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Chris Beat Cancer most popular posts of 2013


In my 2012 year end review, my goal/hope was to double or triple my blog posting in 2013.

That didn’t happen. I made 57 posts this year, only up 10 from last year.

But to my surprise, the traffic tripled, and then some…

In 2012, Chris Beat Cancer got about 500,000 hits from 140,000 people.

In 2013, Chris Beat Cancer had over 1.7 million hits from 526,738 people!

Insane in the membrane.

I mean really, I can’t believe this blog reached over half a million people this year, but it did.

So what’s my secret?  Nothing.

I really didn’t do anything different, or special. I just kept doing what I’ve been doing,
pursuing my passion to share information about health and healing.

I’ve always had a desire to timeline the significant events or accomplishments of each year of my life so I don’t forget them. And although I’ve yet to formally sit down and do this, here are a few highlights that come to mind from the last 12 years of adulthood…

In 2001 I graduated college and married Micah. In 2002 I got into real estate. In 2003 I got cancer. In 2004 I radically changed my diet and life. In 2005 Marin was born. In 2006 my band Arma Secreta released our first album, and we moved. In 2007 I got an iPhone (come on, it was kind of a big deal). In 2008 Mackenzie was born, and I had my 5-year cancerversary. In 2009… ok nothing comes to mind. Wow. Better research that one. In 2010 I started the Chris Beat Cancer blog. In 2011 Micah and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary, and I had my first health-related public speaking gig. In 2012 the second Arma Secreta album came out, and we moved again. Weird coincidence… or is it? And that brings us up to 2013.

Here are some noteworthy events (and firsts) for 2013:

-I went public with health coaching. Setting aside time for it every week.
It is now a big wonderful part of my life.

-I had my first major television appearance on The Ricki Lake Show.
And it went way better than I could have imagined. (Watch it here)

-I started working on a top secret project to be announced in 2014.
Stay tuned for that…

-I emceed an event, the Healing Strong conference in Atlanta, GA.
It was fantastic and I hope they do it again. (Suzy I know you’re reading this!)

-I rode in a hot air ballon for the first time with my mom and Marin (video here)

-Something I’m really proud of is being able to help David Michael spread the word about Sarah Hershberger, the 10 year old Amish girl who had to flee the country because Akron Childrens Hospital was trying to take her from her family and force her to take chemo. We raised money to support her family and as a result of our efforts (and yours too) the hospital backed down and is no longer pursuing her. Hopefully the court will drop the case and the family can come home.
More about that crazy story of medical tyranny here.

-December 2013 was monumental for two reasons.
It marks my 10 year cancerversary. Woo-hoo!
And Micah and I crossed an incredible milestone.
We have now been together in life longer than we have been apart. 18 years!
We started dating in December 1995 when we were 18.
We dated for 6 years and have been married for 12.
I am richly blessed to have this incredible woman by my side.

-And finally, in 2013 I got more attacks and criticism than ever before. Yay!
Don’t be afraid of criticism, it sharpens you.

The Lord has blessed our family this year and supplied all of our needs.
You were a big part of that. I could not have done this without your prayers,
support, encouragement and donations.

So with all my heart… THANK YOU.

Ok, enough of that sentimental mushy stuff.

Here are my 3 most popular blogs in 2013
None of which were actually written in 2013

Why I don’t race for the cure
I posted this video in 2012, but it really took off in Pinktober 2013 thanks to lots of sharing and reposting from you!

The top four cancer-fighting spices
I wrote this one in 2010, and it went viral in 2013, thanks to a mysterious social media share on Monday November 25th by someone with a huge following. I still have no idea who it was, but thank you whoever you are.

Healthy nuts and seeds you should eat every day
Yet another another post from 2010 that made a comeback this year. And it’s still a good one.
I checked.

Here are my 5 most popular blogs of 2013 that I actually posted in 2013

My favorite plant-based protein powder
In this video I compare the three most popular brands based on price and quality.

Super healthy food we buy at Costco
Lots of organic and healthy foodstuffs to be had there.
And no, we are not super ultra grow-our-own-food or only-buy-from-co-ops people.

The top 10 anti-cancer vegetables
Find out what they are and eat them every day.

This guy photographed every stage of his wife’s cancer treatment
A brutal yet beautiful look at the downward spiral of health caused by cancer treatment.

Author Ann Cameron cures her cancer with carrot juice, nothing else
An incredible healing story demonstrating the anti-cancer power of carrot juice.

Ok that wraps it up. My 2014 goal is the same as last years, to double or even triple the traffic again.
If that happens, look out!

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  • Gretchen

    I love your blog and I’m so very grateful I found it early last year. I’m a 3 time cancer survivor, most recently in June 2012 stage 3 colon cancer. I refused chemo but did have surgery and now have a colostomy, it has changed my life to the good. All of the supplements I take came from reading your blog. So thank you very much Chris, I appreciate that you have done the research and I trust the brands you have recommended. I get them all through Amazon. I also appreciate that you give God all the glory for your health and happy family life. Thanks again, you rock :o)

    • mary

      This message is for GRetchen, My name is maria and i hope you do reach me for I also had the surgery and a colostomy bag. I really need to ask a few questions to someone like you who went thru the same things. Mi e mail is miferran@hotmail.com

      Thank you.

  • Katie

    Ok, so I had to look up “Arma Secreta”…lol.

    I greatly appreciate your blog, Chris. I’m so glad it’s reached so many people and is doing so well. Thank you for providing so much great information! All the best to you and your family for 2014!

  • Amanda Strong

    Love it! Thanks for the update and congrats on all of your accomplishments thus far. Keep up the good work! I love sharing your posts :)

  • Isabel María Rodríguez

    I am eager to know about that secret project!!
    I’ll be following you this next year 2014.

    Thanks for all the wonderful work you’re doing.
    Happy New Year.

  • Sandy Predmore

    You’re doing an awesome thing by letting people know that there is an alternative that includes healthy eating and clean living. We DO have a choice and don’t have to follow traditional therapy! Keep up the good work! A Gerson Therapy follower. Sandy

  • Kim

    Thank you for your blog! I wish I had found it before my cancer diagnosis in 2012, but thankful for it now. Keep on keeping on!

  • Kelly

    You are a special and giving person and I appreciate your courage and the love you show people! Thank you for your awesome website and all that you do to inform people that they have choices. I hope I can support you more in the coming years.

  • Anna

    Chris I was told about yr healing programm by a doctor we met in Florence Italy one month ago due to my brother’s brain cancer; the doctor told us some of his patients have been following Chris’ healing programm since some time with “sorprendenti” (amazing) results…the hardest obstacle for us is to make my brother trust the programm as well….any suggestions to help him start his healing programm are welcomethanks Chris so much….!!!

  • Lynn


    Hello! My name is Lynn and I have MS. While scouring the web for an alternative treatment, there is no cure for MS, I came across your blog. I’m not concerned with the details – cancer, MS, diabetes, lupus, whatever – I believe that alternative organic food based solutions will be a positive step for many illnesses. It makes me feel good to read your blog!


    • Ellen


      Look up Rosemary Fletcher at you heal you dot net. I’ve met her and she is the real thing.

      While she still has some problems from MS, her life is SO much better. She’s out of a wheelchair, living independently… there is so much more I could say, but her website tells it better than I can.

      Best of luck to you in 2014. I have a feeling this will be a good year for you.

  • Ellen

    What a great wrap up, Chris! I’ve followed your site for awhile now, but didn’t realize you’d only had it up and running since 2011. Wow, you’ve really achieved so much in a short time. Congrats!

    I also love your sense of humor… hey, that iPhone WAS pretty cool.

    You stand up well to criticism. I guess when you speak up with strong convictions, it attracts others with equally strong opinions of their own. Some are opposed, but MANY are thankful for what you’ve shared. I am one such person.

    I look forward to your next project(s) in 2014!

    ~ Ellen

  • Laura

    Chris I am not exactly sure where I discovered you but I believe it was from a group I follow on facebook I do know that it was this year (2013). I just want to say that you inspire me to live a healthy life and I love all of the information you put out there to share with the world! Thank you and may all great things come to you and your family :)

  • Linda

    You are my rock! As I battle my cancer I do not feel alone. I have always said I’d rather die of the disease
    than chemo. God led me to you and I discovered another option, I don’t have to die Of the disease! God Bless you sweetie, Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your resources and your time. I love your sense of humor :)
    God Bless you and your loving family.

  • Susanelizabeth

    Yeah you! Yeah God! Oh, and you have a band?? I didn’t know that. Where can I hear/listen/find out more? God bless ya and your family!

  • Al

    Thanks Chris
    This is interesting reading. I will be doing the vegan/ vegetarian program stating the new year 2014. I was diagnosed with metastatic prostate caner in Oct. 2013 after having a radical prostatectomy in 2007 and 53 radiation treatments. I thought this was behind me I was wrong! So now I to will do a radical diet change from eating all types of meat and sausages (with BEER) to a basically vegan diet. (with NO BEER).
    Thanks for the tips
    PS I lost my brother to colon cancer in 2006 and watched him go through chemo. NO THANKS

  • Wow. Your message has really been reaching a lot of people this past year. I am certainly glad that you have this online presence, and that you are encouraging people to look into natural ways of healing. God has provided so many healing foods and herbs for us to enjoy, and I am so grateful for that. I hope you and your family have a wonderful year in 2014. God bless!

  • Tanya

    Hi Chris. My name is Tanya. I write to you with immense gratitude from Australia. I discovered you some months ago after being diagnosed with melanoma; thankfully caught early enough to avoid treatment and awaken me
    to live a healthier life. Information I have found on your blog has inspired me to live a more wholesome life and I am grateful for the information and experience you share. You have made a difference to my life. Thank you. Sincerely, Tanya.

  • mary

    Hi Criss. I had my consultation with Chris this week.

    My diet is changing radically with your wonderful help. You answered many of my questions and cannot thank you enough.

    Can’t wait for secret 2014!!! You and your family are an inspiration for all of us!!! So, God keep Blessing you.

    I am already sending your page to many many people to read. Love your site. Is the best!!!

    here at the end of the world, Argentina

    Thank you, Maria

  • Love you Chris! You are such an inspiration to me. I too had surgery, but walked away from all the other stuff that was recommended. You’ve given me courage on so many occasions. Brave warriors are we – all who walk this path of turning away from conventional treatment to finding true healing. Blessings to all!!

  • janice

    What would you say about sugar cravings and stress eating ? :). I keep watching your videos …

    • You have to first address the cause of stress eating: stress.
      You’ve got to remove all the stress from your life.
      The stress hormone cortisol causes intense sugar cravings to replenish glucose stores used up as a result of stress.

  • Rosalie Francetich

    I am very thankful to have found your site and I have recommended it to many. I will continue to check you out on a regular basis- and I wish God’s best on your ministry and work.

  • janice

    Thanks chris … Yes i am a care giver for my mother who will go to be with Jesus soon … I also work full time . I am a christian .. what you said makes since …

  • Wow, didn’t know you were in a band as well!

  • David Lingle

    Hi Chris,
    Blessings to you and family in this new year. I want to thank you for posting my healing journey with CLL this past October. I am still getting responses and am answering questions, and this is wonderful.It is such a blessing when you can help people in their journey to health and wellness. I do believe that God has brought me through this part of my journey, so I can also help people with their path to healing. God bless you.

  • Sharon

    Thanks so much Chris. I finally got around to reading this very important post. I enjoyed it immensely and appreciate everything you do to share your knowledge, experience and wisdom. I’m 5.5 years free from breast cancer but I did do both conventional and complementary. That’s because at that time I didn’t know all the info I know now. Amazing what you find out when you are willing to spend the time researching and questioning. I’ve now have over 6000 juices under my belt and loving my wellness journey. I’m so grateful to survivors like you imparting your wonderful information. Looking forward to hearing more survivor stories and recommending your website to people. Love and light, Sharon from downunder (Australia!).

  • Ann

    Help! I can’t find the “favorite plant-based protein powder” post! The link says “page not found.” I’d really like to read it…. Can you help?