Interview with Raw Vegan Bodybuilder
Wade Lightheart!

In what I think is a perfect follow up to my Orthorexia post…

Here’s a video interview I did with raw vegan bodybuilder Wade Lightheart.
Wade is an excellent example of how some people can thrive on a raw diet.
We talk about diet, training, fasting, enzymes, and more.
He’s an incredible resource of health knowledge so get your notepad ready!


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Pau d’Arco, Protease, and Hydrotherapy: An Interview with Judy Seeger N.D.

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing natural medicine expert Judy Seeger N.D.
She’s seen it all and had some really good info to share:
-Tips to prevent cancer
-Scary new regulations in Europe that could be coming our way
-Her favorite herbs and enzymes
-And some of the most effective natural cancer therapies she has seen in her 30+ years of experience.

This is a must read!

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