Steve: Melanoma Survivor Since 2003

Hi Chris, Thanks so much for sharing and helping others who need encouragement, hope and faith! You have a beautiful family and I’m sure they are glad you’re still here and well.

Ironically, I was diagnosed in the same year as you, in 2003, with melanoma. I totally related to your description of the “emotions” I was feeling.
Like you Chris, my interest in natural cures and remedies started after I had surgery and was facing the strong arm of the doctors, to start chemotherapy…

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Ann Fonfa: Natural Breast Cancer Survivor Since ’93

Ann E. Fonfa, Jan 1993 breast cancer, age 44

Describe your experience with conventional doctors and treatments:
Was suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity and ill often from exposures – usually had to stay in bed for days at a time.

Had an amazingly (I thought) unsympathetic oncologist who suggested chemo and told me it didn’t matter when I explained my problems with reactions to smells, and chemicals.

I walked out and did not return. Refused radiation, then hormonal treatment. But I consented to lots of small surgeries as I had five years of local recurrence (even after mastectomy)…

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Audree: Beat Breast Cancer Naturally in 1980!

Hi, my name is Audree Lee and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1980, 6 months after my mother died of cancer.
My father died 2-1/2 years before her.
They both chose Chemo and Radiation.
I was given those options, but I decided to take my health in my own hands and started by changing my diet…

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Stacy Jett: Late Stage Melanoma Survivor Since 2003

On April 1, 2003 I was diagnosed w/ a late stage 3b, malignant melanoma that had ulcerated and after a sentinal node biopsy they discovered that the cancer was in my lymph nodes. I learned to follow my intuition, I learned that fear had no place (except to motivate) in cancer recovery. Too many patients put their life into the hands who have no true interest in your survival. Why do we do this? “Bad” patients i think have higher survivor rates because they are willing to actually think outside the box and don’t fold under “an authority figure”…

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Angie: Breast Cancer Survivor Since 1998

Hi Chris,
Just found your website through Bill Henderson’s monthly newsletter.
Excellent website! Good for you!
I beat breast cancer. I was diagnosed in 1998.
My doctor wanted me to have a mastectomy, do chemo & radiation.
I opted (against her advice) for a lumpectomy with NO chemo or radiation.
I followed the raw diet, juicing, fasting, vitamins, coffee enemas for 2 years.
I have been cancer-free for 13 years!
I went back to eating a SAD (Standard American Diet), but your website has given me inspiration to get back on the raw, organic foods diet. I had much more energy then…

Recommended Reading:
Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing by Bill Henderson

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