How Mona Healed Multiple Myeloma Without Conventional Therapy

In 2002, after numerous infections and health problems, Mona was diagnosed with terminal multiple myeloma.

The doctors told her there was nothing they could do and sent her home to die.

Hopeless and depressed, Mona basically gave up. She locked herself in her apartment, stopped answering the phone, shut everyone out of her life and began wasting away.

But then an old friend, determined to rescue her, showed up and “forced” Mona to take control of her situation and radically change her life. And that’s when Mona’s healing journey began…

15 years later, she is alive and well, with no signs of cancer in her body!

And she did it all natural baby! :)

I know you’re going to love Mona’s healing story. Enjoy!

Download the transcript here

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Dr. Richard Schulze’s Incurables Program

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  1. Bill

    Another great story. She was lucky the doctors said there was nothing they could do. Once they get into the hospital and start treatment, it’s all down hill after that. I know this from first hand.

    1. Linda

      So do I. My mother went through conventional treatment and it was inhuman

      1. Bill

        That is sad. I watched my dad go through it for 7 months or so till he died. They had him hook, line and sinker. I kept hoping when he hit as low as he could go, he would get out of the hospital and start detoxing and going natural but that was a pipe dream for me. He kept hoping the doctors had another plan. So sad to watch him deteriorate while being totally controlled by the doctors.

  2. Tammy Loro

    I am beyond grateful for these videos!! Especially this one! I was diagnosed with MDS in 2016 and have not found anyone who healed it. I am also watching/reading anything to do with leukemia since my diagnosis could eventually become ACL. The encouragement these testimonials bring is indescribable thank you!!!

    1. Brenda Peacock

      I was diagnosed this past July with MDS. I do not want them giving me conventional medicine. Thankfully I am low risk right now as I search for my cure.

      1. Bill

        If you watch the survivor videos on Chris’ site, you will learn that there really isn’t a cure. What it is is healing from a radical lifestyle change. There’s no one thing that will cure cancer. It’s an accumulation of many things like detoxing, flooding the body with cancer fighting foods, exercise, sufficient sleep, being outdoors in the sunlight and staying away from refined sugar and any processed foods. Juicing is a big thing with carrots, ginger, apples and many veggies. I wish the best on your healing journey.

    2. Rhys Westmoreland

      I was diagnosed in 2015 with MDS as well. I was in remission back in Oct 2016 and it came back in April 2017. I am trying to do Chris’s program but have difficult in motivation. I wish there was a support group here.

      1. Bill

        I hope you get better and get motivated and informed on what to do. Did you get a bone marrow transplant and chemo to kill your immune system first? That what they did to my dad. Then they said he died from graft vs host disease. I think it was everything including lots of chemo and virtually no nutrition at all. If you have the will to live, you will get motivated and know what to do. My dad didn’t have the true will to live. He was totally dependent on the doctors for everything.

  3. donnasandy

    Yes, great story Mona, and I want one of those shirts too!

    1. donnasandy

      P.S. Google the t shirt and you’ll find them!

  4. Karen D

    Chris, they named that Tina Turner song after you ‘Simply the Best….’. Cancer changed your life for the better as it has mine so far. I visualise being interviewed by you in the not too distant future as a survivor. You inspire me and give me so much more hope.

    1. Chris Wark

      See yourself well and keep pointing your ship toward Healthy Island and I’ll see you there Karen!

  5. Georgie Song

    That great news about the healing benefit of RAW plant food for cancer. Just read an interview with women named Janette who had breast cancer and cured herself with Raw diet and ran 365 days of marathon all over Australia. I moving towards a RAW diet, been so hard. Still eating cooked vegan after 18 years. Georgie, MS,ND

    1. Rebecca Cody

      Georgie, All raw is great for the early stages and detoxing, but if you’re not sick, eating cooked whole plant foods along with raw is perfectly healthy. I ate raw during cancer treatment, but I found that unsustainable as fall came on. I couldn’t keep warm at all. I was always turning up the heat. My mistake was to start eating cheese – and the shrunken cancer quickly grew big again.

      So eat as much raw as you like, but eat cooked whole grains and beans and other veggies, too. There are some nutrients you absorb much better from cooked food – things like lycopene in tomatoes, for example. And eating starchy foods like potatoes and beans, which are very healthy cooked, aren’t so healthy, or even edible, when raw. The things to NOT eat are processed foods with white flour, oils, and sugar. But I’m sure you know that already!

      1. Kala

        Rebecca you may have saved my life-no exaggeration. I just started eating cheese ALOT say in last 3 weeks as I was getting it at no cost. I began feeling a pain that I had not had for over a year. And just reading this I realized “oh my gosh you added cheese! and then lots of sugar- again food I was getting free. My body is extremely sensitive and reactive- I’m literally gonna throw out my “gift” of cheese right now- I thinks its’ the hormones that provoke this reaction.

        1. Rebecca Cody

          Kala, Good girl! You’re right. Eating cheese and sugar won’t help your health at all. Free does have its’ price, doesn’t it? Sometimes that price if far too high!

      2. Kala

        Also for not being able to feel warm-add in warming spices like ginger, cinammon, look up Ayurveda or Chinese Medicine”warming foods.”

      3. Georgie Song

        H Rebecca: What you mentioned is the way I presently eat. Mostly cooked.I live in Hawaii and still too much smoothie and salad makes me “cold”.Although I know alot of Raw foodists that have no problem. I trying to get into a raw green juice daily, a blueberry polyphenol smoothie daily, and large arugula salad for the nitrate for the nitrate, nitrite, nitric oxide generation for healthy endothelium, which according to Dr. Esselystn is way to ‘Make yourself Heart Attack Proof”. I do have a very hard time eating all my broccoli raw, it always been cooked with onions, It my understanding Raw leaves all the nutrients in plants undamaged, so it becomes NUTRIENT Dense diet and not Calorie dense, so it automatic “calorie restriction”. But I love beans!!!! and you must cook beans, so I don’t know if I can ever become 90% raw. I be happy with 70% raw. Thanks for your “concern” and good advice.

        1. Rebecca Cody

          Georgie Song,

          It sounds to me like you’re doing all right – unless you want to lose weight. In that situation it’s not a good idea to drink your calories, because smoothies tend to be much higher in calories than just eating the food.

          1. Georgie Song

            Hi Rebecca: I do have at least another 10 lbs I want to lose from my meat eating days, that was 18 years ago. My problem is I feel I am addicted to solid food. I like to do more green juice. Not able to eat enough leafy green whole. One salad is all I seem to be able to eat. Also I like my fruit in smoothie except for mangoes or pineapple or apple. I may be psychologically preparing myself for old age with no teeth. although I fighting very hard to hold onto my teeth for my apples.
            thanks Georgie, MS, ND

          2. Rebecca Cody

            Georgie, Perhaps you could learn from Chef AJ, who works with people who have a tough time losing weight, with great success, using a whole foods plant based diet. Just Google Chef AJ and you’ll find her. Another good one is plant based dietitian, Brenda Davis. Both of them have lots of talks on Youtube.

          3. Georgie Song

            thanks. I am doing more whole plant food, just within last 4 months, Last 17 years was on alot of the soy meat stuff and salt. I have problem with weight loss cause I have hypothyroid, which came from my pregnancies.. I got hormonally drained and did not know it, especially vitamin B2. But it getting correct finally. Thanks for caring.

      1. Georgie Song

        Hi , Janette story was a real inspiration for me to start eating more RAW. I tried it for 5 years going to RAW vegan potluck with no success. But after hearing her story about the 365 days of marathon along with Dr.Gabriel Cousen Raw diet which helps him to eat a “Restricted calorie” diet and Dr. Ruth Heinkick who also had breast cancer and is raw vegan an been 8 times senior Marathon winner, I just got to try harder. Also the nitrate to nitrite to Nitric oxide for endothelium is a big booster. Also everyone I know that are raw vegans became raw foodists because they were very ill growing up with the SAD diet. They came from family with ALOT of genetic disease, heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc. And Raw got them out of illness.

  6. Lindsay

    My sister finally looked at the Square One modules that I bought for her year ago. She then bought it herself and started your protocol yesterday. She was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer at age 23 and is about to turn 30 this month. She has been through a lot of nasty treatments and they’ve still never said they could “cure“ her. She had basically resigned to the fact she will never be able to have children or plan for a bright future. I am beyond thrilled to see how this can help her. Under doctor supervision, she is going off almost all of her treatments. Thank you, Chris, for all that you have done to help people. I am praying that my sister will be one of them and be sitting on the survivor couch someday soon! Merry Christmas!!

    1. Chris Wark

      I’m so glad to hear that your sister taking control of her life and health! Keep me posted Lindsay! :)

  7. Janice Huffman

    Love these interviews. Keep them coming. And glad to know about the Incurables Program.

  8. Facebook User

    When I had my first positive biopsy for cancer and was terrified, These videos helped comfort me and give me hope. My second biopsy was negative.

  9. workathome2009

    great story I will tell my story too

  10. Dee Sund

    I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in February 2010. After having tests specific to MM I went to Tijuana and had IPT. I ran out of money and couldn’t finish the treatment. This is a painful cancer and I had gotten diagnosed due to pain in one hip. I had seen my Chiropractor , who told me he thought it was from cancer. After awhile family members urged me to see and oncologist. I started on the treatment that is injections in the ‘belly’ and cortisone. Within a short time ,I started retaining fluid. I told the doctor, but he said to take a diuretic at 8:00 AM and another at 4:00 PM. It did nothing. I woke up one morning hardly able to breath . I went to ER and found my chest was filled with fluid and I weighed 16 pounds more than when I started a few weeks earlier. I was also in Atrial Fibrilation. I was admitted to ICU for a day and transferred to a regular floor for six more days , on IV diuretics. When I was discharged, the oncologist asked me to schedule another appointment. I told him,”When pigs fly.” I moved to Panama and found a good doctor, MD but alternative, in Panama City and I’ve been on high dose VitaminC, B complex and DMSO. plus many supplements. The oncologist had done a bone biopsy and told me there were so few cancer cells that I needed no treatment previously. He took the biopsy from the opposite hip where the cancer had been diagnosed from. I was taking narcotic pain meds to be able to sleep. I asked my doctor in Panama to write a refill. He asked me why I wanted to take that garbage. I told him I needed it to sleep due to the pain. He asked me why I hadn’t told him I was in pain. He said,” People with cancer don’t have to be in pain.” I was in disbelief. He took me to the treatment room and started my IV medication and added DMSO. In a few moments ,I felt the pain disappear and I have been pain free ever since.I asked why my doctor in the US had not given me DMSO. He told me it was not FDA approved, even though it’s safer than a baby aspirin. I should have realized that big Pharma would never allow something so benign to be used rather than narcotics, due to the money they would lose. I need to check my levels very soon to see if this cancer is still active.

    1. luv_da_usa

      Thank you! For sharing your testimony also. My husband was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in April we are not doing anything medically all natural. We need to find that DMSO somehow. God bless.

      1. Dee Sund

        Hi— As for the DMSO, since it is not FDA approved, I’m not sure where to get it. I know that DR. Chial, my doctor in Panama gets it from the US. I will ask him where he gets it from, specifically. There is an alternative clinic in Wichita , KS. that deals with cancer . He went to a seminar there about a year ago. You realize that the DMSO that I’m getting is IV. I am getting high dose Vitamin C, B complex and DMSO in one sitting, once a week. What kind of treatments are you using? If you are able to afford to go to Germany, your husband might be cancer free in a short time. I can get the info as to the best clinic, if you like. My son in law is a cancer researcher. Many years ago a lady was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer, which I’m sure you know is still one of the worst. She was bedridden and her family was forcing her to eat and drink. She developed a strep infection and her temp went to 105. The doctors thought the strep would kill her , but she survived and was not brain damaged. When the fever ‘broke’ she asked for food and water. The doctors were dumbfounded. The next day she got out of bed and by six weeks ,it was as though she had never had cancer. She died 29 years later from a problem unrelated to cancer. They have built chambers that raise the core temperature to an equivalent level, while protecting the brain. They are called Hyperthermic chambers. Needless to say, they are not allowed in the US. Since cancer cells cannot survive at this temperature, this treatment is useful for all cancers below the neck. It would be likely to cause brain damage if used for brain or throat cancers. I'[m sure you can get much info with Google. If you have Skype, I’ll be happy to answer questions or help you get more info. There is just a dot between my names.

        1. Amy Ward

          Hi, can you tell me more about the options available in Germany? My mom was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2011 and is currently doing clinical trials. My sister and I are looking into other options for our Mom…Thank you!

  11. Erie

    Thank you Chris for your tremendous info service you are bringing to so many suffering, misled and frightened poor souls !!! – Over my right eye a basal cell m. cancer started 15 years ago on an about 60 year old scar (I had fallen on the corner of a cement step at the age of around 7). It had been cut off and healed. – during a stress full time it re-appeared again. – Was able to heal it with Food-grad 35% Hydrogen peroxide. – Stress brought it back again – 35% H.P.was not available anymore, and the 29% H.P. did not do anything. – Although I did eat healthy (Compared to the SAD diet) – You are an inspiration to me now to get this pain full spot healed ! – Your encouragement to “never give up” “continue what you are doing”
    is what we need to hear from an ‘over -comer’! – With 80 + I am not taking any medication, have no arthritis -except balancing problems from Ms and memory difficulty, I suspect as the result of the cancer.- Together with our Master Physicen
    and your encouragement “we shall over come “! – You and your family need sincere prayers for the courage you are displaying ! May He keep you and your loved ones under His Wings !

  12. Helen Ruth Rogan

    Keep the interivews going Chris. I am disappointed when doctors say that this is merely anecdotal and not scientific evidence, yet there is a whole mountain of it building up against endless rounds of chemotherapy that just breaks down a patient until they die of it and not of the cancer!! If the fist round (s) of chemo didn’t work, then they need to know it ain’t working and is doing more harm than good – Don’t poison yourself with it any more, a different route is needed. People need educating that their ill health is not a deficiency of drugs and they are more in control of their health than they (are not taught to) realise! The body wants to get on to heal and is waiting for you to put it on the right path! Thanks for your positive input for everyone’s health journey.

  13. Roberta Cowan

    What an inspiration this lady is. It must be so hard to keep going when the chips are down. I am dealing with the 3rd cold in a row and I can’t imagine how difficult it ia dealing with a serious illness. Well done to all that continue to fight.

  14. Cait

    What do you think about using the detox on people with only one kidney? Could it be harmful for their one kidney?

  15. John Ogrins

    Good interview Chris and thanks Mona for sharing your story. Dr. Schulze’s Incurable Program… have you got any tips where to learn more about this program other than his site? I know you and Mona both invested in the program but it would help if there was more info about what you’ll be doing and for what period of time. I know this journey I’m on is a lifelong commitment to developing new good habits and a cleaner more thoughtful lifestyle. Thanks for any input either of you could add.

  16. Boots Gibson

    I’m loving all the great stories from survivors! I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer last year, had 3 surgeries, chemo, radiation for a total of 10 months. In less than 6 months scan showed bone mets in 3 places. Ok, tried it their way, now doing it my way, but haven’t told oncologist that yet. As a full time RVer I move around a lot so I made a point to swing into S. Cal for scan every few months. But I may not have to do that now because I expect to be fired as a patient. Not a surprise since I have a head as hard as a bowling ball and he knows it.
    Going raw and vegan had been difficult but getting there. Also on cannabis after all the good info from the Sacred Plant series. Medicare covered EVERYTHING with traditional treatment, but as a retiree trying to keep expenses under control that’s an issue. However, I am on most of the supplements you recommend, and some from others too. Trying to figure out how to do aloe too but ridge is too small for 2 gallons at a time.

  17. luv_da_usa

    Chris thank you for all you are doing, God bless you! My husband was diagnosed with MM in April of this year, we decided early on he was not going to have conventional treatment. He was on Hoxey program aling with juicing and was doing really well. A friend told him about a naturopath thst uses biochemistry and He started the process of healing his cells with specific diet and supplements but by doing that stopped all juices and all other supplements he was taking and iGA shut up again along with pain. We are now in regrouping mode, looking for specific protocol to follow. We’re looking to Cesium, Ic’s, etc…PLEASE have Mona share what she did for the rest of the 2 years. Is there a way to speak to her?

  18. indi.

    Nice story… I was trying to buy some supplements from Dr. R.Schulze, but as I’m living in Austria(EU) I want be able to buy as Austria is not on his list of Countries. Are there any way I could order some supplement? Please let me know. thanks.

  19. SEKimberley

    This was a wonderful interview. Just about the time I saw it, the next day we got word that a friend of ours had just been diagnosed with multiple myeloma. I sent him the interview, and he said his wife had already been starting to read things on your website. His oncologist was saying he needed to start chemo NOW, and he and his wife decided to wait and pray about the situation and decide what direction the Lord wanted them to go. They decided to tackle the multiple myeloma nutritionally as described on ChrisBeatCancer! So happy for him/them!

  20. Ellen Spenser

    I promised to let the world know about him if he could help me cure the deadly virus. I was shocked after 3weeks of herbal treatment I was tested Hiv negative medically by the same hospital that tested me positive. I am using this medium once again to thank Dr. Musa and to tell the world about his herbal and spiritual method of curing deadly virus and diseases. I advise those going through various medical condition to Contact him on whatsapp at: +2348O24573O41 or email him on gmail at: dr.musatradomedicalcentre@ gmailcom for instant solution. Once you get help through him spread the good news also to let the world know more about herbal cure. Thank you for re-uniting me with my family.
    As he said they are also specialized in;
    Heart/liver/kidney diseases
    And many more.

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