Radical Remission! Amazing Research on People Who Heal Cancer

Hey everyone, here’s an awesome new interview with my friend Dr. Kelly Turner, author of Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds.

Her new book documents 10 years of research on people who have healed cancer without conventional treatment and/or after treatment has failed.

Sound like anyone you know?

In our interview we talk about how she ended up on this crazy mission ;)
and the groundbreaking information she learned, including some of the key factors
that all cancer healers have in common.

I am so excited about this book and our interview. And I know you’re gonna love it.

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My clean green beauty routine. By chemo-free survivor Cortney Campbell.

An important aspect of preventing and healing cancer is to reduce your body’s toxic load.
But many of us are unknowingly poisoning and polluting ourselves with what we put IN and ON our bodies. The less toxins your body absorbs, the less work it has to do to detoxify. Make sense?

An often overlooked source of chemical toxins are in the body care products we use daily: soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, make-up, lotion, toothpaste… believe me, it all adds up.

Today’s post is a guest blog from my friend and fellow natural survivor Cortney Cambell of
Anticancer Mom. I asked her to share her clean green beauty routine and favorite non-toxic personal care products, and she said yes, because she’s awesome.

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How to deseed a pomegranate FAST without water

I’ve been eating a lot of pomegranates lately because they’re cheap and in season right now.
Every time I mention eating pomegranates on my facebook page, someone asks,
“What’s is the best way to open them?”

So I shot a quick video to show how I deseed a pomegranate fast without water,
and without making a mess. Enjoy!

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Cancer surgery video of me from 2003

Today is New Years Day, 2014.

On this day ten years ago, I was in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery with a 4-inch vertical incision straight through my belly button, and a third of my large intestine removed.
That was the lowest point of my life…

A few months ago, while rummaging through some old stuff, I found a video clip of me in the hospital, shot immediately after I came out of surgery. I was in recovery, barely conscious, waiting to be taken to a room.

But somehow I managed to film myself for a few moments. I’m glad I did.

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