Dr. Csilla Veress on water fasting for women, weight loss, detoxification and disease reversal

“The human capacity to heal is a miracle. I have the good fortune to say I see it happening every day and I want you to know that it is possible for you as well.” -Dr. Csilla Veress

Dr. Csilla Veress works one-on-one with water fasters every day at True North Health Center and has assisted thousands of patients in water fasting up to 40 days in the last 10 years. Dr. Veress is passionate about helping her patients achieve optimal health by supporting their innate ability to heal with fasting alongside whole food plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

In our interview Dr Veress and I discuss the remarkable healing benefits of water fasting. I’m grateful for Dr. Veress and the incredible work that she is doing in helping her patients restore their health using nutrition and natural non-toxic methods.

Watch our interview below, or listen to it on the Chris Beat Cancer podcast on iTunes or Spotify.

Download unedited interview transcript here

Show Notes
-How Dr. Veress discovered water fasting [2:19]
-The processed food disease epidemic [8:52]
-The lost art of medicine: Investigation [10:49]
-Be prepared to flip your life upside down to heal [13:08]
-You don’t “fight” cancer [14:25]
-Medically-supervised prolonged water fasting explained [15:30]
-The purpose of water fasting [18:11]
-Detoxification through weight loss [20:44]
-Hormesis: the good stress [22:43]
-What to eat before a fast [28:15]
-The consequences of polypharmacy (multi-drug use) [30:02]
-Water fasting tips for women [38:57]
-Hormonal regulation with water-only fasting [42:57]
-Regenerating your immune system [45:59]
-The good bacteria in raw plant food [52:29]
-B12 comes from microorganisms not meat [53:33]

*Please consult with a qualified practitioner such as Dr. Csilla Veress before attempting a prolonged water-only fast.

Connect with Dr. Veress:
Website: www.drcsillaveress.com
Facebook: Csilla Veress ND LAC
Instagram: @csillaveressndlac

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