How Kim Healed Breast Cancer + Costa Rica Retreat!

Meet my friends Theo and Kim Hanson!

Together they healed Kim’s breast cancer with nutrition, and April 27th – May 1st 2017 they are hosting a health and healing retreat in Costa Rica called Cancer Unplugged. I will be there and you are invited too!

I know you will love this awesome interview.

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Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy on The Cancer Revolution

My friend Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy MD is back!

Dr. Connealy is the Founder and Medical Director of the Center for New Medicine and Cancer Center for Healing in Irvine, California. She is a walking encyclopedia in conventional and alternative medicine and has vast expertise in IPT/LD (low-dose chemo), genetic testing, detoxification, IV vitamin C, ozone, hyperbaric oxygen, hyperthermia, UV blood irradiation and so much more.

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Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn on How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease with Nutrition

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn MD and I discuss the results of his long-term patient study which proved that heart disease can be prevented and reversed with nutrition. If you know anyone with a history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or a history of heart disease, make them watch this!

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2016 Healthy Holidays Gift Guide

My Healthy Holidays Gift Guide is back! And this time… it’s personal. ;)

If you’re looking for some great healthy gift ideas, I’ve got you covered!

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Pilar’s Stage IV Ovarian Cancer Healing Story

In 2010, Pilar Davila was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had a complete hysterectomy. In 2014, the cancer came back and spread to her liver, stomach, vaginal wall and colon. That’s when she refused traditional medicine and choose nutrition and alternative treatments.

I caught up with Pilar when I was in Austin a few months ago to get her amazing stage IV ovarian cancer healing story on tape. Enjoy!

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Blue Zones author Dan Buettner on How to Live to 100 and Beyond

In our interview, Dan shares surprising facts about the diet and lifestyle habits of the healthiest, longest-living people in the world, the residents of The Blue Zones.

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This nurse refused oncology for breast cancer in 2008

In this fantastic interview OB/GYN NP Marcelle Pick explains why she decided to steer clear of oncology after her breast cancer diagnosis, the problems with mammograms, how our choices affect our genes, what every women needs to know about hormone replacement therapy and menopause, and more!

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Chemo kills up to 50% of cancer patients in some hospitals

Patients should be warned about the dangers of chemotherapy after new research published in The Lancet Oncology showed that cancer drugs are killing up to 50% of patients in some hospitals.

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Shocking facts about Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Pinktober is fast approaching and this year I’m launching a preemptive strike to combat the tidal wave of pink propaganda that’s coming in a few weeks with the Pink Ribbon SCAM shirt and a blog post in which I assemble some of the most shocking facts about the world’s largest “breast cancer awareness” charity.

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How Jessica Beat Breast Cancer Holistically

Jessica Richards was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2007. Her doctors told her she needed chemo, mastectomy, breast reconstruction, six weeks of radiotherapy and five years of hormone blockers.

Nine years later she is completely well. There is no sign of cancer in her body and she did no medical treatment!

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Eat like an African and drop your cancer risk in two weeks

A fascinating study confirmed that a high-carb, high-fiber diet like that of the rural Africans can substantially reduce colon cancer risk, and demonstrated that your microbiome plays an important role in this anti-cancer effect.

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This Common Yard Weed is an Anti-Cancer Powerhouse

And it’s also a super nutritious food. You’ll never look at this weed the same way again!

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Cancer-fighting properties of horseradish revealed

The humble horseradish may not be much to look at, but a recent University of Illinois study shows that it contains compounds that help detoxify and eliminate cancer-causing free-radicals in the body.

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Vitamin D: The #1 Anti-Cancer Vitamin

In a new landmark study, researchers reveal the optimal vitamin D levels for cancer prevention and survival.

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Bailey O’Brien healed stage 4 melanoma in 6 weeks after conventional therapy failed

I met Bailey O’Brien at a conference in Phoenix, AZ. She told me her remarkable story how she healed stage 4 melanoma and then we shot this interview for you. Enjoy!

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