The Top 10 Anti-Cancer Vegetables


Anti-Cancer Vegetables. Photo by David Grunfeld
Anti-Cancer Vegetables: Photo by David Grunfeld

If you haven’t noticed, we are constantly bombarded with pleas from charities for cancer research money.

  • Race for the Cure
  • Stand Up to Cancer
  • Buy Pink products
  • Grow a Movember mustache

This is often accompanied by the message  that “we are running out of funding for cancer research”.

And of course this is a problem, because “without funding for more research, we will never find a cure”.

Cue the shots of bald women and children poisoned by chemo, accompanied by dramatic music.

Then, insert a high-profile celebrity to say, “The cure is just around the corner. Together we can make cancer history. Please give today.”

Here’s the reality….

The mega billion dollar pharmaceutical industry has plenty of money to fund research.

They would just prefer that you fund it with your donations instead of theirs.

Real problem #1  They are running out of your money.

Real problem #2 They are only interested in medicines they can patent.

Real problem #3  Research on nutrition and natural therapies is ignored.

There are literally thousands of published peer-reviewed studies demonstrating that the 100,000+ phytonutrients in plants have the ability to prevent and reverse cancer.

But because the pharmaceutical industry can’t figure out how to extract these compounds, synthesize them, and patent them for profit, they are ignored.

Doctors can’t even use this published information or they risk losing their license.

But you can!

One of my favorite studies was published in Food Chemistry, January 2009 called,
“The antiproliferative and antioxidant activities of common vegetables: A comparative study”

Researchers studied the inhibitory (cancer-stopping) effects of 34 vegetable extracts on 8 different tumor cell lines.

They basically just ran vegetables through a juicer and then dripped the extracted juice on different cancer cells to see what would happen. Here are the top 10 anti-cancer vegetables from this study…

The #1 most powerful anti-cancer food was Garlic.

Garlic stopped cancer growth COMPLETELY against these tumor cell lines:

  • Breast cancer
  • Brain cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Childhood brain cancer
  • and stomach cancer

Leeks were #1 against kidney cancer. Garlic was #2.

But not just garlic and leeks, almost all vegetables from the Allium and Cruciferous families completely stopped growth in the various cancers tested.

Here they are:

Allium vegetables:

  • Garlic
  • Leeks
  • Yellow and Green Onions

Cruciferous vegetables:

  • Broccoli
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Cauliflower
  • Kale
  • Red cabbage and Curly Cabbage

Spinach and Beet Root also scored in the top ten against many of the cancers tested.

Honorable mentions:

  • Asparagus
  • fiddlehead
  • green beans
  • radishes
  • rutabaga

Poor Performers:

  • Acorn Squash
  • Bok Choy
  • Boston Lettuce
  • Carrot
  • Endive
  • English Cucumber
  • Fennel Bulb
  • Jalapeño
  • Orange Sweet Pepper
  • Potato
  • Radicchio
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Tomatoes

Here is an excerpt from the paper’s abstract:

“The extracts from cruciferous vegetables as well as those from vegetables of the genus Allium inhibited the proliferation of all tested cancer cell lines whereas extracts from vegetables most commonly consumed in Western countries were much less effective. The antiproliferative effect of vegetables was specific to cells of cancerous origin and was found to be largely independent of their antioxidant properties. These results thus indicate that vegetables have very different inhibitory activities towards cancer cells and that the inclusion of cruciferous and Allium vegetables in the diet is essential for effective dietary-based chemopreventive strategies.”


-Allium and cruciferous veggies stopped cancer cell growth.
-Commonly consumed vegetables did not work as well.
-The antioxidant content of veggies was not a key anti-cancer factor.
-Different vegetables work for different cancers.
-Allium and cruciferous veggies should be eaten to prevent cancer.

So the most commonly consumed vegetables in Western countries had very little effect on cancer cell growth.

The top three (potatoes, lettuce and carrots) account for 60% of the vegetables we Westerners are eating.

32% of our vegetable intake is potatoes, and half of that is actually french fries.


Dark greens, cruciferous veggies and garlic account for less than 1% of our Western diet!

An interesting note:
Radishes were found to stop tumor growth by 95-100% for breast and stomach cancer, but may have even increased tumor growth by 20-25% in pancreatic, brain, lung and kidney cancer. Definitely something to keep in mind.

Have a look at the charts in the study to see which veggies worked best against which cancer.

Read the full study here. The charts are on page 3.

Now if you are familiar with my story you may be thinking, “Wait a minute Chris, didn’t you drink tons of carrot juice every day?”

Yes I did.  (More about that here)

Before you write off the “poor performers”
It’s important to keep in mind that this is a laboratory study showing only what a vegetable extract did to when applied directly to cancer cells. The study does not take into account the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that indirectly support your body’s ability to repair, regenerate, detoxify and heal.

For example, carrots are a potent source of Beta Carotene, which is converted to Vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A supports your liver. Your liver is a critical component of your immune system because it detoxifies your body. Cancer is a product of a toxic body, so detoxing your body is critical in healing cancer, and so on.

Having said all that, it makes sense to focus on eating tons of the veggies that were actually killing cancer in the lab.

Also this study confirms why what I did in 2004 worked.

I ate copious amounts of these cancer-fighting vegetables every day in my Giant Cancer-Fighting Salad, specifically spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, red cabbage, and garlic powder. I had no idea about leeks or else they would have been in there too.

Garlic is an anti-cancer vegetable

And according to Dr. Richard Schulze’s recommendation, I ate several cloves of garlic per day.

If garlic kills cancer, then I wanted to saturate my body with garlic.

So I would just crush up the cloves and swallow them with a mouthful of water.

I also took Kyolic Garlic Extract.

And yes, I reeked.  But I lived to tell the tale!

To sum up:

Top 10 Anti Cancer Vegetables

Top 10 Anti-Cancer Vegetables
1. Garlic
2. Leeks
3. Yellow and Green Onions
4. Broccoli
5. Brussels Sprouts
6. Cauliflower
7. Kale
8. Red Cabbage and Curly Cabbage
9. Spinach
10. Beet Root

Honorable Mentions:
1. Asparagus
2. Fiddlehead
3. Green beans
4. Radishes
5. Rutabega

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    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Amber I took Kyolic garlic supplements as well from time to time, it can’t hurt!

      1. Blingy

        I have used Kyolic liquid garlic extract for several years. I add it to a cocktail of either fresh veggie or grapefruit juice. Small juice glass of juice, Kyolic, and other liquid herbs/vitamins, and aloe vera juice. Just down it in 3 or 4 gulps and get the taste over with… LOL

        1. Alisha

          Hi guys – just wondered which Kyolic garlic extract you took as there are different types. There is one called cardiovascular formula 100 or an immune formula 103? Would appreciate if you could advise which one my husband should take as he has stomach cancer that has spread to his liver. Many thanks. Alisha Byron

  1. Arunava

    I am following 90% of this already for my wife!! Remaining 10%, I don’t know what they look like…feel like a fiddlehead! LOL!
    We’re going in for the CT results tomorrow I am praying for a 100% remission. She had a LEIOMYOSARCOMA tumor removed from the cervix 12 months ago. We started Juicing, Raw vegan et al 3 months ago after a shadow showed up in the CT. Keep up the great work Chris!

  2. Laura

    This is awesome stuff!! Have you researched cancer and food intolerances? Some of us in my family are sensitive to the entire onion and cruciferous families. Sounds like we would really be in a bind if one of us develops cancer. Copious amounts of these things cause major inflammation! Thoughts?

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Laura you are absolutely right. If you have food allergies/intolerances to these veggies, they should be avoided.

  3. Barbora

    Chris, please do You have any idea what would help with Hodkins lymfoma? From vegetables or something else? Usualy studies speak abou other cancers but not so much about lymfoma

    1. barb

      If you don’t mind – follow your doctor(s) advice. Then ask if some of Chris’ suggestions would be alright during your care – check out his detox section and the Vit C information.
      Diet is always helpful. As well as prayer and meditation.

      Good luck and good health to you:)

  4. kari

    Thanks Chris! I love your blog.

  5. John Tod

    After investigating various cancer curing protocols I found that a proper anti-cancer diet was crucial to alternative treatment. I am following Elaine Cantin’s Ketogenic Anti-Cancer Diet and I am also eating your salad, usually as my supper.

    I am battling prostate cancer and winning! My PSA levels are coming down nicely. Since prostate cancer is kind of special I had to add massive doses of selenium to my daily regimen of supplements and it is working!

    But a proper diet is the cornerstone to ANY alternative cancer cure protocol.

    John Tod

  6. Angelina

    Just curious in your salads why did you use garlic powder instead of fresh…



    1. Chris Wark

      Convenience and it distributes more evenly over a salad. :)

    2. barb

      Add the already minced organic garlic in jar from Spice World to some olive oil or butter for a spread. No fuss, no muss – all the garlic!

  7. Gretchen

    Chris, thanks so much for your unending sharing of information. It is so helpful and a reminder to me of why I’m doing what I’m doing and staying away from chemo. Best of health to you and yours!

  8. La Chica Organica

    Great article. If its okay I will post on my blog with a link to your site as well!

    God Bless You.

    La Chica Organica (The Organic Chic)

  9. Saidy

    Hi Chris,
    I was sent to your post by a friend of mine. I have a pituitary tumor, benign so not necessarily cancer, but have opted out of taking the different pills and have changed my entire diet to a clean diet. I haven’t yet read the study you posted, plan to but haven’t yet, but do you think since you mentioned “tumor” that the results would be similar on a pituitary tumor?

    1. Gwen Atkinson

      Dear Saidy my Dad has been diagnosed with a similar condition, I wonder if you would mind if I talked to you about your experiences and how you have been managing. Gwen

  10. Shelly

    Chris! You are the best at writing articles, I love it! I was told I had cervical cancer a few years ago, had a cone biopsy and they found nothing but I knew there was a chance of it coming back so I researched and found your site. Not only have a been clear of cancer but I went from 136 lbs to 112 lbs in a couple months. THANKS MAN! You have changed my life forever :)

  11. Sue

    Great article! One question- I typically buy the big minced garlic jug at Costco, for convenience sake. Is this equally as healthy as cutting up garlic cloves? The ingredients on the jug do list Citric Acid, which I don’t know much about. I don’t think I read “minced garlic” on your Costco list so I’m curious what your thoughts are.

    1. barb

      citric acid is usually genetically modified *makes its own bt pesticide, unless it is organic. the majority of it is shipped in from China – a place that has alot of pollution from coal burning. I would go organic. There is a jar from Spice World of minced organic garlic in olive oil. the stuff is great for everything. :)

  12. Jessica

    Thank you for this post. I was just thinking of adding kale back into my diet, it’s nice to know what else we should be eating more of. I need to get back into my nightly clove of garlic too. I chop it up as fine as I can, wait 14 minutes, then put it on a spoon with raw honey or grade b maple syrup over it and then swallow it. The honey/maple helps me swallow easy so I don’t gag. I do not experience bad breath or smell of garlic consuming it this way.

    I don’t have cancer, and not sure honey or maple syrup is a good idea for people with cancer, but if you are able to and want an easier way to eat garlic, this way is pretty easy. The 14 minute wait has to do with the garlic clove doing stuff after it gets chopped up. This site explains it, 6th paragraph down:

  13. BRENT S


  14. Amber

    Hi Chris! Thanks for this info! Do you think Kyolic Garlic Extract would be beneficial for preventing and/or fighting cancer in addition to it’s heart health benefits?

    1. Amber

      whoops, sorry for double post!

  15. Brian

    Great video on the protein powders!The thing u forgot 2 mention is the taste and texture! Garden of Life wins hands down on both…choc and vanilla not 2 sweet but very tasty and very bioavailable and no thickening agents !!

  16. Nat

    I like garlic with coffee. I know it sounds weird, but it is tasty for me.

  17. Marc Authier

    Short and Sweet ! Who says that staying healthy is complicated. Call it the 10 commandments of vegetables to eat for staying healthy.
    I like your approach and its less costly than supplements or the poisons sold by corporate fascists Big Pharma. Hypporat said ‘May your food be your medecine.’

  18. Christine

    Hi Chris! My sister shared this with me today via FB. For those of us with stomach issues and unable to eat garlic, is there any other substitute?

  19. Brent Hammond

    Chris, you rock! Thanks for continuing to beat cancer by helping others!!

    1. Michele

      I second that with a big thumbs up! Thank you, Chris…doing a great service.

  20. aydin

    Where do you buy your garlic powder? Do you think garlic granules are just as good?

  21. Scott

    There is NO DOUBT, that the answer to cancer is found in nature. Over the last 3 years, cancer research groups have honed-in on Sulforaphane and there are currently several dozen in-flight trials utilizing this compound. Sulforaphane is my go-to compound. I call it the “Swiss Army Knife” of anit-cancer compounds. Truly amazing properties regarding P53 gene mutations. Check out this reseach paper recently published by one of mankinds brightest minds, Nobel Laureate James Watson – who co-discovered the DNA Double Helix.This paper (just published) details his hypothesis regarding ROS and how anti oxidant useage can derail aptosis/autophagy in late-stage metastatic cancer. It really puts cancers growth cycle into a new light. He states that it is most important publication to date and he touches on what he believes is required to eradicte cancer.This is a very technical publication but if you stick with it, you will understand his focus.

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Scott thanks for sharing the link! I’m very familiar with anti-cancer power of sulforaphane and I’ll read it for sure.
      FYI for anyone reading this: the best place to get it naturally is broccoli sprouts.

  22. Susan

    Hi Chris,
    I do not have Cancer, but it runs so prevalently in my family that I am taking every preventive measure I can. Thanks so much for taking the time to blog and share with the rest of the world. What is your feeling on drinking a lot of water during the day? Susan PS. I bought the vitamin C powder you use and love it!!

  23. Sherry Wingate

    Hi Chris I have went over your website over and over and over since I was diagnosed in July 2012 with stage 4 ovarian carcinomasarcoma. it seemed all was going well with the first round of chemo, the markers were down to 12.7. the lymphnodes had shrunk.. and then boom in November the next ct scan showed a new growth where the spleen used to be and that the lesions on the liver are not shrinking.. so they changed me to another chemo.. this one made me feel like i was having a heart attack, so they switched me to another one.. well now the ct scan before this new chemo has shown the tumor has doubled in size where the spleen was.. there is a new tumor that is now resting on the right kidney tube and they just want to watch it… getting ready to go in Monday for the 2nd round of this chemo.. but I am scared.. the dr said after this one that is pretty much all my options.. what would your recommend me to detox my body and what regimen should I get on to get my body to start doing what its supposed to do by getting rid of the cancer. I have been praying and praying and I have given it all to God and am letting Him do what needs be done. and here I am posting in your forum under the post about veggies and what I need to be eating to attack this cancer.. I will go out tomorrow and get the veggies I need to get started.. I want to live.. and any help you send my way will be soooo appreciated!

    1. Cadie

      Look into Dr. Richard Schultz… He has a program called the incurables program. Chris is familiar with him, he referrenced him in the article. Go to his site, he has ebooks and lots of other info.

      1. Tanya

        May be look at ketogenic diet for Cancer. But deffinately cut sugar and grains out of your diet

    2. Ellen

      You are on the right track! Go with your faith… in God, in yourself, and in your body’s ability to heal with the right foods.

      It’s been working for me. I was diagnosed with an oligodendroglioma brain tumor over three years ago. I went through a year of chemo along with diet changes and added supplements that I continue to follow. My tumor shrank to under half it’s original size and continued to shrink even after I finished treatment with Temodar. It’s been stable now for the past two years.

      This article covers the basics of what I did. I also cut back on sugar as much as possible. Cancer cells take in many times the amount of sugar that normal cells do. I know this can be challenging, but you can find substitutes that taste good and are healthy too.

      One other thing: I eat turmeric daily (half a teaspoon or more). There have been over a thousand studies of turmeric done. It’s main ingredient, curcumin, is what the drug companies are looking at the closest because they want to patent it and make money from it. But the spice itself, turmeric, is cheap and available in any grocery.

      You can do it, Sherry! Best of luck… and keep the faith. ~ Ellen

      1. Rachel

        I just want to say a huge thank u for this comment, I am the same as Ellen with the same oligodendroglioma tumour, which is really rare, and I can only find bad things via google. This comment and reference is great news thank you Ellen, and thank you Chris for this website. I have now bought an expensive and fantastic veg juicer :-)

    3. John Carter

      You are at the right place.
      I have only just come across this blog but I can attest that the advice here works.
      My mother inlaw was disgnosed stage IV lung cancer. She was riddles with lesions!
      That was 4 months ago…
      I had her change her diet, similar to what you read here… in summary;
      – No meat
      – No Sugar
      – No grains, this means no bread, pasta, rice etc
      – Only celtic salt sparingly (because it has 84 essential minerals and table salt only 2)
      – Loads of veggie juices (with ginger)
      – Smoothies with coconut milk and turmeric
      – very little fruit and low sugar fruit only
      – flaxseed oil – organic and cold pressed
      – coconut oil – spoon every day
      – Extra virgin and cold pressed olive oil for salads
      There are some additional herbs such as Astragalus and Graviola.

      In short, her PH reading went from highly acidic and not even changing the colour of the PH strip to an alkaline result (often – not always).
      Pain subsided in intensity and frequency.
      Originally pain was regular every day.
      Now we have an average of 7~10 days between pain and then the pain lasts only 5 minutes to an hour and then goes away for another week or more.
      This is a lifestyle change… you also need to get active.
      Cancer, especially advanced stages generate a lot of lactic acid… very acidic and so the patient usually is on a snowball ride downhill and it eventually becomes an unstoppable avalanche!
      So the key is to balance the body Ph at the same time fighting the cancer with nutrition.
      The strict regime above does seem to work… we know she still has cancer as she sometimes still struggles with breathing but 4 months ago they were close to putting a tube in her chest to drain the fluid.
      But most of that fluid has somehow gone away although somedays she is a little out of breathe from climbing stairs but not problems breathing like 4 months ago.
      Such an advanced stage will take sometime to heal as much damage has been done.
      First and finally, trust in God. Much has been said about positive thinking but more than that, knowing that the God who created you never intended for you to die this way… is reassuring. He will help you if you did not wait till the end and even then, nothing is impossible for Him.
      God bless

      1. Lisa

        Hi John:

        I wonder when you say very little fruit and only low sugar fruit. How often was fruit consumed? And what type of fruit?

        Thank you

      2. Lisa

        Hi John,

        When you say very little fruit and only low sugar fruit…how much fruit is consumed and what type of fruit?

        Thank you

  24. Linda

    Great article Chris!

  25. Laura

    Well darn, I was hoping you knew something I didn’t…like maybe you have seen research that shows food intolerances and cancer don’t usually happen to people at the same time :). Thanks!

  26. Rhonda

    Chris, I’m new to your website, but I love it. My boyfriend is going through his second battle with cancer right now and I’ve been trying to get him to adopt a really clean, nutritious diet with fresh fruits, veggies and juices, but it’s quite a struggle. I won’t give up because I believe this is the key to his health. I do get frustrated with all of the cancer research and no hope in sight, and it seems nutrition is never in the mix. Thanks for your interesting blogs and information! Rhonda

  27. Nic

    You reek of garlic. I love garlic.

    Haha, another great post. Luckily, three of my favorite things are raw kale, carrot juice and (I put pressed) garlic (on everything)!

  28. DK Hailey

    Thank you, Chris. I feel a deep sense of gratitude to you. Thanks for all of the valuable info you’ve been disseminating.

  29. Cindy

    Thanks once again for the great info served up with your great sense of humor! God bless you richly Chris!

  30. Maria Manuela Freire

    Good subject

  31. Sian

    Quick question: do you eat the broccoli and cauliflower completely raw or blanche them? Thanks

    1. Chris Wark

      Most of the time raw

  32. georgia

    WOW! I had no idea. I have done research for my own health problem; however this info is astonishing; It is awesome; I have been on a diet for health recovery for some time. I wanted to sped my recovery; if there can be recovery for me. I believe I can and will recover some of my lost health, but only if I keep on researching & improving my recovery diet, or eating style or habits. I have something similar to RA, or Lupus, or MS. It is not diagnosed at this time. I have had it about 6 years; plus HBP & Type ll Diabetes. That gives me a lot of material to continue research. I reached the point of looking & working with sources beyond doctors a few years ago. I saw the destructive patterning in treatment of my Diabetes & realized I was the one who had to look beyond regular treatment regimens. Bless you & the other sites which are helping me & others to recover further than we would have. It is also taking me from hoplessness to believing health can be improved sometimes if we look for other natural resources. I attended sessions with a cundero years ago & learned about the healing habits of eating garlic & the super healing when eaten sliced & raw. That experience is what fueled an interest in herbs & other plants & foods for health & for healthier eating.

    With Much Respect,
    Georgia Carman

    1. John Carter

      High Blood Pressure and Diabetes Type 2… are closely related.

      Everything you read here with special note for Garlic will help you.
      To add to this, I would suggest you look into cinnamon but you may need to reduce insulin at the same time. This will assist in controlling blood sugar and rebalancing cholesterol in the blood network.

      What is important for you is to clean up your blood (suspect high cholesterol of the bad type) and to get some exercise.
      Clean, thinner blood can hold more oxygen. Rigorous activity or exercise to force more oxygen into your blood will get the much needed oxygen to oxygen starved organs of your body.
      There is a lot of research about the lack of oxygen and diseases… you can google and you will find a wealth of information.

      God bless you in your positive endeavours.

    2. Alison

      Georgia, with all those autoimmune issues, have you tried eliminating all gluten from your diet? Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity are both strongly tied to other autoimmune disorders, and having one or more is often a strong indicator that gluten could be an underlying problem for you. Blessings on you as you continue to seek God’s wisdom for your body and health!

  33. virginia

    Hi Chris, great site! Chris I am a true believer in natural products, I have been diagnosed with squamous cell carcincoma of the vulva. Most of your posts and others comments relate to other better known cancers, do you think this type of diet would work with this cancer? I have already had one surgery and scheduled to have all lymph nodes from both groins removed in 10 days and would love to incorporate this diet in my treatment plan. Also you mentioned that you had a lot of lymph nodes removed yourself, do you suffer from lymphedema? If so how do you manage this and is there any foods that could help lymphedema? Thanks and again love your site! x

    1. Chris Wark

      Yes I believe this diet helps the body detoxify and repair, which is critical to healing cancer.
      I did not suffer from lymphedema, not sure about foods for it. :)

    2. John Carter

      Chris has given a very simple and effective regime.
      My mother inlaw had breast cancer. The “experts” conducted a mastectomy and so her whole breast was removed… with lymph nodes…
      Later she developed shingles on the chest where the breast & lymph nodes were removed…
      Now she has stage IV lung cancer..

      I would urge you to get a second opinion before removing lymph nodes and during that time, start a very strict regime because your lymph nodes have a role to play and are very much needed.

      Above you can see the very strict regime my mother inlaw has followed and has made exceptional progress… while not cancer free yet, her symptoms are diminishing and she needs to go back for another check up.

      Please consider this step carefully as I am sure you are doing.

      God bless.

    3. Connie

      Look into for BCC. No surgery! I am into week 7 now and the improvements in my lesions are similar to the testamontial on their website. The testimonial is 76 days of progress pictures. Quite amazing that an eggplant derivative can cure BCC. God bless.

  34. Vanessa Ekeke

    Hello Chris i found a link to your blog while reading a friend’s blog ( Masi Sita Hanum) a Pink sister who fought valiantly till she gave up the ghost on Feb 25th. You are truly an inspiration and i will be coming back for more. God bless and keep you

  35. Samantha

    Hello Chris. I just stumbled across your fantastic blog whilst googling for ‘cures’ of cancer. My step father has just been diagnosed with aggressive pancreatic cancer, which has spread to lungs, liver and peritoneum. Doctors have said he has a matter of weeks but are willing to attempt chemotherapy. He’s signed up for the chemo but there is a two week waiting list until it begins. I’m trawling through the internet searching for alternatives that can help/treat. Your site is wonderful and you are an inspiration. Right, now I’m off to the supermarket to buy bulk loads of veg and fruit! ‘Where there is life, there is hope, right?’ x

  36. n-tense graviola

    I’m curious to find out what blog system you are working with? I’m
    having some minor security problems with my latest site and I’d like to find something more risk-free. Do you have any solutions?

  37. julie

    Hey everyone,
    There is the Gerson Therapy as well. The Proven Nutritional Program for cancer and other Illnessess. Also Braggs, Organic Apple Cider Vinegard All Natural Drinks are great too.

  38. Kathy

    The lady Sherry Wingate passed away mid feb.very sorry to hear that.

  39. David Knopfer

    Jan 2013 I was diagnosed with Teste Cancer( Embryonal Germ cell) and Thyroid cancer(Papillary) I had 3 surgeries. The docs removed a testicle, my Thyroid with 4 lymph nodes, and 25 lymph nodes from my right side abdomen. They are now saying I have thyroid tissue and / or thyroid cancer left behind but they cant see where. I am now supposed to get a PET scan, Bone scan, and another CT. Possibly another surgery. Then Radio Iodine treatment to kill what ever is left behind. I am tired of being cut up. I feel like the doctors are practicing their skills on me. When they did the surgery on my abdomen they took 25 lymph nodes and all where cancer free. I just found out about your blog and watched your story. I am adopting the salads, smoothies and I am about 75 percent raw diet. I am going to do a liver detox before I go 100 percent. I understand that when a person goes on a raw diet the liver releases a lot of the stored up toxins. I don’t want to be a lab rat for the doctors anymore. Any advice, thoughts, or trusted studies on beating thyroid cancer without Radio Iodine? Sorry so long of a post

  40. Emily

    I found gorgeous cauliflower in the grocery many years ago, and decided to eat nothing but it to lose weight. It has almost no calories. I did so for many weeks, months. Didn’t know I had Stage 4 very advanced cervical cancer … but it was floating; it did not attach. It was going ‘Bad neighborhood.’ There was no problem, got rid of it and it’s been gone for forty years now.

    1. Kiras Carrot

      That’s awesome! :) Isn’t it amazing how our intuition guides us perfectly if we just trust ourselves enough to listen? Congrats, again. :)

  41. chris

    This really has nothing to do with this post on cancer fighting veggies but I have a question that I couldn’t find anywhere on your site. When you were going thru your cancer protocol did you have any intense detoxing times? I am going to an ND in CO because they can’t practice in my state. She has me on a lot of supplements that I know have helped with my overall health. She really hasn’t addressed the nutrition part to my satisfaction. She believes in the Eat Right for Your Blood Type theory and I don’t know how I feel about that. But it seems when I am on the supplements I am in a constant state of detox and feel yucky a lot of the time. I have lost a lot of weight because of a bout with hyponatremia (low blood sodium levels). So feeling yucky so much of the time makes me not want to eat and then I lose more weight. I would love to find a naturopath like you have. He covers all the bases for you. Thanks for answering my question about detoxing. Chris

    1. Ran

      The list here by Chris is basically good, but I add the following to my diet: Curcumin + pepper, dark chocolate, green tea + Liquorice root, dark grape wine, red wine (1 small glass a day) – note big amounts of alcohol is BAD for cancer. Apples, plums, (blue-, straw-berries).

      If you are not in the sun for 30 mins/day, I recommend adding a little D-vitamin (I eat 90 mg/day but I live far north!). Relation of vitamin D3 – cancer is yet unclear though.
      Magnesium and selen.
      Also a new interesting news is that fasting (eating less than about 400 kcal/day) makes the body start to repair cells = acting anti-cancer.

  42. aud

    I have a question Chris, is there any particular garlic I shoud buy? Organic garlic, a certain brand of garlic? I’m using elephant garlic (Christopher Ranch brand). Does it matter what kind of garlic I get? Thanks

    1. sundust

      Actually, aud, elephant garlic is not true garlic (allium sativum). Just get regular organic garlic from the health food store.

      I also love watercress, scallions, red raspberries, green/carrot/beet juice, and white-button and crimini mushrooms. All organic :-)

  43. Ann

    What should I do for high cholesterol and low thyroid?

  44. Wanda

    Is Garlic supplements equivalent as far as health benefits than fresh garlic would be ? It’s so much easier for me to take a garlic supp each day.

  45. bracha

    does garlic kill good bacteria in the gut? or not at all?

  46. Julia

    Hi Chris,
    I am just jumping into this conversation after reading about you, so you may have already answered this question for someone. First, I want to say “Congratulations” on your success. I absolutely agree that nature provides us with the “medicine” we need to heal ourselves along with other healthy practices. Since garlic is one of the most powerful cancer-fighting foods, can you tell me if there is another form that is odorless and is as effective. I meet clients 6 days a week and would like to spare them the torture of spending an hour and a half in a small room together after I have ingested garlic. Thank you. :)

  47. Dawn Bradford


    Breast Cancer Yoga is currently developing a healthy lifestyle cookbook for breast cancer. Was wondering if we could use you and your great site for resources and acknowledge you as our resource? You have such a great site and healthy tips everyone should know about!

    Dawn Bradford
    Breast Cancer Yoga Product Development Team

  48. Sherry

    Hi Chris,

    I always love to hear stories like yours. You are truly blessed.

    I have a few questions. Are you still totally raw? If not, how long were you raw for? Are you still a vegan? Cancer runs in my family. I have already had 2 biopsies and one surgery removing cells. I was a vegan for 13 years and in January passed a kidney stone, had surgery in April to remove another stone and I have one on my right side just waiting to cause me pain. They have told me to stay away from most of all of my veggies due to high oxalate which will turn into stones. Like 95% of veggies, all nuts and fruit. I started eating some eggs since there isn’t much else to eat but I feel really lost and like I am doing harm if I eat them and if I don’t.

    Isn’t broccoli suppose to be cooked and not eaten raw because the body can’t break down the nutrients?

    Thank you!

  49. aryan

    Hello chris ,

    Have you known any one who has cured cancer using cannabis vatika as there seems to be some study and facts that cnnobinoids halt the growth of the cancer cells and help them die a natural death.Most of the research has been done in spain/isreal.
    Simply put medical use of cannabis…

    There is also some proof on using sodium bicarbonate for curing the cancer as cancer is a fungus as mentioned by Dr.simonchini from italy

    Please provide your inputs on the same

    Thank you

  50. Astrid

    I don’t get it. You’ve written that drinking carrot juice is really helpful yet on this page you list it as a poor performer. Here’s the site:

    So is it good against cancer or not? I just got a juicer so that I can juice carrots. Now I’m confused. I had breast cancer and want to prevent myself from getting it again.

  51. oyeniyi osundina

    chris’ prescription is perfect solution to most cancer cases.i want to encourage people to return to nature in their more raw vegetables than cooked.some of these vegetables are soldiers waiting to destroy ailments.we thank chris for providing this very crucial information.

  52. iain carstairs

    Hi Chris,

    A bg thanks for this research! I immediately went out and bought some fresh garlic, and mentioned your site on my blog.

    Kind regards, and stay well

  53. Maya Bali

    Hi Chris,
    Living half way across the globe from where you are, some of the veggies that you mention don’t exist. But I try my best to follow the vegan diet. I’ve been free from meat, seafood, dairy products, eggs for almost a month now and am feeling great. I read your blog everyday. There is always something I learn from here.

  54. Fara

    Hi Chris,
    How about lymphoma? what vegetable works specifically on lymphoma?

  55. Aiyana

    Chris, how important do you think it is to eat only organic veggies? I’m wondering if a bit of flexibility is okay after a while …
    or if it’s absolutely important. Thanks.

  56. Kelly Salomone

    Hi Chris,

    I started following you a couple of months ago. My husband has GIST cancer mets on the liver. Diagnosed 4 years ago, surgery, gleevec, sutent, now regorafenib. I saw your video yesterday about Megan and her brain tumor. I am going to purchase a champion commercial juicer now. Never juiced. Do you recommend a book for juicing (recipes). I want my husbands cancer to be cured now! He has foot sores from the chemo and about every 6 mos. gets an infection on his right side where the drain tube scars are that will eventually drain. Very painful and not going away. If you can direct me to any daily instructions, I could use some direction. There is so much out there and honestly I feel overwhelmed. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU FOR ALL YOU DO TO HELP PEOPLE GET BETTER! I love my husband and want to have this miracle happen to us and our family, especially after losing his mom at 68 three years ago to cancer. You’re the best for helping others!!!

  57. Joanna

    Hi Chris, I wish I could handle raw onion but I simply can’t.I can, however, drink juice with garlic and onion pushed through my Omega 8006, along with carrot, cabbage and knob celery. Do you think it will do?

    I also want to thank you for inspiring me to start eating meat again. I have been too hard on myself, I suppose. Being vegetarian (or on and off vegan) for a few years, I was constantly hungry, but the picture of animals being killed in slaughter houses would push the hunger away for some time..and then I would literally fantasize about meet dish again.
    If I’ve ever had problems with weight it was not because I couldn’t loose kilograms but because I couldn’t stop my weight from going down. I suppose you had very similar issues with your metabolism when on raw vegan diet. Thank you for drawing my attention to dr Price. If it wasn’t for you I would never read about his priceless studies, and probably die of malnutrition one day.

    I have no cancer, not that I’m aware of, but stress has already done plenty of damage to my body. I work on this part of my life, too.

    I hope the diet you follow now serves you well. Wishing you and your beautiful family all the best.

  58. Amber

    Hi Chris
    Thank you for your inspiring me for all your information.
    I start juicing 5lb carrots plus some other veggies a day a week ago,then I had very bad rashes on face,my face as red as pomegranate,itching and burning,now my skin start peel off,my eyes watering and itching too.I go to google searching the the side effects of carrots juice,i don’t find anything about “rash”,did you have any rash during your “carrots juice” battle with cancer?

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Amber that sounds like it could be a severe detoxification reaction or an allergic reaction. I did not have any of those symptoms but what you should do is stop juicing or try to get to the bottom of it using process of elimination by eliminating certain ingredients from the juice and try to pinpoint what is causing that reaction in your body

      1. Amber

        Hi Chris
        Thank you so much for your reply,I will take your advice.

  59. Valerie

    Hi, my 7 year old son has just started the milan protocol for aggressive brain and spine cancer…..we have him on a dairy free feed, can anyone advise or direct me in getting a diet plan or telling me the key ingriedients that may help him alongside his treatment, we are in the UK xxx

  60. Kontantin

    Hi Chis very informative website!!! My mother has just been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and are their any specific raw foods that I should tell her about? Also is it okay to steam them or concentrate on Raw Juicing instead – Thanks a million.

  61. derek

    Ido thank you for you’re support on this site , I have recenly been diagnosed with squamous lung cancer stage: T 3/4 N2/ M0. The day I was told I changed my life around
    immediatly.I have always been a believer in Ph levels and Idid a test recording a low 5/6 with urine I didn’t bother with saliva as the reading was so bad. I am now a raving vegan and urine Ph is high 7 touching 8 at times but always fluctating-I have a decision to make re chemo and targetted radiationnext week which is gettin easier after reading all ths damage radiation does and survival rates-respectfully derek

  62. Cancerkiller

    In any case Nature has provided us the unlimited power of being as healthy as Gods, we just gotta activate it by my discovery – the PCK – The Personal Cancer Killer – the complete prevention and cure (for those now sick) for kids and adults of any diseases – from the common cold to cancer – just an exercise for a minute a day for prevention and for 2 – 3 minutes a day for the cure – any infectious diseases (colds, flues, HIV/AIDS, HPV, HCV, malaria, etc.) are cured for max. 3 days and any cancers (breast, cervical, ovarian, lung, colon, prostate, pancreas, etc.) – for max. 30 days – no metastases or recurrences of any cancers are at all possible (Cancer Killer is their devastating destroyer). Even bioterrorism is much too weak against everybody doing the Cancer Killer – any bioterrorist bugs are killed the moment they touch us.
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  63. Delfina Marquez

    Here is a great smoothie recipe. all organic — fill a vitamix blender with unsweetened almond milk/spinach/lettuce/whole avocado/1 cup blueberries/apple/as much cinnamon & turmeric as you like, usually about half a shot glass/LARGE tablespoon of coconut oil/chard/celery. Blend and drink or store in pint jars and take in a cooler with you wherever you go.

  64. Jonas

    Great stuff Chris but what would the below quote mean for triple negative breast cancer that has metastasized to the brain?

    An interesting note: Radishes were shown to stop tumor growth by 95-100% for breast and stomach cancer, but had no effect and may have even increased tumor growth by 20-25% in pancreatic, brain, lung and kidney cancer. Definitely something to keep in mind.

  65. Penny

    Hi. I was feeling dizzy pretty bad and a little incoherent with pan in my ear and side of face and headaches. I went to a doctor today and thy said I has fluid in an ear and sinus inflamed whic. Was causing all this. Well they prescribed nasal spray an antihistamine for by fluid a dear drops for oak. I donh like to tak thigs from the doctor because of side effects. Do you know anything that I can do to get rid of the ear fluid? I went to a health store in Southaven, MS and the recommended a nasal spray called Xlear for the sinus but the only thing they had for the fluid was those ear candles. I don’t have anyone to do that for me and am a little cautious about it. Do you hav any advice. Online I seen some say a cotton ball with organic apple cidar vinigar in your ear but I wondered wht you knew. Thanks so much.

  66. Gracida

    Hello Chris.
    I am desperate for an answer my sister is suffering from leukaemia, she is constantly in and out of the hospital because her red blood count drops to 7 always. They have increased her medication but there is no chemoterapy that has been done. Please suggest was is the best veggies that we could use as well as vitamins to boost her system a bit. Right now there are black patches that are forming on her arm and she can barely walk long distances which result her into shortness of breath and extreme vomiting. Please do answer my post. Thanks a million for your time to read my comment

  67. James


    Came across your site. Congrats on everything.

    I had a few questions…and I’ve always been told to question everything.

    We talk about food being something that stops cancer and I truly believe that. But how can we figure out the correlation to say how Japanese who don’t eat most of the vegetables and foods on your list are some of the longest living (is it the seaweed and tea? But they also eat a ton of whit rice which is a no-no according to most cancer fighting food blogs). In South America you have tribes that have no rates and dont have the same vegatables fact they are eating things like fruits and other indigenous fruits. Then you have the guy Carmelo Flores says the traditional Andean diet of quinoa grains, riverside mushrooms and around-the-clock chewing of coca leaves has kept him alive for 123 years.

    I know you talked about putting meat back into your diet. What is your blood type? I’m a type-O and want to start a cancer prevention diet to make sure I never get the dreaded C word. Have you ever researched in terms of blood types and diet? I’ve read that type-Os need protein and meat.

    So is it the food? Low caloric intake? Both? Also we have people like Steve Jobs who was a vegan who died of pancreatic cancer and tried alterative treatments. Then the vegan from the Beastie Boys who died from throat cancer?

    Just trying to see what you think of these things in general?

    Lastly, which book do you recommend above all others for someone looking to improve their health and ward off the dreaded C word out of all the books you listed and do you think you should ease your way into the 80% raw diet over a few months?

    Best always

    1. Amy Kern-Smith

      HI there James, I was wondering if Chris ever responded to this post as I am very curious about his response to these questions.

    2. Danesha Sapp

      I think there needs to be some nuance when looking at the examples you’ve mentioned. Although Japanese people may not eat the same anti-cancer vegetables that Chris is suggesting they ALSO aren’t eating Carl’s Jr., Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut. Their diets are low sodium, low fat, and low sugar. On top of that they do eat other types of vegetables and lots of them. I visited Japan for 2 weeks while on a military assignment and their diets are NOTHING like they are here. Their diets are high in fish, not beef and they don’t drown their foods in cheese, sauces, or condiments. Rice is a no-no, when including it in an already high carb, high calorie, high sugar diet. Lastly, just because you practice veganism does not mean that you aren’t currently (or in the past) doing other harmful things to your body that would cause toxicity: like cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.

      I am also an O-blood type. I get plenty of protein from plant-based sources and fish. I have my iron levels routinely checked and it seems to be ok without eating beef, chicken, and pork. Not saying that you have to do it that way but that there’s always other ways to get protein.

      These are just my observations and maybe Chris might have a different response.

  68. Mayur

    Hi Chris My Dad Had Got Operated Last Year and Now He is Once Again Attacked By Cancer

    Previously It Was in Left Chin and Now After Getting Operated He Is Suffering from Lower Chin Cancer Please Help Me With Some Usefull Facts I Can’t See My Father Like This……..

  69. Tracey

    Hi Chris, I looked at the chart on page 3 – my dad has a tumour in the anal passage and it apparently spreading – to pelvis – which vegetables are good for him to eat and should he be juicing them? any receipes? he is on apricot kernals… and it alot of pain – any ideas for natural pain relief as well?


    Warning: Dr. Bob Beck says Garlic Kills Brain Cells and should NOT be used if you use the Dr. Bob Beck Silver Pulsar. Dr. Bob Beck did invent the EEG unit and has researched the brain and many other things. Using the Silver Pulsar you see great healing results in 21 days, but if you use it , do NOT eat Garlic.

  71. chayla

    you all are truly inspiring people

  72. Lina S. Walters

    Hi Chris! Love your videos and website. Feels liberating to be informed. You exude kindness, honesty and integrity. Can never get enough of that good stuff! Question: have you researched the benefits of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)? Does it work on the same concept of maintaining an alkaline Ph and feeding your body to fight disease? :)

  73. Travel Tiger

    Do you have any suggestions for an under-active thyroid Chris? Great blogg!

  74. Norm Farnum

    This is a GREAT post. I remember going on a garlic binge shortly after marrying my wife (too late, sweetheart), and she and her parents all complained about my reeking breath and entire body! I did it (garlic binged) simply because I LOVE garlic!

    I’ve not recently repeated the experiment, but am encouraged again after reading Chris’s fine article. Thanks, Chris (and I hope my marriage is still secure).

  75. Lorcan

    You’re the man Chris, keep up the good work.

  76. Toddand Janet Distler

    Dear Chris, My husband has stage 1 lung cancer and he will be going for a noninvasive procedure called cyberknive here in Florida. Todd 66 yrs.old ,he smoked for 50yrs but he gave it up a year and a half ago, He has emphysema and some heart issues which he had a pacemaker implanted a year ago. We are so grateful to have found your healthy food info,Congrats on your recovery. Todd and I will never take chemo,we arefollowing your food regimen of fruits and veggies. I don’t have cancer but have an immune system disorder and also need this food plan. Thanks so much ,God bless you.Todd and Janet,Saint Petersburg,Florida

  77. Chris

    Excellent article my friend. So glad I found your website…I’ll sharing as much as I can. Congrats on being a perfect human experiment the corporate elites in big Pharma don’t want to be heard :). You’re living proof that real food heals!

  78. Renee

    Thanks so much for your work that will help many people. According to the article different vegetables work for different types of cancer. Which ones would work best for ovarian cancer? God bless!

  79. Deborah Hallo

    I have a large (hand size) lump on my hip that has started to hurt. I have a lot of faith and was miraculously healed of Bladder Cancer 20 years ago. I’m 63 now. I had no treatments even though the dr. said I would die within a year without them. I do not want to even have this tested. I want to stand firm on my faith, so I prayed about what I should do to make the lump go away. God has led me here. I will do this, along with other lifestyle changes, like exercise. My urine pH was very low and I started using non-aluminum baking soda and maple syrup. It is changing my pH but I heard that too much baking soda is dangerous. Your thoughts?

    1. Christina Hallam

      Deborah, is there a chance you lump could be a lipoma? A growth of fat cells encased just under the surface of your skin. This can happen anywhere on the body and even on those who would not be considered overweight.

    2. Jill

      Deborah, what stage was your cancer? I was recently diagnosed with stage 2 invasive bladder cancer. I’m declining chemo. It just doesn’t feel right. For the last 6 weeks I’ve changed my diet and lifestyle. A complete 180 in mind, body, and spirit.

  80. James Walter C. Delgado

    ii may have a lymphoma in the neck is garlic effective to consume as anti cancer.

  81. Crystal 'Kershaw' Chapman

    This study on which veggies fight what cancers was very interesting and great information. Thanks for posting this article it was very helpful in the start of my healing and changing my lifestyle ! Why don’t more people know about this?! It is very sad our society has come to leaving our entire lives in doctor’s hands. Thank you!

  82. Christina Hallam

    Ive been researching this topic because my dad and my mother-in-law were diagnosed with terminal colorectal cancer this summer and both are now on palliative chemo. So Im going to suggest to them both to start eating to starve their cancers.
    Id like to start eating this way as well, but my problem lies in the fact that I have several auto-immune disorder that are considered genetic and would be exacerbated by most of the foods on this list. Now Im not sure what I can do for myself.
    Im grateful to Dr. Li who turned me onto this quest and that’s how I found you.

  83. Kimberly

    Thank you for all of this fantastic information.
    I am wondering if thyroid cancer was included in any of the testing. Thanks!

  84. Maryshka

    I just noticed that you say carrots are not a good cancer fighting vegetable. I thought I read that you should juice 40oz of carrot juice a day and that people have cured cancer with just carrot juice alone.

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