death for them as well? Or does it target the cancer cells only for some reason. I’m also a little confused because by limiting methionine and glutathione aren’t you also limiting the bodies ability to detoxify and isn’t that part of what you’re trying to do (detoxify) in natural cancer treatment? I know these are fairly technical questions, and I will try to do some research and see what I can find as well. But, I think they are questions worthy of consideration. Maybe these questions could also be forwarded to Mark?

    Thanks for all you do to get the word out to people who need it.

  10. Barb

    I am in remission stage 1 non hodgkins – I recently saw my doctor for a tiny swollen gland cyst on my collar bone – he said it could be nothing and checked me over and did some bloodwork. He said to see him in 6 months, unless it grows bigger. I am trying to keep it from coming back or trying to get the tiny glad to disappear, if it is the start of cancer. I love fruit and thought I would learn more about this
    – but I weigh 108 pounds and cannot afford to lose any more – any suggestions?

  11. Jan Robbins

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for sharing this interview and for all you are doing to help others find treatment options. I spoke with Mark today and have decided to switch from the Budwig Diet to this protocol to treat my stage 2B Breast cancer. For those interested in the NORI Protocol, it involves a $3,500 donation to his foundation which includes all selenium that you will need plus ongoing support. Mark even said he recently reduced the cost because he wanted to make it highly attainable. I like his ethics! Be aware that you are responsible for any medical testing to monitor your situation as you monitor your progress. I am using the CA 27.29 blood assay and my oncologist is OK with this and my insurance pays for that. I personally found Mark’s communication style clear and easy to understand. I am an educator (elementary classroom and university level) so this meant a lot in terms of his answering my initial questions.

    1. kas richardson

      Thanks Jan for sharing this info with us. I am considering this as well, if I can dig up the money!

  12. Julie Eastman

    I’m presuming you people who are contradicting the content of this amazing interview have skipped over Mark Simon’s qualifications. To quote, “His background is in neuroscience and biomedical engineering, and he has been studying nutritional science for the last THREE DECADES. He is the founder of the Nutritional Oncology Research Institute, and developer of the NORI Protocol, a nutritional strategy centered around starving cancer cells with a methionine-restricted diet.” And with his successes, I think he knows exactly what he’s talking about

    1. kas richardson

      Do we know how many successes he had had? I would like to know that.

  13. Edie Henderson

    Hi, can I please ask why you think Steve Jobs died on his high fruit Vegan Ornish diet – it sounds as if it should have worked according to this interview. Have you looked into what happened to him? The Paleo community had a field day!!

    1. Marvin

      They are now studying how wi-fi affects some cancers, like what Steve Jobs had, After his treatment he went back to work at Apple, lots of wi-fi. Diet is not going to help if you go back to a toxic work life. When these study’s are done i think you will have your answer on what happened to him.

  14. any name will do

    Most of selenium supplements are L-selenomethionine. Do such supplements increase cancer growth since they contain extra dose of methionine or selenium attached to amino acid methionine somehow disturbes methionine influence on cancer cell division (multiplication)? I am hoping for a coherent answer.

  15. MeTimesThree

    Chris, my story mirrors yours a bit. I found out I had a cancerous tumor in my colon early January this year. Thankfully, it was contained in the colon. Surgery two weeks later. They removed 16 lymph nodes and one had a “trace” of cancer. They told me stage 3 and recommended aggressive chemo for six months. My husband and I failed in that we didn’t research. I was so afraid of scaring myself I avoided the internet. My husband now refers to it as sheep being sent to slaughter. I had a port put in February. My blood work a few days before the port surgery showed no cancer markers and my CT scan was clean. I went to my first infusion five weeks ago and started chemo pills the same day. They start you at half dose on the pills. Within two days I was so miserable and by day three I was in agony. Unable to function – no sleep, eat, and had to force myself to drink. After taking the pills for 3 days we decided to stop. When you are doing something that makes you feel you would rather be dead something is wrong. My husband started researching and were shocked at all the options we actually had. We have learned so much. We went back to my primary doctor who actually walked this path personally and he is very supportive. I have been mostly raw vegan for the past month, taking supplements, different detox therapies. No sugar, dairy or gluten. I feel good and am losing weight (a good thing). I truly feel the Lord is walking this path right with me.
    My husband and I watched Quest for the Cures every night when he got home. It was eye-opening to say the least. When Dr. Jiminez started talking about right spin and left spin sugars our jaws dropped. There were still doctors during the document stating those three words, though – sugar feeds cancer. Lumping all sugar together. Leigh Erin Connealy being one of them that comes to mind. Even on her website, with regards to her anti-cancer diet, fruit is not allowed except for lemons and limes. I had my first colonic last week and while waiting to go back I noticed a copy of Killing Cancer by Robert Wright and was perusing the nutrition section. He said the exact same thing. It gets confusing when you are taking control of your health and you want to make sure you’re making the right choices.
    Your website among others has been so helpful to me in taking control of my health and I thank you very much. I still have to endure another surgery to have the port removed down the road. It is what it is. I’m just thankful for finding the truth before I subjected myself to more than just one chemo visit. Given how I felt on just half dose after three days, I know I would not have survived the six months.

  16. mondomara

    Thanks for this very interesting interview, Chris. My question or problem is this: I’ve tried contacting NORI through both their website (via email) and have left a voice message, and have had no response after one week. No one ever answers the telephone, and the recording doesn’t even verify that it is NORI that you have reached. Is there any way to get through to them? If anyone knows, thanks for any help.

    1. Michelle Bonafart

      @mondomara yes I had the same problem and realized that the number they have on their website is wrong. You could find the correct website on their Facebook page

      1. mondomara

        Hello Michelle, thanks so much for that information. I’ll check out their FB page.
        Best wishes,

        1. Richard Thomson

          hi can you please tell me if you are still on the NORI protocol and have the selenium and K2 etc been sent to you successfully?

          1. mondomara

            Hello Richard…after investigating different options, I chose another protocol, so I never did try NORI. If my current one doesn’t work after 10 weeks, I’m going to contact Mark again and will go with the NORI.

          2. Richard Thomson

            thanks, are you able to say what the protocol you are doing is?

          3. mondomara

            Richard…I’m doing a more or less customized Bill Henderson protocol, a cross between Budwig, enzymes, fulvic acid, etc. If you’ve not read Bill Henderson’s book (Cancer Free), it’s highly recommended, by the way.

      2. mondomara

        Hello Michelle…I did go their Facebook page and the numbers are the same as I had, and now one of the mailboxes is full. Still don’t know how this place can be legit, if they’re running it as they are. I’m not expecting any response from them, but one of success stories he mentioned sounds like my situation, so I’d still be interested in contacting them.

        1. Michelle bonafart

          Hello mondomara,
          Here is his number (805) 405-2031. He is very knowledgeable, caring and honest. I didn’t get the feeling he is in it for the money and he responds to any question right away. I hope you get to talk to him. Please keep me posted.

          1. mondomara

            Unfortunately that’s the same number I’ve been trying, Michelle, and the last time I called, the mailbox is full. So, who knows. He’s probably been swamped by people since the interview, I’d guess.

          2. Michelle bonafart

            That is really weird, I just spoke to him on the phone today using that number. Well maybe you can try emailing him. His email is ms******@ea*******.net. Hope that one works!

          3. mondomara

            Thanks, Michelle. I’ll try calling their number one more time, and then emailing. Again, thanks for your help.

          4. mondomara

            Success, Michelle. I tried once again and got through. What you said was correct about him, and hope to get underway soon. Thanks for your help and support.

          5. Michelle bonafart

            I’m so happy to hear that! Please keep me posted on your progress. I am a week into it and am very hopeful, especially with all the research I’ve been reading on methionine restriction. I wish you the best and hope to stay in touch

          6. mondomara

            Michelle, is it possible to contact you via email. I’d like to know about your experience with it.

      3. Jana

        Michelle, is your cancer shrinking and how long have you been on the NORI protocol?

  17. goginski

    great interview. What is the best brand supplement of “inorganic sodium selenite”? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Thanks.

    1. goginski

      Ok, been doing research and found that the 3 forms of selenium work best together and each one triggers apoptosis with a different gene like the suicide gene another cell won’t have. Something like that. In other words, the 3 forms of selenium cover the different cancer cells for apoptosis.

  18. jhun

    hello chris.. im jhun from philippines, please help me… first week of april, my mother was 69 had episode of vaginal bleeding (clots)..then they seek a doctor .. transvaginal ultrasound was done and it was normal,urine analysis was done and no infection also, then they prescribed hemostan for bleeding.. but still there is spotting after 7 days of medication of anti bleeding,,,they went to other hospital for second opinion then they found out that there is a mass on his cervix.. its like a pimpong ball like..they did the biopsy last april 22, 2015 and it was maliganant,, squamous cell carcinoma..and they recommened to do chemop followed by radiation therapy but we refused,, after the biopsy i told to my mother to eat or change his diet for vegan diet,, ang she has also suppluments like sante barley powder and ACAI berries… from april 22 after the biopsy til MAY 22, 2015.. there is on and off blood stain during early morning after urination,, but now when she woke up in the early morning there was bleeding of fresh blood.. can u advised us how can we deal with the bleeding? she still continously eating or drinking smoothies and juicing? hope u will help me.. thanks a lot

    1. Sprinkaan

      I have read some studies indicating that topical Vitamin A could be useful

  19. Liliana Munoz

    Husband just diagnosed with small cell carcinoma lung cancer w metastasis.
    How do I start. What supplements and herbs should I absolutely have.

  20. Liliana Munoz

    Husband just diagnosed with small cell carcinoma lung cancer w metastasis.
    How do I start. What supplements and herbs should I absolutely have.

  21. trooper9

    There are several doctors…Dr. Mercola and Dr. Weil and others that say high fruit intake causes high serum triglycerides leading to cardio vascular disease and insulin resistance. Who do we believe??

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