Pau d’Arco, Protease, and Hydrotherapy: An Interview with Judy Seeger N.D.

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing natural medicine expert Judy Seeger N.D.
She’s seen it all and had some really good info to share:
-Tips to prevent cancer
-Scary new regulations in Europe that could be coming our way
-Her favorite herbs and enzymes
-And some of the most effective natural cancer therapies she has seen in her 30+ years of experience.

This is a must read!

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Q&A: Breast Cancer at 32, What to do?

Hi Chris,

I stumbled across your website when I was looking for alternatives to Chemotherapy. I believe what you have done is very courageous and inspiring.

I am 32 and have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, no family history, generally healthy – so totally shocking. I have had 2 lots of surgery and the tumour was removed and my lymph nodes were clear. I am due to start Chemotherapy on Tuesday and I am scared.
Since my diagnoses, I have changed my diet completely, pretty much vegan now and feel the healthiest I have felt in a long time. I have researched into healing myself with food and alternative therapies and it just makes sense to me, but there is also something in me that is saying I need to do the mainstream treatment as well, but the closer I get to it the crazier it seems, why would I want to go and get pumped full of toxic chemicals that will destroy my immune system when I feel so healthy and in tune with my body?
I have already been given Zoladex (meant to suppress ovaries – in the hope to remain fertile) and already I notice the changes in my body, not sleeping, spaced out and off my food. I just can’t imagine putting my body through this for 5 months with ongoing treatment for another 5 years..
I wish I had the courage you had. What do you think of doing the mainstream treatment alongside a plant based diet and alternate therapies?? Or is it counteractive? I am confused!! The hospital system here (Hervey Bay, Australia) just seem to want to through every treatment at me, Chemotherapy, Radiation, Herceptin for a year and hormone treatment for a following 5 years – they’re reasoning for this is because of my age and that the tumor was grade 3 & triple positive – but the cancer could potentially all be gone already?? And when I ask what is the cause of my cancer, they say “its just one of those things” Isn’t that ridiculous.
I would appreciated any comments you have, you can be as blunt as you like. Maybe that’s what I need.
Thanks for taking the time to read my mail, and thanks for sharing your story.

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Is ElectroPollution making you sick?

I never gave much thought to the health effects of living in a modernized society until I was diagnosed with cancer.
That’s when I began to take a second look at everything.

Cancer has increased dramatically in our modern industrial age.
So every aspect of our modern age became suspect, including electricity.

When I started researching the effects that our modern electrically-powered world can have on our health, I discovered electropollution.

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The Vitamix 5200 Blender

This blender is legendary.
And it’s the number one investment you should make in your kitchen.

The Vita-mix 5200 is the commercial grade blender most smoothie bars use
and its 2HP motor will make your blender at home look like a toy.

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Q & A: Food Matters, Gerson, High-Dose Vitamins, Raw Diet, Prescription Drugs

I get a lot of emails and a lot of questions.
So I decided to start a FAQ / Q&A category where I can answer emails and post them on the site for the whole world to read.
I’ve decided to call it FAQ&A. Perfect right?
Any email sent to me through the site might be a candidate, but not every email will be answered this way.
I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile, and the following email pushed me over the top:

“Hi Chris, I just watched Food Matters last night. What are your thoughts/overall views on:
– the Gerson Therapy.
– high-dose vitamin therapy (to prevent and treat cancer), if viewed positively, aren’t vitamins contained in chemical-laden capsules with harmful preservatives for the average budget-conscious consumer?
– raw food diet
– being prescribed medication by doctors

I’m always disturbed by the suspicion that big business, government, and some doctors are profiting off our our illnesses and deaths. Sad and scary.

Thanks in advance for your time.”


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Mercury: Is This Toxic Heavy Metal In Your Mouth?

Mercury is the only naturally liquid metal on the planet, and you’ve got to admit liquid metal is pretty awesome. It’s also classified as a “heavy metal”. Also awesome.

But despite all its awesomeness, Mercury is still a neurotoxin that has been linked to immune system suppression and a host of physical problems including brain damage, Autism, Alzheimers, ALS, MS, Cancer, and other chronic diseases.

What may surprise you the most is how much mercury you’re exposed to without even knowing it.

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Healthy nuts and seeds you should eat every day

Newsflash: Seeds and nuts are super healthy and most of us aren’t eating enough of them. They are a great natural source of vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, and fiber.
I’ve been eating a ton of seeds and nuts as part of my anti-cancer diet since 2004,
with one exception…

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Is Farm-Raised Fish Healthy?

Perhaps you’ve heard the dietary health advice “Eat less red meat and more fish”.
In a perfect world this is good advice, but in the real world there is a very important factor that is often ignored.
You should take the same approach to the food you eat as you do to the advice you’re given…Consider the source.

Farm-raised fish is promoted like it’s a good thing. But when you take a closer look,
farm-raised fish makes about as much sense as ocean-caught beef.

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