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  1. Krista

    Who can give advice on the combination of chemotherapy and naturopathic treatments? How does one know which to choose? Are unapproachable because of expense treatments really the best? Bx protocol, gerson diet, specific virus treatment from Vice HBO special, photon genius? How does the average joe get knowledgable information?

    1. Kaylene Peters

      Right now, with the FDA the answer is sort of a hot potato as many in power favor orthodox treatments. Technically, all folks are protected by freedom of speech. I studied health ministry and I be very careful about how I share information. Some medical doctors also specialize in alternatives treatment. If you google vegan medical doctors, there’s a locator website. Nevertheless there are no medical doctors at the technically purist stage of veganism which is kind of challenging due to low soil, water, and air quality on the planet right now. David Klein is one expert at that level. There are many others. If the healing doctor is truly in the know and spirited to fully practice what he or she will be eating and following a more ideal sort of diet.

      1. Kaylene Peters

        Also, be careful and learn about the scenario. For example, there are lots of warnings about some fasting places.

    2. suesjoy

      You cannot do Gerson and simultaneously take chemo. You have to wait for the chemo toxins to leave your body before undertaking a detox program. You can damage your liver by detoxing too quickly. The toxins will overload the liver, and it could be fatal. Get Charlotte Gerson’s latest book for details about how patients who have done chemo should proceed with the Gerson Therapy. You also need to have regular blood work done to monitor kidney and liver function.

      1. suesjoy

        I worked closely with Charlotte for two years when I was employed by the Gerson Institute.

  2. Kaylene Peters

    I am concerned about some symptoms that could be cancer indicators and want to go the alternative route.

  3. Seth

    Can drinking just carrot juice cure cancer

    1. suesjoy


  4. dawn garcia

    Thank you so much chris love you

  5. jim

    I have cancer done 3 out of 4 chemo treatments

    1. suesjoy

      It’s not too late to take the natural route. Even if you finish the next treatment, be sure to change your lifestyle as Chris has!

  6. Marie

    You should start a cancer research group and head the studies. Get the best doctors and healers to help you do it. You need to prove that you can heal people with cancer! Just like the pharmaceutical companies try to do with prescription drugs!!! I’ve always wanted to do that!! It would be a dream for me to be able to lead large scale cancer studies like that!!!

    1. suesjoy

      Good idea- but the big pharma lobby is massive! They own the FDA and Congress. Grassroot campaigns like Chris’ are the only viable means of disseminating information!

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