B-17 / Laetrile: The Alternative Cancer Treatment Suppressed For Over 50 Years

“A control for cancer is known, and it comes from nature, but it is not widely available to the public because it cannot be patented, and therefore is not commercially attractive to the pharmaceutical industry.”
-G. Edward Griffin

This post is about of one of the most controversial natural cancer-fighting substances, and the cancer industry’s attempt to destroy it.

Lies, cover-ups, betrayal…this is one unbelievable story that sprawls over several decades.
There is a massive amount of information and many books written about this. I’ve tried my best to distill it down for you.

This substance is called Amygdalin or Vitamin B-17.

Although technically not a vitamin, Vitamin B-17 was the name given to Amygdalin by bio-chemist Dr. Ernst T Krebs in 1952.

We’re about to get technical, so stay with me. By the end of this post it will all make sense.

How B-17 works (a tale of two enzymes):
Rhodanese is an enzyme found everywhere in the body except for cancer cells.
Beta-Glucosidase is an enzyme found only in and around cancer cells.

Hold that thought.

Vitamin B-17 is a molecule made up of four parts:
-2 parts Glucose
-1 part Benzaldahyde
-1 part Hydrogen Cyanide

I know what you’re thinking. Cyanide? Yikes! Don’t worry, cyanide in this form is non-toxic, just like it is in this form of B-12 (Cyanocobalamin).

Normal healthy cells contain the enzyme Rhodanese which neutralizes the Benzaldahyde and Hydrogen Cyanide in B-17. It converts them to the useful nutrient compounds Thyiocyanate and Benzoic acid.

Here’s the amazing part:
The glucose delivers B-17 to the cancer cells, but cancer cells do not have the enzyme Rhodanese to neutralize the cyanide. Instead they have a unique enzyme called Beta-Glucosidase. This “unlocking enzyme”, found only in cancer cells, releases the Benzaldahyde and Cyanide from the glucose and each other creating a targeted poison that kills the cancer cell. It’s kind of like “natural chemo”.

This is also why integrative doctors and many health experts identify a lack of essential nutrients like a Vitamin B-17 and/or a proteolytic (protein digesting) enzyme deficiency, as contributing “causes” of cancer.

In other words, cancer is a natural process that occurs in your body when it is deprived of essential nutrients. Restore the nutrients and you empower your body to heal.

Where can you find B-17?
In the foods no one eats of course! B-17 occurs in abundances in nature and is bitter to the taste.
In order to improve taste of certain foods, the food industry has eliminated bitter substances like B-17 by selection and cross-breeding. When is the last time you ate something bitter on purpose?

B-17 is present in foods rich in nitrilosides i.e. bitter foods like bitter almonds.
One of the highest concentrations of B-17 is found in raw apricot seeds aka apricot kernels.

Most folks have no idea what an apricot kernel looks like because they are actually hidden inside the pit. Next time you eat a peach or an apricot, crack open the pit and inside you will find the kernel.

Apricot kernels weren’t a part of my original anti-cancer diet in 2004, but they are now. The first time I read about them, I couldn’t wait to try one. I took a peach pit outside on the driveway and hit it with a hammer. The pit and kernel exploded into bits, but fortunately I was able to recover half of the kernel and eat it.
Note: Hammer on the driveway is not the best method.

Apricot and peach kernels look and taste like an almond at first, but there’s a bitter surprise coming. Your senses are going to tell you there’s something wrong with it and you will be tempted to spit it out, but don’t do it! Truth be told, I don’t particularly like the taste, but I eat them anyway, and a part of me gets a little excited every time I taste this bitter natural cancer poison. The first time you eat one is weird, but over time you will get accustomed to the taste.

We eat the kernels straight out of the bag, but if you just can’t get used to the taste, you can grind them up in a Nut & Seed Grinder and add them to smoothies, soups, salads, etc. They are definitely more palatable that way.

How much should you eat?
The general rule of thumb is to start with 1-2 kernels per 10lbs of body weight per day. That’s 15-30 per day for a 150 lb person. It’s recommended that you introduce them to your system gradually. Start with 5-10 the first day and work your way up.

Eventually you can eat larger amounts (Ex: 15-20 at a time, three times per day), depending on your body. If you overdo it you might get a little queasy, especially if you eat them on an empty stomach. If this happens, eat them with meals.

B-17 is present in many foods and most fruit seeds including apples, cherries, nectarines, pears, plums, etc. Since discovering this, I always eat the entire apple, seeds and all (not the stem though).

I was happy to discover that I was getting unknowingly getting a little B-17 everyday from my Anti-Cancer Smoothies thanks to the blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries.

Also I never would’ve imagined that this book existed, but it does!
The Little Cyanide Cookbook: Delicious Recipes Rich in Vitamin B17 by June De Spain.

For many decades, scientists and researchers have studied the diets of indigenous peoples around the world to discover their “health secrets”. The Hunzakuts of Northern Pakistan are no exception. They often live to be over 100 years old. In 1922 British surgeon Dr. Robert McCarrison reported that they had never had a case of cancer. The Hunza eat copious amounts of Apricot kernels. In fact, a Hunza man’s wealth was determined by the amount of Apricot trees he owned! The picture above shows Hunza women drying apricots in the sun.

Read more about them in The Healthy Hunzas by J.I. Rodale

I Buy Apricot Kernels Here

Enter Laetrile. 
When the powerful cancer-fighting properties of Amygdalin/B-17 were discovered, the next logical step was to extract and administer this substance in concentrated doses much higher than you can get from eating the seeds, and that’s what Dr. Ernst T. Krebs began to do. Laetrile is the clinical name given to concentrated B-17 for use in IV injections for medical treatment, which was patented by Krebs.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s word began to spread about the success of cancer treatments using laetrile, and although it was not approved for treatment by the FDA, doctors like John A. Richardson M.D. began using it “illegally” to treat patients at his clinic in San Francisco, and it was working remarkably better than orthodox treatments. His success with laetrile is documented in Laetrile Case Histories: The Richardson Cancer Clinic Experience by John A. Richardson M.D. and Patricia Irving, R.N. Originally written in 1977, the book was updated in 2005 with follow ups on the patients they treated; many of whom are still alive!

I could stop now, but I won’t, because the story of the suppression of Laetrile is even more amazing.

The use of Laetrile has been repeatedly denounced by various researchers and industry organizations as one of the biggest frauds and quackery in the history of modern medicine.

Researchers like these fine fellows (read the caption):

That’s right, the same doctors that first demonized Laetrile in 1953, also sang the praises of cigarettes!

In 1972 Sloan Kettering commissioned Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura, their top researcher with over 60 years experience in cancer research to conduct tests over a 5 year period between 1972 and 1977 to determine the effectiveness of Laetrile in cancer treatment.

The Conclusions of Sugiura’s work were:

1. Laetrile inhibited the growth of tumors
2. It stopped the spreading (metastasising) of cancer in mice
3. It relieved pain
4. It acted as a cancer preventative
5. It improved general health

However, at the conclusion of the trials, on June 15, 1977 Sloan Kettering released a press statement that said,

“…laetrile was found to possess neither preventative, nor tumor-regressent, nor anti-metastatic, nor curative anticancer activity.”

After having his five years of research completely railroaded, Dr. Sugiura was asked by a reporter,
“Do you stick by your belief that laetrile stops the spread of cancer?”
He replied famously, “I stick.”

Ralph Moss, head of Public Relations at Sloan Kettering protested against the cover up, blew the whistle in a press conference on November 18 1977, and was fired the next day. In his words, he was fired for, “failing to carry out my most basic job responsibility, which means to lie when your boss tells you to”.

Ralph Moss has authored several must-read books including The Cancer Industry and Questioning Chemotherapy. His courage to tell the truth and expose this corrupt industry has alienated him from the medical establishment but has contributed to saving tens of thousands of lives, mine included!

Two more “definitive” studies were published in 1978 and 1982 showing that laetrile “does not work”.  These are the Big Two that the industry still cites today.

1. Dr. Charles Moertel, of the Mayo Clinic. – “A clinical trial of amygdalin (Laetrile) in the treatment of human cancer.” N Engl J Med 1982: 306 (4): 201-6.
2. Ellison N, Bvar D, Newell G. “Special report on Laetrile: The NCI Laetrile Review” N Engl J Med 1978: 299 (10): 549-552.

Dr. Stephen Krashen Ph.D. from the University of California produced two papers in 2009 showing that both those studies were designed to fail. Here’s one of them.

Why in the world would the cancer industry attempt to discredit Laetrile?

Aren’t they trying to cure cancer?

Simple. Because it cannot be patented. If it cannot be patented, it cannot produce huge profits. And therefore it is in direct competition with pharmaceutical drugs. The pharmaceutical industry has been exposed numerous times rigging studies in order to “prove” that natural therapies don’t work.

And as a result, there is not one natural non-toxic therapy used in conventional cancer treatment in the U.S. today.

The Pharmaceutical/Medical Industry wants you to believe that only patented, toxic, laboratory-created chemical compounds can cure disease.

Do you really believe that?

Laetrile has been used for over 50 years by cancer treatment centers outside the US, because it works!
One of the more well known is Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico founded by Dr. Ernesto Contreras in 1963 and now run by his son Dr. Franciso Contreras.

Huge credit goes to G. Edward Griffin, author of World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17 in 1974. He’s the reason the world knows so much about B-17 / Laetrile. Check out his websites realityzone.com and The Cancer Cure Foundation at cancure.org

There’s an excellent youtube video of Edward G. Griffin telling the story of Laetrile and the cancer treatment industry here. Take an hour and watch it.

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  1. cat @ cat's belly fat cure

    Awesome post!!! I’m a thyroid cancer survivor, conventional treatment. However if I’m diagnosed with cancer again, I’ll certainly check out alternative treatments first. I really enjoy your blog.

  2. Connie

    No, they are not trying to cure cancer. Why would they? Think of all the money channeled into caner cures and the pharmaceutical industry. They are not about to put themselves out of business. What is being done to the American public is obscene!

    Great post Cat!

    1. SilverTrove

      I agree 100%. And we are being forced to buy medical insurance that only pays if we are treated by mainstream doctors using poisons and drugs that don’t work! They have also tried to convince the American public that colloidal silver doesn’t work and is dangerous but I’m here to tell you it DOES work and isn’t dangerous if it’s made properly.

  3. shanna

    I get the pills shipped from Mexico and have been taking them. My Mom worked in health food stores in the 70’s and tells a story of the FDA coming in, guns a blazing, to pull Laterile from the shelves. Ridiculous. I know that farmers used to get arrested for selling the seeds, but something must have changed since you can now get them and a nut butter made from the seeds on amazon and various other places. The pills, illegal, but they can be ordered online and imported from Mexico. It’s amazing how many treatments are illegal that actually cure people.

    1. cpmt

      are they safe from Mexico? have you try them? I will like to buy some but I am afraid they are no organic of safe.

    2. Commoner

      It is ALL about the money. Period. They are as evil as Hitler.

  4. Travis

    Hi Chris,

    How many apricot kernels do you eat a day?

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Travis. I’m eating 10-20 per day right now.

  5. coni

    Had two rounds of paclitaxel/carboplatin; started a third round and 8 days after the first session I had an intestinal blockage and underwent emergency gastrointestinal surgery; two months later started gemcitabine (gemzar)/cisplatin (i developed a reaction to carboplatin…)for a three month session – which did nothing!!! my pet/ct scan in aug 2011 shows i am 400% worse…now actively investigating alternative medicine – doctor want to put me on doxil next…mushrooms and apricot seeds sound good to me!

    1. magda

      Ronald (and Chris if you read this). Sorry to budge in like that… but I noticed vitamin C in your girlfriend’s diet. I’ve read about some dangerous interactions between B17 and vitamin C. Is there any truth in it? Did anything like that happen in your experience?
      I’m concerned about this because I’m currently aiding my mother in her ovarian cancer struggle and there is so much confusing information in the internet that it’s hard to know whom to believe. And the last thing I want is to experiment on her and make her even worse…

      1. Penny

        I just came back from cancer treatment in Germany having 4 weeks of daily vitamin c and Laetrile or amygdalin infusions so I don’t think they counteract each other.

        1. Theo

          Hi Penny,

          where in Germany was that? I am based in Germany and currently looking for alternative clinics here.



          1. John Phillip

            I thank almighty God for leading me to great man who cured and deliver me from (Cancer and stroke),his name is Dr Molemen, I was diagnose of Cancer and afflicted with stroke for over 4years now,and ever since it has not been an easy life for me,my friends and family relatives has gone on different research but nothing to present as a cure for me.,I was frustrated for many years until one day I saw a testimony on how DR Molemen has helped to cure somebody of HIV, I said to myself, mine is not different,I had to give it a trial by contacting him through his email { dr**********************@gm***.com} who cast a spell for me and also gave me some herbs remedy, he told me not to doubt his work,and within 2 days time that i was going to see changes in my health, well friends today as i am sharing with you my testimony i am healed my stroke is gone and i am living healthy again… friends if you are sick of any disease at all just email Dr on ( dr**********************@gm***.com) or call him on +2347036013351) ..

        2. Gordana

          Dear Penny,
          I am currently looking for a clinic in Germany that administers metabolic therapy with vitamin b17 + C. Could you please tell me what clinic you went to? Many thanks!

          1. Elke Ahlrichs

            Did Penny answer? I am looing for treatment in Germany as well

      2. mary

        Penny, Please can you let us know what palce in germany and what if it worked was the treatment. thank you

  6. Beth

    My husband is trying the B17, but he is having a terrible time with keeping it down. The Krebs protocol is 9000 mg per day for 21 days-He just can’t do it. We’re trying to work up to it- but nothing seems to help? Any suggestions?

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Grinding them up and adding them to food is my only suggestion, which you may already be doing..?

      1. Beth

        Can a patient really do the B17 therapy alone? We’re not physicians, I study all the time but fear we’re missing a key part of the protocol. We began the B17 once before and a website scared me-and we backed off. I don’t fear it at all now-but afraid that I’m not getting everything to make it work?

        1. Ronald

          Hi Beth,

          maybe the diet of my girlfriend could help.

          Because we ‘used’ ‘GNM’ (see above somewhere in another comment of mine) and only had the B17 diet as a ‘back-up’, so it’s rather mild (but make no mistake about the cancer killing abilities of B17: three months after refusing a mastectomy, we went for a ultrasound, and it showed that the two tumors were not growing. After looking at the images on the CD they gave us, I was convinced that the tumors had become much smaller, compared to the images on the CD dating from three months before (sorry for my bad English). So, I set up another ultrasound session for three days (!) later. During those three days my (ex-)girlfriend took about 9 g of Amygdalin powder (capsules) and alot of kernels, up to 40/day or so. The doctor who took the ultrasound three days later couldn’t find ANY signs of the two tumors – we didn’t tell him about the tumors at first, and only ‘follow up’ was written on the note from our family doctor that we gave this doctor/radiologist – so, after we told him he repeated his investigation, very carefully. He had to admit that the cancer was not there anymore and when he took a look at the CD’s frome the earlier ultrasounds, he said that the first one indeed showed two suspicious spots, which were alot smaller on the second CD. Months later he behaved very hostile, I guess he most have been reprimanded by the surgeon/oncologist who wanted to push my (ex-)girlfriend into having a mastectomy, because he denied to ever have said that we were ‘in the clear’ – something he told our family doctor on the phone, I’ve checked this twice with him.

          Anyway, my expieriance with the medical system made me very, very wary about ‘modern medicine’ (and I’ve been studying the subject ‘illness’ for the last two and a half years now).

          I think most doctors mean good, but even the best mechanic can’t fix your car by removing the warning lights, or setting it on fire…

          1. cpmt

            well, it is 2012 and I am reading your comment. Very interesting and if you ever read my comment, please I will like to know where to get the two items you are mentioning B17 and AMYGDALIN capsules. Your website doens’t work so I can’t see it. I would really apreciate if you can comunicate with me.

          2. MeTo

            To CPMT go to apricotpower.com

        2. Joanne

          I know your post is almost a year old but…

          The effects of B17 are best used in conjunction with protein enzymes that we can often times lack prior and during our cancer battle. This explains it quite well: http://www.b17.com.au/index.php/importance-of-enzymes-b17

    2. David

      I eat them with raisins or dark chocolate to make them more palatable.

  7. Cathy

    Oh my gosh! My brother in law has been telling me to eat these things.. I have stage 3 breast cancer and have done chemo twice but have decided to stop and do the diet and see a naturopath. No surgery yet, because it was in my lymph nodes and planning to have surgery and thats it. No more chemo or radiation. It is horrible what it has done to me in a matter of a month. Body and brain – weird things. It is truly evil! And I know this is not Gods medicine.. God is good and I want his healing.. So do you think I should take the apricot seeds now and how many or wait for the chemo to get out of my system and etc. Its been 2 weeks since my last treatment..
    Thanks and God bless!

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Cathy.
      You’re definitely right, chemo is not God’s medicine and I would go so far as to say that many people recover from cancer in spite of chemo, not because of it.

      I’m not a doctor of course, but I don’t see any reason not to eat apricot kernels. Go for it!

      I recommend you look into some hardcore natural detoxing, like herbs and juice fasting, etc. to detox all the chemicals trapped in your tissues.

      1. Blue Evans


  8. David

    Thank you Chris for a very comprehensive article. I agree wholeheartedly as to the health benefits of Vitamin B17, particularly from Apricot Kernels. They are my primary resource for successfully combating a T1/T2, Gleason grade 9 (5+4) prostate cancer.

    I was diagnosed six years ago, at age 65, with a life expectancy of 5 years but 10 if I’m lucky. My view though is that luck has nothing to do with it.

    It is all down to my decision, after lengthy study and research, to avoid the deadly conventional medicine in favor of natural, alternative therapies.

    In the ensuing years since diagnosis I have corresponded with many men suffering from prostate cancer, mostly of a less severe variety than my own, but most of whom are now sadly deceased, having taken the allopathic route.

    I currently have no cancer symptoms whatsoever and even a core biopsy taken last June during a trans-urethral resection of the prostate (TURP)evidenced no cancer cells present in the test sample.

    Even my benign prostate hyperplasia is now under control since taking Stinging Nettle herbal tea.

    I currently take 15 Apricot Kernels three times a day. I crush them in a mixer and drink them in a juice or water with just a touch of Zinc powder. Zinc is necessary for the kernels to get into the body tissues and do their job effectively. Zinc intake must be controlled carefully though as too much can be dangerous.

    I write about my prostate cancer treatment regimen and diet restrictions on my blog to share my research and experiences with other guys in the same boat…


    Thanks again.

    1. Beth

      How did you find out how much zinc is “too much”? I’ve researched the protocols for all the exact info and it doesn’t seem possible to find?

      1. Eli

        David, I don’t want to appear hypercritical but your site seems very commercial. I humbly suggest getting rid of that “sign up for the blog now” pop-up that persists no matter what you try to do to get rid of it! You already have one static sign up blog dialog on the side panel.

        It is also difficult to find any specific information. You mentioned 15 apricot seeds per day in your daily routine but I couldn’t find anything on your site under the “your daily regiment” section concerning apricot seeds. I honestly couldn’t find anything specific. There is a lot of content and verbiage but it is hard to find pertinent information. There are lots of commercial links though. I might have missed it??

        1. David

          Hello Eli, thanks for your comments and observations. It’s most helpful and I appreciate it.

          The faulty pop-up I have removed. Pop-ups are far more successful in getting subscriptions but this one was doing far more harm than good. Thanks for the tip.

          Eli, when I started the blog six years ago on being diagnosed with PCa, it was intended only as a diary to help with my research. The commercial creep has evolved partly to offset the cost of my own treatments. But you are correct, there is just too much now.

          I agree too that finding stuff can be difficult. Probably the best way is to use the SEARCH box in the right side-bar
          under “Login and Feeds” and above my Facebook photo. Simply search for Apricot Kernels and you will get about seven relevant entries.You could then try searching Laetrile, etc.

          The blog does need a major overhaul but that is a very complex affair beyond my tech ability.

          Thanks again for your kind input, Eli

          1. Eli

            Excellent, thanks! I will check that out. I do understand how the complexity could grow and a major overhaul is also a major effort. Good luck!

            I am curious about cyanide levels detected in anyone ingesting apricot seeds, especially as much as you have been taking. Have you ever obtained any blood work results indicating the levels or indicators for HCN?


          2. David

            No Eli, I have never had blood tests specific to my B17 intake. I do have six monthly full blood checks that I monitor for kidney and liver function as well for PSA.

            As for safety regarding the number of kernels I currently take – 15 three times daily – I note, as does Chris in his excellent post, that the Hunza people high up in the Himalaya’s are known to attribute their extraordinary longevity to Apricot kernels.

            The Hunza’s consume 30 to 50 a day as part of their staple diet. The only affect being to help them live to 100-120 years.

            The science for B17’s cancer killing ability is well founded.

            I firmly believe it is what is controlling my own PCa, and possibly a resurgence of skin melanoma – of which I’ve had two. But I nevertheless do not have only B17 in my cancer fighting armory.

            Without some form of regular measurement of efficacy that would be dangerous.

            The only reliable way to assess whether or not B17 is doing its job is to know one’s own physiology; identifying a reduction in known symptoms or a rise of new ones. Apart, that is, from a general feeling of good health and well-being.

            I hope this helps.

      2. David

        Hi Beth, the Zinc dosage is determined by the particular zinc product you use as it will depend on the strength and composition of the product. All come with a warning though because a number of supplements also contain zinc and if you take it separately too,there’s always the chance of having too much without knowing it.

        I seldom stay with one particular brand of any supplement. I experiment with new ones.

        The zinc I’m taking at present is a Raspberry flavored powder, which overcomes the bitter taste of the kernels. The recommended doze is 2.0 grams (1/3 of a half metric teaspoon) and I take a third of a teaspoon with each intake of 15 kernels (thrice daily).

        The essential use of Zinc with Apricot Kernels is described by Dr. Binzel in a brilliant, 500 page book, by Tanya Harter-Pierce,MA,MFCC. titled “Outsmart Your Cancer” (See chapter 6 page 71). It’s more of a compendium than a book, listing numerous alternative, non-toxic treatments that work, plus case histories.

        I keep a copy on my desktop for daily reference. It’s that good. It is listed on my blog in the left sidebar.

        The book also gives these URL links regarding Laetrile…

        Beth, I hope this helps.

  9. Cathy

    I just got back from Tijuana, where I went to a clinic that uses B17 in conjunction with enzymes, vit C, and other therapies. It was encouraging to listen to patients who had their first treatment several months ago, and had made dramatic recoveries. It’s too bad we can’t have these treatments in our own country.

    1. Ronald

      Hi Cathy,

      Yes, this B17 is pretty powerfull (I guess it’s nature’s way of making sure that cancer cells get cleaned up when not needed anymore – you’ll understand what I mean if you read up on ‘GNM’, for instance on this site: http://www.learninggnm.com). My (ex-)girlfriend used it with great success when she had breast cancer (our main ‘weapon’ was GNM though). It’s important to know that it’s best to combine B17 with other ‘supplements’, like Vitamine C, Zinc, Selenium, etc. I’ve wrote down ‘our’ diet (www.ronaldvanlooy.be). Since I’m not a doctor, I can’t ‘prescribe’ it to anyone – well, even doctors can’t, because it’s not fda approved – so use it (and the information on my site) at your own ‘risk’. There’s this interesting youtube video about ‘Metabolic therapy’ here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ON1CUSJjZL0

  10. susan horton

    This is an Amazing blog. Very Well researched. I’ve been reading about alternative therapies for 30 years and there are things on here I did not know. You are helping many people.

  11. Peter

    Hi Chris,
    I am from Malaysia. It is difficult and costly for us to find the apricot kernels.
    Will and does bitter gourd helps?
    Here also we have the “Snake Grass” which is very bitter, is this a good alternative, since bitterness is part of the “healing ” process?
    Thanks for the very comprehensive write up.

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Peter
      Yes! Bitter Gourd and Sabah Snake Grass are both powerful anti-cancer foods. Google them and you will find tons of info.

  12. Eli Valenti

    Beta-Glucosidase is present in the microflora within the small intestine. Ingesting Amygdalin from any source will produce cyanide in the blood. It can be verified and measured in blood work. Beta-Glucosidase is not in Mammalian cells. Injecting Amygdalin intrevenously, intramuscularly or by IP injection will not produce cyanide in the body. Beta-Glucosidase has not been verified to be present in cancer cells. But there has been work which conjugated Beta-Glucosidase with bladder cancer cells antibodies (this binds the B-G to the cancer cell) and then Amygdalin was injected. This approach was effective and specific to the cancer. You can produce chronic or acute cyanide poisoning and toxicity varies for each person. If you are going to ingest it, I would be interested to know the concentration of cyanide from your bloodwork. Please let me know.

    1. Ronald

      I found out about apricot kernels more than 2.5 years ago and my (ex-)girlfriend and I started taking the kernels every day. The first few months she took about 30-40/day, while I took about 15-20 (to support her and because I was, and am still, convinced that it’s healthy anyway). Since then, I’ve stopped taking them when we went apart, but she still takes some regularly – we’ve been apart for one year, so can’t tell you how much she uses now. By the way, she combined the kernels with Amygdalin capsules and three months after they urged her to have a mastectomy the two tumors in her right breast were gone. I also got her off the drugs for high blood pressure, she was on for years, at that time and she never had any problems since then either.
      My opinion? Modern Medicine has it all wrong when it comes to the cause/treatment of chronic disease (well, they don’t know anything about the cause, really, and are only ‘fighting’ symptoms).

      1. Shanti Eaglemeare

        Ronald, we do now know the cause of our degenerative diseases too, it is the consumption of animal protein. Pleas read “The China Report” if you are interested.

  13. peggie

    They have been using Beta Glucan for years in Japan to help cure cancer!
    :-) peggie

  14. stacy

    I also used apricot kernals and have read that you shouldn’t eat more than if you were eating the fruit they came in. This was over 8 years ago- but to this day, whenever I eat my peaches, plums, apricots, I just crack open the seed and eat the kernal, as it’s the same thing. So the “stone fruits” will provide you the kernals that are beneficial. Sometimes they make me sneeze, but i do enjoy the bitteness and the almond taste to them.

  15. Sid Aust

    did not know where to post this but will post it here..as it has not been addressed. I had colon cancer same as Chris,my wife had cancer one year later..what luck. That is when I buckled down and started learning…The most basic and fundemental cause of cancer is the lack of oxygen to the cells discovered by Otto Warburg (nobel prize winner) MD,Phd in the 30s from Germany. but Brian Peskin discovered how to get oyygen to the cells.My wife and I are doing fine now…It all has to do with essential fatty acids and oxygen transfer to the cells. Brian lectures to MDs all over the country…He is an Electrical Engineer from MIT…his web site is http://www.brianpeskin.com I also wrote a resource of his articles,lectures, etc He also wrote The Hidden Story Of Cancer…If anyone would like my my resourse, it is free..just send me and email si******@ms*.com and tell me you want the resource…

  16. Jeremy

    I just wanna say I eat apricot kernels daily. With that said, I just wanna play devil’s advocate for a min. How come companies can’t patent strains of apricot seeds. Monsanto (multi-national bioengineering company) patents the seeds for 90% of all crops around the world. It’s disgusting imo. So how come a company can’t synthesize apricot amygdalin? My companies also created penicillin which comes from mold if I’m not mistaken. I believe there’s plenty of money to go around even if they legalized B-17. The only thing I can come up with is that the pharmaceutical industry is in bed with the fda…

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Jeremy. Patenting seed strains is a relatively new thing. So the answer is, yes, now they can.
      Yes they can synthesize amygdalin.
      And yes Big Pharma is absolutely in bed with the FDA.

  17. jenny mann

    I just spent 3 weeks at Hippocrates Health Institute and am now on a raw plant based diet.The diet they gave was rich in wheat grass, sunflower sprouts and pea sprout juice. I was told not to have fruit for 2 years because the sugar feeds the cancer…which i learned when i had a pet scan and they said the glucose is what takes the radiation to the cancer. Did you stay away from fruit? At the nutrition meeting at the hospital they said eat all the ice cream and cake you want to keep the weight on and when i questioned them they just dismissed me. what is your opinion on fruit?

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      I drank a coconut berry smoothie every day. (See my post about it) The coconut fat regulates the uptake of fruit sugar.

      1. Mrs Biddle

        Chris if you cant get young or fresh coconuts do you recommend the ceres natural brand of coconut milk everyday in a smoothie?

  18. Barry Gourmet & Raw

    Hi Chris,

    Very good resources and very informative guests on your blog. I give a short list of B-17 food sources for your readers here at http://www.vitaminb17.org/foods.htm

    Many other whole food sources contain B-17 as well.

    A rainbow color diet that includes seeds, nuts, grains,fruits,vegetables and leafy greens like alfalfa should supply your body with lots of bioavailable nutrition including B-17. Even wikipedia is debunking B-17 and Dr. Bernard Jensen Anne Wigmore, Max Gerson and others.

    If you study the people of longevity in the 5 Blue Zones made famous by scientists backed by the National Geographic Society you would discover that their diets are naturally high in B-17 as well and these people are recorded to live to 100 years and beyond.

    Really it all comes down to living and eating what Planet Earth has provided us from the very beginning .To live with NATURE and to eat NATURES organic foods directly
    Including seeds and all. Did you know that most herbal remedies like Chinese medicine in bitter. I have eaten a raw Papaya leaf from my garden and it’s extremely bitter.
    All bitter foods support the Liver.

    The one thing most people are not aware off is plants are systemic in nature meaning that the root system absorbs the pesticide ,herbicide ,and other chemicals internally into the cell walls of the plant so this is one of the main reasons to buy organic as much as possible.
    I just want to say to your readers that if I had Cancer today that I would seek out Dr. Judy Seeger ND located in Florida USA.
    Best Health to all

    Barry Gourmet & Raw

  19. Herbwoman

    Very good information and useful to those that read it. It is so wonderful that you juice your way to health. Using God’s natural foods.

  20. Joe

    Hi David, been looking into B17 recently as my grandma has been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic and lung cancer. I’m a bit cautious when it comes to ordering tablets and seeds off the internet as you never know what could be in them? If I were to buy aptricots from the local store for her, how many seeds would you recommend taking a day?
    Also, I have come across another alternative treatment for cancer called ‘OXY E’ and was wondering if you were familiar with it?

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      I’ve heard of people taking as many as 50 per day, not all at one time though.

  21. gerly ann enriquez

    Hi. My mom is diagnosed with OVARIAN CANCER stage 3B. Have you heard of GRAVIOLA as cancer cure? How about PURE BARLEY?

  22. Anne

    The message here Chris states :
    It is the advice of Food Standards Australia/NZ and the Department of Health that raw apricot kernels not be consumed.

    Our product will now be labeled as, ‘Raw Apricot Kernels, for the preparation of body scrubs and oils’. The label will also include a warning to ensure that users are aware of the risks associated with the product.

    Quite scary for anyone without a medical or Bio- Chemistry background! Keep up the good work!

  23. Sarah

    Hi Chris,
    Wow, I’m amazed at how well you’ve described this all to us. I watched “World Without Cancer” a few days ago and wondered if it was too good to be true. I’ve read up on amygdalin/b-17 a bit, but found so many people trying to debunk it that I thought I’d put it to the back of the shelf. You make short work of those “studies” and nay-sayers, though! I see no reason this remedy should be shelved after reading your post. I was trying a baking soda/maple syrup “trojan horse” recipe for my mom, but honestly I don’t think I was doing it right and possibly be doing more harm than good (it was seeming to separate out, and the whole point was to carry the baking soda to the cancer cells, guided by the sugar, in order to up the ph and kill the cell – I still wonder if it’s legit sometimes, to be honest). I want to add some apricot kernels into her protocol, along with the vegan diet, juicing, exercise, stress-free environment, etc. I subscribe to you on youtube, I’m agrv8ion :) Anyway, mom loves her almonds so maybe she can make the adjustment without too many complaints!

  24. ruchi

    In India we get dried apricots, which are quite different from the ones sold in the USA! The entire fruit is dried with its pit. When you are done eating the fruit part, you can easily crack open the pit with you teeth and finally eat the little kernel inside!

  25. jaga

    hello sir,
    can we drink cow milk durig chemotherapy or after
    and i ve heard drinking green tea lowers the efficiency of chemo drugs
    so is it safe to have green tea during chemo

    and plz do reply of my querries
    truly appriciate it

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Jaga
      I would not drink cow’s milk during chemotherapy.
      According to Dr. Russell Blaylock, the only safe milk to drink during chemo is ultrapasteurized goat’s milk.

      I have not heard that green tea interferes with chemotherapy.
      Green tea contains several cancer-inhibiting flavonoids: Quercetin, Epicatechins, Epigallocatechins, Kaempferol, and Myrecetin.

      I highly recommend you read the book Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients by Dr. Russell Blaylock.
      It contains a very detailed list of foods to eat and supplements you should take while undergoing chemotherapy.

      1. jaga

        hello chris ,
        sir i was not expecting ur reply so soon
        coz its not possible for u to reply all the queries,i guess
        iam 23 and my whole life is trashed coz i got recurrence after two months of completion of treatment
        now iam getting again chemo drugs
        now iam going to have raw diet after chemo as u suggested in ur blog coz i have low blood counts.
        sir ,i am very confused what to eat and what to not…
        i read lot from ur blog
        but still dont know from where to start?
        can u plz suggest me in a rough way
        i think
        it will take ur 5-10 minutes only
        plz plz sir

        u have lot of subscribers but for me u are the one who is suggesting me
        thank u soo much for repling

        1. chrisbeatcancer

          Hi Jaga I’m sorry I really can’t tell you what to do or eat along with chemotherapy.
          That’s not in my realm of experience or expertise, and there are legal liability issues as well.

          I can only share my experience and what I did to beat cancer without chemotherapy.
          I really can’t give advice to people who are doing conventional treatments.

          Here’s what I do know:
          Chemotherapy destroys your immune system. The raw diet after chemo can be problematic, because raw foods may have bacteria in them that your body cannot handle, because your immune system is decimated. This could lead to infections, etc.

          Again, I highly recommend you read the book “Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients” by Dr. Russell Blaylock.
          It contains a very detailed list of foods to eat and supplements you should take while undergoing chemotherapy.
          You can buy it on amazon for less than $10.

          1. jaga

            very true sir
            that means first i need to restore immune system after chemotherapy,then i can eat raw diet…
            is it right?
            i ll have the book u suggested very soon

            but after how many months after chemo i should go for raw diet
            coz chemo is making me more sick

            going to do detoxification after chemotherapy
            then will proceed further

          2. jaga

            hello chris,
            cud u plz tell me how many kernels should i eat
            as i am done with chemo
            and when to eat
            as empty stomach or after meal
            thanking u

  26. Jorg Sandle

    Not sure if you have time to answer this but during winter with low amount of sun i eat d-vitamine suplement + fishliveroil every day. Is this something you recommend to prevent all kinds of cancer?

    I have heard d-vitamine can do miracles.

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Jorg
      I take 4000 IU of Vitamin D twice per day in the winter months.
      I do not take fish oil, but I do take Omega 3 and 6 EFA supplements
      made from organic seed oils (flax, sunflower, evening primrose, etc.)

  27. Beth

    Thanks for this great information. I am wondering if you don’t have cancer how many apricot kernals are good to eat and for kids without cancer, all as preventative measure, as stated in the movie? Your smoothie sounds good for my dad who has prostate cancer. He is doing natural but wants to do more, can you post your recipe, please? Thank you!

  28. Stav

    What do you think of the navarro test and of the AMAS test ?
    Have you done any of them ?
    Are they reliable ?

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      I haven’t done either test, but I do believe they are legit.

  29. Julie

    Hi Chris, I want to get my Mom started on these, but unsure if she will like the taste. Is eating the actual seed better than the B17 Amygdalin supplements or do you feel they will yield the same effect? Thanks, Julie

    p.s. Did you attend UT-Knox? I thought I read that in one of the comments? My sister and I both graduated from there (long time ago now…). We are in Nashville.

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Julie
      The B17 supplements are a more concentrated form / advanced dosage.
      I can’t say which is better…
      And yes I did attend UTK my freshman year!

  30. Julie

    Hi Chris, this is fascinating to me. My questions is if you take any certain supplements in tandem with the apricot kernels to make them work more effectively. I have read some thing that other vitamins and digestive enzymes are important for them to work. Also, can you recommend the brand that you use? I was reading the reviews on a couple of different brands on Amazon and many people said the organic ones weren’t bitter at all and wondered what the difference is. I would think it would be better to get organic ones? Thanks for all that you do, getting this info out. Julie

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      I only recommend Apricot Power. There is a link to them at the end of my post.

  31. Ben

    Hi Chris I bumped into your site while doing some work for school and thought I’d add my 2 cents on it. You have some very interesting things =) byy the way. This could maybe help you but is more for anyone who is having trouble on choosing where to go after their cancer diagnosis. If you have trouble believing Chris because he’s not a doctor, or think his recovery was a fluke, or if you’re one of those people who needs to see numbers, statistics and such just do a quick search for a clinic called Nature Works Best. Its a small cliinic in AZ(where I’m from) and I’m almost certain you’ve never heard of it. When people think Cancer treatment in AZ they think of Mayo, of Md anderson, of CTCA, but they all fall short of what this clinic has achieved in the short time they’ve been open. If you’ve read Chris’ other blogs you know chemos impact in helping beat cancer is nothing short of depressing, I could go on and on but just pay their site a visit. Their results are consistant, in many different forms of cancer. I myself do not have cancer but if I ever did, this is where id go. Hopefully this helps someone.

  32. Amber

    Is there any information regarding the safety of taking Apricot kernels during pregnancy? I’ve been researching them like crazy and multiple sites say there have been confirmed deaths as a result of Apricot kernels, so I’m hesitant.

    1. Gabriela

      Hi Amber, I don’t know if this will serve you as good info now but YES I took and still take LARGE amounts of apricot seeds while pregnant. I had pre-cancer symptoms and had tumour markers done etc so I took that risk but I started slowly. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Start smal the most effective way is HOURLY. 1 seed hourly for each waking our (just do 8 for now) gradually increase. Don’t exceed 8 per hour (although I have and I’m fine I take 10 and hour I can tolerate it but just to be safe) PLEASE TAKE ENZYMES for absorbtion. And BTW EVERYONE my 2 year old eats 3 seed a day + ezymes seed for 6 months now and nothing has happened. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! It will tell you .

      1. Zandria

        Hi Gabriela, I know your post is from last year, but I wanted to see if you had an update and to ask about what enzymes you took? I am 12 weeks pregnant and go in for biopsies in 2 days for what the doctor says is cancer, but won’t verify unless they biopsy. They just want to see what stage and design a course of treatment… I will be going natural once I know the diagnosis. I would love to find out what dosage of apricot seed you leveled off at while pregnant. I definitely want to do this, just want to get my ducks in a row and everything set up and ready to be most effective. Thanks so much!

      2. sabrina

        Hi Gabriela,
        I am 13 week pregnant and yesterday ı ate a palm of apricot seeds and now ı am really scared if something happened to my baby. all the things I have read about apricot seeds says that its reaaly harmfull to pregnants and the baby (like birth defects or death birts). do you think something happened to my baby I can not be able to desist from thinking this:(

  33. Peter

    One very important point that was left out of this article is that apricot kernels as well as almonds contain a large amount of Beta-Glucosidase the “unlocking enzyme.” If you roast the apricot kernels and the almonds for sometime, but making sure not to burn them, the Beta-Glucosidase is destroyed but the B-17 is not affected at. However, if you don’t roast the nuts the Beta-Glucosidase will unlock the Benzaldahyde and Cyanide and which could poison you and even kill you so be careful. I am speaking from my own personal experience since I used to eat roasted apricot kernels along with raw almonds then after a few days I started to feel extremely tired and sleepy then after doing some research I discovered that I had the symptoms of cyanide poisoning. Plus, the are other foods that contain high levels of Beta-Glucosidase. I’m sure that you can find that out by doing some online research.

    Here are some symptoms of cyanide poisoning: General weakness, confusion, bizarre behavior, excessive sleepiness, shortness of breath, headache and dizziness.

    A little knowledge can be very dangerous.

  34. NevadaSmith

    Anyone have any idea how many apricot kernels should be consumed to lower blood pressure. My wife is interested in using these to treat her blood pressure.

  35. Mary

    I don’t know how toxic apricot (and other) seeds are.

    I DO know chemo is highly toxic and destroys the immune system leaving the body much more susceptible to other diseases.

    Chemo and radiation are both carcinogenic, frequently leading to tumor formation after treatment.

    I wish we could get truly complete answers on this stuff but the FDA, AMA, et. al., make it illegal for the most part.

  36. Alex Tessier

    Though Laetrile isn’t easy to come by for most people, particularly outside of the U.S., it is possible to have a therapeutic dose of amygdalin through the use of apricot kernels.

    There is a very broad range of apricot kernels available that encompass the entire spectrum of amygdalin content – from very little, to quite a lot. The bitterness of an apricot kernel is indicative of its amygdalin content. Both sweet and bitter varieties contain quantities of amygdalin. However, people don’t realize the significant range of amygdalin content of the apricot kernels being sold as “bitter” varieties.

    45 apricot kernels of one variety are all that is required for a daily dose of 1,500 mg of amygdalin. This is a dose that falls within a therapeutic range. In another variety of “bitter” apricot kernels, 200 kernels would have to be consumed in order to achieve similar quantities. However, the people using this variety are still adhering to common dosage guidelines, which means, at best, they’re likely only receiving 80-100 mg of amygdalin, and that’s at 45 apricot kernels per day.

    The variety of bitter apricot kernel is critical to their efficacy. The wrong variety will simply not work.

    I talk about this in more detail on my own blog at http://apricot-kernels.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/apricot-kernels-some-work-some-dont.html

    My mission is to promote apricot kernels correctly. There is so much misinformation online regarding apricot kernels, a large percentage of users aren’t giving themselves the best chance they have. I want to clear up some of these myths and misconceptions and attempt to level out the terrain. Apricot kernels absolutely deserve respect in the realm of alternative therapies, but the propagation of misinformation will continue to mar their reputation and their efficacy.

  37. Jodi Brown

    GREAT site, darlin’.

    40 years ago my mother read an article about laetrile. She had been a smoker for her entire life and decided to toss a few kernels on her cereal in the morning. She figured, “why not, right?”

    A year later she wound up in the hospital with what they believed was pleurisy. Her x-rays showed a mass, they went in and sure enough it was cancer. But here’ the kicker. Her doctor was “baffled” because when they went in, her tumor was completely encapsulated and contained. The removed only the infected lobe of her lung. She never had chemo or radiation and lived 30 more years to tell her story.

    I appreciate what you are doing to EMPOWER people to follow their instincts. It’s not easy to buck tradition, but you surely help support them through the process.


  38. Ursula Robertson HHP

    I need some help. I want to administer Lartrile to my cat. They strength is 3 g . Where can I get some assistance to figure out the right protocol?
    I got my order from Mexico. The cat ways 4 kilograms. Frizzel has cancer. Please sent response to my e-mail ASAP. Sincerely. Ursula

  39. Christin

    Hi. My husband finished chemo for Colon Cancer Stage 3 a month ago. He did VERY well on the chemo. Blood counts always good, nothing off. CEA, was never elevated, except right after surgery it went to 6.?, then back to under 3 which is normal. Maybe CEA was/is not a good indicator for him. He “luckily” had “highly differentiated C. cells”. Anyway, during chemo he did take Immuno Power and other supplements like Omega 3’s, Vit D, C & Maitake Mushroom & Coriolus, aloe and switched to organic diet, but continued to eat fish & chicken, but to a lesser degree than before. So far, chemo didn’t seem to completely destroy his immune system, although, I’m sure it didn’t improve it. But I think sometimes you can keep your immune system up, but it helps to have a steel stomach and be able to consume supplements and veggies during chemo, which was hard sometimes, even for him.

    Anyway, we don’t have a scan or colonoscopy for 2 months yet, and I believe we have to remain vigilant. We still have to detox (not sure of best way yet) and get vitamin levels checked. Homocystine level would be good to check also. But I thought of trying some of these apricot seeds. I know there is something to this. Even the homeopathic, once head of oncology at SF medical Center, told us, personally, to eat at least 1 apple a day, seeds and all. Apple seeds also contain Cyanide. So, there is definitely some truth to this cyanide thing, if anyone is doubting it.

    But I had a question. One person who commented said to roast the seeds, because that destroys the unlocking mechanism, and if that is not destroyed than cyanide will be released. Now I thought I read somewhere else, not to roast them, because you don’t want to kill the unlocking enzyme, since that is what releases the cyanide into the C. cell? Am I just confused Chris? What have you read about this? So, yes, after that long story, my question is, roast or not?

    Thanks soooo much for all your posts and inspiration that you have given us and probably so many more.

  40. Romulus

    Chris, nice blog dude!! Tons of GREAT info!! I’m a traveler (just hanging out in Africa for now!) from the West who’s a BIG fan of cannabis oil (aka Rick Simpson Oil, aka pure Hemp Oil) after showing my local herbalist down here how to make it. :-)
    Now he’s curing peeps with throat cancer, leukemia, kidney/liver cancer et al…people sent home to die in some cases.

    Anyhow, I’m gonna pass this info on to him and other peeps who are INTERESTED in alternative therapies.
    BTW, my landlord’s doberman has lymphoma and he’s now on week 3 of the cannabis oil. I expect a full recovery as the owner has SEEN a positive change in the dog’s character.
    My other friend down here has 6 dogs. Her dashie got bitten by a huge puppy (a cross between a giant great dane & a St. Bernard) and stitched up but was lethargic when she came back from the Vet, just lying around in her basket not eating…like she was just waiting to die.
    Anywho, I gave her a cannabis oil capsule and in 20 MINUTES, she disappeared from her basket. We got worried, but she was out and about (15 acre property) enjoying the beautiful weather. :-) Then at breakfast, she ate HALF of my food. :-) Appetite was back 1000%. LOL!!

    Everyone’s totally amazed!! But that’s just cannabis oil doing it thing. :-)

    Cheers pal!!


    PS–> EarthClinic.com is a treasure chest of end-user knowledge/feedback on natural remedies for TONS of ailments. Take a peek!

  41. Diana

    My husband has been being treated for esophageal cancer for the last 7 months. was treated with chemo and radiation, then tried surgery, which had to be stopped because they found it had spread to the lining of his abdomen (which did not show up on any scan). He’s been getting 5 FU chemo (48 hour pump) every other week, and just yesterday he was told by his doctor that his scan was “good”, but she wants to keep him on chemo. So, I was very happy to get to this website. My husband is looking and feeling pretty good, has regained over 20 lbs, and is eating everything now, so he has responded well to the treatments. however, I’m very big on natural treatments and was wondering if he could benefit from taking apricot seeds while on the 5 FU chemo? I’m excited about having him try this. I’m also going to have him eat several foods containing B 17. Thanks.

  42. aneo

    How many total mg need to take b17 daily if u has cancer throid..i dont do chemo but i going surgery to remove thyroid gland that been effected by cancer…but still have remaining cancer cell in me..just wanna know how many mg b17 intake daily to remove the cancer completely

    1. Karl

      Hi aneo!

      When you have cancer its better for you to take a minimum of 1000 mg a day (I learned that during my time in Clinic in Mexico). Take it easy the first two weeks and raise the amount slowly each day. Try to supplements often and not att the same time.

  43. Jennifer

    Chris….is it better to buy the pits and break open the shells yourself? ..or buy the already shelled pits?

  44. Chris

    My Mom has had non-hodkin’s lymphoma 3 times. We are worried that it may have returned. She is 78 and if the doctors give up on treating her (laughable, given the money they stand to make), I want to see if B17 will be a good option for her. I was thinking of 2 500mg capsules a day to start. What do you think? (side note: last time this happened, I asked the oncologist about this. He didn’t say yes, but he didn’t say no, either – I think he knows it won’t hurt)

  45. Denise

    For people reading in Australia, I want to advise you to avoid any apricot kernels being sold as “food grade”. They have been tested for vitamin B17 and found to have very small amount. It is the kernels that can’t be sold as a “food” that contain large amounts of B17. There is a clinic in Melbourne that has tested all apricot kernels in Australia, including those I had been using. The kernels I was using come in a black bag with an orange label, and they are apparently next to useless. You will taste how weak they are once you replace them with the bitter kind. I was also warned to steer clear of all foreign apricot kernels, which this company also sells. These are old and often treated by AQIS. Opportunistic people exist in all areas of the cancer industry – not just pharmaceutical. If you can’t have fresh kernels out of the fruit, be sure to only buy Australian and only recently hulled.

    1. Sterling

      My spouse and I stumbled over here by a different web page and
      thought I should check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to looking into your web page repeatedly.

    2. Cath

      Hi Denise,

      We are in QLD and my mum has been taking the ones from the black bag with orange label with no results, now we know potentially why. Would you know where we could purchase the proper ones from in Australia? Mum has been on chemo for over a year now and on her 3rd different type so we thought we would give the apricot kernels a go in the hope that it works. Mum is well and truly over being completely sick from chemo.

      Appreciate any info you can provide


  46. robert felso


  47. Michael Shoemaker

    i am up to 500mg a day , purchased these from amazon, just into my 2nd year since diagnosed, 4 surgeries, yes i did the chemo 6 of 8 yervoy treatments (the high dose) didnt work, said NO to radiation as i have been getting educated about this disease stage 3C metstatic melanoma
    and continue to learn more each day

  48. gina

    I have read opposing sides regarding toxicity – do you have any good resources to suggest on whether they are really safe? I have been eating them and my kids too, and we want to make sure they are safe.

    also, if i buy them dried at the Afgan market, do you know how much if any or the B-17 is lost?


    1. PinaColada

      They’re relatively ‘safe’ as long as you don’t eat too many of them. But given they have no evidence for curing or helping anything, you might want to ask yourself why you’re happy ingesting small amounts of cyanide.

  49. Roselle

    Hi Chris,

    What is your thoughts about doing Budwig protocol and laetrile thru IV at the same time? Thanks in advance. God bless you more!

  50. Chris Eaton

    Hi, I want to do intravenous laetrile, but I am unsure where to purchase my injectable laetrile. Oasis of Hope buys it from somewhere, but where? I need pure stuff, from Mexico. Any ideas?

  51. Dave

    Congratulations Chris! That’s awesome you were able to beat the BIG C using natural products.

    A friend of mine also beat (bone) cancer in much the same way. He has an awesome story that he’s written on his blog as well. After getting 3 ribs removed he now eats a ton of veges and avoids red meats and sugar and has competed in the local JP Morgan where he got 43rd after the surgery (He had won it the year before). He has a blog where talks mostly finance but he also shares some personal stuff:

    It’s a crying Shame that big pharma has also got it’s claws into natural products like laetrile and taken them off the shelves simply because they can’t patent it. It’s ironic that they have concerns for our health, when the stuff they peddle is much more toxic. And it’s not only the US. This website has a shocking article about how Australia has the same issues when “the men in black” appeared 30 years ago to shut down the author’s dad’s business. And it is still going on. The article is, LAETRILE VS CANCER – An Australian Story. I think you’ll find it fascinating and probably make you a little angry as well.

    Stay well!

    1. PinaColada

      You should ask yourself why doctors are happy for their cancer patients to take all sort of supplements, but universally agree laetrile is not one of them due to the plethora of studies that show it’s useless to dangerous. It got shut down because of the danger: people actually died from having too much of the stuff, and given no-one reputable could find any evidence it worked (the studies that ‘showed’ it did work were either manipulated, or found to be non-repeatable, or were poorly designed), it was banned. If you really want it, you’re better off making your own from kernels.

  52. Shauna

    Wonderful article, Thank you so much!
    I had heard of Apricot Kernels and Apple pips, but needed a timely reminder. Also I needed to have the great concise information you have so kindly put together, in order to convince my family and friends about the subject!
    Excellent … so “An apple a day” really does “keep the doctor away!” or an Apricot kernel or few!!!!

  53. Murali


    I admire your patience in answering questions. Among the many bloggers, Are there any patients with Liver Cancer (HCC- HepatoCellularCarcinoma) using the Apricot Kernels. I have a uncle who has been diagnosed with HCC – Stage 2 and hence the question.


  54. Cindy Merrick

    My husband has stage 3a left lung cancer non small cell cancer. He is taking six 500 mg tabs of b17 and 20 kernels a day. He has done this for 4 days. he weighs 110 always been a little guy and we are doing all the vitamins too and changing his diet. he is very tired. How long does this take to work? they cannot remove the lung and we are not doing radiation or chemo. thanks for a reply cindy

    1. Susan Brennan

      How is your husband doing? Any better? My friend’s child(2) has tumors that won’t stop growing……….so hard to deal with….
      Please let us know any advise of your experiences….thanks!

  55. Patrick

    I have oral melanoma anf have been on the novodalin b17 for a little over a week…anybody know what the signs are that its working and how long before it does…any help would be appreciated

  56. jane

    Hi Chris thanks for your website. I have just read takung probiotics with b17 may increase free hydrogen cyanide and be dangerous. Has anyone heard this cannot be combined? Do you take probiotics with your kernals? Thanks!! Jane
    Stage 4 colorectal cancer

    1. Margaret Sturman

      Watch Sandi Rog’s videos, “I beat cancer with vitamin B17”, you might find them helpful.

  57. Jonas

    Hi all – So many wonderful stories and positive vibes. My hreart goes out to all of you. My wife was treated for triple negative breast cancer last winter the conventional way. Chemo, lumpectomy and radiation. Then a metastasis was found in her brain. Bad news but surgery and one radiation dose went well. I know that recurrence will come if we don’t act so I started her on apricot seeds and lots of the recommended veggies. Does anyone know if the B17 in the seeds will cross the blood brain barrier and act as a deterrent? Thanks in advance so much.

    1. PinaColada

      Laetrile is broken down in the stomach to release sugar and cyanide (which is exactly what the plant intended by making the stuff). You’ll absorb some of the sugar, and the HCN gas will be dealt with by your body as long as you don’t ingest too much. If you do, you could die (as some have). The HCl in your gut is too strong for this substance to pass anywhere much.

      1. Margaret Sturman

        the cyanide is not released in the stomach.

    2. Margaret Sturman

      B17 must be taken with B15, please read the posts from Sandi Rog, she is using B17. Her video is called “I beat cancer with vitamin B17”, she has three videos with updates and information about what she takes.

  58. Melanie Nelson

    Can you tell me what are the benefits of taking these kernels after someone has had chemo? Also I have been a smoker for 20 years, would it benefit me to take this?

    1. Patricia Livingston

      I would love to know the answer to this too. I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in Oct 2013. I’ve been looking at this site and although I’ve had surgery and doing chemo I’m looking at doing some of preventative measures.

      I’ve already started juicing and will continue because I can truly tell a positive difference.

    2. PinaColada

      I can give you a quick answer: no benefit at all. There are numerous studies that show apricot kernels have no effect on cancer whatsoever, and you may be damaging yourself with cyanide if you take too much.

      1. Margaret Sturman

        You don’t “damage” yourself with cyanide, you just die. The problem with your theory is that it doesn’t take into account how the cyanide in apricot kernels work. The cyanide is only released to cancerous cells. That’s it. I don’t have cancer and take them as prevention. Not dead yet.

    3. Margaret Sturman

      Read World without Cancer. Amazon has the book.

  59. carlene wheeler

    I was under the impression that B17 could not be purchased in the US. Well that is not true. I am glad we can get it. I looked it up on Amazon and it is there. I saw this utube and that is why i looked it up.

    hope everyone is doing well. I am doing my best to stay away from conventional medicine as the Lord is my healer (:

    1. Saige Seyfert

      They are shipped from Mexico.

    2. Margaret Sturman

      They can be sold as a supplement, they cannot make any claims and doctors would lose their license if they have anything to do with it.

  60. TK421

    So are the Apricot Kernals at Trader Joes ok to eat? Also, if these things are so dangerous how can they sell them at Trader Joes?

    1. Saige Seyfert

      Trader joes probably sell the sweet ones. Only the bitter kernels are effective.

  61. Saige Seyfert

    What pancreatic enzyme do you take? If any.

  62. PinaColada

    I feel desperately sorry for the folks on this site clinging onto laetrile as some kind of suppressed cure for cancer. A huge number of studies have been done, in properly controlled conditions (unlike the few positive studies, that were poorly designed). Laetrile comes back comprehensively as useless-to-dangerous. There’s no conspiracy here – the stuff just doesn’t work. Laetrile is a text-book case of quackery, made a few unorthodox people very rich, and is responsible for prolonging suffering. Please do your research, and if you’re not capable of digesting proper research, get a friend who is to do it for you. Now the science is in, laetrile has become a dangerous scam preying on desperate people. And the author’s understanding of the biochemistry of this substance is plain wrong.

    1. Doug

      So the people that take amygdalin and cured their own cancer and post reviews on amazon are lying? So G. Edward Griffin is a liar? SO MY FATHER WHO GOT RID OF HIS LYMPHOMA BY TAKING AMYGDALIN IS A LIAR???

      Go F*** yourself, pharma troll.

      1. Cory Enderby

        No need to get angry my friend.

    2. Margaret Sturman

      If you read the book “World without Cancer” you will realize why some of us don’t have much faith in the so-called studies that prove Laetrile does not work. If Laetrile was banned because it was toxic then why do they approve chemotherapy? It certainly does not “cure” cancer and it can kill you. If the FDA approves drugs that need to be recalled constantly because they are dangerous, why should we trust them when it comes to Laetrile? Sorry PinaColada, no sale.

  63. John Staunton

    I don’t understand why I’m supposed to believe dr richardsons studies and discard the national cancer institutes studies. Why do we assume dr richardson didnt have a vested interest in making money just as other cancer institutes would have a vested interest in providing patentable products that improve survival rates. There is a lot of this conspiracy theory business going around, if its not this, its gerson or vitamin c. I do believe these therapies work on occasion but if thats only 2% of cases, the other 98% are fucked., those aren’t good odds.

    1. Margaret Sturman

      Read the book World without Cancer, then make up your mind. Vested interest? let’s see, a month’s supply of NOVODALIN $89.00, my best friend’s chemo bill for one month $100,000.00, who do you think has the vested interest? and Congress in their pocket? There are many natural cancer treatments that work, including juicing, vegan diet, chinese herbs, acupuncture, yoga, you name it. Cannot be patented or controlled by the govt. and Big Pharma. No one is trying to convince you of anything. Do your own research and do whatever is best for you. Natural medicines work more often than “on occasion”.

  64. sharon

    Hi I have breast cancer undergoing chemo ,would it still be safe to eat the apricot kernels? Thks sharon

  65. David

    can anyone tell me how much B17 i can bring into the US? will it pass through customs at the airport or driving across the border? How much can i mail to the us from mexico? if i order through amazon is it really B17?

  66. susan

    Powder from Amazon organically grown in Turkey Susan

  67. Toni

    Ok. I just read not to “eat apricot kernels with probiotics, this can release the cyanide.” What? What about the natural probiotics in your digestive system? I read that the cyanide gets “unlocked” into your healthy cells as well. This is a nice idea but I ate apricot kernels for a few days and I felt terrible – dizziness, insomnia, headache, reddened skin, general strange, extremely anxious, sick feeling. I have been really “into” this topic for a month or so now – I bought “World Without Cancer” and I have been watching every video I can find, all kinds of exciting testimonials… I’m seriously beginning to wonder if the cancer patients who have all been helped by b17 are just very good at surviving cyanide poisoning. I totally believe you healed yourself, Chris, and that you are right about the things you say and have done, but I can’t ignore the way I felt after eating the kernels. I mean… if there is no “free” cyanide then why is there even a guideline at all on how many kernels to eat per day, et cetera?? I honestly felt so strange after eating the kernels it scared me to death and I won’t touch the things again. Still trying to find a definite answer. Help?

    1. Doug

      Nice try troll, it doesn’t work that way. Save your scare tactics for the oncologists office.

      People, read or watch “World Without Cancer” by G. EDWARD GRIFFIN. Combat the pharmaceutical trolls with knowledge.

    2. Margaret Sturman

      If you read World without Cancer , all of it then you would realize there is no “cyanide poisoning”, the cyanide is only released into cancerous cells, keep reading.
      Chemo is a lot worse and it cures nothing.

  68. John Phillip

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  70. Barton Hrast

    Chris, i found apricot kernals in a small health food store where i live. Wholefoods
    does not carry them. So, i ordered the pill form from your site. 100mg-100 tablets.
    my questions are two, the kernals i found are organic and from the area of the
    tribe mentioned. they are dried and don’t taste bitter? very edible. Second how
    much b-17 can i take with chewing the kernals?? Thanks, Barton p.s. never
    was given a chance for password when i registered

    1. Margaret Sturman

      oriental grocery stores carry them too.

  71. schmittdj1

    Chris, thank you for posting this. It’s glaringly obvious that cancer is a deficiency disease. The reason why folks that go raw veg. Usually cure their cancer is because those bitter tasting foods like wheat grass, kale, etc all contain Nitrilosides! I read articles about people curing their cancer with cannabis…. hello?! cannabis tastes bitter! it contains Nitrilosides! Sick animals go outside and eat grass (which if you’ve ever tasted is very bitter) it too contains Nitrilosides. My own father is taking b17/amygdalin supplements to treat his cancer with great success. I now take 100mg of it every day with my vegetarian alkaline diet. I call it preventative medicine :) here’s to living free of cancer!

  72. John Edwards

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  73. Lisa Quain

    So happy to see I am not alone in the conclusions I came to after over 35 years of research into natural therapies and cancer prevention and cure.

  74. Alice Dupler

    My name is Mrs.Alice Miller from Canada,I never believe My husband will see 2014 It is with pleasure that i thank Rick Simpson for saving my dying husband with his hemp oil. We already lost hope for a better life when the report came that my husband cannot go for more Chemo anymore. But after so many research online, I gained a lot about the hemp oil that i bought from the Rick Simpson whose contact I got online on reading a testimony about his past works and glory, The medication was delivered to me within 24 hours by the UPS delivery service after procurement. My husband has completed his treatment, unquenchable joy to all as my husband is cured of his stage 4 lungs cancer within 90 days of treatment. Thanks to all, today i acknowledge the greatness of hemp oil and to those that wish to purchase the medication contact Rick Simpson at: ri*********************@gm***.com for help. hemp Oil is the medication for cancerous disease.

    1. peggysue

      Do you have to go to Colorado or Washington to get that? I’m not sure how that works for rest of the piece of crap states taking money to keep poor people sick and rich people rich?

  75. Patrick T.

    Are people that are allergic to tree nuts also allergic to these kernels? I have tried eating some and I feel as if there is some very slight irritation in my mouth/throat afterwards. I’m not sure if my reaction is from my tree nut allergy or if it’s supposed to be that way with these kernels. Can anyone help clarify?

  76. patrick t

    Are people that are allergic to tree nuts also allergic to these kernels? I have tried eating some and I feel as if there is some very slight irritation in my mouth/throat afterwards. I’m not sure if my reaction is from my tree nut allergy or if it’s supposed to be that way with these kernels. Can anyone help clarify?

  77. Micheal Clepps

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  82. B 9

    Why dont Penny answer the People as to where she was treated in Germany????

  83. Margaret Sturman

    And their licenses would be taken away. Doctors are not in control, Big Pharma is.

  84. Margaret Sturman

    You need to read the book World without Cancer or watch the video so you can forget about the cyanide scare.

  85. SH

    Thanks to all people who are trying to reach cancer patients with alternative treatments.
    Here is a hard research question that I’ve not found the answer yet. My husband has a rare blood disorder/cancer called polycythemia vera. He doesn’t think his condition can be cured due to the cancer being the result of a broken JAK2 gene. However, he said if I found someone who had been cured of PV, he would try the treatment. Does anyone know of a proven cure? TIA

  86. Doulababy

    Are these safe to take if you are pregnant

  87. jane

    Do these apricot seeds have to be from fresh fruit or will the apricot power brand do the same thing?

    I have been taking the apricot power raw pits for my cancer but today read not ot eat sundried or roasted..these say raw but they are sired..

    will this still do what laetrile does to help.

    do you know of any links or studies that say taking apricot power works the same as taking them form apples or apricots etc and eating fresh each day.

    Also are these dosed according to weight. How many a day should someone be taking?

    I really appreciate any help as trying to save my life with alternative..I refused chemo and doctors all said I will die now.

    I want to prove everyone wrong and then spread the good news of alternative healing for cancer.

    Thank you.

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